The Truth of the Satanic Verses

Akram Nadwi


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The speakers discuss various media reports on the use of "the internet" and "the internet" to describe events, with the exception of the ones discussed in the segment. They also touch on the importance of "the weight of a man" and the "people's weight" in Arabic language, as well as the historical significance of the Prophet's plan to stop students from practicing Islam and potential new Islamist movements. The segment ends with a discussion of the Prophet's plan to stop students from practicing Islam and potential new Islamist movements.

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Cuz I know You must have heard these things, the Satanic Verses to people all the time keep referring so many many report in tabari and many books or tafsir all the time confusing the people that the vendor certainly was revealed. And the prophets Allah Listen, I'm reading these verses for item Allah there was a woman at a third chakra, you know about them, particularly deciding those ages.

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Then some reports in February and everywhere says that shaitan put on the tongue or the parcel Allah said, these words. Tila Kala Veronica Kula

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inertia Fatah Hoon tahuna literature sometimes what's different is the place for these ideas, these ideas actually the idea of how great they are very high and during the session in the Day of Judgment accepted. And when the prophets and Assam said these verses then believers and unbelievers everybody for inside the Kalam believers realize that now they're compromised. Now the professor will also present their ideas and even add to it fine they have no problem to worship Allah subhanaw taala that problem only because the prophets that doesn't use to potential can Khufu if the prophecy lesson can come from either he also can pray I just allow them to then fine to deny all of them

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received the

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invitation and they're connected with the worst incentivizing woman Libyan in law either termina Allah cache Atlanta fumiya t. So they translate Amana Isola, they say in one of the language of our people have a shelf somewhere else the Mana miscella to whenever a prophet recites the shaytani pusa worship in his restoration reciting sigil like this to this at that aqui what happened The Prophet said that while reading and shaitana puts the word on his mouth and later what corrected

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it really the problem is not only you know in this sort of name and the problem is in their understanding as a social hygiene because poron never has used the word The manner in the meaning of teller. understand the Quran has been revealed in the language of Polish people whereas daughter use terminate the meaning of tala the wife Quran for this What are you going to use the word Ahava many people but with no contest, you know? And do we have any proof that any profit or message event ever came shaitana puts what's on their mouth? Actually Shatta Wale is telling all the time, the show that prophets and messengers are protected and when parents reveal and just have their shutters and

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never can come they're the superior to how it is possible to we have to understand this if properly can all the time is coming too fast in our reports about distinct the typical iranica

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ga, all the reports in a debris and other books of Dr. Phil. None of them are authentic. There, Monica guajardo. They're very, very weak, nothing is strong.

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The truth of the matter is what matters in Sahih Bukhari The truth is, that when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam read so to name it is so powerful against the idea of worshipping so powerful and he did say because to the night my Seder they just so powerful even unbelievers, they just couldn't control the circuit when the Prophet decided they also decided they didn't realize they're not believers, but he knows they cannot control themselves is so powerful and our safety resource management so to never allow or criticizing the I just to how can discharge to them without any context and abuse that they know Arabic language. They cannot this verse cannot fit in the system.

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Nova can fit it. And the professor himself he is he he's wise money clever. He understand it impossible to any better contests are supposed to know. And the condition ever nothing actually allows these verses to what the story say Bihari he wrestled to Nigeria. And he fell inside that and all the people around him when he didn't go here and everybody, they fell inside them. When the news came to people, Muslims who had done hazira to Habesha so they realize oh, it seems the Macan have become Muslim. Everybody decides to why we are here. Let's go back to Makkah, we're going to get the game to market karma really No, no opposition to the profits a lot, actually much, much stronger to

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some of the mistakes, and some of them went by.

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So the story basically sidebar is this, the Prophet sallallaahu salam raised was tonight and decide that and everybody followed believers they believe this thing has been made up because the whole story that you know, people have shot him to death and how people could decide that videos unless there must be some compromise. That's what they mean. So this never happened, that nothing most authentic had is then what the verse in sutra has the means, to do harm intervene, determine

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the meaning of the suit logically very clear. So it radically from the beginning. It is Surah, which has been revealed to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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around the time after a laughter days in makhdum karma when opposition to the Prophet certain very, very huge, very big. And now, no doubt venomous angelic prophet counsel. His intention always is that, you know, he makes effort with a sovereign patient, that people listen to him believe in Him, and everybody follows him and him

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intention is that you know, and then our Islamic victory, a very messenger Prophet and the whole purpose is they have planted in their mind, they don't know the details or the plan, they don't know this is not a release to them, but at that they know they have come in this world to establish the command of Allah and to make to to worship Allah subhanaw taala so they already are so keen to go to every house to meet everybody to make them to become believer and for this purpose they are so patient as a sofa in the butter masala

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so everybody every profits plan is what the people who can deliver a very profits a desire is a people people follow them and people people in law say for the far afield that whatever profit in desire, but shutdowns don't like this share it as a region neither human being in a shared outside or both. They don't want the profit plan and the desire or wish to be fulfilled they always put trouble and the problem in that path whatever the messenger do, they will create some problem. So that workaround is and just summarize the whole thing to be meaning basically so mom intervene in that manner meaning whenever messenger comes in and he really makes effort to make people believer

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and he deserves applause people who can Muslim shaitaan comes on he puts a struggle some some interest in their path shutdown Steffensen Jabberwocky happening the monitor that mean reciting the mana means wishing desert economical Arabic language that what the meaning is to the highest a very clear you know inshallah when the next time I like I show you the whole contest basically either the struggle of the professor Lana Salam and then how he's so keen people who can deliver and how can people among the shutdown or shutdowns in human being a human shaitana Jetta they are very keen to stop the professor lesson from the from his plan to they put him to Tama Nam is wishing to whenever

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a prophet comes, he always have wish and desire that people become Muslim, Basha dance with a human being you must shut down again in such an initiator, they put some problem or some some hindrance in their path and they want to stop them but Allah Subhanallah decide no they will win. So that had meaning is so you know this that that was it does not mean shut down or put any weight on their mouth. Is it clear