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February 2, 2019- Part 2

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The speakers discuss various stories and topics related to evil behavior and trustworthiness. They touch upon the use of turbid on people's shoulder, the natural consequences of being evil, and the importance of protecting oneself from evil behavior. They also mention the natural consequences of being evil, including negative behavior and the loss of prosperity. The police officer describes a woman who had a dream and eventually made it to the city, but the officer refuses to do anything with her until they find a match. The woman was hesitant to giving up until they find a match.

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on very little food. I'll just do the interesting by the only story actually goes is that they ended up going, they were supposed to go and camp it on the shore for a while because that's where inflammation is caravans Go back, go through the provinces. And his goal was to make place a bit more fierce, fearful of moving caravans around Medina is just a way to pressure for a stick kind of the idea is what is the province the same one from place? I don't, no one's gonna forget this point. This point is very important. I've been talking, and I do that and in the back of my mind is or you should know what the provinces and these are playing. He needs them the one thing he needs from

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them, Hello, baby or maintenance and all we just speak to people, there was no freedom, stop pressuring tribes around me not to listen to me. Because most of the Arabic tribes didn't want to listen to the brothers. And I said the reason being that what I told him if you do so your idol falls off the God.

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And you're no longer part of our religious group and you're going to exile you completely. So all those who tried to scare you, they don't want that. So in order for them to listen to the province, I said what he has to say and he's he's cool. Listen to him. And the prime minister said doesn't want to force anyone into his gun. He just wants his chance to talk about it. Can you just listen to me if you don't like if I go to you, I encourage you not to take it if you don't want it, but I want the ability to speak freely. And that's all he was looking for their freedom of speech said McCoy's was a nice guy. So he was trying to pressure operation into allowing him to speak, which is also

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going to turn into an event.

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So he can sit there and if he's ready to food and Sahaba art, they're not they don't Eric don't really know the scenery. Well.

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Well, obviously they're living in the desert. So we see them as a scary place and they're not really as accustomed to it. They don't want to fish. So the Sahaba were trying to fish they were making these

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rods and you're trying to and they were completely you're failing completely they had no idea what they were doing whatsoever. And the Grace of Allah somehow gyro a the large fish and washed up on shore and dead whale basically.

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The Sahaba had never seen a whale before. They'd never seen a face filming. So they didn't know what they saw. And then if you go to the books and you find a description, it's hilarious. When I said Marsha I saw a leash it's i It's like a it's like a bathroom.

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But you can see it because it just it just made it that's how big he saw the fish to be like that will to me and you were talking about the amount of meat and and when and where this will be washed up. You're asking him to eat to eat is dead it wasn't started properly. So Boveda says hola Hey, whether it's cluttered but we are not we're starving to death. So we're going to eat regardless of anything. So the age and gender tells us that we ate and we ate until we became public we actually became fat like after a couple of weeks I was talking on dates with almost nothing we ate at the time we were bringing back the plum and we when we went back to the province and said we had taken

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some back and we told that Allah we saw a fish that was this big and this big and these are him describing this fish that Allah it's ribs a couple of camels can walk under his ribs is so big you can take Nick with a shoulder as well love was excited with the progress that he was laughing and they're saying that it's gonna be eight but we didn't really we didn't we didn't slaughter

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fatahna calm means attorney with a man it's hard for you to eat to death things and two sources of blood because it's haram otherwise to eat dead things are like Oh god, I haven't met them and as far as the what can you do? When you need spleens and livers of course not humans spleens and livers but from from the animals that you're allowed to eat like livestock and chicken then you can eat the spleen and eat deliver even though they are even medically, one of the

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organs that either produce blood or have a lot of blood in them. And it may turn into dead things is you can eat you can eat the dead fish from sea. So that fish upon me was not ruined and the meat is not ruined, then you don't need to slaughter fish. If it's even if even if a fish is floating on in the ocean is halal for you to eat it and enjoy and is basically certain types of insects but they're not smaller. They're a bit bigger. The Arabs used to use those back in the day. We don't feel that anymore. So that's not an issue for you. But the province is subsidizing them getting them to struggle. And then quite a battle to Monaco. We had a lovely shake up. Did you guys bring any of the

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meat that you're talking about? You

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actually brought some fun how to give it to me back in Indianapolis and then we eat some of that some of the wheel leads to the bikes. Yes.

