How to raise pious children

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You know, for every single thing, the thing is in our children, they are not owned by us to want us to understand your children, you do not create them, you have to make the LIDAR clear to them. You don't own them a lie, the one who owns them, all you understand really they are, they have as much right as you about the right.

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But you have been made responsible to look after them, to teach them to educate them to understand, don't behave as you own them, daughter behave as you have created them, you do not make them, not own them. Allah created them, Allah made them a lot of them, and I've listened them to your house, you're there your Amana trust. So our way should be with the lab and everything, but making effort how to make them good how to make them, this is possible. But with explanation, and then they upgrade they should have freedom. If they believe that they don't believe they will come to the agenda, they want to control it, you can't force them to the good. Good is something which people do

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willingly. In pneumolysin son is unbelievable. The people cannot make the children good. They need to make effort to make them good, explained properly but don't force them because they need to have full freedom. And we have got to enlist not what everybody for one shot of a human woman Shar for your for your student, they understand good but still they want to be but you don't need to force them. Still you need to make dua you know, teaching them properly giving them all the love and affection, but you don't for a second that allowed Allah never force it. He wants to give people free freedom, but they are judgment evil. In this world, nobody accountable. This was the only one

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what to when you work with your children, always keep in mind the yamana Trust your responsibility to you know, actually you're both responsibility I want to say I summarize my teaching about the children in two words, make your student happy and make them good.

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Both are your spontaneity, you have to make them happy, you have to feed them you have to look after them, you have to give them growth, whatever they want, as Allah has given us everything, but then you also have responses to make them good. Both things are just too good you can admit you only can explain to them make as much effort as possible to make your children happy. They feel that they are in the in the house they are not in the hostel. There should be different between the hostel and between the house in the house you should feel it is their thing. And then certainly, it will help them to become good because they think it's so nice. If this is something it must be good for us

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anyway. That will make them to become you know much better and improve. So always teach them with love and affection with mercy.