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The legality of mortgages and the importance of not being mindful of the afterlife are discussed, including the three kinds of dreams and the potential for true dreams to come true. The speakers emphasize the importance of finding the right people to ask for help with one's dream and being careful with what is given to them. They also stress the importance of practicing Islam and avoiding touching one's face during interactions with men and women. The speakers stress the need for patience and understanding that death is not a physical loss, as well as avoiding married couples and divorce. They also mention a course on women's health and offer information on a new course on Muslim accom.

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Okay, let's get started inshallah it looks like we are live on youtube and facebook said I want to come everyone and welcome to our Thursday q&a Thursday q&a with Chef icon nadwi his q&a is every Thursday again at 6pm PST for half an hour and sha Allah. I think we'll just start with a question leftover from last week in sha Allah and then we'll start taking questions from the comments which I can see we already have a few this first question if I just put it on the screen now.

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Okay, under the premise that a house mortgage is allowed if a person wants to move from a fully paid home to another slightly more expensive home on the basis that it has more room more room for the children growing up into their teens, and I knew how an a new home can be extended in the future to cater for additional space can I obtain a mortgage to cover the additional cost of a new home plus any extension? So this is someone who's already has a home that before we paid for but they want to now get a more expensive house.

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Okay, some low money Rahim.

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One thing one general rule, let me explain to all of you the things which are Haram in Islam, people are not allowed to use them, except if there's a necessity and Barbuda and in some cases it doesn't need to mortgage one of those things which are haram and it is only allowed in in the case of necessity and needs when something are allowed in the case of necessity and news they remain all the time haraam they only are limited to their need and necessity and Quran had made a very clear you know, condition available in Word. So, people who you know who allowed were allowed to use her arm they should not exceed the limit you know, it should not be enjoyment. So, everybody can judge it

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their need themselves you know some people need a three bedroom house some people need four bedroom house you know and it should be like a guide to the culture and customs of the country where they live. So in that culture if you have you know a certain number of the children on you are you are eligible for a three bedroom house a four bedroom house, yeah, certainly then you can move to a bigger house. So you have to compare yourself with the general culture of the country you know, not more than that, you know, not less than that. So keep a no use of mortgage within the limit of the need a guide to the culture of the country.

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Okay, insha Allah let's take the next question.

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Can I make the odd that Allah makes my death painless and does not let me experience a frightening stages of the afterlife.

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No, you can make avoid all those things is very important really. Because when the death comes, it is very painful. And at that time, many people you know struggle and sometimes people lose hope with a lot of motala. So intention should be also hautala you know, make me to die as a believer at the time of the death and the hardship of the death should not make me too high by thinking about Allah subhanaw taala so in a miracle was like that, that will lie when I die. I die the Muslim either moment, I the believer is someone who was good for about you. You know, if unless Motorola gives you that, even if hardship comes in different paths, because you know, if you die, you're the believer,

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then some suffering some hardship in our problem. Even the professor lawless alum, you know, when he died, he heard suffering, you know, and he had pain everywhere who died. They have been, you know, people who those who don't, who are sitting there and they say well, my father died in a piece or so and so died his piece. Nobody died in the piece. You know, just because you don't know what happened.

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With the person, you just think the person did not cry enough to make an invoice to his dying either in a piece that no peaceful death, you know, the person is too weak to express his opinion. So the best dwarf are the believers is to make though Allah make me to die, I believe are either Muslim, and, you know, save me protect me against the punishment of the grave, and save me from the punishment of the Day of Judgment, save me from the punishment of the hellfire. So these are met with don't turn to paradise or be pleased with me, I want your pleasure, I want your neighborhood in paradise in a test like that, they are in a much better

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way anyway, if we just make dua to Allah, you know, lightened my my pain at the time that this as a file, but my condition, combined it with the debt on the belief.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take the next question from Thor's Rahman. And his question is, I heard somewhere that there are three kinds of three kinds of dreams, one from Allah, another from Shere Khan, and the third one is made by our own brain. Is this true?

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Yeah, sure, you know, sometimes, you know, dreams, they can come, you know, either whispering from shirt on, sometimes it can come, you know, just meaning listings, their color holla, you know, they don't have meaning, or true dreams. They are, you know, people can feel really, when they wake up, they can feel there's a true dream. You know, if this dream had a sense of order, or right order, then it means more likely, it has some sense that some people dream, you know, and they just jump from one thing to that thing to that more likely because they they bite eating, or bed sleeping or something like that.

