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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone. Welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a with Chef Akram nadwi. On every Thursday at 6pm GMT. Without further ado, Schiff, we have some private questions through to be more precise. So I'll start with those, and then we'll move on to the questions in the comments. The first question that we have an anonymous questioner asks about how to combat addiction to pornography, he keeps trying, but keeps on slipping into the same mistake again and again, and feels hopeless.

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How this will learn.

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You know, any event that people really get hybrid to do

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is to use a combination of two things, knowledge and

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action. And people have to force themselves for both of them.

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Though Allah has made this world that your intention not enough, you have to force yourself and do right things, when you know that what is the right thing to do? The first thing you didn't

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hear the Quran, understand actually the consequences of the evils that when people commit any evil commit any sin, people, they are going to face a very severe consequences in the death, Denman are likely to ask and the Hellfire or the suffering, even this organ in this world, when people do commit any sin, then the fecit in the Beretta was from the life an imaginary How can you live without the help of Allah subhanaw taala it is very important to understand that whenever we do any sin, we are going to face it, the enjoyment of the sin is very, very small, very short. But the consequences are in a very long, and it's not easy to face. But the first thing is that we must

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understand it to do the Quran really how Allah said that whatever people do, they have to face consequences. Second thing is

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you have to do the prayers on the time. And do good to us.

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Spend money, the particles or Hautala be in the company of good, good people, force yourself to be the company of the good good people, by force yourself, not to do it. But if you still haven't got the proper grades, then do something else that sometimes you can make like another that Oh, next time if I do something like that, I'm going to give him 10 pounds in the pocket,

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or 20 pounds or whatever. And then I'll actually do something and then give to people first thing you do do it to the next time it will become difficult for you. So make some Nether sometime maybe make another after fasting that if I do even like that, I'm going to fast one day or two days, or three days to anyway you have to do combination to things. And once you start Insha Allah, Allah will help you

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in Sokolow clean and check the next anonymous question is as follows. Is it wrong to invoke Allah's curse upon people you feel have wronged you whether they're Muslim or non Muslim?

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You know, we don't know really who is what and what will be the end, but you can make cards.

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Without naming people that can save lockers and unbelievers, lockers, round versus lightning. That's fine. A lot of people fellowship with this but automation in a group of individuals because we don't know maybe less than the controller. I've become good. At enlisted, cursing, best thing is to ask Allah to make them to the good people.

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As an ally electroshock The next question is

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the questioner is asking that. Currently, both political parties in the UK are extremely pro Israel. What should Muslims do in this situation? Should we abstain from voting or go for the lesser of the two evils approach

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of people when the time of election will come? People forget everything, then the issues that they are currently that time that what will remain the mind of the people and all happily, you know, the party party to so many mistakes and they know that people find that very quickly. They have short memory, and then something else happened the type of action or they create something new and then your mind changes they know

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How to retrain the mind. I'm not so much in the 40s. And almost in any way, I don't know much, but my thinking is muscles should do what a loved one, you know, a lot, we're hearing that Muslims should improve their condition, reformed themselves, you know, obeying or worshiping, and of course, other priests around, you know, go to the post party, and they meet the people, and the minister remind them that they are genuine on their own. And all that what you need to do if we do the analysis of the problem does not change this, these people at their hearts in all these conditions are temporary at the end of the day, for Amandla. He is fully charged.

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And you can see whenever you ask a lot of change. So the best thing I'll say is the Muslims should concentrate how to become here to learn how to worship him how to obey. And the second thing is to invite other people to a salon to have people look over. And you will see the show look at this

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example over here and we'll move on to the questions in the comments. Now. The first question comes, I washed my Iran clothes and they smell of washing power powder and conditioner. can I do aamra in them? Yeah, the once you have watched him, he was smiling. Because they're not comfortable to kick us in the morning. And if some smoke comes, that's fine.

