Akram Nadwi – The Coherence of the Quran

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of understanding the Quran in understanding the theory of quantum physics. They explain that the theory of "the bag of light" is the best way to learn and that it helps people to write models for analysis. The speaker also mentions that the theory of "the bag of light" is the best way to learn and that it helps people to write models for analysis.
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Yeah, I know I mentioned that, you know, you want to believe in the day after a day of judgment, that it needs to read the Quran, to understand to ponder, to think it is big effort. And one of the important that can help people to understand the Quran deeply is to understand the interrelation between the versatile sudah peran and to understand the major theme of every surah. So that in an eye that is something derived by Maulana Hamid de Farah in India, who died in the year 1929. He has spent 30 years of his life to do research to and he got this thing very clear to remind his wrote in detail, that the Quran the way it did know, he did divine order, it started with the pseudo Fatiha

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an MD, with a sort of nurse, it is divinely done. Each surah has got a relation with the surah after that, and with the surah before that, each surah if you change the order, the Quran will change, but Allah must remain in this order. Similarly, all the verses of Quran, they have relation with the verses before that, and with the verses after that. And then at the same time, he said, each surah has got its a central theme on all the verses in that surah they are related to that main center theme. So this is very important. Once you understand the theory properly, figure the coherency it will develop your understanding of the Koran, like I mentioned to you that the argument for the Day

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of Judgment is not only the Quran, the argument for the day of judgment to the human being himself

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and other creation. And that is something if you people read the Quran understanding the coherence and the system relation, it will help the follow up if you read sutra, Yama, mala for exactly what the Syrah sutra making a very it was very clearly and the connection and relation it because the killer from the sutra that the human soul humaneness is a proof that a day of judgment will come. What he said is, he said this surah khurasan la semana Yama Yama wala Simo venaseal la Varma

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more of our eyes argument is Parana said they are resurrection. And then a Parana said nostril la Varma a soul which blames you. Why is it that when you do something wrong, you feel guilty? Nobody sees first time when you do something wrong, why you feel guilty? Why you feel something? If you just lie, why? What makes you think feel uneasy? Maybe don't people don't know nobody discuss your your problem is till you feel uneasy. When you cheat. You feel uneasy, when to deceive the people, you feel uneasy, whenever you lie, fabricate any story, anything, something in your heart, blaming you, Maura for ISIS Purana using this argument to tell you that deep in the heart of the human being

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deep in the nature, it is put that whatever you do, you can hide from the people, but you cannot hide from your Lord. And on the Day of Judgment, you are going to be accountable. This fear is deep in the heart of the people that what nosler vamos when people do something wrong, it guilt is there inside blame is there, if you really this surah as it makes the theory tiama because it definitely doesn't because very clear from you know from to around, he does not want to do many other things. The more afara he has developed that these people should read the Quran, I edited that book, in a book, which is connected, related to each other. Everything was mentioned in one surah it has a

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relation to each other. So you know the guy can get many, many examples, but I don't have time here. When you come out. Of course, you can see really this way of learning the Quran, it helps you that it makes you poorer, like a book. Otherwise, it's not a book if you're sticking around discussing it scattered, no relation, then how can we book book a means it has a beginning and end? It admits it pursued from one argument to the other argument. If the Quran has no relation and no connection and no, no nothing How can you book is the book Quranic is institute a book minsters beginning it at the end, it proceeds from one point to the other point from second to third point and in the same surah

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from it has beginning to the end, it has order this order this sequence, this interrelationship between pseudo universal and and be connected with the major theme, it is something we don't make effort to learn and that what quantum the quantum means. So inshallah, when you refer this course it you know, I'll teach it this theory of, you know, the alarm and auras be coherent, and around the central theme in much more detail in the light of writing a model for analysis for many, many examples.

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