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Assalamualaikum everyone and welcome back to our weekly q&a with Shahrukh Khan that we have with us Thursday 6pm BST I hope no one can hear an echo because I can hear a slight echo bridge

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inshallah apologies for the slight delay we just had some technical problems but handle everything is fine now so without any further ado I will start with the questions and please send till the end as we will give a few announcements as well inshallah let's start with very Hi

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How can I control how how to control ourselves from watching unnecessary videos and social media. I try so hard that can't succeed.

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I'm very loyal and be loyal Amina was slid out or Sarah molars holy Muhammad Ali, he was Harvey Molina my god you know this question is a very important question actually.

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This question and similar questions most people face all the time anyway, that there are things that we know they are harmful, they are wrong or maybe they are sinful but still we keep doing them on our desire. So, what is the best way to stop ourselves from you know, those things which are either sinful or their mistakes around waste of time? How can we stop ourselves? So, first thing we have to understand that Allah subhanaw taala never imposed upon the people something that they cannot do he makes very clear like are left alone often Illa Allah Allah never burdens people access to water in their capacity whatever they can do. So what he does he teaches people express to the people what is

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the right what Iran is given the mind wisdom reason thinking and then he has given people the willpower so if they will they can do something and this is what had been given by him to everybody

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so first thing is whenever something is wrong a video whatever you notice the

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second thing is what do you need to do it to create your will to stop it don't do it does anybody force you know you know the basically is social media whatever you have to operate it nobody comes a certain never comes and forces you so this is a big mistake to think Ray that I cannot stop you know you have got a will and you do this to something happen emergency you leave all the videos everything run away your fire is there you will run away to think about the Hellfire think about the you know discipline salsa hautala so nobody forces you to you have to force yourself understand what is right what is wrong there force yourself to do right and force yourself to avoid the wrongs that

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were the tested otherwise you know if a lot of Matera makes things without desire, everybody will follow the test is that you have bad choice between good and right and your desire was right or wrong thing and you're on allow our commands you to write things if you follow the wrong enough to follow your desire but you can stop yourself process one you know one of our mama half Mr. camara be one 100 sorry to have a final Jana thelema those people fear the Lord that they're going to be accountable and they starved and suffered the desire they got paradise the fear Allah so that no other way there's no magic in there no magical way that to stop you from watching the wrong video

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the unnecessary videos, it is useful to nobody can stop you other than you to stop yourself. in arrears. The Koran Buddha prayers asked Allah subhanaw taala and then force yourself instead if you cannot do something upon you said that if I do something wrong, I was something wrong video, I'm going to give 10 pounds in the path of Allah make a box and put immediately next time you still do 20 pounds 30 pounds, one day you stop something like that, you know, impossible and then do it. The astronaut yours was something wrong. I thought you unnecessary. put the money in this box. Hopefully inshallah Allah will help you and you can be able to make your will stronger and to oppose your

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Just clear the answer. Yes, that's completely clear. Just I think we all need that reminder. Now the next question is quite interesting from Abdel Fattah his name. His question is, what is the best way to increase wealth and do you see a common trait in wealthy individual individuals like billionaires and

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you know, think he really is wealthy enough people think only wealthy the money. That is a big mistake, really, in this world, the wealth of the people that matters to them so much to so many things that you know not only material things, your knowledge, piety, fear of loss, all those matters in your well being in the future depends not only on the money on so many things, people are money. The West, you know, they if they are not clever enough, they are not wise enough, they're not pious, the money becomes centers upon them. Some people commit suicide, they have so much wealth and money is still there, commit suicide, the West life. So there are so many things together, that

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people need to understand, really increase your knowledge, increase your piety and fear of loss or hautala symptom is more money can be very good for the people. I really don't think that people should do so much work to increase the wealth, rather than, you know, material wealth. People should be more worried how to live a peaceful life, a life in which they can prepare for the Hereafter, you know, a life in which they don't have poverty, you know, they have enough to eat and drink and to spend, but not too much. Because too much material. materialism is a very, very harmful for the people. So I don't think relate to the right way to answer. Try to ask this question that people

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become you know, increase their wealth.

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Most people when they increase their wealth and deal with a problem, I lose diversity of time. Something no modesty in this matter is much, much better door. There are people who have been very wealthy, and they have been very near to Allah subhanaw taala excellent Manali Salaam Dora kernighan are so many rich people I'm not complaining about Casa de Gato, Rama and Mr. hanifa Imam lathan aside they're very very rich people. So when I want the rich people they have a huge wealth but you know somehow they're strong people they stop from themselves from the falling in the trap of the shaitaan and the desire was most people not like that Do I really most people should be careful

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about the materialism and having more and more wealth.

