Akram Nadwi – Jinn Possession, Evil Eye, and Black Magic – Separating Reality from Myths

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative impact of mental health and family problems on people, including black magic and evil eye. They argue that people are becoming increasingly aware of the root causes of mental health and are becoming increasingly aware of the potential consequences of their actions. The course will help people understand the potential consequences of their actions and how to cure them.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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you know in this world, people have got many difficulties. Many problems are related to the health, physical health, some time mental health, so many problems, some type family life problem. Sometimes people think that somebody has, you know, that they didn't purchasing them and they behave very badly. Sometimes people think that somebody has used black magic and gets them. Sometimes people think they're the evil evil I under the Hadith of the prophets, Allah salam ala in Ohakune the evil eye is a true means it happens. It can affect magic academician the Quran that you can offer the people. So, you know, these problems are in the society. And sometimes people spend so much money

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and they become tired, really, and they become the conditions become worse and worse.

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And I've seen really, there's so many people who come to take advice from me and consulting me.

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And they don't understand what the real problem is. And when you're not, when you don't know the problem, how can you treat How can you cure it, so it becomes bigger for you. And then the society those people who want to exploit you. So they will say you have got a gin, you've got a magic and I am the one who expect you know, and then you pay huge money 1000 pounds at this money that money, your money goes and you're never cure. So this needs to understand the course will be basically first to explain that word doesn't mean really that what is the position of the jinn. What is black magic? In what is the evil eye? And what is the cure for all these problems in the Islam itself in

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the Quran and Sunnah you know, where should we consult the doctors and specialists you know do we go to the people who do

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oh we can do ourselves

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too many of these questions come to the mind and what happens when these things happen people become mentally very weak very very weak really anything can avoid them. Some people want actually the Carter marry somebody mentioned to they're so weak in the mentally and the Lanett people the learned people and good job, but the so big the contract marry discover the marriage and cut the thing that somebody had done basic against them somebody this so all these problems really in in the society keep growing. But we have to understand them we have to solve them and help people and especially for the people who are studying Islam and learning they need to understand this thing much deeply.

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So they can help other people because there are so many people in the society who want exploit everybody make money from people's problem you know the very people have problem you need to help them you need to be sympathetic for them you will need to worry for them you know kind to them, but you actually want to make money from them. This was kind of exploitation but that's happening the society so inshallah in this course we will learn all this thing about the reality about the gin position and magic and black coffee and or anything else retreat and how to cure it inshallah

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