Akram Nadwi – Thursday Q&A 04-11-21

Akram Nadwi
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone welcome back to our weekly q&a which I cannot wait. We were on a two week if I'm not mistaken break its handler we're back again 6pm UK time every Thursday every week inshallah for half an hour just quickly I do want to apologize. The time did move back one hour in the UK a few days ago. So I did post a q&a posts and the timing was a little bit a little bit off so I do apologize Inshallah, hopefully next week, we can have that adjusted inshallah and without any further ado, let's get started. And just one more thing for anyone that does hear any strange noises. There are a lot of fireworks in my background. I will try to meet

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myself. Inshallah, let's take a question from Moin within Sharla. And his question is, in my culture, it has always been taught or simply practice through generations, a wife should never address her husband by his name, even amongst themselves. Is there any basis for this in Islam?

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Missoula, Manjula

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noted a very important question.

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The way you know in Arabic culture and Islamic culture, at least part of our culture in that sense has been that when people are dressed someone who the respect, so they are dressed with Punia

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like the Professor Lisa Lumba Scalia, Bella, Cassie orrible Qasim. And when you call someone who is equal to you, or lower than you, you just mentioned the name but somebody who want to rescue you have Kenya. So this could be reason that why the people you know, the women call their husbands with a Cooney or something else. Because out of respect, but otherwise, religion, religion, there is no basis for that. The women in the past they used to call the husbands with their names. And names have, you know, some people think if the women named call their husbands with the name,

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you know, separation will happen on Sunday that did not nothing like that, you know, absolutely fine. People can vary some out of respect. Somebody wants to call his wife is calling the wife want to call her husband with the money or some other title. You know, there's a good there's no harm in that. But I've seen where people could call each other with the name.

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Okay, let's take the next question in sha Allah. And this question is, is a hotbed of Nikka. compulsory for marriage? If two people in the presence of a witness say that they accept each other in the NACA, will the marriage be valid? And is the parents permission or awareness important?

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You know, what was not compulsory Danica? Nobody said goodbye sooner recommended. There are so many Hadith about the completeness of married each other without an equitable or you know, if a mindset Oh man, I married to you and she accepted. The woman said to mine, I am married to you and he accepted he said yes. And there are people who can witness that's in the mirror will be obligatory. Even if admission. Mahara will be obligated you don't need to mention if you mentioned that's fine if you don't emission is still mer will be obligatory. But there's no need for any by Danica. There's no need for any Alima Molano chef to continue to marry a man who you know, wants to marry

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your you know, bride groom or bride. They can initiate the niqab by themselves minor kind of see I married you or she can say married to you? And he said yes. And there are people who can witness the marriage absolutely fine. There's no harm in that. But it's better to involve the family by the Hanafi mother even as a family don't I agree and the people who are marrying there other than the the don't depend on anybody's concert, you know, the independent economists each other either like?

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Okay, just talking. Let's take a question from for him.

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And this question is what advice would you give for someone who wants to seek knowledge but is not currently financially able to?

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Yeah, this is a very difficult because knowledge these days is not easy, you know? So people have to, you know, make effort to order money. If they can't earn money, then they're eligible to receive the card. So it's truth like that there weren't important you know, people who can receive the path you know, we pay the car to the poor people.

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Ready people but actually the most important thing will be in our time you know there's tools of knowledge because you know they'll be so beneficial for the whole society to people should help them and you know and find out this was like that when they spend their car you know to noodle poor people they should prioritize and give us a path and so the car to the students that everybody had been saying, you know, in the front the pastor and I really recommend her in a strongly that in every country like in UK there should be funds available for the students

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you know, where people can you know, pay their you know, the college gift, whatever they want, and then that money is spent on the students

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Okay, let's take a question from

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Fed 31 and question is quite long, so it may not all come out. It's tried inshallah.