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That glow here and the next question is, is it simpler to ask for people's forgiveness before going for Umrah?

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Do nothing nothing.

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Absolutely nothing to do with murder. Whenever your grandson expects you harm anybody your heart delivery, you have to ask for them to follow you.

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Will tell you what I'll do is not connected with it every day. If I heard you I heard you, it will be greatly upon me to ask you to find me. Because otherwise I'd be sinful. So I don't know why people think when they go tomorrow, then they need to do something with it. You need to do all the time. If you have anybody

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hurt by you. You've taken somebody with a wealth of money or property or teacher somewhat

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into people to ask you to ask them to forgive you or return their money back.

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The glow head on shift the next question is Russia here who asks there are people around us with names like rugby rasa, rapid Mooji and other names of Allah, if we call them by their name, will it be sinful

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names are not evil is specifically the love to God things which are in between Allah in between the people and both have different meanings. Many was widely used on their different meanings, like you said child is running,

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the car is running

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the plane is only used or running, but for every noun which has been meaning to when you call someone reserved another human being.

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But when we call a law,

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then it is different. So but there are some specific and important law that you are not allowed to call anybody like for example, Allah, you can't make anybody Allah definitely will define a law that should be avoided or like a refer

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to people should be careful about that. But there are records which are shared by the people do they have different meanings. So same were used for law and same will use for other people, they will do the same thing in the Quran, the name of a light Aziz or he but Allah do the same thing for the prophets alarmism or using a Hema to raise an argument.

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To Khurana user Aziz or overhead or three means

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professionalism, but different means not the same meaning. So you're allowed to use these two motor problematic Achilles rockmart many people have given him a dogma and people call the bluff. So that actually is it should be avoided because others will make use

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of money both are very much just esoteric, but

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they can use for

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percolo picture the next question is, can I perform one single camera for both my parents who have passed away and are too or are too unwell to do it themselves or one separate one for each one?

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The thing is, if the if the lira was sooner for them, you know it could have some other value, too. They should have done

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themselves if they did not do then you do somebody else. Because otherwise you have to you have to do one over a four year month only refer your father if it was only get three or sooner condom, boyfriends and you do just enough for you then you can do whatever they can to one or both of them and then we'll go for both of them. But if it is something part of the overall the could not do then you could do one for each one of them separately

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to that location. The next question is should I make personal dollars during the last and sorry or do they occur?

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If you combine

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those a lot of the profits and make abroad do different things they do run during the prophesy incredulity. So do combination combined can have some some put on some sort of universal knowledge analysis similar to ours

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is our Hello Herencia The next question is by Baba to us Assalamu Aleikum, Chef, what to do when we see some ingredients of a food product from the market mush Boo is it better to avoid something which is doubtful? Or is it better to give it the benefit of the doubt by which of the actions we can be closer to Allah

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we will sing either one mushroom is really your income is your income from Europe not that we need to worry more if your incoming machine is your word

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or something. But when you go to the shops or you buy food, and there are some ingredients which could be from the animals which are not sort of properly or something like that,

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then you don't need to have doubt on your

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Unless it is more likely in your mind that you can avoid it. But still not over the money to avoid our listeners are tempted by to avoid maybe to referee religions, but just just some dogs, dogs and dogs not enough. But dogs are enough in my

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country with ice cream as is possible. There are a lot of Muslims should worry more. More people are worried about halal food and you know, slaughter the animal and, you know, certify that's not important, really important to how we earn money. The money by issue by default, is if you're when you're not don't think the most important thing.

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Or a color picture. The next question is by Sarah who says I have a transgender classmate that looks like a man. I don't know. I didn't know she is transgender until recently. She is very smart and good person. I don't have friendships with men. But should I apply those guidelines to her? She is interested in women should I stay away you completely?

