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February 2, 2019- Part 1


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The segment discusses the end of a five or ten-minute segment and the importance of addressing racism, equality, andgender issues. Hanifa, a powerful figure, was a leader of a large population in the Eastern region of Pakistan and caused deaths and lost his reputation. The segment also touches on a woman who was pressured into signing up for the Republican party and expresses discomfort with the president's press campaign. The segment also touches on the struggles of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of avoiding touching items during quarantine.

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The story would have been a five minute or a 10 minute segment in my huddle thought that will be the end of it. But it took two or three sentences, actually, then we have a page and a half or two pages before on addressing the topic, you got the last point I wanted to treat the community a lesson that would extend to us that we will learn, you know, 1400 years later, or so.

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So after all this happened, and issues of racism and equality and justice, and brotherhood, and inequity, and gossip, and matters, and marriage, and boring gays and Zina. And all these things were talked about, and the T's were crossed, and the i's were dotted. And it was clear to everyone how they were supposed to behave from now on and those will be mistakes, you've got to get an earful.

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There were a few incidents that happened after that, that kind of proved that the Sahaba actually, were a community of people that had the potential and ability to improve, they could improve significantly, the change, you could see it with your own eyes was blooming with them for over a year. So we just stopped which is, which is kind of a couple of things. At the same time, you can put scope in your heart, that surely happen to us as well. Our societies have the ability to have the flexibility have the potential to change, to actually change youth and elderly and children all we can change we can make that that.

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That transition from one way of thought and one mentality, when we have behavior to something much better. It's not impossible, it's not really difficult. It just takes us some willpower. It just takes a certain percentage of people within that society to come together, like minded start making some changes in themselves and encouraging those around them to do the same, you'll see a change and we always told them we were younger, being taught issues of management and leadership that oddly takes us 2% of any society to change.

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You don't need to hold 72% of the society to change

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and other influential people. And if there are people at the right age groups that the rest of the fall, then the rest of the cycle, just do whatever they're doing. It's like the leaders of Lyon do have a hurt if they if they go in one direction, or anyone will follow. So all we need is to 2% which kind of adds up here in London to be 340 people. If you have that maybe I'll point the fact that people are willing to make a big change in their lives. And you can see a huge shift within it within one generation, in terms of how we think and how we behave and what values we carry and how we act. So we give you an example. There's a man called Samantha and it was good, I thought it was a

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really interesting story. It's a fun story. So Samantha was one of the leaders of any honey for honey, if you want to learn at some point in the future as I move on after this, but he was one of the middle Khalifa or a group of people who geologically actually are very far away from the province lineage. And almost to the point where they don't really meet like the Arabs are theoretically all related, but better Hanifa and Mugabe and what are

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the bumps, I still understand the idea that the tree, you don't really class until like 1000s, of hundreds of variations going upwards. So there was always some animosity between them. And you'll find it in the Hadith, Elijah, you'll be able to point out that there was always a bit of that. So to whoever I think a person from from Libya from from Geneva being one of the leaders of many, many, but he did not like the problems of mice and men by nature of him being from a different point of view. And he hated him more when he knew that he was claiming prophecy. So he participated in all the wars against him funny, selfless about with money, and with some sometimes with Miss sending

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So Mama didn't participate even in killing Muslims, and yet killed a number of Muslims and raves. Previously, we'll talk about basic jealousy again, so you understand what the word means.

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And then after we between the between Iraq, and Arabia, the brothers of iclm was when he started to do you wanted to clean the area around Medina a bit. He wanted less threats around Medina. And the reason I'll tell you in a few minutes, we'll talk about why but because there was a lot of treason going on, like people getting killed, most of them weren't safe to walk to leave, you know, a few a few kilometers outside of Medina, they were getting butchered and kidnapped. So we wanted to clean the area around a little bit be a bit more safe to set up troops, small troops and small groups. And he sent a troop once and is to drop back tomorrow. Now they didn't know when he was the to

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themselves. They have no idea who this guy was. They didn't know that he was leader of one of the biggest tribes in the eastern part of Arabia. But this man owned basically all the produce of wheat in all of Arabia, because that's where wheat was grown is in the eastern part of Arabia, but Ohio grew the wheat and the barley. And he basically owned that that it had a monopoly on that industry. So he was a very, very rich and influential they just know and know that this was him