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But when you once you're dreaming, you know, more in order. And you remember it at a time when you wake up fully you remember, so could be more likely to true dream. They don't know the meaning. You have to ask someone who is expert, and who can who's sincere to you to then he can tell you the meaning don't interpret dream yourself. Because sometime you know loose something looks either in or dangerous, where it could be very good, meaning sometimes something look good, but they are not very good. Either Santa people see see in the dream, they are in a house.

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You know, it depends on the details. Sometimes being in house means a marriage, that you're going to get married. Sometimes being in house means that you are going to die in the house like your grave. So you have to find the right people who can answer your dream rightly, on some people, you know, interpreted badly, and sometimes that very meaning because it's stuck. So you have to be really careful.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take the next question from person and his question is, is the Hadees regarding the son of eating with three fingers authentic.

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I don't really think it is the process allows us to eat you know,

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normally you know, something that you need three fingers sometime, you'll need more than that.

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Enter the professor did not eat the same thing every day. If you change dates, and dry fruits, yeah, then you can use less fingers with using eating, you know, bread, maybe then you need more fingers. And if you device then even more fingers meaning you know understand your condition and use your fingers like that and be clean in when you're in front of the paper. It should not be you know, people don't think that you know you are not civilized person you don't know how to eat you know to have a right minor you know, if take less amount you know, don't take too much you know enough your hand and when you put food in the plate, it should be a small amount not a good enough don't fill

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your plate and don't take food again. Again, I could be eating my you know, like greedy people is ever which is against sooner. It doesn't matter whether your three fingers four fingers equal or more in stuck with the fingers and then they are greedy keep eating too much. And they eat whatever they like, you know, the sooner the more in what how much you eat. So it'll follow that sooner, eat less and in don't eat too many things at the same time. That is the more important sooner

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is the first year. Okay, the next question we have here is quite a big question. I'll probably take some time but we'll pick a small question from inshallah. So this question is from Todd Hmm. And he says what other rulings for hijab or rock if a woman is it compulsory? How can men or women interact in Islam? What are the guidelines, but he also follows it by saying in the early days of Islam, I showed you Laura and her use to tell you to teach about

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certain issues of Islam to men behind the curtain so for example let's take one question from this if a woman was teaching men or she was studying with men does it have to be behind the curtain because this is why she was alone her did

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the thing is that this thing I have written so much details no you can read my articles you know all these a women issue that I know what the per the what hijab you know on when to teach in public what is the requirement in a public space and this is because I made all the things very clear in whenever since you asked the question simple matter is you know for the women when they're inside the house you know, they don't need to put on any djellaba You know, when they leave the house did the Neutrogena Baba you know, to use the public space and when we even are teaching in public, they if they are indeed above the console there and covering the face and covering the palm and covering

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the fate is a few teaser not obligatory upon the women, you know anywhere whether in house or in public, but they should probably zerbo Why sir, the parser Alice alum they had different covering it they were required that when there are strangers, they should even cover their faces in front of them. So when was the professor used to travel with the person they said they used to cover their face, but I assume then a stranger passes by today will cover the face with part of the Chiluba part of the sheet Not at all, or something like that, generally, they did not have any acabo covering but at least they used to cover the face when strangers are passing by reason about because how the

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professor awesome is like a leader of the community. On his house, there are Manasa breed hypocrites, they also can come and anybody with any intention, so that by far them the covering while the more strict ones that were not the same for other viewers. So although we may used to leave the house without covering the face, and that appear for all without mother, who will read any hanafy book, they will say to you that they know we will say every part is our except the face and palm and the feet. So nobody considers the face of the oma to be part of the covering. So anyway, all these details I mentioned, you know some of my articles, and also my new new book is coming out

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February tsunami volume three, there have been a few pages I spent about interaction between men and women and the covering and this and that. So all the details are there.

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Okay, inshallah.

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Let's take the next question from Mohammed Hassan. His question is, some people get married early, believing that marriage brings real risk, does marriage really bring risk? Should people who are not financially stable pursue marriage?