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Okay, can we simplistically make delille for women in the spoils of war, to become slaves and have no marital status being available for their masters? By what Allah mentioned in verse 24, of certainly set and the part of his verse she's referring to is one of my son I Domina Nisa in lemma dilemma Malika Amen. Oh come Kitab Allah, he had a call or is it actually an extended point that is related to the verse before which is talking about the woman who are haram for men to marry

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you know, thing if somebody is already in somebody, you know, for animation, the women who are not allowed to marry so you know, mothers and sisters, daughters, all the, among the women who people are not allowed allowed to marry or not, those women who already married, you can't marry married women, except the women who are slave girls, meaning they are married in you know, in their culture, religion, then after that war happened, and they are captured, and now they become slaves. So they can't go back to the husbands because people who are taking them their own them now. So, after a passing, you know, one a month or one a cycle, then the masters are allowed to have relations with

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them, oh, these girls can be married to someone else, you know, either people can agree to this exception for unmarried people, because the marriage in this case is broken. You know, they live in two different countries and two different systems can't meet her husband wife here cannot meet. So this separation itself is like divorce or separation. Now they can't meet each other this exception happened but generally in certainly, you know, this is a in those traditions and cultures when the war was happening, and when every country used to follow those norms. By our time it is not the case. So is the war happening between two countries and the women they live on combination they

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happen to be in their place in nobody can marry them because they still were under the marriage of their previous husbands because they know slavery and nothing like that. This is a rule for the past. And I don't think people can understand so easily you know, one day maybe I explained this a little bit more detail. To be clear, but anyway, simple matter is this is about married women who have become slave. Yeah.

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Okay, just okay. First, let's take a question from very high.

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And the question is, is it mandatory on us to recite the Quran following all the rules attached with like, all night and the

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things that people have to beautify you know, as much as possible, but we can't say all obligatory you know, people should read like Arabic language that should they may make an effort and what it means is like Muharraq to maharaj is important, because every language has its own way of to pronounce words to people should learn Mahara as best as possible, do em other companies also there have been people who could not you know, express the Maharaj properly, but the man is the father of the roof. And details are the one nine a mother they have been developing, you know, over the centuries, you know, improving many of these things, we certainly know the professor did not follow

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them, because they know to his has come detail that how he's to

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you know, read so many surah in Wirkkala to follow all these rules, he cannot do that.

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So they know how to follow these rules by they are not obligatory. You know, I will recommend people at least they should learn Mahadesh but more than that they do. It is better if they don't do that no harm.

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Just a follow up on this question, Jeff, what would you say to someone who's maybe prioritizing beautifying their voice and the melody of their voice

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over for example, following the codified Tajweed rules or their marriage?

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Yo no mahari The more important than just beautifying the voice. And more important than that really easy, you know, to understand the Quran and reflect upon the verses and ponder the Quran that is the Kamada philosophical, yearly Quran the message has come with the message that people should focus more you know, these are reading with the tongue.

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That is not obligatory obligation is to understand the Quran to understand the Mercy properly, that where people fail, most people only think how to learn, you know, reading with the lips, you know, reading with elicit never has been, you know, in any language really to always be understanding, you know, so people have to focus on that. If Quran is not understood, their reading with a list will not benefit people not being the man I know. Trust me Allah subhanaw taala in all the benefits of the Quran, the only buy because of understanding on following that way you can see when the Quran Baraka is mentioned, which I mentioned in connection of the book in a pondering the Quran or in

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connection of the Ithaca following the Quran just reading with the Lipson has never has come really the Prophet says and never advise people to leave with lists in all it advice is to understand the Quran

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Okay, let's take another question inshallah. One moment

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okay, let's take this question. I understand she is on first refused to prostrate by this point he was not banished from heaven. He was banished after either nslm from eat from the tree. Do we know what's happened to shit on in between?