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at school

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every every week

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yeah, so yeah, very good. So you'll hear a bit more detail on the story and maybe you can you can share that with your with your, with your class. So to me that's what he was he was a very influential man. And he had a lot of hatred towards the wisdom that he fought against him quite often. And he was content that people will kind of have no idea who he was. He brought him to the mercy of approximately seven provinces MCs him and unlike the truth he knows exactly who he is. So he sees that he does exactly what he is obliged to do and you know, he's got his

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call No, we don't know we just find a bunch of people

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lurking around in the air you told us to go and clean up

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say you've been here, but this is the leader of

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that we have here looking at him this is a leader he has is the king of the word of King was used as in some in some narration that's that that's how huge the tribe that he actually ran was called might not be another one of them but it's up to you execute him immediately because he has caused a lot of death and I want to listen to you and he deserves you

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know, don't get me whenever we take a Syria in the masjid or if you go to Arabic or in Middle East or massage it you'll find that there are beavers or pools in the middle of the message a bit more than you hear. I don't know why wouldn't happen. But anyway, fairly just made differently. But you'll find him in the middle of kind of holding up the structure. So and most recently happened. And as a kid I was always hiding behind them and I didn't want my shift proceed. And I just keep on adjusting my angle as you walk so you couldn't see me and nobody always always there anyways, but you don't have that luxury here this question died from someone. But anyway, so he told he tells

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them tie him to the to the donor the viewer talking about the polls.

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And the problem size that comes by by the man indicator to mama. So what's going on?

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I wasn't going I wasn't hanging. So tonight, nobody

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has inducted Dr.

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Wayne Dyer who are in tune in tune in Mahadasha. When the cell phone machines,

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so it doesn't exist. We talked about

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if you kill me, if you execute me, you actually execute someone who is deserving of execution was killed many episodes before. So I certainly got that. If that's what you want to do, then I can't really argue against it. Like if you want to come and argue with me or debate with me whether I deserve excuse or not, I'm going to lose the debate because I have heard it many times. And if you decide to be too generous with me, and forgive me, then I am someone who is very well so great gratitude. I can be very grateful. Yeah, Muhammad, if you were to show me some, some mercy.

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And if it's money that you're after with everything, then don't ask me and I will give you as much money as you want. I own more than you'll ever know, is asking how much money you want on

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the proper size. And everyone just walked by

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the next day, of course, he thinks that the

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next day comes by karma. And again, what you have here.

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So do not always say the same thing. It's up to them. Internal internal matter, shotgun, went up with that one second, we're in contact, we will live a second party communications. Same thing, if you want. If you decide to execute me, then you are you have the right to do so I am deserving of this. And if you forgive me, or pardon me that I will show you great gratitude.

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And if it's money specifically that you want, and I have a lot of basket, I'll give you what you want.

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The box is

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Third day, same thing, same question. Same as the prophet same walks by he prays when he's finished, he turns back to the sahaba. He says who? Just just on time.

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So the end time, it's all your status.

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Now what

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if I don't

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Very interesting. The way the problem has always been dealt with this man. Very interesting. I mean,

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and you guys, you've just built this. All you have every time I ask you, this is all you guys think it's about killing you. And it's about money and it's about that's all you do.

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That's why you think, fine, go to school, apparently you're not as intelligent. And as important as I thought you go. That was basically the idea. So the other side there is reinfused you know, I made three offers none of them were in the province hasn't really responded to any of the three and now he's gone.

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So he walks out and the narration tells you that Obama IDC being he's kind of walking around aimlessly, you're not sure what to do. Should he go back? Should he? What should he do? And he kept wandering around a bit until he finally asked is there like a welder that I can maybe

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take a shower and clean myself? So they said yes, it's just one that's open, it's public and going to use it usually is empty. So he got

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always there's no one there. So he goes and does things himself. And he comes back he said in the middle of the lesson and you mix your head into the box, but

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when they come to the words and also have a turn back, look at him. Funny, Mohammed, Allah He Maka and they want you to absorb the ear mink. On that kind of ability to absorb the eligibility for America. They've been dealing Ebola. Yes, indeed. There was no one on earth. I hate it more than you. There was no country I hate more than yours. And there was no Dean or religion that I hate more than yours. anomala in Nicaragua, Nancy Lee, I tell you today that I find you to be the most beloved person to my heart. And I find your country to be the most beloved country to me and your religion to be the most brilliant to me for more than 100 I'd imagined for any partner at Nomura, I haven't

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tested properly the way you've been teaching people to do it so tell me what to do what would you like me to do with it in the meantime

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now I'm gonna tell you what's going to happen in a moment but the question is

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my god

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I should

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sugar no more

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as a headline how relevant was more

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past headline

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metaphors move on

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oh oh one wall up on

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before we move on to the continuation of the story, because it's actually another part of the story. Why do we think the prophet that the mother actually accepted us now? What was the trigger for him?