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You know, certainly Allah subhanaw taala gives people this, but he has, he's the one who made the condition the Quran as well. And also, you know, the processes embedded in the Hadith, that men when they marry the one life remarry, Marie if they can afford the marriage, meaning affording the married father many means to provide accommodation to their wives, independent accommodation, and also the food in regard to the standard. If they can afford that

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they should marry to when the woman comes to your house, her risk also come to your house. So Allah subhanaw taala, you know, increase your risk and give some more burqa, you know, because now her risk has moved from her parents house to your house. So when you earn money, I love you more a burqa.

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But some that can be testing some time when you Murray is still your suffering law to test you different way.

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So we don't know this. So that's why the best thing is that when you marry get ready for that don't want to marry thinking that in future or my condition, we find you don't know distinct how your condition will be. And now you want to increase your suffering and suffering of the other person. That why the jurist I agree that whenever you marry, you only marry if you can afford the accommodation on expenses of your wife.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take the question from

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let's take this question. How does one deal with the death of a close of a close one?

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No death really the frightening thing. And when somebody dies from the family, father or mother, or son or daughter or sister or brother, they're very close to you. And sometimes you love them so much. So it affects but at the same time, we have to be patient do suffer. And remember that a lot of hautala has more right over the passing person than me. You know somebody is my father, but he's also owned on the slave of Allah subhanaw taala. Now he has gone to his road and also think you want your father to be with you. But your father is son of someone who has already died to his own

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To be with them to everybody, when they die, they meet to their or they go to their ancestors in the same place. Nobody going to survive here forever. So in the beginning, there will be some grief and butter people have to force them to have patience. When the professor Latham died

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of La Casa de la Toronto said very nice sentence, that your debt is a kind of soul, for the believers in the future, meaning whenever anybody dies in any family, they will remember, if the Prophet died, and I became patient, what about my father is much easier, because the profit is more beloved to the believers than their own father and their own sons. The Muslims can't accept the reality that the Prophet had died. So they should accept, you know, the death of anybody else. They should not mourn, they should not cry, they should not curse, even they should not have bad thought. And understand clearly the father had died, but not Allah. Your son had died while still there. Your

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brother and son have died, you know, but Allah is there. Nobody has more power and more in relation, stronger relation with you, then Allah subhanaw taala to always think about him.

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Exactly. That was a beautiful reminder.

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Okay, let's take a question from him. And his question is, whenever I talk whenever I give doubt, so whenever I talk about Islam and the Koran, I feel like, sorry, one second.

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I feel like I myself do not practice Islam properly. Should I give Tao with this feeling? And what is the proper explanation of the verse? Yeah, you are letting it M and only my Devo Luna monitor final.

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You know, certainly, you know, people should practice Islam before, you know, calling anybody to any good things. But never think that you are doing everything properly, because nobody can do really. So if you call people to pray, and you don't play it very well. First, really make effort to play yourself. You know, if you call people to be honest on you don't do honesty. If you call people to treat their family well, and you don't treat well. So if you use less data in ethical work, first thing is to do doubt yourself. Well, if you play by you think, Oh, I'm not playing well, still, you can make data because nobody thinks you think that I'm very good in the player, you know, and keep

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making data and also keep improving your player. But it's a very by the manner, that you don't pray and remind people to pray, you know this very well, then the heart is a seal, can you read it, I will have no impact in it. The first thing is you pray and then you ask other people meaning your Dharma should be first addressed to yourself before anybody else. So anything that you want to teach people think do I follow? Do I practice then after teach anybody else, but quality certainly nobody can have a perfect quality of any action. So don't listen to share it on, keep improving yourself on also keep making the hour.

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But don't want to make that by the visitors all the time dolla dolla, and you know, they'll forget everything else, the professor asked us to do dhaba but most time he used to spend on his own Alibaba, two thirds of the night in the prayer during the daytime or the most live prayer, very little time dollar. Now, there are people who think all this data all the time, they just, they basically want to be in public all the time. So that is a very bad manner. Because when you are with the people, you know, your heart can dirty and you get our organs and many many problem to be spent. If you spent one hour in Java, then expend a six, seven hours in the prayer in Delhi bada in your

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own improvement, then your data will be more effective inshallah.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take this next question, which is quite interesting. Why were they no riots in the Parliament of the of the pharaoh when musala Islam went to him for our

