Curing Arrogance

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Your arrogance

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to force yourself to be humble

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sit with people who you don't like poor people you know mean their company sort of look after them you know help put them in then you know all those things that you know any any any feeling that comes to you to get you or better remove orders from your heart

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you know this how one of the greatest well you know you should know these names really Are you a certian Are you a sub Diani the one of the great targeting for Ambassador has numbers we used to say that a year with the leader of our young people bossa nova Viva La all the young people if one find the leader uh you

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know, I honestly I met more than 3030 or 3530 I never met anybody better than I

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do. He met zuri and all the people he said I never met anybody better than are you? Are you from Missouri? In Mumbai, Ramallah Utah, Nevada is only for up to Medina from hija nobody from Barcelona Kufa people set in but you Narrator This thermal Jew is from Barcelona from from Macedonia. He said anybody I narrate this to you from a YouTube is better than you or my teachers arguably the best.

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This How are you bye did a UVA sathyan he was so good to eat in bussola not mcconaughy still mad might or not like anybody from outside the non red, but essentially are you when you've sat down is great amount of Islam.

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very humbled. What is truly the hammer is at her mother's wedding bus ride is good is Malika Medina, same same level in Hades and fatawa. Her mother company is a YouTuber for nearly 20 years. Her mother said whenever I used to work with hammer as you are, you will never wanted to go through the normal ways of bizarre

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reasoning because people know him and they will say this are you going? He did not like two people said this. He will go to do this. Well, nobody knows you.

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Tell me what we do. Really, we do the opposite. We want to go through the institute where everybody knows us and will come and loves us. I do prefer to be in those institutions that nobody knows you. Nobody can extend to respecting that what humility means. This or you've said

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it though karasawa hoonah going to a magazine. When people talk about pious people Sol Harada then I'm not one of them. I'm not 32 when people mention the story of sorry I'm away from them. I'm far away from this thing really? Not easy.

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Similar time Yeah, well people praise in the time Yeah. He will permit you to say well lie in it and on or just deadly Salaam Kula rockin Wilma Assalam to Islam and degraded by Allah until now, every time I keep refreshing, renewing my Islam. Until now I have not accepted proper Islam. I'm not in the scope of Muslim to Islam and Jagan until now I'm not good Muslim.

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This is a material there is no doubt one of the best people in Islam but he said in a by Allah I keep renewing my Salaam until now. You know except proper Islam.

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In the Muslim said mighty sorry potamia are often more likely to say Allah, Allah Yura level Allah had been

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the one who knows Allah. He never think he has any right upon anybody. You see the whatever these people in the West issue your rights.

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Islam teaches your duties differently. Islam teaches you what you need to do. People teach you what you need to get what people have to do for you, or the protests and marches for what purpose? You think you have a right and you're not giving your rights, the profits losses. When you have

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all your duties, fulfilled properly. If your people don't pay you your rights, ask them from under. Come to Allah and ask your duties. Do it properly, your rights. Ask them Allah. Don't ask people. Though it is such a big difference between

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Islamic way you turn to Allah