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No, no, I don't believe I don't vote for you. So it's a good question. He doesn't want to be I have no idea. I don't think so.

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The third story I'll share with you

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is the man's troops to know what the agenda is they're gonna go forward like they put in a speech and move it. Okay, perfect. Thank you done. So, this is an interesting story because I was told by the prophets I send them to go to a place up in the northern part where you call do dome with agenda today. I think it's part of Jordan law.

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I'm not sure I haven't looked back looking jargon for a while, but he was sent up there to go and talk to people who were

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a group of people who had been fighting the products I sell them physically for a while and now are bringing troops are sending money and are working strategically with other sending

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missionaries and people who are fighters paying the money to come in harm but listen, so the brothers that would catch these people ask them who paid you to do this and they will say we were paid by the people in Dover the agenda so the brothers I said, we're gonna we're gonna have a couple of couple 100 men that go up north go receiving and if you can eat you can end this issue with them and or maybe call them to his lab and he gave me no except this now we don't know, because they don't really care go up north, they didn't care too much. So he goes out.

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And it's a nice story because I've got a man before he leaves Medina with his troops, he goes and he phases just laying behind the province of Liza Lim wearing the full armor to the brava iZombie official site, he looks back and he said, I'm gonna

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require you here and your troops are waiting for you.

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And you're gonna have even Medina, Salah T Monica why and the last thing for me to do in Medina was to pray with you, just in case I never come back.

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And man was wearing a turban. So the bubbles I said looked at

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That's not that's not a good way it is. So I sat down, and he took me the Robins took off, I've got a turban, and he took his own stuff I never heard of or when he made any fix it up for him. Mechanic, I email them. So that was a black turban, though I'm gonna cut up here. And it's the cause it's a piece of plot in the last piece of cloth Lee between the shoulder and like a parka.

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These are used to vary from Nolan. And why am I telling the stories I'm always talking about this story. The day he sat and the prophets I send them dressed him. He put put a target board up on his head and put a light level in your window and MSN email. I never touched it. I never change anything. It's just the day the buttons I send them put it on my head, the leaders of Allah he load and listen, man. It wasn't for the fact that had to have showers every once in a while I wouldn't have taken the data publicly, or the data problems. I said, put it on my head. Some I actually, I don't know if it's authentic enough. But I'm not one of the women in the field and hence. And He

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showed that he showed us an old turbine that he had any any claim got to be the turbine that I've worn for for many, many years. There are certain parts to certain things about done or made or war or given to others that you'll find evidence of around the world that people are certainly held on to it's always something just sentimental. Something nice to see just

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takes you back. It's a thing think. So I've got a man left and he took the truth and he goes up north to where he wanted to go. But before he left, the province ally Sanlam spoke to him as he's walking. He wants to hold troops to listen and hear what he's going to say. So this is what he said on his phone on his way up by Ozu Bismillah leave in the name of Allah subhana wa Tada but he studied Allah and for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada forgotten men of Allah and find those who have defied us in the fight Allah subhanaw taala is talking about the people who deal with agenda what are the who don't steal anything from people, just because you have arms and just because

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you're capable don't take notice to someone who speak with a few candles are cheating and stealing when I tell you what I tell them to not be training others don't betray even your enemy. If there's a deal and an agreement that we're going to be at truce for a few hours without them doing it do not betray them. What I touched on when either I do not do not murder or kill something that is that is not fighting you like a child or or an elderly person, someone who's not actually fighting and do not kill that and do not harm that person. But I do love it. We're seeing what's gonna be evil V. This is the covenant of Allah subhanaw taala for you. And this is the way of your prophets amongst

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you. This is what he does when I teach you is what I'm here to teach you to do.