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Yeah, it was really easy. You can't show

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your intention to these people because sometimes they will think that you're unfair to them or to them. But carefully Be careful your mind. We don't know really what is out there. Somebody who are the magic in a moment

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to just get rid of something that I don't know really how sometimes they come back because they're never satisfied to people like that you should be very careful how your relation with them, you know in the class what you need, but not more than that in our work our friendship with some people, because you can make for the Springboks, and

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if you want to use our this role was going to avoid any friendship, because that will hurt you.

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Or cologne picture. The next question is by far to have this as salam Yasha How can we internalize the meaning of Tawakkol in Surah for that woman yet get

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your high level Maharajah woman get Kapila LA who mean Emery he is o'clock.

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Taco not too awkward to deliver so that they make it very clear that when people fear Allah and they obey, or or they avoid the sense because of fear, then a lot of these people make everything easier for them and Hillsman from work that cannot be made but that should essentially your heart not just to showing up. The coil is very very important. Once people get coupler, then all the doors are open for the love of them indexed, it's easier for them.

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That what we need to do the whole Islamic to get the Quran

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very, very important. I'm part of the coil. So that is part of the one that when people understand it

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Call the people that lie on the

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water the trusting the means and resources, failing to provide very good essentially what will constitute an old promise or solution but

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that no hydrant check the next question is

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Who says salam some people say that close to the end of times people should not have children due to the fitna the world will be and how can we reply to those people? Similarly, people don't over the time of their time, nobody's got anything. Even the professor love me and our very close, but all the companies have so many children

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into he said, we are very close. Nobody knows and they're no different. There

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are great people, these technical rich people to do all the right things even in our area. They should do I know children, that people that work for the children survive they do I bother they get divorced father, so he has nothing to do with it isn't anybody who said that daddy daughter, they don't know that. Firstly, they don't know in the community. Second thing we didn't know nothing about reading the Quran sunnah.

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Zack, love it. And the next question is by Anna, who asks a Salam Alikum share, can you share your reflections on the iron Surah Russia and be not like those who forget Allah who forgot Allah and he caused them to forget their own selves? Those are the first sukoon in the eye in the iron Surah Zab. Regarding the jilbab Allah, sorry, I think there's a second question. Sorry. Yeah, so you know, the Quran is very, very clear.

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there should

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be no real but what that means, the number of alarms remember these commands, that whatever it has to do with crew law has got a law meaning, remember, his covenant is commands obeying, then he will remember you likely see some time off will be ID, inferiority to fulfill My covenant. And I'll fulfill your commitment to remembering Allah means to do what He has commanded, and to avoid all the sins, the people of our God, Allah, the people who did not keep the Covenant, the caper disobeying that our fiscal is upon us to come out from the obedience of Allah subhanaw taala. So that's a very weird and just really to if people

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remember less commands, and the obey Him, going to learn the letters in particular by listening this one after white people forget his command, the disobedience, they don't pay the door fast.

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They commit since then, in this one, they will have no Baraka, and in the Hereafter, they will be of those who were punished by Motala. So that was meaning of remembering and forgetting remembering to remember his commands and auditing and forgetting to forget his commands and not.

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To circle head and check. The next question is by Ahmed who asks, salam, what is the correct view on the the Amyl of, of people of Medina, Imam Abu Yusuf accepted with the south of Medina and it seems to be a strong argument. So why don't other mud hubs take it?

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To do the thing, if we know really, more probably there's some continuous from the time of professionalism alum and from the full philosophy due to the Taiwan Malika and people like that, then we should follow it to size something that continues you can sign a container, it could be from the controversial law, the center, so that you can accept but there could be some sunnah that the people of Medina do, but we don't know where these could have been changed by going over here. So that is argument of Imam Muhammad and many people that work raw material is not necessarily coming from the prophets, Allah Salam, or from the convenience it could have come from Romania, from the

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roots in the religion. So in that matter, all the cities are the same. So everybody does is to have even multiples and

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Lacey decided to divorce COURAGING like your money. So the idea for

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our Medina, men to no money they say, the completeness will deliver people to follow them, that why send them he appointed companions as a teacher in the cities. So intercomparison people have not to obey them.