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Could be the problem with potential as well but you think

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Alright, what else do you think?

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Maybe when someone's

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tired in the middle of the Masjid. What does he see all day?

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Yeah, right. So let's see. If I was tired and a little messy. I couldn't move for a few days, that I will definitely see how many prayers I'm gonna see in three days.

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15 frames, right and I'm going to witness 15 prayers. So I'm gonna wait just 15 times people coming in and ended up

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back at the day the message was, there were no laws. So you could actually see them coming from afar. You can see them doing almost all their activities, you can hear them talking dealing with each other, you can see everything.

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So my mom has reserved this for three days.

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And he was impressed with what he saw.

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If I can say that he was impressed with me. So what I can say with confidence is that he was not disappointed with what he saw. But he was not

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repulsed by what he actually saw. And I'm gonna ask you a question right now if someone was tied right beside the door over there, right

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for a day and it was first to see us enter and leave the message he

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was forced to see how we behave. How we put our shoes how we talk to one another how we line up for Salah what we say after you know we say before it

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you think he would walk out if you're saying I should do Hola Hola. Hola. Hola what to do with it let me know when he's gonna say something walking out. Which one do you think it is? You think he is a non Muslim is when you definitely felt Muslim. You can be impressed with the level of Milan discipline that we have. We show a lot of respects level manners that we show one another how we deal with each other. I can tell you that Puma

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If he wasn't 100% impressed as I think, of course he was, he definitely didn't see something that made him

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think otherwise.

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And he didn't see things that made him think what a bunch of barbarians didn't see that no, because he didn't even himself, it's things like 100, I got out, you have no idea what these people do, or how they behave.

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You have no idea what they do with their own parking lots to one another. You see how they fill their shoes around? You see the pushing and shoving. And no, you don't see them. He actually when he saw him, when he observed was this, he's like, I like to be a part of this. This seems like a group I would be proud to be part of. So he went in, even though for him, it's a big deal for him to follow somebody. Somebody said that someone from a different a completely different drive that he's been enemies with for a long time. And his something to a certain extent, his his leadership in his own tribe is based on the fact that he's going to present a musical so hard is indifferent to make,

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but he made it.

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I want you to think about that. When you think about the fact that every movement that you make every time you make a decision or you do something you're an ambassador of the deen

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you represent your own do you represent what you believe it represents? What way of life you're deciding to live. That's what you represent, represent Islam because you've chosen to be a Muslim, to represent Islam every time you make a move. That's just that's a normal. There's nothing weird about this. And there's nothing that should scare you off. If you decided to be a Muslim, that every time you do something you are one way or another representing the way is that if you're saying this isn't how is this what Islam told me to do? This is what my religion is about the way I acted right now.

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And if you make mistakes, you shouldn't be few. And you should be able to immediately apologize. But this is not what my name says I shouldn't be doing this mistake. I'm going to fix that.

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So whoever got to see firsthand, he got a first seat first row seat to watch was news. Right? And it says if the story is coming at this point, to say that this will have improved. All the mistakes that were happening in the last year, all the misbehaviors and mistreatments. Enough, had improved to the point where I remember being tied up gotta watch this, going back and forth. He saw how how cleanly with each other one hygiene. He's all kinds of people how respectful they were. He's other matters amongst each other. He saw the discipline that you love. Everything is organized, everything follows a rule. People aren't shoving and pushing. So he saw something that he was impressed with

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that maybe prior to Islam, he had not seen it his own family in his own in his own people. He's wondering what made everyone so so respectful and tender and kind and considerate of others? What made them like this? It must be whatever. Well he of course he he made the connection. He saw the products as an adult with him. And he's

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so positive on this. And it's still affecting women to accept this Don't be accepted. I wonder if he was to be if you were tied up today, you know what what do you think?

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I think and he was tied up and

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he watched us come prepared, shuffled in for soda and shovel out.