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So I have no idea who

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it is when I'm talking to people. But yeah, you had nerves it depo Hamsun tagless hands publicly offended radical Are you helping people there are five things you want to protect yourself from before things get really bad before you will fall into a problem that you cannot fix after that. And these are the five things that he said but my numbers are make yellow Goldman Allah who is teeny one offs and Mr. Marathi I love them you have your home when people start cheating financially, but people aren't that when they tell you that I'm selling you fairly, where they're not who they're buying from you they're not they're not being fair or they're using rebel or their or their whatever

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financial corruption enters a group of people. Allah subhanaw taala misogyny we're not something that was coming to them or difficult years of poverty and lack of provision that was going to happen

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is not going to be I mean, here's my question for you. Is that going to be difficult? Meaning is that going to happen in a mystical way? You don't deal fairly with people

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financially and suddenly everyone becomes poor? Or is it? Or is it the natural, the natural consequences of people cheating each other financially? What happens when we start cheating one another, when riba starts spreading amongst us, when we're not fair, we're not sure what's going to happen. Money falls in the hands of the wrong people. And the rich get richer and the poor get poor. And that's how many of you have years of poverty, see what the provenance lies that taught us.

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The ruling is he taught us the ways of life, he taught us to lead to prosperity, and going against them naturally leads to loss and leads to leads to difficulty is not a mythical relationship.

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And sometimes, if we were taught things in a way that makes us feel like that, but that's not the truth. That's not how things actually work. The second thing, well, my neck was the devil, in that sense of Allah or anything I do. And a group of people if they betray one another, then their last count, I will send their enemy amongst them to beat them. Well think about it. If I betray you, when we would train me, then the fabric of our society becomes very weak. Of course, our enemies going to be this is the natural consequence of us beings, people who aren't trustworthy amongst each other. If I can't trust you, you can't trust me, we don't deal with each other with trustworthiness, then

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of course, we're gonna have a weak society and enemies will come in each world and destroy you. It's a natural consequences.

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Well, the Muslims were they fighting amongst each other with a demographic theme. There was a group as a distinct group that was on the other side, but the Muslims themselves were different. Right? The third point was only 11 sec Allahu alayhi wa sallam it would have been bad in the news.

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And it whenever a group of people withholds the guy saw things ago, then that even the sky will not give them its water and the only time it will rain rain for the sake of animals, not for their sake, it's me it'll continue to rain, but there'll be no Baraka anymore. There'll be no water and of course there's gonna be no vodka when when when you hold with all the rage of Allah subhanaw taala that is supposed to be given to those who are in need in society but is going to die off when people are walking around a hungry there's no bargain any community.

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And the final point where Malhotra defalcation told me in Lhasa level Allahu Allah even

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the fourth one, and whenever he shall prevail prevails within a community when there is no lowering the gays in marriage is not a priority and Zina enters into society, then bottled down is a word that the fingers meter is used for disease. And for weakness on individuals is what we see today. We just got which is what we were going through today. We're not having a phone, the lady a moron Illa investor hula, who she

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talks about. Whenever you start using the Quran as your guide, and the rulings that you go through through your life on a daily basis, then Allah subhanaw taala that what will happen is that you will turn into you will divide into groups, and he will start quarreling and fighting amongst each other. Just like so definitely do read these these pieces of advice that are given these five things that were warned that we've already done all of them. And not only have we done all of them, but we've already lived the consequences that the prophets Elijah taught is exactly what he said was gonna die. And it happened. It happened inside that we didn't believe that, you know, the Muslims didn't

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believe them, when he actually said that you have to wait for them to actually happen themselves. But at least you know, no, no, he tells you to do something so well, he said, Then he knows what he's talking about. Yeah, maybe prevent, maybe prevent the harm that can come by listening to what he has to say on the Sonos app.

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Alright, so the reason that a lot of these things are happening is because from this point going forward, I want you to remember this in the back of your head. This is like a little sticky note, you can put like the billboard of your brain somewhere, that from year six going forward.