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Okay, inshallah inshallah let's take a question from idle

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what can we do when you break an oath not doing the sins but end up

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apology show you can see the question I'm not sure if you can make more sensitive than me

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okay people do you know water and then the bracket at the waist unit aka fara Cora mission you know fitting a celeb don't have celebrities. So, what you can do in your feeding 10 people or give me clothes for 10 people or you cannot do that then you can fast three days. So that is the thing they are on a mission when you have

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you know in a when you break your oath and you must do this you know either

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give food to 10 poor people

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cloth for 10 people or at least you know faster than half if can't do that then faster three days as the device should do and if you have

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lost your pair then make up you know how many counter you know one a year player two years player then every day with one or

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the other another awesome so if you do like Dota then in one year you can do a part of the whole year.

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Okay inshallah let's take a question from mine identify if a man has to full body search and other man including our as part of their line of work is this permissible?

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Yeah you know if something can be allowed in the nude like a doctor's you know sometimes people can have injuries or any health problem you know in there our you know men or women then in a doctor so they have to examine it and in order to treat to similarly some D The day that sometimes it could be possible that there are you know certain places within want to check every part of the body so if that happened those were born that they don't get any syndicate there's a duty and those were examined they cannot get seen because the part of the you know custom and that people do I don't think any harm in this matter stinks without unnecessary you don't get a sin for that. It is when

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you desire to do something wrong then you got sin

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Okay, just okay.

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We've got a question from Junaid.

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Please comment on the headaches about woman as a bad omen. The second positive question doesn't make a lot of sense to me. But Jeff, if you can understand it, maybe you can address that too.

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You know the finger that no bad omen about you know the Hadith the women you know the people have misunderstood

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that Hadith and I explained that actually somewhere else as well very clearly that you know there's nothing you know about the work we may know about anything something bad people make up these things you know there was some all mostly dismissed if there had been any bad omen in Islam would have been something like that you know but there's nothing Islam did not allow people to have any bad omen if we have to always find a good thing you know to have the process allows us to have good omen but never never buy it by tomorrow actually some shirt on should not do that.

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Okay let's take a question from a hearing.

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If a person back bites an individual is it compulsory upon the person to ask for forgiveness of that individual or

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he or she may be forgiven completely if he or he repent sincerely to Allah without saying sorry to this individual.

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Generally, when you harm or wrong, any human being, you have to ask that person to forgive you. If somebody takes money from someone they have to return by or ask the person to forgive. Similarly if you're by by just someone around someone, as the person to forgive you,

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and you know that that's the right way. And if we know that you're going to do this, then you will it will discourage you from backbiting the people. Sometimes it could be possible that if you tell the person that I baited you and the person because more angry and more problem then maybe you know ask Allah to forgive you and good luck on the behalf of that person. Don't tell him by generally no doubt you have to tell the person and ask Him to forgive you.

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Okay, just

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we have a question from Tenzin Can I shake hands with my female cousins?

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You know, the people in your family they know each other you can explain to number one you have to teach your cousin's what Islamic minor culture to mention now Shere Khan with a with a nun Mahara movement it's very clear to you you know when we allow something like that is a new place you're working on golf or interview or nobody knows really you can't explain that time to if you share kind of without desire that's fine but in your family I don't understand why you want to do this in your family compared to everybody that you know this is not to do parties you have duty so I don't think that people should actually share kind with naanum harem female in you know in the images because

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unrelated. This is not right. But it can be harmful actually to yourself is harmful anyway. shaking the hydrocephalus

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and sinful thing to never do this.

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Okay, just Okay.

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The next question is very interesting. And this is a question about the rights of an employer. I should note Should I note down how much time I spent chit chatting with colleagues or going to the toilet and staying longer for that time. Now chef, I can understand this the lines of land eat blurred even more when people now people are working from home a lot. If you're contracted for a certain amount of hours to work. Is it your duty to report how much time you spend talking how much time you spend walking around or say going for a prayer bike or toilet break. How important is that because safely technically you are paid for that time.

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No no not to pick our platform tool is a one is in assigning a task just you do your task on it with honesty. it no matter how long you take didn't define up to you whatever time you spend, you have to do that. But secondly your your time, you have to get the time. So when people imply you for like eight hours a day or something like that, what are they mean it most likely is that people get one hour maybe I don't know half an hour lunch but

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you can ask also for the fabric. And the imagine it's understandable that you can't work for such a long time. Nobody can do so it is understandable that you know you can have brick and mortar tea or coffee you're walking around for 10 minutes or 15 minutes or whatever actually you can. So this is you can ask your employer maybe making more clear and that I think nobody has problems with that Nvidia alawar everybody knows nobody can work so many hours continuously. Then after that when you work or work properly, don't waste your time. You know this is not right that you know that people started you know, watching something else in wonder for No wonder the internet does not right then

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they should

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focus otherwise the money will come will not be heard.