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You know, we only know about arrive unseen things, either much or the little hotel had mentioned to us. He had his own hikma went to burnish a ton from the heaven because a lot of Hatha wanted to teach other Mali salaam you know what how shaitan is mostly mislead him. So that plus for the lack of rehearsal for other Malayalam so fully Hello Sara Dunder, the Shelton Mr. He would seem then you know, he repent to Allah subhanaw taala then after that he sent to the earth he was the metaphor that the other one some had not met was live in paradise anyway. He Allah created him as a Khalifa for that to to evolve meant to be here. But before coming here, Allah smarter wanted to teach him

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that how shaitan will mislead him, and then how he can depend on his family caliphate. So that why shaitan and Adam were allowed to stay there until the rehearsal is complete. So when shaitan misled him, influence him, and then after that Adam and Eve, they reprinted then after the Lhasa Hautala, sell them to the earth, making very clear the shaitaan will be your enemy, so you have to be careful.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's take the next question from Sister Maria.

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Her question, apologies. Oh, it's quite long, so I'll remove it soon.

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Her question is for the Hadith Napoli Salam alkaloid, Dean, Chef Solomon and out there mentioned that Yamashiro Nisa is for a specific group of women. And a number of contemporary scholars such as Muslim culture, say that this hadith is either Sabian Misa Could it be possible that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam knew the marital realities of the men who would complain to him and their wives? No, no, like the questions being cut off a bit so please marry me if you can add more inshallah. And we can add it afterwards.

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Thank you that this is a question I've asked so many times, the best thing really to find out the Philippi and sent to the people but certainly to not miss our joke or something fun perhaps ultimately very serious matter. And what it means that we are not COSATU Utley, I have made very clear you know, in some of my answers to please refer back to the ancestor to help further Why do you not have to repeat simply again again, I answered this question so many times

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sorry, sure. Just from the top of your head, do you know where we can direct anyone that wants to know this question I answer you know, in the answer as well and I told the course on the women in on the on the women the full day course about mahadi thought and in all these courses this her this has come so many times. And

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I got it you know when Buhari teaching this or this came in the beginning because they're also experienced this or this I've learned so many times.

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Okay, so for anyone who is interested in watching back this course Shahrukh Khan did hold a two day course in the desert in back in January. So the beginning of this year for anyone

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You just want to access this course if you go on

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SLM ondemand.slm.ac.uk We have made our previous short courses available to purchase on demand, see have access to them and watch it in your in your own time within 90 days. So inshallah I will try and add this in the comments, but for now if you can help them inshallah Let's take another question just give me one moment

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okay, let's take a question from

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Mohammed. And his question is my wife has a couple of ornaments which her grandparents gave her she has a social special attachment to it, it is no cat as an asset to sell later. She doesn't wear them daily, she only wears them on special occasions should we be giving the cat for it?

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Yeah, I know the ornaments are fun gold or silver. And they are you know, the reach to the amount of nisab you know, it could be another video savings and altogether nearly four or 5000 pounds if people have got four or 5000 pounds, you know coloring the ornaments, then they must pay zakat in 100 females you know the cat is obligatory on all the ornaments for the gold or silver whether you use them or not, not use them emailing Shaeffer Allah Tala you know he says you know there are things which are kept and rarely people use they should pay zakat for that you know, even the Cadillac treasure they should anyway the Hanafi mother in as a party obligatory on all the ornaments

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or the gold and silver and I think that is a you know, preferred opinion in this battle

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Okay, Chava Let's take another question. And this question is if someone suffers from frequent constipation and it makes him difficult to go to the mall to go to the washroom all the time what is the ruling with regards to praying Salah with this with this problem

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you know, if there are people who are module you know if some people cannot keep their will to the due for the time of the prayer and and then they can continue the prayer they don't need to do with all the time like somebody you renewed in to drop the urine keep coming all the time or something else give kidney so they can carry on the prayer they don't need to go prayer and go all the time. Because too much Allah subhanaw taala already in

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response to people's need and difficulties. So when difficulty comes easiness concept of people will need to do for the time of the prayer. And within the time if the same thing keep happening, that not something else happened. It will vary though, but same thing will not break though.

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Okay, geez. Okay.

