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Assalamu alaikum everyone. Welcome back to SSA q&a with Chef aka nadwi at 6pm BST thank you for joining us. I know we already have some questions that students have asked. We'll try our best to go in order inshallah and answer as many questions as we can. And just a reminder, we're live on youtube, we're live on Facebook and Twitter so anyone who has any questions please just put them in the comments below and for Twitter, just I think it would work if you just tweet and reply to this live stream inshallah. Without any further ado, let's start with the first question. Okay. Yep. So, the first question we have is if someone has wronged you, for example, in a business in a business

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dealings, should you let them know as they may be unaware or leave it to Allah's justice?

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Morrison Yeah, so, the question is, if someone has wronged you, for example, in a business stealing should you let them know as they may be unaware or should you just leave it to a loss justice? No, we have duty to teach people to correct their mistakes, not to you know, laugh at them and make fun of them or humiliate them or other than to help them let go somebody has got an illness would love to help the person that responded this is the problem on how can be cured to simile somebody has got something wrong to share Yeah. So

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you know, we should tell the people and you know for the people is a question or something else

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no, this was this was the only part that Oh Come over here. Yeah, you know, if you display the question there's a better okay somebody has wronged you okay. You know, this is another this is a different thing to understand this what the question

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is somebody has wronged you, you have clearly more than one option one is that you tell the person explained if you understand then maybe he can apologize and he can pay your right back to you.

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And if he does not realize at least you have done your duty properly and then to Sabra and Alyssa hautala will help you but sometimes could be wrong it will be you know, very costly to sometime you are also allowed to take the person to the court it depends really on this question is various you know, we're not very clear because when people wrong you there's so many different types of wrongdoing sometime money sometimes it's something else. So anyway, if you've mentioned that detail, too, I can help you sometime you can take the person to the court, sometimes more thing you can ignore.

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Okay, inshallah I know the questions quite vague. So whoever did ask the question, if maybe you can

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make it more specific and show that maybe there'll be more helpful. Let's take the next question from feriha. When talking with friends, etc, they asked me to convey this alarm to my parents, etc. When I forget, which I forget, sometimes isn't mandatory on me to convey this alarm?

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Morning or whenever somebody nobody can make anything obligatory upon you to understand the system very clearly. Nobody can make anything obligatory upon you. Unless you promise then A promise is bound. Morally not legally. If you remember this, if somebody asked you to say Salaam to someone and you didn't say anything, if you don't, but you do that's fine. If you don't do nothing will happen. If you say yeah, I will do that You promised then morally should do if you remember if you don't remember that nothing you don't know duty upon you.

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All of it. Remember one a basic thing that no human being has the right to make anything obligatory on any other human being obligation, worldly costs from Allah subhanaw taala and from his laws.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take a question from Mohammed.

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If one spa that has died due to suicide, is there any chance of Mathura and returned to Jana?

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In this case, the father was a psycho patient. No promises or love will not forgive anything other than the shark in the law lawyer for

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oil for my daughter, ammonia. You know what the condition that people are learn who's the best, and he is going to be judged not me and not you nobody because we don't know the people. We don't know that

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So, you should make dua for your father and asked to forgive him and it gives up a sword on his behalf more likely distance will help him inshallah I know since Academy bigger than the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala here critical forgiving initially you know he does not need any repentance he but he has made a law that if somebody does ship he will not forgive. So, he he follows whatever he has made obligatory

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okay so our next question is from somebody can Muslims be close friends with non Muslims and what is the meaning of the word earlier

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yeah you know Muslims are certainly can be friends with non Muslims and there used to be friendship between Muslims and non Muslims in Islam What did not allow you that you know

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to support a nano Muslim friend Our guest is called a fee Salaam and a code of Muslims that is not allowed you know your loyalty and love to your non Muslim friend because so much that you help him against your Muslim brother or Islam. But if you're Muslim, but they're wrong, then you are allowed to help him help him Muslim is somebody wrong, somebody's wrong, you should not be friendly with him even if he's a Muslim man, you're your neighbor, your friend or or your your your relative, then then you should not support him in Islam, not a lot allow to support the wrongdoers. So that always clear but you know, one thing also keep in mind, many of these rules in Islam are when do you have

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Muslim society, but we live in Namsom society, things are different, you know, here, you know, you have to think more about

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the laws of the country work with people who are same as

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citizen citizens of same country, they're treated equally. So, in that case, you know, you know, legal obligation will be preferred many many ways. That how the professor lathan used to be the mocha mocha Rama when he moved to Medina, then he had no different position by Makoto karma his position was different. So that always we have to keep in mind.