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It was just recurrent trees. Every month, every week, the profits are rising and Muslims are being killed is not recorded at all. It is recorded, but it's not recording them too much. Because there's just too much to record. Because every week Muslims who are going on caravans to sell and buy or moving around changing whatever if they had like sheep and cattle and we're going to degrees elsewhere. We're getting killed. We're getting killed by tribes on already signed treaties of truce with with the Muslims. And the Brahmin. Elijah had to deal with these people for many, many years. And understanding that and saying that this happened many times that he was betrayed. So I sent him

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at least 55 times, at least at the back deck where the numbers of people who were killed were what was was significant. About one or two people talking maybe 10 People really being killed at once, which are numbers that are very scary.

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This happened from years six going forward and is going if you understand that now, it will be difficult for you to understand some of the rulings that are going to come forward in your number 10 and 11. That's what the film was revealed in order to behave in a certain way and to and to secure the air

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In a certain way, because it's easy just kept on happy. It just kept on let me give you two examples of this

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rate of adjustment. Who can tell me who am I going to once I do the someone's offer $20 For someone to meet this person was I remember back when the questions we did Yes.

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Very good, very good, very good. Well test perfect. He's one of the leaders of all fun. He was there on the day that I said he was the leader of Vodafone and he almost you know, took some of the data Medina and went back to 1100 is still working so progress and I said I'm quite against the Muslims quite aggressively. So what he does is he's now he's he's gone from doing the the war thing. He just had a to his wife to several people, and he goes around looking for Muslims from outside of Medina of it are not necessarily properly protected. And he would go and he would slaughter and he would steal everything. And what and one day what he did was he was able to get a job without a livery and

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without the law and order the base of Harbor, his son, his actual son, and as his son's wife, they owned a few camels and sheep, and they had a small tent where they were living, and this man or ADA came to them, he slaughtered them, he killed them, he stole his wife has done everything with him and left. And it was a big deal, because Donald was not one of the sons of the grace of God, but he was a great army. And so and above us, I was sent in troops after he never hustled to catch him.

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He sent them after. And suddenly this is an example of something that happened and they were able to successfully retrieve the cameras. However, the wife, the wife of them was able to escape is a funny story of how she escaped. In the midst of the of the fighting, she found that she she went, she jumped on one of the candles that the Sahaba had rustlers have again and coffee and so the people with them, and there is something there's some fighting going on. So she writes, she breaks loose, and she looks for a camel that doesn't have someone writing it or something she can use. And they tell her this is the capital of the province and advice and then jump on it and leave. So she jumped

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on the camel and she goes back and she's pregnant. And the Sahaba were successful, of actually retrieving all the rest of the candles and then Katherine Reed and everyone else and she makes it back. When she makes it back. She tells the problems of Allah I made it the questions really scared and traumatized, her husband was killed, and she almost lost her life. You also don't want to either Medina and

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I made a note that if I may tell you to safely I was thought of this scandal and gives me for God. Oh, Allah, He merges it. It's a lie. You made a very, yeah, it is not a good way to pay back this poor camera. Why would you? Why would you squander the thing that saved you? So she didn't know what to say? Because they wasn't thinking. And you're in you see here. And the point that I'm trying to make. The problem is, is that I was thought of it differently than that people back at the time back then for them to say that was a normal thing. You know, camels, where do you fit in you also need it. They didn't really feel that there was a connection between them at the end. So for her, I'm

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making an underscore this camera and feed people. The problem is that I sort of saw this capitalism as a spirit to the soul is what she saved your life.

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Why do you want to kill her? It's not only that you repeat something that saved your life. So he thought about it differently. He thought he saw things differently someplace. And people learn how to learn from it. They learned a lot. And she said, Okay, well, somebody made it. Oops, what do I do for con? La Nina de la female sciatica? Well, Anna, Dottie Nyla Triplicane. First of all, if you make an ode to do something that's not very good, that don't do it. You make an old spot or something that you don't know. And first of all, how do you do this is my camera. It's not yours. So you have no idea no religious thought, right? So you can make an oath to do something regarding

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something that you don't you don't really own. It's my it's my Campbell family. He started with this, so maybe it's too far and you should be good and the prophets has entered the cattle and even slaughter.