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Let's see. Okay, we have a question from Amara. I know he asked this question a few weeks ago, but it wasn't asked that clearly. He's asking is it halal to earn money by making YouTube videos if my video content is halal? So he's meant he's talking about it's having ad adverts

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that was depending on the amount of people that watch the adverts you can earn money from that that is permissible or not you know if you have your content the halaal and why not people can not money any hardware to you to your wedding and I don't know if my detail about you to how it was but if you say you know your content a lot and people watch it and they benefit it and then the you know you get money because people use it. You got a lot of money I don't think there's any problem that

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Okay, let's take another question. Give me

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one moment so we have a nice simple question here. How is

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what is the best way to purify one's heart

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The best way is to obey the law so Hautala is messenger you know when the time for the prayer comes you pray you read the Quran, you avoid the Haram you know follow the Khaled don't commit a sin don't lie don't break by it don't hurt anybody don't harm anybody. You know purity ever since the sensitivity that the best thing that no other we're really there's not something you know, technical or mechanical that people follow some techniques. It all obedience. The only way actually right away to purify your heart to Obeah large messenger. Whenever people see teach you some techniques. It doesn't work. You know you hard enough prefer you seem to you just feel

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Here's your gut feeling. Feelings are not purification. People get some mood to death think you know they're elevated elevation the mood is not purification. Purification is a very serious matter. It only happens by obedience, that one of you know your fear Allah and you OBEY HIM avoid the sense

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okay, we have a question from Ramiz if I'm not mistaken.

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A question regarding tourists Akina the fashion sell of zucchini a bit her saying was that a hairstyle or a hijab style? There are various references claiming it to be a hairstyle and some to be a way that the hijab was worn.

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You know, most of the teachers really I don't think anybody got proofer Socata been toss and you know, she the daughter of herself, the loved one is a companion. And so kinda Is it a pious omen? So, you know, you couldn't be you know, that she did not got an ARB because not obligatory you know, some people do well, some people not well, but these women are very passive. I don't think they will show off anything here or oh, you know, in public. Yeah. What's even more known is

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she loved

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poetry and literature. So in her house, there would be assemblies of the poets. They come and they read poetry she may be reading Well, you know, normal bear, but we don't think really there were there any sin or anything which can be haram is something done in nicely with hijab proper covering so there's no harm in that but you know, don't worry about many details which come about this Okay, and another women because you don't have any proof really, most of this came from the sources which are not sound

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I never came across this I have written her biography my book

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Wafaa base my Nyssa by never come across something like that what you say

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okay, just let's take another question which is quite interesting. What what's has more award to recite the Arabic words of the poor and to read a translation of a certain of a certain Surah or to read a tafsir of a surah

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what actually has a reward is to understand the Quran but that's all that what people need to know to you Rena, if you know Arabic Irina Arabic, I try to understand if you don't know then see California from the translation is sometimes hard translation is not clear to you then refer to the book of the sea. So any effort that you make to understand the Quran, it is really great you get so much reward for that that what people need to do you know, not reading with ellipsometer that we're reading music people have got wrong idea people are reading with their lips no reading means to understand if somebody asked you have you read a book in the grammar, but does not mean you read

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with the Lipsy meaning Have you understood it you know, I will not properly to whenever people say have you read this book or that book in any language meaning understanding be it obligatory on everybody to make effort to understand the Quran you know, if you cannot understand Arabic try to understand in the language that you know English or do Persian or Bengali language or body language any language that you know read in that language is not obligatory for you to notice see, it's gotta see the human but what Allah says that he needs to understand but sometime Could it be possible that translation not enough for you? So then you need to go refer to somebody who knows stuffs you or

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some teachers they can help you but that's what the obligatory obligatory is to understand the Quran

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Okay, let's take a question from Hafsa and her question is if one has neglected neglected pain has occurred in previous years what is the penalty and how should one correct this

