Akram Nadwi – Difference Between Halal and Tayyib

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of eating healthy food to avoid becoming healthy and causing harm. They suggest that the best approach is to eat healthy food and not to be cruel. The speaker also suggests limiting one's views to others and creating a narrow minded circle to avoid conflict.
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In our first elimination of the Holla Holla with a lawful

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to how often you can lawful like no you have an anyone is slaughtered to disregard you know this logic basically the Hello by game means pure meaning it shouldn't be coming from your pure income to follow somebody can steal money on a bow you buy a sheep I slaughter you did a holla but not by you get a story to pledgemusic should be pure in a contract to buy even more important halaal cardinalities sometimes can differ but for forgive nobody first stealing cheating dishonesty or those that work in the law by law correlate the giver to missing your money, allowing you access to that you've done that to be healthy, you know, health because anything that people can know from

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their own reasoning mind under the notice you should know really you should eat healthy food but unlevel trees you shouldn't be in a company source of income should be good. So that keep in mind second thing is this is good approach that I want to eat healthy food that's fine there's no harm in that sometimes could be disinfected with more healthy you're there for something but not every vegetable consumed everybody in some region maybe meet very pure very good very nicely they don't they're not worth any money they do properly do that. So I would not like to make people a mother have an op school around which they would all turn around rather than I will always say best thing

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either you know follow the right way eat healthy food what goes you know do what good for you not so good for everybody else. And don't be cruel to animals. So in some regions of the world could be eating the animal to be the best choice because they know they don't have a console because in some many many areas in the desert people don't have so many vegetables but what is it in hunting for them so that would be maybe the best choice for them. And sometimes people can raise certain animals in their own farm sheep and all those things they know how healthy they are not cruel they can do that. So my actually I've written an article on this matter if people should read it maybe I forgot

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I went to the people the best in either door to make a Madhavi school around wish they would all distinct rather than is in apply the main response eat what a healthy for you but don't impose but maybe what is healthy for you not healthy for to me okay are my health a different cut the summary tables? I don't don't feel good and definitely but some of the good for me some meat I find find some not everybody's different. Everybody should should be allowed to eat what healthy and when this rather than evil should not be cruel that teach them right No, that's all but we are not going to make a school around you know wish they would have done a victory in the foot because Islam is not

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only matter for one type of the people Islam is for all over the world and conditions of the people every part of the world is so different to we cannot make the people who make all the schools the very narrow minded they only think in a small circle the word Islamic for all the time on for every part of the world some time could be possible which table is the easiest thing and the best option but sometime could not be some time could be something else better option. So leave with that this simple method your argument to help fight eat healthy food. Your argument to you should not be cruel Don't be cruel that with you, but limiting you know all distinct in certain type of the food that I

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don't agree

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