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But a little bit for tea or coffee or some token or sometimes more asked question, how are you on something that enable the colleagues it is understandable that people talk people ask question, you ask for the family if somebody's not you know, these things are normal, but just to invest time, enjoy talking for no reason, that should not happen.

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Okay, does that mean a hardship that was extremely useful? We have a question from Fatima if her husband wants to have a second wife and for this reason his first wife wants to divorce him. Will the first wife be sinful?

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How can I How can a woman divorce she had to ask him to divorce her or she can mahalo the last minute because there are people who are absolutely free because she can think if the wife comes in why cannot live in peace and it will harm my thinking in my mind whatever. And I cannot focus on Alibaba maybe I become more sinful

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to either right, you know, to have a second wife alibi for diversity. Similarly, the women have a right to decide whether they can stay with a mind like that or not. up to them to if she thinks she cannot stay for any reason, good reason. Then she can ask him to divorce her or she can move holla whatever. There's no sin in this matter. Emotionally absolutely fine. Listen. Yeah.

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Okay, let's take another question from moinuddin What is your opinion on the coming of them Eddie? And are there any genuine authentic Hadees regarding this

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you know, Medina is a guided so far always guided the Prophet said you know, after me follow the rightly guided kailis or the whole of Russia deal Allah has been so ordered for pharma the Abu Dhabi the Mahdi Omar the Mahi Mahi Ali Mahdi or the geyser Calif in to whenever somebody could meaning basically easy when they make a decision don't differ from the opposite or less what inspires them he helped her win over make a decision in Syria iraq did not differ from him follow the advice because he the guided allied helping him is part of people should not disobeyed the rules and there must especially those who work for the pious people to similarly are the end of the day Muslims will

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have inside Islam will descend from the Haven and He will judge among the people to he is guided by this Hackman ardillon sometime you know how do you say Maddie Maddie Muslim he said Maddie but to have somebody especially no independent with the title of Maddie we don't have any proof or any sound Hadith for that that no Hadith about the concept up in an independent person is just a muddy you know in Bihari Muslim Mata

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nothing like that in the wake of this more likely the concept has come from Shia people Samadhi simply means you know those rulers who are guided is not any any position from Allah subhanaw taala it is a guided people to to me from what I understand from the Hadith actually Eazy E Silas lumbee Tamati who the last month the guy did you know Khelifa he'll be there but it before him somebody you know Maddie or guided we don't have problem if people believe it won't be because Mahi is not a prophet. It is just like you know, a title for any Holly follow mini like there have been good people out and Xavier has been a very pious King and alsina Tony pas there have been some very good

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kings sort of dance among a bunch of Bassett people there have been some very good very pious people.

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Omar does he is was very pious and his call out to Holly Holly for Maddie guide. So Maddie like a tight legacy, so and so the arlin Pis pasep Ducky moutai worry. So similarly Maddie guided but Maddie to consider either position in religion, that we don't have any proof for it nothing in the Quran. Nothing in the sounds to nonprofits are noticing them.

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Okay, and Chava let's take a question from Abdur Rahim.

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How do I practically find recipients to give charity also, after all the scandals involving institutional charities, it's very hard for me to use them. I don't know too many people to inquire through isn't an easy clear cut way to find true recipients.

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Just the right one is always the right way to find the poor people in your locality, your um, your related or far away and won't give them then you have been direct content within that I always encourage like that. We do i do myself. We find out people in our village in India or somewhere. Those who really are poor, we know them and then we help

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With employment related those are there are Muslim institutions then you help some other Sadhguru Matera service you would think that you know you can help them to in this country or other country which are some of the students who are studying and they have family they can't afford to you know look after their family so if you can help them some breeders in this country there are women whose husbands have died and very difficult life for them or some word divorce or some kind of hurt most lives they have left their families now they're Muslim they don't have enough money you know difficult to help people like that. This is much better I really don't like people to go through any

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charities The best thing to find right people your suffer directly

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Okay, let's take a question from Essen.

