Akram Nadwi – Ruling on Niqab

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses cultural expectations and the importance of covering one's body during the COVID-19 pandemic. The "naqab" concept is discussed, including its connection to culture and the need for more face coverings. The "naqab" concept is also discussed, including its connection to political parties and the upcoming election. The segment ends with a discussion of black face expression and potential political movements, but the potential for political movements to affect the vote remains a concern.
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So, far the men are very clear from from their inner navel to the nice little difference and hanafy mother underneath from underneath the navel in the cruiser needs in Shafi mother in the navel, but knees are not included and the Maliki mother even the thighs are not included the men say more inner flexibility

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for the women we have got to our

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one hour of the woman is for the prayer when they pray at home not doing outside they need to cover everything other than the face and other than the palm tourist and other than the 1500 female for Mother's Day even they have to call the food but honey mother like peripherally so women when women play they make sure to cover everything other than the face and you know other than the height of tourists and other the food and then they kind of play at home and whatever they like whether you have clothes are tight or this doesn't matter the iPhone it this is the color the president provided they do at home

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woman sackcloth are meant to be attractive

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you know when I buy a cloth my intention will be what I like when the women buy cloth the orientation of what the men like all the time it in their mind men cloth are too attractive to the women unless the mid like that to Dubai like that close you attractive no doubt about that. But for the husband to when they go outside they need to put on a loose sheet which can cover this attraction or the cloth they come outside they are eligible to use public space with that crowd that they have at home they can use public space now they can use public they can walk on the road train buses market shops much better size school colors like you're sitting here What are they have got

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this loose cloth that people call Judy Bob budget Bob now has got a new meaning which is so much designed now I think do you develop a new digital digital but not right to

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just say something wide? Like you know like long coat people have got you know something? There's also enough this word the mean face never has been our never covering people say so many opinions. The truth really is people follow for months no imaam ever has made covering the obligatory I've read all the it all later people that they made the orangerie must they don't say this thing. Cover face actually never part of the hora women that have arthritis they used to walk in the street and the Prophet has recognized that he recognized him everywhere he used to meet if somebody walks in the order I never know who's who

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you know women who talk about the Hadith in Bukhari remote everywhere I said the women used to come to the prayer in the prayer and Prophet used to freeze a plane so early dark to women card we recognize out of the darkness

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but if women are then they never can recognize the Sigma gamma velocity is so dark if you see their face you can't know them who is who that meaning if the if the women have not how can except somebody very tall maybe few people but most of you will not know we never know really knew one of my students or something once she came somewhere co

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occurring her face he's driving up to I did not see this image as I said but you know I never have seen without makeup How can I know? People don't see the face How can you know but in Islam the professor usually can either women when they walk in there can O'Meara that I used to call the woman with the name they know face never has been you know covered people used to come and the women are very women of our these women and you know I said that used to take you know every because we do okay they used to fight in the world you know how can you fight in the NFL that's degrading if you harden up How can fighting in the war or happening people have to fight for people you know who's

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fighting who they know who this woman is? The Arab Labor has been there but what happens some people found really sad time what happens is they are distinct there if we make our deficit better you know people have made either distinct disagree i my new edition my book, you know the women put into play the most I've dealt with this in much detail. And these have been the fitnah concept and what it meant and what exactly has been meaning. Meaning what variable honey formula that normal looks so much better now. We will kill the women the abductor will kidnap them. The fitnah Vietnamese to mean state of war award.

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Later article for women themselves of fitna, Mister women are fitna they are attracted people now covering the face and all women are the one who fitna the now we must be more more color coded.

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If you really read stuff, or read a book of any fetish book in hardcover, metatarsal aka badass and I hedaya already. I look at it in one dimension that our that never mentioned the face. Never Never. There is never a measure really. Not only that in England divorce case. A judge asked a woman in the tub to lift them up so she can know who she is. Most of them are such a big city. It is written in all the 100 female

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Have a book. I don't know the mother, mother seminar but every woman comes to the court and she has covered the face. Judge should ask her to uncover the face because he cannot judge unless he knows who she is here to monitor. And if she's a very young and very attractive and beautiful and he thinks if you see that her desire to come is still he has to look at her because justice board appointed you have purser deserved the return equity in books of 100 people who are facing our world will do their thing really, if here's the hora y in hygiene you have to uncover our hide never has not to uncovered our men go for high but they can't afford the router. If he has to be covered. Why

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in Iran will be men say harem is the head. His near near our two women Sahara is the face How can faith be our

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people used to go and walk and see and they used to do what do in public space for the simplest if they have NetApp? How can do that theory from the same Buhari had these men or women doing Voodoo together? We don't have any single proof that we must have faces except a letter book. And that concept is best that women are fitna but this faith now opinion did not exist in Taiwanese American Sharpie. Women used to go outside. It was so much that you know, Mr. Malik says somebody woman asked your mother if I'm eating food with my husband, and my ex husband comes can we call him to it where he said yeah, men always together. The title.

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Is this an odd thing? But if somebody do niqab do we stop? No, we don't stop. Now. Another matter people don't understand when activists come niqab covering the face is actually our culture. For two reasons. People who do cover the face one reason was because they want to the skin of the face. Not to be afraid by the sun to demand actually, you know to be you know, this noble people tell you not to know to let you know you've covered you you were close to your body because soft but you know when the all the time in sun can affect you. And so does this one not only for women men and women are both used to having a cup but the only difference is for the men. You don't listen. And for the

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women they use the word up sometimes they use what they offer both of them that what just happened by generally are not accustomed to many people will come what they call more of a mean more people are covered the noble people many local people, they will have less but these are not general practice. What are these when the product has a marriage of a year?

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Two why is that the products are talking Sofia is very beautiful and all handsome now to now become jealous a little bit the house she is so beautiful the property like her more than anybody else. And she said in another house somewhere and outside his house. So now the women are wiser the project is broken. How do you proceed? Then they ask is if you go and see how beautiful she is. But I said no if you go the Providence you can either to a separate * to she came that to see her within the tub. So the price I said to her Yeah, I ma latte mutata button while you're in the nettop in a covered normal why he lost by you in the up something do she's any good? It wasn't done normal. Why?

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He recognized her with the with a visor. And then the process I'm asked her what do you think about my new wife how she gets you? But the prop eisah? How can you support to see says something around the prophet in our mind. He knows how people sanitary they see the lunella the niqab actually, if people do nikka, we don't mind if mine doesn't matter, we don't mind but it need him to come, then people have lifted their conduct in the court in judgment to the identity of the people electronic subway traveling.

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You know, and then you know and

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people on the top who knows who is a man can get up to sometimes you need to know who the person is you can ask, like voting will vote in India in order because this

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Muslim have been cheating so much. I know really many women in women have been going to vote 10 times 20 times. Because if somebody asked if they're cognizant of the No, no, you got to make women to live in a cup. And now because that cheating, so many times same women will vote for someone they have certain way to remove the ink and same woman what 10 times a day not to make somebody when this happens so many times, especially local election. When does somebody Muslim, Muslim want to they want to make a winner to these women who will go and vote for any Hindus also today. I'm not the only Muslim when I think this actually would have been the top. If somebody asked me to listen up.

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Muslims will be a big problem. There's no you can't, but you cheated This allowed. women cannot live in a pub. But women can cheat. It allowed.

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You cheat in the name of laptop, but they can't live in a cup.

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So if people don't stop there, no harm in that. But that no sooner and that has been

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is it clear to everybody?

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