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why there should be? No Pharaoh wants to listen to him, to who's going to make a right. You know, the Messiah has come, you know, and teaching him and pushing him, you know, because for a robot to pretend that he's in control of everything he can enjoy discussing with him. And he's not scared of you're not afraid of him, and he wants to give the impression to his own people. That you know, I can answer the question I can be in debate I can discuss with the people I have not discussed with anybody else. And certainly Allah subhanaw taala has probably the Moosa he'll protect him, too, he made the mind of most viral like that, he cannot harm him. So he already just want to defeat Moosa

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in the discussion and argument. He does not want to kill him, you know, let's turn over his mind from killing, but rather who enjoys to fight him, you know, in the argument in discussion, if I wrote happy with him, how can the writing everybody enjoy they know to either consider all the discussion government very nicely on fire or, you know, enjoys it, discussing and

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keep challenging Moosa listener.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take the next question.

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This question is, can you explain that if a woman wants to walk out of the marriage does she have to give whatever their man asks for? Some scholars say that you have to buy your freedom for from a man?

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I don't think there was the question is the rest of the question is there but

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inshallah we can keep that there.

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Yeah, I know the thing is,

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in the men, the men have a right of divorce, say the woman does not want to stay with a man that actually the man should divorce, you know, there's no point to keep your somebody with you. If they're not happy to be with you, this very bad men are very, very bad men, or, you know, somebody asked the person to leave her. And the prophets did the same thing. Or drama, often one of the

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10 people who, you know, who are I've got good tidings paradise, his wife asked him to divorce him, he divorced him, you know, if the people to ask her to for divorce, there's no point to keep anyway, some people are greedy. And some people think if I divorce my wife, then I have to marry someone else and to spend money, you know, on her dowry, and all these expenses, where I get the money. So people like that they are allowed to take from from the wife, the money, which they gave her meaning in the Mahara or something like that. So they can spend that, you know, on the, on the new marriage. So that allowed, but that is to say, don't do this very mean for the men to do something like that.

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But to be greedy to ask more than that. This is not radical currency that, you know, you forgive, you'd be more generous men, carozza men, that are much, much better, to men should be more generous and not, you know, the thing really to take money to divorce is how mean the person is, in a very mean character, to ask an omen money to divorce or, you know, do you need the money of other people? Why can't you earn your own money? Why you need other people's money? So I really, I think the best thing is when somebody asks a divorce, you know, make effort to explain everything, and you know, compromise is doesn't work, then instead of taking any money, there's a divorce.

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But, you know, the horror means when the settlement with the money, it is in this country, it's so difficult, because many men don't agree in the grid, then you go to Sharia court, and this Court has their code with all the proper really, to me the best thing if those words don't

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give the divorce, then the women should go to the civil court, the court or the country, or the country, quarter kind of system very, uh, you know, and then the marriage and decent finish end, and then the woman after she can marry whoever she wants that the best thing because, you know, Sharia court have no power to enforce its decisions to just know core core cannot work without enough power to enforce. So the best thing is they should go to the civil court, like any dispute to know when to Moses fight. They go to the court in India or Dalai Lama when they fight in the mother Assad everywhere they go to engine court, they don't go to Sharia court. They have mentioned jacket only

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for women, there will be no problem. They force them to go to the Sharia court, that I don't understand really why women have to go to Sharia court, an American go to any court. So my advice will be to any woman go to the port of the country properly.

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And just for anyone that is interested in Chef icom did hold a short course on the woman's status in marriage a few months ago. Just recently, this course was uploaded to our on demand platform. If anyone is interested in

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enrolling in this course in Sharla, just head to and go on our on demand platform. And just one more thing insha Allah, I know we receive a lot of questions every week and sometimes we receive the same kind of questions. Sometimes Jeff aacomas actually answered the same question various times, sometimes in quite a lot of detail. And Sharla chef did answer a question a few weeks ago in detail about gym possession, whether gyms can only whisper or whether they can possess people

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in just to avoid chef answering the question again and again. We will refrain refrain from asking this question but in sha Allah hopefully we can release a recording in the next week in sha Allah

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Okay, let's take any question shall not one second

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Okay, let's take this question.

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I've heard from some scholars explaining that the explaining the wisdom behind this area by saying this area was made for man, not man for the show. Yeah. Is this true?