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Okay, exactly.

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Let's take a question from Tenzin. Can I look at the face of my female teacher and friends while talking to them?

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You know, the car to the jurist, you know, the past and most of them deserve right opinion. And they're the face of the women is not that why they can be allowed to go outside without the niqab. They can do their so to look at the face of the woman, when you're talking about nutrition or something not a problem. Problem. hyperthermal people do this with a bad intention with a desire. When desire comes. Yeah, then it will be not allowed. If a desire is their sexual desire, even if there's no new power that no, you don't look at first, look at anything, an eager desire. They're too dangerous, then you have to be made sure that you don't look and don't be nearer to the person

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when the desire comes. Desire is the what makes things haram otherwise, whatever Allah, Allah is not Haram, looking at the face of someone with not a problem. Unless people enjoy that. And they find pleasure in it, then it will be.

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Okay, that makes sense. She's okay.

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We'll take a question from Marine. But her question is quite long. So I was just trying to sum it up in sha Allah. I'm a girl and my college allows me to cover every part of my body except my elbow, from the elbow to the wrist. It is a policy one second, it is impossible for me to change your college now where I can wear the hijab.

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In this case, am I sinful for not wearing my full hijab? Even though I've tried every possible way to wear it?

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Why don't they allow you to cover the elbow tourist? She

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She hasn't explained but she's basically saying that she's very, very heavy in Islamic law. You know, people ask her are the the Chief Justice first? Chief Justice Islam is Abu hanifa about the woman uncovering their arm in public. He said yeah, they can do some time because sometimes they need to like when they wash the cloth, they need to uncover their arms. So from the college, they don't allow you that's fine, you know, wherever needed cancer, in case we know how long they become. So an RS covering the arms eyes are not as strict as many other parts of the body. So understand even this one was allowed by the jury earlier, they allowed the women to uncover the arm. So from

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the you know, elbow to the wrist, we did not restrict either part of the body. So don't worry, you will don't get any sin inshallah.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take question from Mohammed. Why was surah to him revealed?

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Was it because of Maria or the story of the honey, the story of honey?

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You know, this.

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Oran has mentioned this story very nicely, really people don't read the Quran properly, but we'll get to Surah together, so talaaq on the surah.

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And they're very much connected. So to me the sutra, that when you don't like your wives don't exceed the limit,

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you know, is still you have to obey Allah fear Allah, and don't harm your wife don't around them. You can separate them, you can leave them but nicely to sort of target when people don't like their wives. So many people like their wives too much. And then they exceed the limit. They love them so much. They don't even care about the commodity will they exceed the limit? To the first one it went, they don't like women, wives, and the super windy like too much. There are so so the story that there are many more than my story mission. were put on admission to Weiser, the professor lawless alum, they have some truth to whether

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you know the Quran, Allah does not like people to buy bite, understand this improperly, that Viola did not mention the names of the Weiser the profit or loss of some who were in a war in this case. So I don't understand why we want to know who are these voice doesn't knowing their name make any difference for the meaning of the surah? Nothing. So what I've simply said the professor laughs is not allowed to disobeyed the Lord because of the love of his wives. And then these wives who actually made the trick whatever they were asked to report on the repentance or are said they repented. So that is very clear that what we need to learn in the future people don't obey their

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wife saw my dad there it becomes a disobedient to the Lord does not allow that what meaning is, you will have no

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reason to know their nips that no reason really, nothing can help you if you don't do their net at all. Nothing will happen. You know, the thing whatever Quran had the left Why don't you leave?

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You know if the knowing the name was so important, allowed her mentioned who who knows more than Allah? But if Allah did not mention, also, why is that the Prophet should be respected. There are mothers to why we should know need to know about them deeply. You don't need to know about the houses the people you know, there are something kurama to teach you from 30 storey land that is that lesson you nobody knows news to know the names of the voice of the prophet who the story is mentioned in such a hurry. And if you don't know the news, it does not affect you know far you're learning from the sewer, nothing, nothing will happen.

