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The transcript describes a segment of a transcript where a man named Sayon sends a message about fear and comes up with a general rule for men to remember something. The segment also describes a woman named Emma who talks about the reward of actions of evil, and a woman named Haman who talks about the reward of actions of louder. The transcript describes a woman named Sayon who sends a message about fear and gives a general rule for men to remember something.

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Sooner or later Haman,

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me so Allah will send them about I'm going to be in a Muhammad Ali he was be admiring a medallion.

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What was recited in the first car

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was Allah subhanaw taala speaking about fear around in his arrogance in what he would say

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to his people regarding

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the lord of Musa and his position what he thought

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but then last month Allah gives a general guide and I think it's just a general rule for us to remember

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from what the things for Allen said, he said,

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as the law says, if there has been a challenging or call the future owner Yeah, hi man, Uber, Uber, Neely surah. Hunt la li a global as well. Your auntie said to his man is his hammer is his counselor, man.

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Even Elise arhaan build for me a tower Lolly a blowhole as bad, perhaps, perhaps I may reach

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the means or the level ASVAB SML at for Apollyon Illa Illa he Musa. The means reaching

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the summit what the heavens are the skies, if you will.

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Illa he Musa to reach the lord of Musa we're in Nila a wonder who Kavita For verily I think that he is a candidate he is a liar. And then Allah says what Cavalli because we usually fit it on a su Amelie he was a dynasty. And for that reason, Allah spent Allah beautified or rather we say, Z really figure out in the SU I'm going to heat the evil actions of fear around where beautify to him, will make a difference on the Isla fita verb and the plans if your own is not going to be anything except destruction to him.

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Then after this, the last one thought it gives a general rule it's just smaller to like the smokers are scenes from the statements of fear around the actions of around the actions of Musa and one of the righteous people that were with Musa

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last month. Allah says men I mean, let's say he attended for that user if they use that in them, that whoever does an action of evil they will not be rewarded for be rewarded for that evil except for that like it. Woman I mean lasagna Hammond decadent own fellow who will movement and whoever does an action of righteousness. And there are a movement from male or female for hula, aka the HoloLens janitor years ago and if he had delayed he said, Allah gets a little more descriptive, which is interesting when he talks about the Hellfire talks about evil deeds, they will be rewarded with the example of mythical Mithila but when he talks about the actions of good it says from

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decadent Oh antha and they are movement they are believer, they will enter heaven and there'll be provided there in these ladies up without any accounts showing you that when you do the actions of good you will be rewarded much more than you probably would even expect or even amount or even encounter. And the last one is saying you will be rewarded with Jana and you will be provided their in with many things that a lot of talks about in the Quran. But also that provision will be laid out ASAP without any accounts it will be endless be forever. But when talking about the actions of evil, you just enter them into the hat that they will be rewarded that which is for the action of evil

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there boo awarded from the punishment of that which what they have done in the the amount that Allah subhanaw taala is well aware of when we are not it's my last point Allah make us of those that recognize this bounty of Jannah and realizing that the reward is endless and it is just for us to do the actions of higher which should encourage us to learn what are the actions of solid are the righteous actions to when we do these actions inshallah Tada it will be rewarded in this life but most importantly our concern will be the reward in the next life inshallah Tada

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Robin and after doing your hashanah will fill it has no locking I never know. Robin fildena the Nuba fire Anessa Yeah, Tina, what's our friend Emma and Oberon, along with a bit tonight in the suit earlier on behind me were to bar and enter in Nick and to turn whimpering

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Allah morphic never had this Shari, I don't mean or official Ramadan Ramadan I mean, Allah Muhammad doesn't have Ramadan yet I mean, I mean, I don't much I didn't mean I didn't Quran Allah Ahuka hospital care and banana mean, along with one and most of the fina if equally mccannon was in Manolo banana mean, and I'm gonna say one of the most Dafina if he saw it he got up and I mean, if he talked to you yet I mean, I mean, I feel my shot. I'll do my body to get as easy Oh, yeah, no see here. Yeah, they'll get it with a chrome yummo Haman

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or something along with him about it. And then he'd been a Muhammad Ali. He was