Akram Nadwi – When a problems arises

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker advises against complaining about problems and suggests that people should make efforts to solve them. They also suggest that people should not complain about problems they don't want to deal with. The speaker emphasizes the importance of making sure that people have enough money to cover the cost of treatment and that they don't lose the subject.
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One thing I'll just keep in mind, I learned never wants people to enjoy the problem.

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Another way is when people have difficulty from it should be solved.

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To firstly understand, every problem comes, you have to make every effort to solve. When illness come to you, you have do to to go to doctor and be killed. When if poverty, you shouldn't make effort to get money and cure poverty. When you're in a difficult in society, somebody complained about it wrongly in your job, you should really solve your problem solution to the problems obligatory on every believer. Solve it rightly. But in between this time, unclear problem solver. Don't lose the patience. do proper like normal person, a problem has come, I'm not going to be defeated. I'm going to solve it but the nobility notice that like white people not keep complaining,

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the problem must be solved. My said not that you should not solve the problem. My intelligence people should not complain.

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don't enjoy the problem, meaning that you know the problem has come from Allah, whatever he has given you make effort to cure but it is continuous. Don't complain to the people. When they come to us. The people have left for some time. The only problem that has been a while, sometimes we will have many, many more. Yes, certainly if you have less than many, many military for you. Sometimes you can ask your husband to get divorced. Sometimes you can get people to sit together and solve the problem. There are many, many ways that know how to take any of those procedures. But meanwhile, don't keep complaining. Don't keep up what not to do. This is very, very, very, very American. If

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I've got an illness, I shouldn't go to doctor but all the time. Moreover, I've got so much pain at this point, how you want to solve the problem, any effort the source of problem is fine. But all those things which does not solve except that planning, they are, they should not have an ask Allah when you want to cure from as well as even the profit and loss it has to go to doctors. And you really don't have enough money to borrow from the people. Because the solution solving the problem is not a problem.

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But the complaining the problem to the people who can't solve you, that is a problem that vary by the marina mean basically such you can physically or to never to electric progress should be solid. Living with a plug in or writer whenever a problem comes. Use your mind how to solve every problem touch there to make you think how to solve it. But don't complain the people don't do don't lose the subject, aka sobre helps you to solve. If you don't do something you don't know how to solve you. Southern gives you time to think, oh, now I've got one dot coming. Let me see really what's the best way to come out from that. If you don't have

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you can take more lightly. If you don't have somebody what happens is your minds getting angry and then you can't take properly. Somebody helps you gives you time to find the right way to solve your problem. Is it clear

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