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Understanding Rahma – The essence of Ramadan

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Akram Nadwi

Channel: Akram Nadwi

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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First thing understand really what exactly Allah's relation to you

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just think what Allah relation to the people is

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what does he do to the people?

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Allah relation to the people is Rama mercy. So,

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Rama means to benefit someone with the love.

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So love must be there Rama never can without a love and Rama always have to have benefit. That why, you know mother's love is a nurse so great, because sometimes mother's love, without Rama don't benefit. So the child is no is not well, you know, they still will feed the child things which can harm him because he cries, so they love the child, but they don't benefit the child the harm, the child does not want to go study does not want to go to school and the mothers will surrender to the law.

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They don't have Rama. Rama is a much more than that, in the Rama, you will love it, but you make effort to benefit. So when unless Rama to us, it does not necessarily mean that it is going to fulfill our desire his mother's or Rama, mothers will not fulfill the desire of the children. So mothers have love, they fulfill the desire but the heart of the children are learned never wants to harm anybody. Allah only want to benefit the people when he benefits people. It will be sometimes something difficult on the people. But still when they do it. They get so much benefit. Like Allah has commanded us to work for the budget prayer

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out of a hammer, but to wait for the fall is too difficult.

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Mr. He did not give any concession, not be paid does not love us. He loves us that why he wants to benefit us.

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And once you pray and finally you never regret, you will know really how much you have got. You never get to understand the meaning of Rama. Rama means to love someone and benefiting. If you love and don't benefit, it Narottama if you have benefit, but don't love it now, Rama Rama must have combination of love, I have benefited both.

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That is the relation of Allah to all his creation, anything he created. He really the intention is what he wants to benefit people, less people assume His commands whatever he has commanded, or the commands are Rockman all the commands are of man mercy,

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the benefit of all the commands of Allah subhanaw taala that what the Quran says in our rough man.

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Many people in our time defined the Quran so difficult for them, Allah to assure us, for Allah for you. Any teaching of every teacher, the Quran is to benefit you. It does not benefit Allah. It benefits. You