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Another example is, is the two tribes of Congo and Elena is a very difficult story to tell I didn't tell you the last two times it does seem like I didn't tell the story. Because I usually forget about going up now. So it's okay. But it's a hard story to tell because of what these people did. They came to the province on May 7, and they acted again like they wanted to learn this stuff and they had they took the Quran and they memorized they played for a few days. They said there was an Allah set with us a few people were very poor people some of those some people to teach us and some people with camels to help us you know grow some herbs. So he does ISIS exists for five people. Two

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of them are shepherds and three of them are the fuel to feast upon. And the moment that outside of Medina these these these people are local and our writer Dennis otter

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and they do it in a brutal and barbaric ways not just to clean kill no no they noodle mutilate them in the proper way synthesize them to bring their bodies they tend to bury them. He was sobbing so so that was about it because what they had done to them why would you do this? What's the point?

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So when you look when you look at this from year six to year 10, a lot of imprint season was happening. They were harming you

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It was the whole point of why I said this. Yet when he was given the initiative, and he is now he now owns the initiative, or he is weak, or he is tired of war, or he does not have its leaders anymore does not have the support anymore. The province lies and has the upper hand now, if he wants to march with an army to Operation take Mecca, he can do it now. Nothing can stop him. He's cleaning the area of Medina and he can easily make his way to make it there's nothing that he but he has the initiative. And when he was given the initiative on Islam was to them. He chose peace. He did not choose war. When Christ has the initiative they chose or every time they came from the beginning,

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they gave 100 They sent people to betray them. They kept on spending money paying people to kill Muslims, the prophets I said the moments had the initiative, the moment the ball was in his court and he could make a choice. He chose peace and he started to study the demographic of when it's gonna be demographic a policy change. So it was it was no longer longer the supreme leader after that they pushed him aside Abuja Hello, are you dying? May you have a credit for a day, a lot of the big people aren't there anymore. Some of them died of old age. So who was left a different generation? Anyway, even Evija. So HTML is one of the leading.

00:21:17--> 00:21:22

Now so far, the sonic Saniflo may have been the guy who mistreated the lead on the bottom line. So hey,

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a bunch of other people were younger. These people didn't have the same wisdom that their fathers had. So they're a bit more

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repulsed, reactive, they'll be impulsive, they'll do something stupid because they don't think things through. But at the same time, they have a different understanding of Islam. So they're a bit more open minded to the deen itself. So it's a kind of a weird mix that he was dealing with some lives. But he has some. Yeah, some of them maybe you can make a difference with these people, but just how to do it. How do I do this with peace? I don't want to do with war. I don't want to spill any more blood from either science anymore if I can, how do I do it? So he would stay up somebody said those nights making him drive thinking trying to figure out how he's going to do it with these

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and when that is sleeping so I send them and it's like one of those one of those you know, those lightbulb moments you walked into wakes up somebody said and he said, I know I'm going to do it through

00:22:15--> 00:22:20

I'm going to enforce peace through Allah. He said that no one understood anything. What we mean

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even though I do so how is that going to magically work middle he had a plan. The plan is amazing. Shows you how intelligent he was. When he signed the dream. He saw that he was going to make Aurora and the Sahaba rose and who knows sort of event right so a lot of sort of a low rate for Su level go here. But that's a Little Havana insha Allah who I mean we'll have the fino who simply will custody Nevada half moon but I don't even know him dynamore vagina and then do his daddy go. But tell me about the dream that you saw you were going into Mecca with the with the Sahaba some of you have shaved your head, some of you just trimmed trimmed the hair making Ramadan is going to come through.

00:22:59--> 00:23:05

But how is that was enforced piece. here's the here's the the genius part. All right.

00:23:06--> 00:23:15

Let me let me give you a background in Arabia Quraysh can do a lot of things. It cannot stop you from making or doing hunch. It cannot do that.

00:23:16--> 00:23:22

If you come saying the fake Allahumma the fake you're gonna have to they could hate your guts.

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They could be fighting you for you know, the last 10 years. That's like the title. I wish everyone put down their weapons. And everyone would come to me, even though the same two tribes have been fighting for the last 50 years. But during No

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they're not buddies or anything but they'll find a match. And you cannot sell this trial. Go back. You can't do it. It's my car. When he's gonna do that.