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Adnan Rashid
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the lack of belief in God and the confusion surrounding "react" as a result of the lack of actual knowledge of the Quran. They argue that God has power over everything, including creation, but cannot create anything without his words. The speaker criticizes the definition of "people" and their lack of understanding, questioning the definition of "people" and their desire to stop existential existence.
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you believe that something exists? God and doesn't have a beginning?

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Nobody, that even not devil, not angels. Nobody, except God himself can understand that. Can you understand? How can something exists? Is that the beginning? You understand? I do understand you don't understand that. I'm saying

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I'm saying that God doesn't have proven

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I'll talk for one minute and you talk for one once.

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Why was

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one minute?

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Equal? It doesn't go

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to one question yet but I can.

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You want to discuss 20 questions in one minute or one question and 10 minute looks exactly like now. Yes.

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What's the question? My question is Are you claiming I'm not claiming anything? I didn't claim anything you came. You came Allah is God Yes. Oh, so you claim you change your mind? No, you asking me do I claim God? I said yes. Okay, so you can Allah is God no, I don't claim I said I believe in God, but he killed as well. Right? You claim Allah is already saying that I don't have to claim. I'm not saying anything to you. We're talking doesn't matter your talk. You believe what? You see, I'm standing. I'm listening.

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I'm gonna say God, claim to make more comfortable. I'm gonna say Billy, you believe you're saying what?

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You're saying? You're saying you believe ALLAH is God? And you get that from the Quran, obviously. And it was to get the information about Allah from the Quran or the Hadith, right? Am I right or wrong? I'm gonna be wrong. Yes, you're right. Okay, now, I want to know who

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actually I know who I want to know how. Yes, I want you to ask the question. How did Allah create the word? Okay. Okay, Allah created the word by simply saying Be and it became. Okay, so Well, I'll give you the verse in the Quran in surah baqarah chapter two, verse 116, and 17 he says what Ada Omron for in NAMA, you're

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gone for your code when he wants something to be, he simply says and he becomes Okay. Okay. Wait, am I giving you a reference? Nope, you didn't finish okay. I have given I have given the reference. I have given the reference

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out the world. Okay. Let me

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let me finish my answer. Let me come

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in this verse. It starts by saying I want to build ownership under a James has been laid off Amanda Rahim. But do some of what you will. He is the initiator of the heavens in the earth. What is called the Omron for inamoto kulula. Who can for your goon when he wants a matter to be, he says, become an it becomes okay. That's how Allah created the heavens and the earth by saying be and heaven on the earth. Okay. So now you get the answer.

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So now if you understand without Allah speaking, nothing will happen right? Yes without Allah creating without Allah.

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God good. Now we get to the point. So that tells us without the word of God, Allah cannot create the word right? Not necessarily unlocking brilliance something can become that you just said into the camera not that's not the only way Allah can

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let me explain why he says it aka Omron, for insomnia for your code, when he wants a metric to be and he says be an addict, okay? Now Now this this doesn't mean let me finish. It doesn't mean that he has to say a billion times for a billion chicks to be produced in eggs. Okay, he can say it once be all of these things. And so so whether he says a billion times or once we simply don't know the Quran says Oh, yeah. Oh, he feels it to become an it becomes simple. All right. So that tells me at the moment that Allah without his words that he speaks to say be without doubt one, he cannot create the world right? He can do anything. We believe ALLAH can create. Like he has told us Allah has told

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him believe that he just lied to me you don't believe I can do everything don't believe. I believe we don't I'm telling you I believe I believe

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you believe

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they just can't do everything. So let me explain what I

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can do everything so

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you want to answer the Quran says in Allah Allah Khalifa in Kadir Okay, now, in this verse we have Allah telling us that Allah has power over all things. Okay? Okay, wait,

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is everyone listening? Okay? Allah has power.

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over all things, right? What is the definition of things? What does she actually mean? Things means possibilities. Things that actually truly do exist, have the possibility to exist. God ceasing to be God is an impossibility. It is an impossibility. God cannot cease to be God, God, even if he wants to cease, he can't cease. Can God cease to exist? No, the answer is no. Because God has no power over impossibilities. Do you understand? Things that don't exist? God, so God, if God intends, if God says, I don't want to become I want to cease to exist? I want to decide I believe if I believe everything, let me do you believe God can completely disappear? cease to exist? I believe he can

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answer my question. Yes, I believe he can be completely completely cease to exist. These are all things at the same time, I believe that that's the paradox. Do you know why

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Sorry, he cease to exist. Everything dies? You know that? That's the secondary question. Now the first question is, the primary question is Can God cease to exist? Yes, he can. You know, why? God? God can disappear. Yes.

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Okay. Do you know why Christian?

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Because it was impossible for man. It's possible for God.

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I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna stay on this question we're discussing are you brought this up?

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You made a point.

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And not existed the same time. Now I want to.

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I want to

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understand why not? Why not?

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Why did you do you understand it? Do you not understand it? So why do you know why he's saying?

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He's hiding. Are

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you telling me Do you understand God? Okay, of course.

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I'm unlimited. You unlimited?

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Can I say? Can I say something? No, because you're not gonna say something that you just made a claim. You made a claim that God can cease to exist and exist at the same time? Wait, do you understand? No, you don't? Why did you say, because?

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I'm telling you why. I'm telling you, late brother. I'm gonna, I'm gonna say I'm gonna. I'm gonna say Google mama GT.

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Did you understand? Can I spoke? I spoke the truth.

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I don't understand. I don't understand. Does anybody exist? Okay to understand, how can you just made a statement you don't understand? Why would you use that statement against me? When you don't understand? You will do some things. But this is another example of God when he was an example of God. You the same thing though. You will do the same thing. Do you know why you said you know God can cease to exist and not exist at the same time? Yeah, existence? Yes. Yes. Do you understand what

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you don't answer? about God? Sorry. about God, I understand this man that God cannot do you understand everything about God? No, not everything. Same as me. But I'm I understand what I'm saying. I understand what I'm saying. I'm saying God.

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I understand what

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can come here. I claim they understand this. How can you need you need to go back to the university or school or college? Wherever you left.

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Okay, you believe

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your primary school

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medicine up believe there is something that exists, which is God, and doesn't have a beginning? Yeah, nobody, not even not devil, not angels. Nobody, except God himself can understand that. Can you understand? How can something exists? Is that the beginning? You don't understand that? I do understand. You don't understand that. I'm saying I do but I'm saying I'm doing. I'm saying that God doesn't have to prove it. Yes. The Quran says God is eternal. You

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know, does the proof play proved to be understanding that's the proof to me by doesn't prove God, you understand that you have to understand that God tells me that he has no. God tells me that he has no beginning. Okay.

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I understand that God tells me that. For that reason, for that reason, I know God told me that and because God to God told me that that is the truth and I understand it as the truth that God has no begin

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