Husband vs Wife – Decisions and Disputes

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the idea of a "bar" in a relationship and how it can affect one's opinion. They also mention that a "branded" is necessary in order to run a family, but the speaker cannot stop the "branded" from happening. The speaker emphasizes the importance of listening to the boss and the "branded" in creating problems.
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Nothing really the husbands don't have absolute right or anybody nobody has a right to what anybody anybody other than like the one who right absolute right or any even the professor will don't do this thing has a bar someone does right in order to finally stay in the miters relative the family because in the family cannot have two bosses, two generally husband or wife they should decide the matter in consultation in agreement, but sometimes very possible would differ and then know where they reconcile. Then in order to run the family husband has no preference that he should go for what he thinks to run the family to that actually like a boss Angelica Allison, but you know whether a

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wife is in a meet or she wants to eat darlow bread out rice or she wants to buy a banana with you, she want to prefer this Grace, Grace you want to be hunted for your molecule Shafi humbly you know decipher I use also while you are my wife You must be hanafy do you relate to her life? She does whatever like she follows a mother does not follow mother she plays in this most cadet must she recite a card to this carrier that carry all for them husband's unnecessary interfering with every every mistake no matter the one list should you know think about the family matters. Anything which are personal matter. Her parent she can do yeah if you're in the most any her to his house, then

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fine for that. He's unhappy with her parent. He does not want her to allow them to come down to his house to chicken meat somewhere else. But he cannot stop her from meeting them. That's never allowed. But she can say you don't use my property for some reason. To you know when it comes to his own and that's fine, but you cannot stop you kind of you're not ruler. You don't own your wife. Your wife is independent. She the woman will lay in the mud, not gonna fall apart if I work for you. You are my boss. I listen to you but we're in the office. Once you leave the office and I lived off with nothing to do with you. Even if I don't say something you got to say no you are it up to me. I can't

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even watch cartoons after leaving the office. You know you and me are same but inside that office to run the office to manage it. You need to listen to the boss other problems will happen. But even in the office I don't need to listen to you know listen, I love Indian tea. And my boss does green tea and said no no I'm your boss does not know nothing to with you. You only have command over me in the matter to the job. That's all what I eat what I drink. What I do is up to me and nothing to do with you. Same women women don't need to listen to their husband every single matter only matters which are to the family. He has to provide her independent accommodation if she accepted to her. But this

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is her basic right to have independent accommodation and you know an expensive to separate from his family category. This is what creates problem