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The Quran keeps emphasizing that this is the book of guidance. This is the this is the book that has come to guide the human being in order first up the way, you know, teachings have been happening in Muslim society, it actually became more sectarian, instead of getting guidance. People want to learn indoors, the things which make them you know, or support their belonging to a group. So people start learning

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so, like you know, if you are Ashley eular Ashley aqeedah if you moto the Moto G aka or selfie selfie Arpita 30 because we're a carrier that you belong to this group and these are the identity of the group that how people are

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some people also you know, learn certain practices, you know, Sufi ism and distinct darting to like, you know, Naqshbandi Sufi, they do these practices, you know, Maulvi Sufi, they do this thing 50 people do this, but there are people do, and they feel happy that they have done something.

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When you take those practices, or those adherence of the words that people say that I'm this up, either take them, and then read the book or the guidance, you will be shocked that none of them exist in this book.

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The Wild what people those practices, which people teach, to show that you are pious, none of them exist here.

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You know, the Qaeda or the the belong, that people keeping, fantasizing, none of them are in this book.

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So people have been loving very wrong with that, why, because sectarian that why islamically does not make a difference, our life is still the same thing. Nothing happens. People who receive this book before us the companions, it's changed them, not only them is changed everybody around them. And wherever they want the exchange, the people exchange their heart, their mind, you know, their words, their practice everything, they become new people, the unimaginable, and that inshallah I'll explain a little bit more. So keep in mind that the words don't create any reality on the face of God What's not to make anything human words don't make anything nothing, nothing happens.

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Similarly, humor practices

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on their own don't create any reality or the reality actually comes from some Elsa then a worse and practice they support them, they help them if it coming from the right source, right thing in the mind

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every scene should come from my mind should the source of every single thing they know you get the right knowledge, mine analyze it, mine understand what sound knowledge what is not sound, then after that, the information is passed to the heart

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and then the heart accept is in the heart acceptance, then heart will surrender to it and pass that information to all the body to the tongue to the to the body, you know, to say it and to act upon it, then the reality comes in the world that has already comes the source should be the mind first, then the heart and then after that is speaking what is good should be the action if mine did not take a reality and that understand it and hardness surrender to it then whatever you speak on whatever you do, does not have any value does not make any difference. That is why for our newer teacher with distance to speak utter with the tongue or to do with with all the Quranic teaching all

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the time is to the mind or on or with respect to the human mind. Because when the human mind is developed, you know trained properly then it creates a right will in the heart if the heart is sound to derive products with research on both to write understanding and the purity of the heart, purity of the mind and the purity of the mind. Because if these two things are proper, then the writer will come and we will write who will come soon then after that the right actions come right words come without right Will any action any worse. They are no more than a culture nothing is a cult just don't make a difference in the world. Nothing everybody's got their own culture that doesn't make

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any difference. Quranic teaching absolutely different. So this thing understand when you want to take guidance, come to the Quran nothing else. There's no guidance and diversity score odd. I know book is a so it's so good that you know you suffice with it. You know, it could be possible that Moses actually wrote many books in the fair canopy that are now used to go now I don't need the Quran. No, it's still in the no book can be substituted to Quran never. But unfortunate people do this. The thing now which is fine if you want to learn up either go to this book you want to learn in a wider go to this book. The Quran only remains for the people they read on forever.

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Related they get turned reverse. They never come to the correct regardless, no book can take the place of the Hurrah no human no worse never can take the place of the Quran and when people do distinct the cubed mistake, that was the error comes problem tough sectarianism comes. People are divided. People never come to the Lord partner. They're the speak word party, but part in order, because the book of the party is this book, nothing else. This is what makes people pious. This what makes people near to Allah subhanaw taala nothing else. If people want to be near to Allah, this is the book if people want to be pious, this is the book that no book equal to the work of Allah

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Nautica, Nobu can make you, you know, Mr. Ronnie, or Mr. Nude, listen to this book, you need this book all the time, you need you so much, really, even if you don't read it once, one day, or once every day, you will have problem, you need to keep coming to this book all the time, it is more important than the news that you keep watching. Actually, many of the news, if you don't know them, for a whole year or two years, nothing will happen to you. But what this book is teaching you, if you will miss it for a while it will harm you. This book actually opens the I mix everything proper, you know, people basically have got in it think really that, you know, you think that, you know,

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this book removes the pattern, and muscaria you don't. You're just even ordered, not knowing and you're happy that I know, everybody even though all of my scars, people are happy that they know, when they read this book, it It removes all the patterns from the reality. You have been, you know, like one of the personal courses. But African patata maluma, guarded piara de Grey, Rami persisted, he says to His Beloved, that you are in the whale in the car we know.

