Adnan Rajeh – Mindfulness of the tongue #1

Adnan Rajeh
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Allahumma salli wa salam ala culinary you know have you been hammered rather early he you're so happy he uh Jemaine about your we'll Imam will hurry up so he and Abby hurry Raja Radi Allahu Anhu file, all in the Regal, Salah Ali Ali Salam. So starting tonight in sha Allah, I'm gonna move shift on to a different shift over to a different theme. And we talked about understanding ima and maybe for four weeks or so I'm going to spend the next maybe two to three weeks depending on how

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this goes on to talk about the mindfulness or matters of the tongue.

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Take a look at how many times the prophets of Allah Allah, just like we said him spoke and talked about the dangers and the benefits and the issues regarding the usage of what we say, the use of our tongues and our speech and what we say in our lives. And you'll you're gonna be surprised that I could, there's enough material to go on until like after, but only due to a few weeks of it just for I need to keep it short. But still the profit it has also spent quite a bit of time talking about this. And you'll hear you'll see from his narrative or the way that he talks about audio slotzo sound that this is looked at from a number of unique different angles that I think are important for

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us to contemplate. And that he they'll start with tonight he's probably one of the most famous of all the most famous of all, and you'll you've heard it before but all in Charlotte, shed a little little bit of light on it. He says I have a lot to celebrate by horror and correction when I'm Harry Potter in Florida. The column will kill him it may rub one in law he law you will pay bail and your father will log who will be filled Jannetty della jet are in Abidjan later Kela mobile Kelly Mati minister, hopefully, he will tailor her Berlin Yeah, we have a Fijian. He says Ali Assad awesome indeed, the servant will say a word. And this word is oriented towards the satisfaction and the love

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of Allah subhanho wa Taala is acceptance and his pleasure legendado.

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And this servant will say this word that is oriented towards achieving something in that in that direction. And the servant won't even think about it like you'll feel bad. I mean, the servant won't even be fully focused on it. Sort of will contemplate it too much. Someone will say it and then she'll say and you'll forget about it. You'll say it to someone and then a few hours later, he'll forget that he ever said that to anyone at all. And because of this word Allah subhanaw taala will elevate this person in Jannah Raja Raja so levels upon levels, that he says Alia Solomon, indeed the servant will say a word that's oriented towards the Wrath of Allah subhanahu Medina, the display

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Pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala disobedience of Allah subhanho wa taala. And also the servant won't think about it.

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He said something that displeases God, and he didn't really didn't didn't, didn't think about it twice, forgot about it a few minutes later, and contemplate the issue or reflect upon it. Yeah, we'd be happy to handle him and this person will fall into Jahannam for a long time, just the fall will be for a long time, forget about where they're going to spend the time, how long where they're going, and how long they'll spend there just to fall itself. And this is a Hadith that is very, it is very scary.

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Also uplifting. But it does tell us something it tells us that your trends are is what's going to get the best of you at the end. Not those one time mistakes, we're very mindful of our one time mistakes, we're mindful of that I can I if I say something that I'm not used to saying, or I speak in a way that I'm not used to speaking, I'll pay attention to it. I'll notice it. So I'll be given the opportunity to repent, if you notice that you did something wrong, you're gonna repent from it. But if you didn't notice you did something wrong. Are you gonna repent from something that you didn't even know, acknowledge happened? You can't repent, or ask Allah subhanaw taala for

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forgiveness, or fix something that you don't even notice that you're doing. If it's just happening to you, you've lost the ability to fix it, because you can't see it. But if you make a mistake, it will be clear, just like if you do a good deed, it'll be clear. So this hadith is saying your trends are what's going to get the best of you. And eventually, eventually, it's what your habits are. If you're someone who goes, who has a habit of saying things that are negative and harmful, and hurtful and harmful, you don't even think about it, it's going to get the best of you eventually. Because you're going to say something that really does cause harm. Because it's real harm. You say it is the