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Okay, does that get harsher? Okay, the next question we have Jeff we've received some questions about this usually once a week, I've been hesitant to ask just because I don't know how familiar you are in this field. But other man is asking Can you please comment on the permissibility of share marketing in Halo Halo companies?

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Yeah, I think that this is a lot of companies and shears that you will take it not involved in the ribbon in the interest. Yeah, it's a fun you know, to basically like any business to share companies are same thing. If your the shares are you know, products are valid. So you can be you can be part of that you can share them.

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Okay, handler perfect. Let's take question from Choudhuri

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is it allowed to use contraceptive methods to make high education or a job easy for the mother

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nothing really, either the results allow the marriages you know, for the family that people have got children, it is not for enjoyment. enjoyment is a means to achieve a

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thing to make a family. So we have to understand it is a popular measure not like in our time if people want to have everything, you know,

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artificial halaal thing, you have a halala mortgage, or you know, everything we just deployed the halaal and things were hard to know they want to because they see in the western era the concept of the girlfriend to know you want to make Hello girlfriend no Hello boyfriend to this is not how we Salamis that you just married to make something Hello, you know marriage for a purpose to make a family. If you really want to understand this thing. I've taught course so many courses about the marriage in Islam minute and you can get a link to one of those courses or listen properly. And many of these questions that we're asking you to help you answer the right answer you know, when when

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contraceptive methods are allowed when they are not allowed with all the details.

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Okay, perfect. Exactly.

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We've been receiving a few calls

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Question, a specific question last weekend this week about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and why are we here? However the question is not worded correctly so if the brother asking it can just avoid it in a more understandable way, inshallah I'll try and answer this. We have a question from

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the next question is is it permissible to talk with a with your fiance post engagement with a marriage is scheduled in a few months

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it'll either be men or women, you know, whether they're married or not married, you know, whether they are engaged or not engaged, they're allowed to meet in a public space meaning a space where other people are allowed to enter and they can talk something which is, you know,

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which is allowed in Islam if they don't talk anything which is haram. So there's no harm in a meeting, but I will look at most time these meetings they can cause a problem sound because you know, the man or woman in this case a boy or girl, they are not bound with anything, they're not married yet. So they are not able to make effort to understand each other sometimes somebody says something or you take another meaning to very often I've seen the marriages are broken even before the hype and because of misunderstandings in these meetings. So I advise really make these meetings and talking very very in little just in a very minimum

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and do all the talks through other people there's so much better for you but anyway if you just to think you're talking allowed not allowed to talk something which is in lawful you can you can talk

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Okay, let's take a question

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from doctors man can the woman go out to stay with her friends for a few days in the after the death of her husband?

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You know that I did not enough or just enjoy metadata what do you do leave it is a great obligation to women have to start their home if the need comes to they can go a lot further. If they have to work somewhere you can go further work and come back or maybe they have children or they need to go take them to the school nobody helping them there Can they do sometimes they can go for shopping if nobody's to help them? There's just to go

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spend time with the friends for no reason that's not alone. They can't do this

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okay, just we have a question from Abdullah Can you explain the Hadees about the majority dwellers of helping woman

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Okay, I think this her this I suppose so my time I can explain what he will take at least 10 minutes so you know investing either a seller must have some very no this in my explanation many many times and just you know, provide the link or provide the cost to the people you know, what are the easier because you know, I

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but I'm very beginning it takes a lot of time and

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we don't want you to have to repeat yourself Abdullah if you can email us at info at a CIT and then inshallah I can receive the email and then I can get back to ChildLine. See if we have the answer somewhere.