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So you think that people worship You, they don't know you. They're just dead Look, just seeing you from behind the neck up the soul, lift your knees up, lift your veil, you will know that or your lovers used to worship someone else, not you that do not know you, you know because of the nipah. But they're thinking you are something that you might do. But once you Listen up, you will realize they don't worship you that how really or the reality of the world. They have gotten

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that big, big cartels before removing the cartels, what you really noise, the curtain, you know, the veil, you don't know the reality, people have no idea of reality. You know, like last week I mentioned, you know, in the tafsir class

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that you know, if it is fog, then you don't not see things. You know, if you're driving the car in the fog, you see how difficult it is because you don't see things either folks are a barrier between you and between reality. Similarly, people have got intellectual fog, the fog in the mind. It stops people from seeing the things as they are the first thing every prophet do. They sit together, they make effort to remove all the cartels, Ibrahim al Islam in his people, they all folk, the word worship this idol, that title this thing that it all actually contains in the mind. He removes all the cartels from his mind. So he can see since so clearly, and then he's able to show other people

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simply for most of us are born and grown up in a society where people are so different. They're first in heated, he removes all the curtains from his own mind. And he can see that circularly then he actually, I don't understand why people don't understand. He think that I want to teach them I want to guide them. I'm not their enemy. But people don't understand this all the time. Actually, you will see like when you grow up, you understand something and you teach your child and they don't understand do you think is so clear and so sincere? why they can't see because they buy the carton carton or the tradition culture a desire test. So many things that people have got. Sometimes people

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love certain food, you keep it valid, it's not healthy, why people don't listen to you.

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Not because you know what you said not right, because the bar cartel desire has a very strong curtain. You did not learn them to understand what you're saying to this what happened to this book, really very important strong book to teach you reality and the reality should have been known to the mind first. Anything which your mind does not learn. It never can guiding the new guidance. First thing you need to understand that the Quran kissing La La Quinta Hoon Kuru, the Caracas explaining Allah said no you but you know he expressed to you were also very son in Arabi moving around had been revealed in a clear Arabic language.

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What people not only want to put an army all the time people can circulate a book Arabic If you read the prayer in any other language, you have printed valid

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ways not just that one only sorbic clear Arabic language meaning you need to know the points is making

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Not just Arabic. This you read in the Arabic language doesn't have you say the Billy sun in Arabi Modine in an Arabic language which makes every point clear does not leave any ambiguity. The second attribute of of the Quran, you don't take in mind, you only take it to Arabic therefore,

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in the purpose was not to remind you to reveal a language. It tells me what differs materially if you don't understand with the Quran, Arabic of some secret or hearing, if there no no point to understand, what the beauty of the Quran to be not reveal, the only reason is because it is so clear

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to people who got this book it is dealing with Arabic, and it achillea Arabic language do understand it. But if you don't think Ivana Our michelia is important, that nothing nothing good in this book really any could be the same thing.

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So, this is all we understand, really, first thing is the reality the should come to your mind first, then after that you analyze, you understand, once it makes sense to you, then after that pass on to the heart,

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then heart has to understand it, surrender to it, then after the heart will command to every part of the body. Now you need to follow this reality I am sorry, I accept this, what should be done that how Allah wants you, he does not want you the reality should be expressed on your tongue. Oh acted upon by your body, no first mind, then the heart then everywhere else that how he made the body.

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You know I gave example this example maytime Cosmetics killer. If I'm putting my hand here. See what happens. The eye on this hand, you want me to remove it?

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Tell me if you set to the 100 remove is going to move. know if my father comes and says to the hind move is going to move? No.

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If profit comes on set to the 100 move is going to move No.

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It never moves. If I say move in order to move. You see this how the words are my words don't make the handbook. A lot of words don't make the handle move unless they move in or what

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anybody says in order to move, how to going to move.

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When Allah commands me, that make your heart move, and the command comes to my mind and I understand the command and accept it. It's coming from Allah then I pass the command to my heart. This is the command I got from Allah He the most powerful I must obey Him to heart then a heart accept it will then I move the head then the will if that has happened it is how he made the body he never commerce hand directly he always commerce mind mind pass to the heart and then the commodity comes the wheel comes from the heart

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He commands everybody to get up in the prayer if I do get

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a lot What's our for everybody that get up for the player do we get a wiener because no will to the command of the mind mind or not more to understand a mind understand passed to the heart harder that does not have been there when nobody says de la cama people to do no vestibulocochlear why because they do not have this process, thinking mind then the heart then heart will will is whatever current keeps in mushiya will rather very, very importantly, you know in this work people say that the difference between a successful people and unsuccessful people is not much actually physical, isn't it the Will

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you know good is too much the biasness actually the difference in the will people who make will know I must understand, I must pass the exam, they make a will and then the When will it comes then it will come as every part of body to work for that and they do it. If you don't afford the will, you know just your child he does not want to learn and you don't make effort to create will. But you would hit him you know read either go to hit you, too he reads because you force him that that understand it and what's your fear is gone, nothing will happen. Similarly, many, many countries, they make laws, you know force people to follow something. It does not make them more civilized. You

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become happy that everybody follows the law, the following law because they are forced to do this. Once the fear goes. They are either civilized anybody has said that they did not change. karada not want to force change if no, Quran was the chance to come from inside you for your own will is the creator ready to distribute guidance means this a book really creates a will in you to die to makes you to follow the guidance to first what Quran does Khurana makes the guidance clear to the mind.

