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Akram Nadwi
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The fitrah the reverse is say Phaedra Phaedra Ibrahim.

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And the proof of that is sort of Maria in Surah Maryam Quran said that goddess sama wa to get a Fatah mean what unshackled What a cruel Jeevan ohada under Ramana what other

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It is about a sky and the Sun and the Earth and the Moon all these things are about to split and they go to a well piece and pieces because people say God has got a son

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it Brahim cannot be shaken the whole university Rahim.

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Allah will have the you know, this fetullah that he has got. This is the feature of the whole universe bourassa that feature in the industry throughout the whole creation, horror creation is on the safe with you know, whatever Abraham did not like if you want to know what son does not like, just look what he did not like with Rafi Brahim and fitrah. The whole universe is the same thing that we're on the same basically all the creation of the Abrahamic, Diwali we are not even though we can have to be Brahimi the whole university Ibrahimi Sun, Moon star, the earth, the mountains, all of the lack of that why Quran said if you have revealed the power to mountain, they will have many

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pieces because mountains, earthen water and rain and cloud all of them are Ebrahimi. The only priority but those who claim to be running they are not.

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Allah subhanaw taala merely but I'm undefeated. Ah that is the feature of the whole universe. Anything other than Allah has got this, this nature if anytime want to know what some things does look really what Abraham thinks. The sun never thinks differently for me. Because human being can corrupted but the sun and the moon they're never corrupted. They don't have a culture they're never corrupted. Their faith is always same as

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debt What do I consider to win Alaska to an earth and the heaven that no take this Amana of in ob obedience obeying me? This is just too big for us to know this awana obedience no eta Allah Swati na amarnath awesome awatea will order was given away in a minute they refused was certain Amina you know the conductor wahama Larissa but the mannequin, he said I will carry this Amana in Ghana lumen Jehovah. We are grooming God son and hula like Sonnambula Ibrahim, the purely Brahim so if you read the Quran is that on sanctuary people will live on Quran Fatah Ravi

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culture. This is the book of thinking the door lytic are another really is better than any other thing. It is thinking it makes you to think this book whenever you start thinking, read the book. You can say Quran all the time kissing the sun and moon the whole universe is opions of Allah. Allah said Don't you see the sun and the Torah and Elias to global system of water when the sun the moon, the heavens or whatever it is the side that will

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put on says not only the carozza even the shadows your shadow when you look at the photo of the large volume universe Mr. tsuda lilla the shadows do side that will love

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your shadows are Ibrahimi. You are not by shadows. Your shadows are shadows Sun Moon stars, ocean water, river mountains, or our Ebrahim or like the philosophy behind the same citrusy Brahim is so pure or messengers all profit the is pure algebra but not us that what I'm trying to say to read the funnel you can see the karate mix all the time clear the filter of the university same as photography but

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there are Quran said we're punishment to the poor people work on ourselves from our bucket Allahu sama. Oh, what are the The Haven and data did not cry? Why did not cry? Because they are the fitrah they're not a robot. They are rebellious. They did not cry when the punishment came to the people of loot as the mother knows what what I'm saying for Ma Ma what other than the heaven and the earth did not cry on their punishment. The no desire to punish them, but they aren't the right fit for me but I'm Islam with the word punishment come to the people of Luther King the beginning of our good but when he when I am realizing this command of my Lord, he stocked up for us in a rahimullah Halima

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awapuni when the punishment kept to people due to glammed up not one that but once they realized, this is Robbie kojamo Rob Kamara, then he got when when a new sub sama drowning, Newell Islam said oh my lord, this is my son. Allah No, no, no you're not from your family. To not be from jail, then even new repented. The new is also like an all new Sun Moon stars out there the sephirah they don't cry up the wrong people.

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Don't cry on the wrongdoer see the punishment of the dog cry, that how they are to try to understand that this is the coherence of the universe. This is what, they are not incoherent, they're in coherence. You don't see them, but everybody else sees to the whole universe in the coherence

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