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They're so nice to keep one's eyes open during this edge is this correct? But are we allowed to close them regularly if it helps us concentrate more or would this count as a duck

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yeah I don't know so not too close to it you know people should play normally you know and I don't understand why closing the eye will help you to concentrate nothing cancer consultation is from the mind not from the eye you know

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if you're in front of your justice it can distract you then

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there are the professors did not like in when I should not have put a curtain on the windows on the door. So the prophets are asked to remove the curtain he is the nurse okay let me close my eyes so I can consider know he asked cuz eyes will be open to ask the curtain to be removed. If you have gotten your room where you play or in the mosque or things will distract you remove it, but that no need to close your eyes. Regarding the prayer you know you worship your Lord properly and learn how to conserve concentrate and control your eyes. So I don't think there's anything really like that people do occasionally we don't mind but people make hybrid to close their eyes while the paying yes

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attorneys will be actually harmful because sometimes in the prayer

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could happen something and you have to leave if you play somebody playing in the open area a snake comes on your put your eyes isn't equitable to you or something else happen. So people have to close your eyes their eyes when they're playing but concentrate.

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Okay, let's take a question from any Samad.

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Can you please tell me the correct view of mowlana Modi? What are his thoughts about the Islamic status correct? do you suggest to read his books? I read that Ian Abolhassan nadwi rejects Modi's idea and ideas and thoughts Please give the correct view to understand

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in a modern model he has written many many things and you know his thoughts are not so simple. So there are many things which are very you know, people can learn you know, his tough theory one of the most important tafsir was written oral language now also in English as well and he's in many words criticizing the Western culture and materialism is a very very powerful people should read it, you know, Western philosophies and ideas and to make Islam pure

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you know, his ideas about Islamic politics that were more or more

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purified him but he think you know, it is too much if I send the perfect Iraqi making Islam like a political movement.

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It should not happen like that. So it is complicated. What you need to do is read more on our side of this book in order to get the return of csrc fully Salaam Remi de Nicki jarritos sassy the female tertiary so in order

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to sell Islam if you read that that will help you but it is not other than that. I don't think that it belonged to Mr. Modi or anybody else really everybody had many tastes good on a moto moto moto himself I've taken many good tests Ramallah Modi he mentions that especially the you know his criticism about the Western culture and materialism and you know, many Western philosophy the very very powerful You know, there are there nobody the Muslim world who has, you know, discuss this in such a clear and powerful way. Even people in the Arab world all these modern thinkers or have been informed by Mahmoud in this matter. So I will not say to you don't read him read him, but don't take

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things very has been criticized by dollar, especially his idea about the politics.

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Okay, just okay. We'll take one last question. And this is in one of the narrations that we've been our best for the long haul I know it was said that that your bad means to cover everything except one eye. In another narration, he says that the face and the hands can be shown. So which one is to be followed? Nothing really, that people people answer the question the answer, according to the

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Audience sometime you kind of set to the people cover everything I know you're both hide something like that people depend what the say by generally jilbab doesn't that mean that Juba Musa lose cloak over your closer you know you don't need to cover the face or your hand palm or feel that generally but sometimes could be like in certain cultures where the people actually stare at a woman's face to will say okay cover your face because you know these are not

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palettes are not refined they don't respect the women so they are you have to cover the face by generally we don't force people for something like that to when your boss or anybody at you know advisor something it can't do their car timecard to the audience, but they're not from the professor lots of the Quran. Quran does not say like their Quranic way is that ask believing men and believing women to control their gaze to control to press so don't make your eye go to the place or the beauty of the men or women but you can look at the face people used to look harder How can you can eyes anybody if you don't look at the face but with not with a desire? That's not right. So our

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understanding of tafsir you will find a cave now bus is something somebody else says something is not necessarily mean that is I think this is a Sarah Davis you know they're they want to teach you what is relevant to you. How you follow your time by does not always mean that that is the only way to understand that force in our time in Western society generally, that you know if people are women have jilbab and they don't they're undefeated are uncovered and pathankot people have said that people know really this is the you know, more dishcloth and things like that. People have full respect for a person like that. But in consumption status could be possible. If the face is

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uncovered, to people don't rescue the person to there you have to be careful according to their society.

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Okay, just not going to OSHA and again, just love her and everyone else for asking your questions. Just two quick announcements if you guys can save for just a few minutes in sha Allah. The first is that SLM Institute offers part time Islamic scholarship programs. Our term one is starting in less than two weeks. So this is your final call. This is your last chance if you are interested, please head on to our website SLM that is slm.ac.uk to find out more insha Allah the last announcement is that we have an upcoming TIFF series series which icon that we this is a five day course and it's a continuation of our two series series from last year and the year before and inshallah soon we will

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complete the whole course on this tip series series is on suitor for Khan and Suraj are also chef if you can give a small introduction in sha Allah and then we can leave it at that

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from the layer below alameen wa salatu wa salam o su e Muhammad Allah Allah He was hubbies modem about

00:27:59--> 00:28:10

you know this coming term I'm going to teach in a Salaam two important surahs one is sort of from on on the second one is shorter shorter.