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Okay, let's take the next question. Give me one moment from Jeannette How do we know Islam is a true religion

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you know thing that really is dishonorable about Islam how you do know a little truth in whatever while we know what is good food to eat? What is the right thing to you drink? You know who the right doctor who where to go everything same thing? In this question, nothing to do with religion, everything is how people know something right? When you talk to me and on somebody else, tend to opinions How do you know which one is right? So you notice very simple thing really a parent has been mentioning and everybody knows really everybody knows. So there is a your nature fitrah your nature knows really, that what it requires and you come up. And the reason supports it to where

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somebody explains something to you rationally and you can think are natural, your natural response to it. And in how to Harmonix Do you look to the right that I love put in Fedora to worship of Allah alone, that if either of the people to have two guards, worshiping to them is not fit for other people. How do you love your mom? You know, how do you notice your right mom? So, you know, it is your Fedora tells you. So this is in the deep in the fitrah the people how do you know what is the right you know food and water and air and sun for the plant or for the lemurs What do you need to feel the animals? How do you know what is the right one? So you know you learn about the nature of

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the animals or the nature of the plants and then you deal with that. So this is basically Allah samata did not get abandoned them. He created them and he cares for them. He gave us

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If you thought he gave us a reason in mind, when these two are together, that's the right thing. To always make a reasoning until it corresponds with your fitrah, which is not your fitrah, you will know the right.

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Okay, just okay. We have a follow up from the first question about being wronged and in this case through a business transaction.

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And so a follow up from the question is, I feel during a business transaction, I was wronged, the individual broke the contract and caused me harm financially. I also don't like dealing with the individual, I find them very difficult and manipulative? Do I have to let the person know how I feel and that I feel wronged by him? Or can I just ask Allah for justice, you can do anything, or otherwise you take the person to the court, I'll prove your case properly there, he can be punished that he will not do same with other people. You know, in this case, simple thing is take the person to the court, you know, if you can prove your case properly, you know, consult some, you know,

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lawyers who can help you, and then go to the court, you know, if you tell the person whether you know, they're going to listen or not, we don't know, really, but people like that should be punished. And they should realize really that you know, they should not do the same thing again with any other people.

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Chef, just a follow up from this. Many times I've seen I'm sure other people have seen when you're working amongst Muslims, you seem to have this thing of Okay, I can't take this too far. Because they're my Muslim brother or sister, you can't take this person to court or deal with them in another way. Is this the right way? We should be thinking because like you mentioned, sometimes this person could be doing harm to another person, like they are to you. Yeah, you know, something small. And you think, you know, the person either done by mistake will not repeat again. Okay, forgive. But it's, I think it is hybrid, and he's going to do with other people or do something big. Yeah, he

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should complain. In other words, if you don't complain that people keep doing, there are many wrong things happen in the society. And the people don't complain, because they think they don't want to have burden for the Muslim society. But along the route to happen to society, it is bad name for your religion. I tell you, the people want to don't want to fix it. They make Islam look bad. Okay, Muslims don't stand for justice. And to remove the injustice, they don't stand for that, to take the burden for your religion. So I'll say no, mostly should be strong, and they should really stand up. And michelia if it's somebody in the community, even an item does something wrong, have you move to

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affect people, their community should stand up and make a right mirror image to punish the person or to make it known. So they can't do st again in the future?

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Okay, just okay.

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Let's take another question in sha Allah.

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Chef, just sorry, another follow up from this many a time Muslim organizations or Muslim charities either underpay or maybe give yourself a very low p in the name of like, you should be doing this for the sake of Allah or this is part of your Southern PA, is this something correct? Is this something allowed? No. Okay, I think people exploit people very badly, this is not right, then they should not have an obligation, you know, if they cannot afford to pay the people that who makes them to do or something like that liquid second cannot do something like that. Do something else in the life you know, people should be because you know, people work hard. They're always people who work

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more than what they're paid. So if you don't pick up a guide to the standard living standard, the country is really wrong the people so you should learn the what is the standard? How much have you repaired in other jobs, similar issues, something like that, you know, if you've bounced here and there, which everybody can think I looked at the difference or the payment in in other companies as well. So that difference is fine, but just because of the name of it alone. You want to you know, harm somebody or want to be them to be paid low. This is not like is London that allows something like that.

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Okay, just

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as the next question, hopefully inshallah it will make some sort of sense. Let's give it a go. Did the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say tomorrow that his son will kill Hussein, and why are we I did not get married for a long time. After some time he married because of a scorpion bites and his son.