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wrong person at the wrong moment. And it kills that person. Not literally, but metaphorically, it hurts them really badly. And they struggle because of that word that you said, I know each and every one of you sitting here. Remember at least one time in their life. Well, someone said something to them. Until this day, 1520 2530 35 years later, you forgot about it. You remember that one word? That way that gestures? Maybe it's a smirk. Could it be something just something that was so negative at the time? They just left this bad taste in their mouth? They just never got over it. So

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beware. Beware of your trends. Beware of your habits and what you do when you don't think

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Think about your, the mindless activities, the things that we just do you were, and also

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use them well, because the honey doesn't start with this negative piece that I'm focusing on. I'm trying to get you a bit because that's more of a problem. If you're someone who's negative and harmful and hurtful you say things that can be interpreted in a way that people make people feel bad about themselves, you point out flaws all the time, you're always pointing out how they didn't do something. Well, your mark you joke, you say something

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that that demeans them or makes them feel less, someone walks in and you look at someone you laugh, because they they speak in a certain way, are they and it hurts them. You forget that you that even happened, you'll know piano, you won't even remember that you saw that. Like you'll some of the people who argue with them and things like that didn't happen. I never met this person. I never met that person.

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That's how little that moment meant to you. I have never even met this human being in my life. How is it that I mock them, and then you have to go back in that book and figure it out? No, for a split second, for a one moment time type of thing. You met that person, you said something extremely negative, and it harmed them or you mocked them or you made fun of them. And it harmed them and it left it scarred them. Especially when children with children beware when it's children or younger people who err Oh, that can, that is not a thing you want to do, because that can stay there for a long time. And then you'll be punished for it. And we didn't even think about it. But the opposite

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is there too. When you're positive and you're kind and you're tender, you're helpful. And you just dust your Trend. Whenever you see someone who is in need of something, say something nice, something positive, you compliment something they did. You make them feel better about themselves. You lift them you elevate their status, there's some anything nice, you forget about it. You say something, it's a trend, you say? You said something nice, you forgot about it. Your milk. Yeah, we like all these standards. Because of that one person you inspired. And you look at the person. You're sure this is my book. I've never met that person in my life. I never met that person, but not not that

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I'm not I'm okay taking the asset now, but I didn't meet the person. You don't remember it. Because it was a one time thing was really quick. You just said something nice. And it really did inspire them. And they made me feel good about them. So granted them some confidence I didn't have they needed confidence you gave it to them. Didn't even think about it. And then they go on, they go on to do great things in their lives. And, and you're carrying all the asset out from that and you didn't even you don't even know your trends will ruin you. Your habits will get the best of you eventually. Be careful. Be careful what you say. Be careful if you have a bad habit of being harsh.

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Don't give me this Oh, I see you say it as you see it out of that. Garbage. I see it as everyone can say it as they see it. That's easy. It's as easy it will get it that's just an excuse for being rude. That's just an excuse. They don't want to think about people's feelings or think about maybe maybe why they're doing what they're doing or why they're behaving what their pain, there's a story behind it. Maybe they're just not just evil, maybe there's a story behind it. Maybe a lot of events led up to them being where they are right now. Maybe a lot of these events they couldn't even control maybe you don't know you have no idea. So maybe we take it take it easy because your words

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what they say can matter I'm not this is not to you know

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what I'm saying right now it's not we're not trying to start a dispute. But you can come and say but what happens I don't know. I'm just saying think just think because he set out a slot to some twice. Law up he doesn't even think about it doesn't even value it doesn't even measure it doesn't care. He says the word says the word walks away. didn't even want me to remember it a few hours later. But it will cause them to be go up or go down severely because the effects of words heavy. We have to be aware of that. So talk about this more intelligent go along. Yeah, we'll mmm we'll Hurry up. So hey, Jana Rotella the Allahu anhu, Carl Carl and Nabil Salah Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam in the lab.

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Let's tackle lamb who will kill him at Imperial one Illa de la ilaha illa Allah who be hijacked or in a rabid ethical dilemma will Kelly my team in CircleUp Lila Hila you'll peeler Hubbard and yeah, we have a few Jahannam sort of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa

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ala ilaha illa Anta so if you're going to be to go sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali your site which means like Mala

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