00:28:11--> 00:28:56

I like to you know set here are two things one is a more general about the parameters in gender on one more specify these two suitors what in more general is that you know that somebody asked a question even our boss or the law said distinct tafsir people very often referred to the ultimate opinion either Quran itself that you know if so and so hydrogen the book the film kathira said this out of Serbia Davi say something like that, people don't understand it all. I have to explain the Quran in regard to the time and the society. You need to get the guidance from the Quran itself in the need to get an attachment with the Quran bigger familiar with the Quran what Quran was, you

00:28:56--> 00:29:13

know, chronomaster pious society, pious people, individuals whose hearts are, you know, people and they prefer aka hereafter over this dunya their karma that by the prophet sallallahu sallam, when he taught Quran to earth, He never really tells you nothing.

00:29:14--> 00:29:49

Really relative ask him generally just to read the Koran, because in their language to understand the Quran teaches itself. You need to get to this hybrid to read the Quran. And if you don't understand something in one place, it understands other plus gaco Radhika keeps printing your stuff again again. Really once the second time, every time keep reading to you will learn about the Quran more and more to get the guidance from the Quran. They know people can help be helpful for you but don't think that teachings adore Mr. Quran itself. If you read some in tafsir maududi or thirsty Rafa

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you know anybody else is Allahu Yamanaka he or set called Shaheed or even a catheter in the past. It is just a seal their interpretation. They want

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to present the Quranic teaching in federal context, it is not necessarily the Quran itself to read the Quran, get in what Allah wants from you is to try to understand so this is a very very important things to learn the most general about them or to give you a second think about this surah Quran really teaches that the

00:30:23--> 00:30:53

the assessor data matters to the people you know what the real from the society that might have been a lot hotter knows that when people have got desire they're very difficult for them to get guidance from the answers they got desire will make them to prefer something with the easy for them to resolve what desire was that always people actually do wrong. So in that case, the best thing that Allah subhanaw taala gives to the people safe guidance and then he makes obligatory and the people follow it

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that then they cannot follow the desire when the revelation of their prefer revelation even goes against their desire. So that why Coronavirus is so much and important for the messengers, prophets and guidance revelation. So the developer understand this thing, then they can follow the kind of follow their own desire, sort of upon and so the for these two sutras in many other agricultural along with others, as well. But these two sutras focus on the obedience of the prophets. The prophets must be obeyed. And the evidence that why prophets, the prophets, why do they have to teach? Why revelations important? So you know, people don't follow the process of what will happen,

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how they're misled, how they're misguided. And what was the punishment for the people who opposed the prophets. The prophets must be respected. You know, your mind is very helpful thing, but your mind can not find a guidance independent not because you're not capable, it's capable. The reason is, because desire influences you've got wrong desire, sometimes a smell of the food, you know, the food is unhealthy, but still you eat why not because you don't know because desire. So people know right or wrong, but but when you know that I have to obey. And if I disobey, I guess sin to then easily can oppose your desire. So that what we need to learn really if you want to live a pious

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life, peaceful life a life which can guarantee you paradise into dev j mud, the way is to understand the Quranic message and why it is important Quran to believe in the messengers and prophets to follow them. So these two surah inshallah so the format's are shorter, because they also contain the history of the prophets and messengers, they will be helpful for this understanding Arcuri people should come to the Koran to get divided so that I already aside if you want to be a pious, the way the Quran, the notebook of guidance, you know, human books, whether books are the fifth or something like that. They can be somewhat helpful, but not necessarily all the time. People could follow

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books, and the kind of misguided guidance is the one lien doctrine, to force yourself to learn the Quran to understand and once you understand it, then human books will not be interesting for you. You really think that in how great how, you know elevated the Quranic teachings are. So I highly will, you know, ask your people that if you're really must use your salvation, and you want to have a good life and pious life in this world, then learn the Quran attend some of these classes, which can train you how to think and how to understand and then when you read yourselfer, it will be helpful for you initial work with our know

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exactly her chef and again once again, the URL is on the screen anyone who is interested in signing up for this course all the details are on the URL on the screen Sharla

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inshallah, we'll see you guys next week. apologies for not taking all of the questions, please do keep them and hopefully inshallah we can address it next week. I said, I want to cover everyone.