Jilbab, Attraction and Public Space

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The question is, can the toolbar be doesn't have to be one clock? Or it can be different clocks you know simple material is something we'll lose which can cover your normal shirts and trousers will people wear at home? Or if a two piece does but I like to lose and of course that's fine like I said like a married couple people have long loose course women have got that's fine you know if you've got up to at least knees it can come to occur in identity hook trouser anyway.

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Meaning when women come to outside, they come should come with dignity as a

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human being and not at this

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particular juncture gender, people should look at them either human being not at agreement. There was should be they should make every effort then the user public has to like anybody else. You know they're being women is only should be confined to the house because that was their mother's outside the house. There shouldn't be like uni who might be outside men outside the house men and women they meet like human being in the classroom, in the everywhere on the rows.

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But if sometime there's something goes in there, you know, Allah, Allah will forgive, even if there are no intention, intention Nagar to attract them in is still if people feel attraction, it is their fault, but we must not have actually the problem really is that when people think, man I be commanded to lower their eye, or it's not because of the men are bad. It also because women also have problem because women also have an intention to attract them in. So this, if women don't have decent intention, that they don't have any sin If we miss it,

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and it's still people get problem. It is their problem that we have no problem.