Purification Of The Heart #15

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hamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milan to be

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a model for the villa Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem juega ma v boo.

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sir Hello nauseum

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respected viewers and listeners We begin by praising Almighty Allah who has granted us a comprehensive Deen which covers every aspect of our life. We send salutations upon our beloved Nivea cream sauce alum, who amongst his various aspects of, of object objectives, and his greatness, one of which is where he had made mentioned in Mr. Boyle is to live with him Mama, Karima fluc. I have been sent by Allah subhanho wa Taala to complete conduct. And may we, as a home of Navy aquariums, awesome inculcate that good conduct that Nivea cream sauce Lamb has been sent to complete that amongst humanity, continuing with our series purification of the heart. Yesterday we spoke about one

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of the great calamities and one of the great diseases of the heart, which is anger. And in that we spoke with regard to the harms of it, that how a time how many times a person due to anger would, you know, say something that he will regret and he will live for the rest of his life, how many times he becomes estranged because of knowing his anger, how many people does someone who says something in anger hurt and that particular hurt remains with the person whom your anger is directed to for the rest of your life, then we also said that anger is not necessarily only negative, it can be a positive motivator to motivate us for truth, justice, and also protection of our own interest.

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And then we said and we concluded yesterday, with these words of human value,

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that anger is only correct, it can be a prime motivator, if it is done at the right time. the right place, the right reason, with the right intensity. That's a very very difficult thing. However, and then of course, we said our beloved Nivea cream sauce alum, and we gave many examples but Nivea cream sauce them was a perfect example. The via cream sauce Lim used to get angry, so much so that you know the the cheeks of nebbia cream sauce lamb used to get red that the Sahaba said it was as if a pomegranate was squeezed onto his cheeks. But he never ever lost himself never did anything rash. When he got angry, or ever it has been proven in his history, which even the minute his details are

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recorded that he did anything rash or imprudent, you know, in a foot of anger, emotion, and this was the greatness of our beloved Nivea cream sauce them and even if there is some justification given its propensity for harm our Allah and the Hadith and the Quran tells us with regard to controlling our anger, and this is very important and more so when you have authority, our Allah and scholars have written, anyone who has any authority should never ever make a decision on those who are under his authority when he is in a state of angry anger, because he must not give a ruling when he is angry. He must wait for his anger to subside before he gives a ruling and will start a parent who is

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thinking of disciplining those who are under his authority must never make a decision with regard to those winds his authority while they are angry, and husband, when for example, he is in a dispute an argument with his wife was never make a decision with regard to the future of the marriage while he is angry. So what am I specifically said never ever make a decision with regard to authority while you are angry, and therefore in anger and one of the reasons in angry in anger, your physical strength seems to increase to spiritual and intellectual strength diminishes. And therefore as Ambassador Malala said, anger will never prevail over a believer a true believer anger will never

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overpower you prevail over him allowing the Holy Quran says amongst the qualities of the people who have a man in the room you're on that even when they are angry, they forgive me etc is an amazing quality that the true believer even when he is in a state of anger never loses himself but he can forgive while he's in a state of

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affairs fellow Allah tala in the Holy Quran in the for the use of the Holy Quran is used the word will cause the mean arise or interclean mutata in

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the mattina

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Those who control the anger Malala kuriyama to lolly, the commentator of the Quran, it said what is the meaning of calcium? calcium is amazing let's look at this calcium is the string that is on top of a pitcher of water. Now normally they used to have leather pouches for water and now to control and to keep that in the pouch, the leather pouch or the leather container they used to put a string on it that is known as causing the word cause in interphase means the one who controls his anger in a similar manner. Therefore these are the types of things may be occurring so slim I said in a hadith that a strong person is not the one who over powers another person in wrestling, in the

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machete will let em licona in the lava. The strong person is the one who can control his anger in the machete to let em licos control his nerves. At the time of anger, it takes self awareness and self control to manage and control anger. The true metal of a person is when he learns to control his anger. And remember among the things that we have to do in terms of controlling anger, one is the one who angers you, he controls you, the one who angers you he controls you. And it is very very dangerous to be controlled by someone who can provoke you. So the one who angers you control you Be very careful. And also anger is one word short of danger. Anger is one word short of danger, our

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llama and Hadid makes mentioned with regard to methods of controlling our anger. inshallah we will make mention today we will make mention of one Hadith which will conclude consider the reward with regard to controlling your anger via cream sauce women said man kazama raisin whoa whoa whoa Allah infer the mother Allahu Cabo de mano de novia cream sauce from said whoever controls his anger when he has the ability to vent it. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala will fill his heart with peace and Iman and inshallah tomorrow we will give more methods from the Quran and Hadith of how to control anger. May Allah give us a trophy well through the 100 in Nairobi.