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Once mind is satisfied, then mind passes on the formation to the heart. If heart is yours and sound then heart careers will and

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commands body and the mouth everything to do it properly that people want to do differently

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people don't never want to really teach prophets are never taught people you know did the prior Salah sir Come on first day that don't drink Why

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did he command the women to put cover their head in the command anytime in the vein nothing faster he do something else, he makes people in over here to think understand, you notice go to their heart, then after the commands empty. So, this is one thing to keep in mind that this book are different from the rest of the books. Got a lead creator, he knows a human being he knows how people do things to what he does. First thing he does, he explains everything to your mind.

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Once a mind satisfied, then mind will pass on information to the heart. If heart is sound, then a heart kidney so we'll and when that when it comes to the rest of the body Listen, and when they listen and the obey the work more they become more and more pious that what happens with how the will whatever you do, force people Nothing will happen.

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That why Quran said la ikara haffi de the in the miter the obedience obedience swindler that no ikara there no composure, Allah nada to force you obey just a formula should come willingly, it should come from your will not by force, don't force people express to the people which they should learn from their own mind. Explain to the people properly when they people learn and then do it consistent, when people do because you forced them, if they do unwillingly it never good.

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But when people do because they want to do they will do different, you know, you can get in love in the heart, look into companies they are to want to do they want to look through the database, they do more to sometimes the prophets have to stop that No, no, you literally refer if you continue in our time, nobody wants to do anything. The reason is, because the noble will in are there. So, this is one thing keep in mind that this book really how to not write another book, that why people who teach this book during phases now should be that you know, you wear this cloth that that cloth and Topeka pajama, no, there should be the mind

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that what the prophets do, and that one is better, or the time change the mind, not generally, you know, improve the amount of people make the realities go inside the mind, mind get an understanding of the realities properly, that it will change everything, when people learn this thing, then it will change then you don't need to send it in a sample, you know, if you make a, you know, spying cameras in your house to your children, we have properly nothing less than the large bulk of civilized you know, you just really created a right understand the mind, the soul, then you said to your child be good, be nice, most of time even in order to ask you what what it means to be good,

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because the mind knows what means good heart knows what is good, he just needs to have will to be good, he will find out what is good, sometimes no confusion, and we will learn from the experience. But when he does not want to know does not understand every time you keep asking, oh my father, I want to listen to you, but tell me what I do I have to choose which you choose why he was because he does not want to understand it. He just wants to make you happy, therefore, to people like that they never can be good. That why not at the knotty Sumi details. Books are the fact that teach every detail the create more detail oh if this happened that Why? Because nobody has to understand that

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nobody wants to do anything, you force them to do this way that way, this way. A lot of ways no create the will, then people will know what to do. They will make if I didn't find out what to do. There are nature there everything will explain to them what to do. You don't need to stress so many details

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about you know, if you look at the book or the prayer in the book or in the film, on prayer in the Euro, most details are not here. Why? Because those details are unimportant. those details easily can be understood if you if you follow this, you work out really yourself how to do

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many, many details of the morality unnecessary to know what's you know what carozza Your mind will have worked out what to do how to be you don't need to know the details. But when you don't have this then in 20 3040 where you nothing did not benefit you actually follow all of them nothing happens. Is it good already. The first thing I understood was that no book for the guy does except this book. And the way this book teach it is a different from any book because a lie the creator of the human being he knows how people do things to how people do that information and must be processed by the mind. He could take knowledge from the faculty from the scene from hearing their

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carozza you know,

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to say oh, you know, test mode to hearing and seeing that the two mirrors to serve that know

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Knowledge and other sorts of five, five senses, then information go to the mind, what a mind mind process the information properly, which acts in so many times how, then after that, once mind satisfied, passes on information to the heart, if heart is pure and clean, then understand it, surrender to it. And that creates a will and command every part of the body to follow that will need to speak they speak of a need to act, the act, whatever news their heart come at them, do it, and then they do it, then I move my head, then a heart says no move the heart, then I do this willingly. Otherwise, no single part of the body has been commanded to take the information from any other,

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every part of the body will lead this command for my own will not for many girls that will take and when you force it, unwillingly, it never right never is strength and concept. When you understand when you understand and do every action customer, anything, even be anything, whatever, when you understand something, then do it in a stronger way you don't understand and then do it is just stupid. Nothing, nothing, no power, there really does not make any change the world. That why, you know, people who are clever, wise thinkers, they're always better, it's more number of them are actually much much better than Amelia so the people under karasik can mean that in Rolla, but cotton

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is more number of people how metals happen, they always win against huge number of people. A huge number of people don't mind don't think

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it's small number who thinks they can make changes. You know, it's not important that Muslims have such a huge population. What Muslims knew really is more number of the people who can think one person calibrating the world, one thinker, because data mining is so powerful can't imagine really, you bring in all these wrestlers, one video wrestlers, and one wise person, this one wise person will win against a one a million wrestlers, that our helmet in my mind a very, very powerful, nothing, that nothing more noble in human being then the mind, most noble thing that Allah has given the human being the mind, nothing is equal to that. So that how are a poorer wants to respect that,

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you know, and I'll come through that. So this is one thing I wanted to make clear.