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This got his son is eat from the poison. Apologies I know this doesn't make that much sense, but better than nothing, right? Really more, a lot more but very close to the professor lawless alum. He's a sister omo Habiba his wife at the price of oil is alum. Anwar you're very, very pious person. You know, he didn't he became Muslim even before his father before Makkah was conquered. He became Muslim and the history right revelation for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the Prophet trusted in him during the time

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My former hot tub Omar appointed by the governor of Syria or Syria to study the module the lateral grid companion, jurist and fapy is fatwa that followed by all the above hanifa Malika shafia number with her these are in all the books of the Hadith trusted and people married him you got so many wives and so many children and the family continued. People also used to have celeb girls but not more the only many, many other people so it has nothing to do with my view, then even Hussein will send us an audit and lie within who the one of the mama for Shia arrived in here the mother is a selectman. husen de nada Maria it was slave girl. And he relation with her and then Elisa Rajim was

00:25:46--> 00:26:27

born. To mother folly is not a free woman. She was syllable. Sim many months of sheer like moussaka when his mother was a slave girl. So many people are the you know, Sally, not the love Norma. His mother was a slave girl. Many many companies so nothing to do with your G. That was very, very well known Custer hustle bursary. His mother was slave girl is bigger you ma are probably Baba, his father, mother both were slaves. You look keep looking. There are hundreds and hundreds Adorama and fuqaha and O'Meara and all these people. their mothers have been celeb girls. It was very common nothing to do with a DD these motor vasilyev girl Don't harm him. You know, it is same case with

00:26:27--> 00:26:28

many other people.

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Okay, Dr. Harsha. We'll take one last question from Brother Mohammed. I know he's been waiting to get this question answered. Can I postpone my Zika? Like I like I want to give Zika to my Miskin cousin for his home construction. So can I wait until he started his home construction, because if I give it to him now, he will waste it.

00:26:54--> 00:27:22

You can do this but you know write down some somewhere that this amount of the difficulty is due upon you to if you die that somebody can pay on behalf or your behalf. Because what is the obligatory is obligated to do it. Once you have done then you forgiven. So you're allowed to postpone but you must do it. And you don't know really because anybody can die anytime. So write it down somewhere. let the people know that your family or somebody that this is the amount that is due upon you and you want to pay in the future.

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Okay, insha Allah It seems we have still two minutes left. So let's try and take a question from Farah. Can single women go from raw without a Muharram with a tribal group?

00:27:36--> 00:28:15

Yeah, you know, I would have done an article on this matter I will forward to a certain people you can read on the Ferghana, you are my student, you should have read this article. You people keep asking me a question for which I wrote articles in overdue Arabic English. This one I wrote in English exactly for the same purpose that when Saudi government allowed the women to go to Morocco without any Mahabharata group on her own toy read wrote an article in response to this question. summary of the matter is or the moment they don't have a right measurement to protect the women on all those things. They stayed risky too. I allowed I advise women sure to go with their mother or

00:28:15--> 00:28:24

they should go in a group of women that will group of the women and they're all together directly helpful. But anyway, read my article, it will help you it is a better explanation.

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Okay, so far, if you can email us at [email protected] just mentioned the q&a in the subject, inshallah, and when we get the article, we can send it over to you inshallah. I think that is all for now. sincere apologies for any questions. We haven't taken jack in her show for your time, and just allow her and everyone else for joining us. hamdulillah. Just a few announcements.

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If any of you I don't know where you guys are watching from but if you follow our Facebook, our Instagram, our Twitter, we have quite a few short courses. Coming up with your icon. We have a tafsir series so anyone who has been wanting to spend some time this year studying the Quran, but then they can't commit too much time we have a five day course on surah Furqan and surah Shara with Chef Akram if you go on to our Facebook page or our Instagram at a cylinder You can find out more information Sharla chef was also having a short course and behind tirmidhi and a short course on to zero case chef. So again, if anyone wants any more information, go onto our website, go into

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our Facebook and find out in sha Allah. Applications for assignment scholarship programs are also closing very, very soon. We only have limited spaces. Time on is starting beginning of October. Again, anyone who has any questions please email us, message us on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter and inshallah with any more questions. I'm looking forward to hearing them next week in Sharla. So I want to come everyone