Introduction to Logic

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Logic always have been part of a Islamic saga for a long, long time. You know, since the constant Jeff visit our third center visitor in when the Greek sites that have been translated to Arabic language, so people have been, you know, very fond that involve Greek logic and Greek law you can pick a part of, pseudo pseudo of idea, even that the fear every single thing,

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even the people who oppose Greek logic is still denoted

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to understand in order to understand those Islamic sciences and the sources, people need to be in some information about the principles of logic. So there have been so many books, but they are complicated, some are very long, and the courses that we have got really, they don't allow us to teach it those detailed textbooks to further purpose that I wrote in my this, you know, short book, my body on logic, which can introduce people the definition of the magic mentors, and also the examples and I made effort to make them easier to people can relate to their own life that they understand. I've seen a mother so very often people study Luigi, but they don't understand anything.

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They don't know what happening. So I have made it so that people understand what is the reasoning behind why they made all these rules. And inshallah I'll teach you want the course windows 10 also distinct