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First thing I've noticed about Mr. Bird for the mind, not a metaphor, the Sharia, with the Sharia is a murder laws are made for the people to follow to why people will verify the law. You know, I go to law school the human being to worship him. But then after that when the people live in the society, they knew the law and order. And that alone order is to organize the society to organize the people justice and fear and all those things. So Surya Musa, you know, detailed, you know, commands of Allah subhanaw taala, which is coming from the Quran and Sunnah, those details, the details have confirmed the human being, you know, for the individuals and for the society, to keep them in order,

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and you know, and implement justice and fairness in the society. So how can men will further Sharia aside, maybe the person did not been the core question properly? So I don't know really well, what does what is the meaning of the question?

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No worries in childhood, we will take the next question. This next question is from sister Annika. And her question is, is it allowed for a woman to seek higher education by going to by studying in modern University settings?

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You know, thinking that it did allow for the man to go to higher education to do stuff. Nobody asked this question about the men.

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I don't understand where people get the idea that in Islam, there is some difference between men and women in education. The same minimum and women both have the same mind the same brand, same requirement, same news, we need a women doctors, we need men, doctors, we need a women engineers, we mean men, you know, there's nothing really to stop the women from any kind of a learning goal studying, you know, this question really constantly admitted that in the society, there is so much misunderstanding that people want the poor are obliged to ask a question like that. You know, it is not necessarily a question. It is not rational. You know, it really does not make any sense. When,

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you know, you send your son to the ministry on your daughter at the same age. She's ambitious, you stop at home because she the woman, that doesn't make any sense in Islam, because we both have same requirements, same news, you know, if a woman wants to do well, she wanted to serve the society and the religion, why should we stop and sometimes women can be more beneficial, then the men we don't know this thing. So there's no two different laws in Islam. You know, for the minute we met the same same thing for men Same thing for women.

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Okay, let's take one more question inshallah.

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And this question is, how do I purify my knifes and my heart

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You know, if people obey the laws of hautala He's the laws are you know, his commands are all to help you to purify yourself and to make you you know, nearer to him, just for his commands, you know, whenever every time see what is commodities, when is command is to marry, you get married, when is command to pray, then pray, when is commanded to fast fast, when his commodity want to buy, buy, don't buy bite, don't hurt anybody don't harm anybody. They know whatever is commodity this fall, come on, you repair will kill you. There are commands on the command Sir, he says, I gave the command to clean you, to purify you. So Allah knows our needs, he knows our knows. He knows our

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heart and He knows everything. So every commodity has given us to benefit us to make us clean and pure to when we die. We are in a qualified to be in the neighborhood of Allah subhanaw taala so don't listen to the people who think there are certain you know, alien now running your practices. If you do them, you will kill you. You know don't answer to these people. They don't know how about cleaning the dumpsters or dirty people. Nobody can be more clean than the prophets and messengers. Nobody in the in the in your universe. The nobody more clean than any profit messengers. Work and cleaner profit messenger. CMT can clean you. So there's no other path for cleaning all this proxy

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that people have been invented. They make you more dirty, they you make your slave of human being. So very bad men are really very very bad men are We are here to be successful. If you are a slave of Allah, you are free you are more clean, more pure to do your prayers do fasting you know obey Allah subhanaw taala don't hurt anybody don't back bite you know do honesty in our harmony and it's been harder

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you'll be pure agree inshallah.

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Okay, just not going if I share for your time. I think that's it. All the questions for today inshallah. sincere apologies to anyone whose question has not been answered. And just to reiterate, as I mentioned before, shape icon has. We've had many Q and A's in the past few months. I think

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anyone is interested or there's something that hasn't been answered, please do head to our YouTube channel. And most likely than not, we will have a video on a question that you have in Sharla. And just one last announcement we've just launched a new course with Chef accom that we this course is on keytab attorneys by email Muslim. This is a one day course in sha Allah and it will be held on the Fourth of July 2021. And this course is at the moment only 25 pounds please do head on to the URL on the screen in sha Allah for more information or head on to our Facebook page or our Instagram page. And additionally our Twitter as well in sha Allah. Geez oh geez echo laughing everyone for

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joining us and please do join us again next week Thursday 6pm BST inshallah. So I want to come