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Or standing near where the shoes are the time somewhere with the bathrooms or watch us go in and out of our parking lot. Sorry.

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I wonder but once upon a time, you were so good. Restore organized and so discipline that someone actually look watch just for a moment. He doesn't belong to me. I wanted to be a delegate.

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And he got into a zone. You got into the camera. He doesn't remember the way the Prophet saw that I said and taught him so the people raised their jaws drop.

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To mama also loads. You left your dean to some other things apply, Massimo Do I have enough mighty Whitney Madison to add more human stem to Linda Hill? I know you mentioned the fate of Muhammad and I submitted myself for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah Allah He led tau min miotic illogical mini Khalifa how Bertha Sheridan was

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at the University and Rasuwa and let me tell you something else. You know the wheat and barley that you get from us every year you do not dream to see one speck of it the dough humbles us Illinois you

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you will not I believe you will not get anything from us until the rockets I send them off it says that it's okay

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so now the police has a bigger problem to deal with because now with the depend on eating and drinking during this and I told you guys about this last time that they needed this for the wintertime without this people would die so they depend on the caravans of money I need to come in and sell them wheat and barley and what they need and the kingdom but if I was standing there saying you're not gonna see one specimens, you get nothing fighting Muhammad you got nothing but him.

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So they actually so far he actually sent a letter to the province of XML, asking him can you please ask Sumava to sell us wheat and barley. And there's a high bar showing the letter in there

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laughing and they're so happy look finally yawning we twisted their arms about the products I send them sent back say it's too messy let me know I will call me me I

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don't know how to order food but that was how you were very surprised it was from Allah you have a card ever winning cardio and Joker you can use it use it now use it to get what you want use it for them to return to us everything they took from us during our homes in return our our wealth that they stole from us from digital because it's still they still haven't gotten the saliva still didn't get back with those with the workplace check from them back before when we went with the internet happened six years ago now. The robot says no, we're not gonna hold back food

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not going to starve people. That's not how we do things. So he tells them up and you know, keep on saying send send them send them what you send them normally. So I said okay, and he did.

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And when you look at the Ceylon you think that this moment was a moment of victory. The prophets I send them had the ability to use sidecar behind you have leverage now real leverage, you can actually change things. You refuse to use it. No, we're not going to start

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another another example of something that happened

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is motivate us to to the sea goes to the province. And I said he was sending out troops to clean up the area that is surrounding Medina to clean people saying that they're going to go on caravans and move around because it wasn't going to kill. So he said they were Aveda and to the west and Medina if you look at the map and it is posted, it is close to the coast. It is not very far away. Or close to there's a small city beside Medina there was no younger. So there is a beautiful beautiful coast city like beaches and stuff. And we started to go there as a kid. And it's not too far away, maybe half an hour to 45 minute drive to the provinces I would send I would send the I was sent to

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motivate up I don't want a caravan. And he wanted him to go up and down the coast.

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So he did that on the long run. But in the meantime, while they were doing it, they ended up miscalculating how much food they're going to need. And at a certain point, they were too far away from Indiana to come back. And they had almost nothing left. There was almost nothing left for the deeds. So I'm gonna make a sign with them. It was like maybe a few 100 men, and they took up with foodless lashes. And another narration says that some of the food went bad. And other agent said that some of the camels feel broke loose and the food got lost. And we don't know exactly when they were in a crisis for food. And they put the food in front of each other. And it turned out that for

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the next two weeks, everyone would get

00:22:35--> 00:22:58

between four and five dates. That was what you're going to eat for the next 14 days, which adds up to a date every two days or every or every three days. And what I mean I sat down with a man and he divided the dates and everyone was getting their their share that they're going to have for the next two weeks. Java does have a story about Ebola he couldn't know most of Tambora a Yemen

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had to read famine hashtag don't when it wants to know how you would select on the date for a day or two though nothing's left in the second picture of the date for a while look for a day or two and one of those will have a losing destroy all of a sudden say mark an activity after we've done a lot of demo or it's it's helped you or thought of Allah he was talking to her.

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We found the pain when we didn't have any more. Are you thinking that sucking on a fit isn't helpful, but we didn't have the bit the second one, it really hurt me that the pain of hunger was was really really hard. So don't never underestimate

00:23:34--> 00:23:45

the importance of food. And the interesting part is all 300 men, no one of them had an objection or whether want to go back to Medina they stuck to the to the mission that they were given by the province going up and down