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that allows for intercession that we are on. In another Hadith the Prophet saw Sam says, the Quran chef young chef bar, he entered the Quran intercedes, and Allah Subhana Allah accept this, accept the intercession of the Quran. And so we definitely want to be closed and and develop the relationship with the Quran so that Allah Allah can accept the intercession of the Quran. And then for whom is that intercession? The Prophet saw some says, it's for the most part before the companions of the Quran, not anyone, the companion that goes close companion, what how what do you how do you ascribe a friend you're close to them, you you continue to have a continuous

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relationship, you it's built on trust. And and it's not just like once in a year thing or once a month thing so that that alludes to the meaning of consistency. So consistent, re citation pondering, reflecting, learning, teaching the Quran, just allowing it to change your attitude, your mindset, your emotions, that the person has whose reason for and has to be ready to change. Because if we're going to come and we have our own understanding of the world, our own fixed mindset, then it's very difficult to change. But if we're ready to give up our if we're ready to allow the Quran to change our outlook on life, then it will it will impact changes and that's the when you look at

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the world through the lens of the Quran that accompanying the Quran, and that's living in sha Allah with the Quran. I hope this hadith was beneficial and the beginning of the series in Allah Yahweh Al Imam Muslim world peace, hey, and Abby on MBU, mammoth all of your loved one who you're posting to rasool Allah, He says, Allah Allah will send me a whole approval Purana the inner who Yatta yo Mel PMT that will be here. So the Apollo Zulu is the Lord's and I'm the behind the globe him because God is