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you know, the if people have missed any further for loss or Hautala then they have to do it again remember and repent. So if somebody has not paid the cost for three, four or five years you have to count properly and pays the cost of all those years and also repent because you you know you deleted the watch if you delete your father. Do you have to repent to Allah subhanaw taala to repentance will be enough and you don't have to pay any penalty just seems a cut to what was the cost to Mr. Paisa God repent to Allah subhanaw taala

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Okay, let's take another question and shall life you just give me one moment

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it does seem like we're receiving a lot of questions about mortgage Well, I know chef has discussed this

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extensively so in short if you can have a look at our YouTube channel and look at our previous q&a is and I'm sure we do have a few videos we've released on this topic Inshallah, now that might be more helpful. Let's see if we can address another question inshallah.

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From rice, his question is, what is what is the Islamic stance on mind reading? How should we look towards those who claim such actions?

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You know, Allah subhanaw, Taala has given actually people writing means to understand things,

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but in guessing about something, you know, and then believing in that very dangerous, very, very dangerous inquiry possible from some sign or from some hints, gestures, you can know really what you're thinking, but that no proof or that it could be completely opposite of what you think. So that way, the best thing is, don't make all these efforts. Just be humbled. You know, and slave of Allah, think about your side don't understand why people have so much worried. What other people you know, if you are right, Allah will defend you, and nobody can harm you. Simple matter obey Allah, Allah says, Those who fear me and obey me, I make everything easy for them. I open all the doors for

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them, I protect them I save them the door Don't worry, nobody can harm you people can hurt you little bit. But that's the test for you. You have to do cyber

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to Don't worry about reading people's mind and what they're thinking how the backbite and you know, what they're you know, saying about you and think there's nothing us listing really people who do all those things, they never can succeed. evildoers never succeed. And Allah Samata admission the Quran that people who plot unless someone else that plot actually one day will harm them to lie or he will MACUSA your elaborately evil plotting always harms the people who who plot you know like the singing in Persian language, cha cha cha cha peche those who give the welfare other people they are down who go to fall in in the world get in front of them so that no need to waste your time just

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think of what is good for you look at your defects YOUR FAULT purify yourself kidding yourself. There are people you know make effort to find fault in me and defected so I never make any effort to answer them. I think it really is that loss of Motala you know, he had made me to serve his religion and then these people are they're just looking after my force and defects what they will get they will get seen and I'll get reward to some time i feel that i My mind is so much in the elevada and I do more work to I think I don't do anything good really wireless amatola is helping me so much. To then it comes to my mind maybe some people are backbiting me, they're hurting me they're harming me.

00:27:55 --> 00:28:26

When people hurt you and harm harm you Oh, you know back bite you you get reward. to Don't worry. Nobody can harm you. So just a bit think about yourself don't read people's mind did no need for that. Nothing. You know your need to go to someone else to ask to read your mind. You know who you are. Unless other one lick ask questions you want easily you can know. It all is useless. Rubbish. Really? And people who do these things they never succeed. Successful or people who don't who

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are right yes. And the Ovilus Motala messenger either the fearless Hautala people who keep looking after other people's evils they never said never never succeed. To be very careful in this life. Don't bike a bike don't want to hurt anybody. Don't harm anybody. Just concerned about your own thing. You will see Allah will help you inshallah.

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And I think since 630 Now I think we will enter their challah, exactly how chef for your time and she's Alchemilla home everyone else for joining us hamdulillah like I mentioned earlier, this q&a will be running every week 6pm UK time our timing in the UK did just move one hour back so please do kind of take that into consideration shall learn again apologies for the mixed up. Anyone who's interested in anything that we were doing SLM Institute, the programs that we were running any short courses that we have, we also have other upcoming events. At the end of this year inshallah and for next year, Chef Akram is holding plethora of courses, Tip series series, tearjerker chef, anyone

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who's interested head on to our Facebook, we have Twitter, we have Instagram, shoot us a message inshallah we'll try and get back to you and other than that, Inshallah, please do keep any questions that weren't answered for next week and we will try our best to answer them as soon I want to go everyone

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