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So you might have a tough set of dilemmas to Kufa of other responders somewhere and so many companions to everybody has to follow them in their own city. They kind of go to Medina to find what our Medina is in America good argument, but it's not common to everybody a lot of different

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As far as really that delivery is terrifying and on Monday, on the side of caution, I feel your Khalifa. Whatever the Dussel says, you can follow any of the

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Zack Lokeren chef, the next question is by Sabina who asks, Can you please can you share a few ways in which specifically sisters can appropriately shared knowledge?

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Woven under the water? How can people say that it's sharing knowledge with sisters or brothers? People could learn from here people can rewrite the rules.

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Maybe you know, there's something else in mind who says you understand can extend the cushion further to the right, understand and answer properly.

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We'll wait for Sister sabinas response. We'll move on to the next question. So the next question is by Adam who asks, In the if Surah zap regarding the jilbab. Allah says the Illa is so we be known and not annoyed in public? How does this apply to us today?

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Yeah, you know, the thing is that

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if people don't work properly, and even don't cover themselves, so it basically means they're like, no, they're interested the people who can do that are expanding one of my classes I don't know if we're part of a service to experience explained last week.

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That the reason that is commanded the men prefer themselves on a women to call themselves it's another to America. So to protect the women, or women call it to protect the menu, Alaska water we went to cover so to protect themselves, they don't have wrong desire to attract people, men colors of such that they don't have wrong desire to attract the women. And if somebody's attracted, then they should control the eye. So that the more important thing that

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whenever people go outside they're very closer to people know that you do you are not that even if you don't want people to be attracted to somebody goes away short clothes and showing up to people will say well, this person a bad person, he wants people to look at him. Yeah, they treat you like that to Quran said when going public go in such such such interest to nobody, everybody know that you're pious? You know, you don't want people to look at you. So that's very important that you know, what when people are they're around, but also sometimes they basically enjoy that people look up to when you have your own intention anger,

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corruption will come then it will mean basically either that when men go outside, they cover themselves in order that they save themselves from having a knee does that mean we will look at them when we will go well so they should make sure that they don't have any desire to affect them. After that if somebody looks at them, they will

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know that we will not these people

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are color fiction. The next question is by Sharia who asks Why did Allah subhana wa Tada use not in one place and Jahannam in another? How should I comprehend the difference?

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Really a different look looking at this

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simply different a word for different things. There could be some time to two words which say meanings we had some something come on something different paradise Quran use something general something good or fill those

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in order to both apologize and maybe there are some differences. Same Johanna na Jahai so all different names but yeah, part of the same thing. Could be the name of the whole thing. Now is it because it's a fire and Jehane because it has a burning fire. And so you sometimes need Orsolya

00:24:06--> 00:24:11

for the fire many many words never will lead so it could

00:24:13--> 00:24:40

use it later. The clear solid what are sometimes called solid solid sometimes are called solid I think because your umbrellas on the corner. Sometimes Quran calls it para sometimes we sometimes are called sometimes say all the or news of sunnah in the corner something 100 Because people pay the lowest hotel owner. So if names could be given for any connection between two thieves.

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As an ally Laker chef, the next question is by Ahmed who asked salaam what is chef's position on translation of Arabic into English slash or to Arabic books. These days we are seeing people translate big books like the Paseo Razi and books on Hadith Tamil

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allergy is this wise.

00:25:03--> 00:25:15

You know there are things that common people let people need in their lives and we need to translate those things for them. You know, like the Hadith about piety, fear of love in red.

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And similarly the Quran, Quran dealing with the people. So there shouldn't be translated into people's language whatever in relation to water. But there are books which are written further, especially if people are to Ottawa. There's no benefit in translating them like Bukhari, Muslim Timothy aboda old, you know, these books should not be transferred out of cmrc in many, many parts, they are very much a specialized works for this country they work but eventually cars read them, most people will not understand them. So, the best thing is not to translate it very, very simple material, those things which are written for other people in the language that should be translated,

00:25:58--> 00:26:00

then the Quran, like the main menu,

00:26:02--> 00:26:15

and like many things, how to pray how to fast you know how to read Moses, and height, but those things which are written for the specialists that will hurry Muslim anti Islam third

00:26:16--> 00:26:20

surah. Also to see the logo

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of Korea more configure

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or glow picture. The next question is by Rifat who asks, in order to push ourselves better in studying, we to friends decided that if one of us will do better in the exam, the other one will treat him treat the other one with some food is this betting or not?

00:26:52--> 00:27:10

Betting will be if you get money to for example, you both put 10 pounds on said that who will turn better here to get out to two pounds, that'll be better, but you don't have any money, you just say that, you know, if you do better, I will give you full on you don't you know does not

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reward the people

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that glow clencher. The next question is by Feriha, who says Are the parents allowed to hit their children? And on what situations? Is it permissible? Should we be held accountable if we hit our children,

00:27:30--> 00:27:32

you know, I mentioned so many times that our children are

00:27:33--> 00:27:38

our property, they are not owned by this, they are given by us and

00:27:39--> 00:27:45

so we have to know the laws, rules about them, that other people should not.

00:27:46--> 00:28:31

In some cases, it allowed me but in order to feel condition, what condition you will need if you are not angry, but most people they are angry, you should only anger. Second thing is that you hit that window to preserve the child under 1318 should be good. Something like a gesture, you know hurting to the child know that you are so angry that you can hit. So if people follow this condition, that's fine, but it should be when he wants to go to Nick Hydrotreated because it doesn't it doesn't benefit anyway. So besting in not actually hitting and laziness is really new that you don't want to teach your child don't want to spend properly. Because that takes time. So I would advise you to

00:28:31--> 00:28:59

instead of hitting think really wondered how can I spend some time to my child to understand Islam. His sons have thrown his beloved son useable Islam in the world. But he did not hit these people within Latin history that led them to help in the same house. I lived with him for a long, long time. Nothing that in the world would keep their patient there to solve sobre and the wait for the right moment when the conflict properly

00:29:01--> 00:29:18

is that little hair check. And the last question we'll take for today is from Achmed who asked what was the approach of Shabbat has an identity in the Sabbath wasn't the same as what the Deobandi people believe as many of the chef's we went to what Deobandi What did he say about ethnography and Rumi.

00:29:22--> 00:29:59

Welcome, very motorists person with the same color but at the same time, you know, he also believed in motor service, which are not excluded. So he had them but I don't think he has any place for it. Not anymore. Sorry. I think I never mentioned already, but room is activities to play. And one of the books he returns so much in detail about grooming. And I wrote a Chicago roofie very long 170 pages in which I have precisely our shepherds for the fall because we give rooms

00:30:00--> 00:30:20

obviously important unmet lead Magette didn't do I said no no me either. So attendees boil it and the minimum equals things, but the books or book are full of many many weeks is at ease and something's not right. So we should not have to we should be fine. But to elevation to know

00:30:22--> 00:30:27

that a lot easier to share our share sharing with us your tools

00:30:28--> 00:30:34

he used to call him Rumi is in deep they can deliver coffee. So it's it districts

00:30:37--> 00:30:38

more rhetoric.

00:30:39--> 00:30:48

But anyway, you know, people are influenced by their time to some people in so many respects, but he also has respect for a woman in the same way.

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Does Arklow hair and chef that's all for today unfortunately, if your question hasn't been answered, please remember it and perhaps we can aim to answer it next week is a little clearer and shared and does Appollo clan and everyone for joining a we'll be back next week at Thursday. 6pm be GMT inshallah to Allah Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh