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January 26, 2019- Part 3

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The speaker discusses the upcoming weekend and the upcoming conflict between the United States and Iran. They mention the success of the peace initiative and the need for people to make a decision about their actions. The speaker also talks about the political and cultural dynamics of the conflict, including the need for people to make a decision about their actions.

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Preparing for next for next week. Next week is a lot of a lot of fun, I got to tell you the story that I enjoy telling you. So what happens in the university, someone yellow, what happened wasn't important. But the most important thing that happened in the number six.

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Anyone just worried about a

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very important part of this eLearning probably the most important part, I'm going to show you a skill and show you like a graph of the number of Muslims before this incident. And the number of here, you

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know, what

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is the number of Muslims in before so maybe I was trickling upwards really slowly, really slowly every day and new people. And then something happened. You look at the graph and the graph skyrockets. Is that what happened here, tell me what happened here. What happened here just starting to tell you what's gonna happen next. And the province

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now carries the initiative in his head after after the Battle of the Trench. And after the booster came last, and they did they have an athlete, everyone fought with one another global fan power with brasier Placepot was going forever. But before he left it, and everyone's is divided, the province of less than a melon is actually the strongest force in Arabia. He's already the strongest for he already had enough people to go and invade back. And now he has enough people to do it. And you'll be successful and to be no problems at all. But the progress of the likes of them, since he carries the initiative in his head, we're going to see is that when he was given the choice between war and

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peace, he's going to choose peace every time. He's going to choose peace every single time somebody said what is his choice? What was wages choice, every time it was a war, for HIV initiative, they had a number of the provinces and the Muslim number them they had more women supported, they had more armor and weapons and more everything. So vendor will handle all three words. The proper sizing and calculation will happen. fulfilled today via the treaty according

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to the proper size, I was thinking how am I going to force four h to be why does he need to do that? By the way? What's the point? There's still something that's really important. Why does he need to why does he care about what you see up to this moment up till this moment in his life so many

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errands around Mecca? Arabia don't want anything to do with him yet? Why? Because they they're scared they're still scared from punish misplaced controls, the Kaaba controls hedge controls the number of idols sitting on the garba and what he said do not speak to how many of those with him. So all the all the tribes are let down. We don't want to, we're not going to get involved with you yet. And the brother is always going to all he wants his kung fu baby obey them. So let me speak to people. Let me tell them what Islam if they like it, they can take it if you don't like it, I will not force anyone to dig it. But let me give Dawa openly Can I do that freely? Please? No, you can

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tell Muhammad Emanuel. That's what he told me. So the problem is I said it was a forced Quraysh to a peace treaty so that all the tribes in Arabia will feel easy and feel okay about listening to about Islam, you're saying I'm saying it's like everyone here is I want to tell you something. But everyone here respects another person. Let's take

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some other leader and this leader is telling everyone here, don't listen to me. So I'm gonna I'm gonna talk to you don't listen to me. Why don't you just hear that leader? So if I can fix my relationship with the leader, right, you will be okay. Like he will listen to know since he's not angry. So that's what the Prophet says I'm gonna do you want to fix the the relationship with grace so that all of Arabia would listen? How is he going to do it by going and pound the plank on the ground? You can do that, though. He wants to do it peacefully. He wants to keep the doors of brotherhood closes open as much as he can. So he's thinking about how am I going to do this? How am

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I going to do? And he noticed a couple of elements. Now. You see I was there. Yeah. And after that, after the Battle of the Trench, people were like you failed. I was a fan who failed horribly. Step aside, please. You're no longer than me. And it was just died and awkward died. Most of the leaders die, who's not who are the leaders now? New people, you have 18 months, even MPJ.

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And you have given me Sophia, and you have someone even going a year? Right? You have all these older, these new generation leaders. So hey, that was a bit older. But someone who was it was new as a leader. So the leader has changed, and they're a bit more reasonable. But also there are much more angry. Why? Because a lot of them lost their parents and wars. So there are so they don't have the wisdom that their parents have. So they're lacking wisdom to the problem. So my son wants to work on that he wants to use that for his advantage. So he's thinking, How do I get to make a solid? How do I force them to piece How do I force them to a treaty? So he's, he's a dream, when you see the

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dream, but the dream that he sees

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I'm talking about the shoulders next week in detail. He's a dream and the DM has.

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He's a dean of older so wakes up at night, it's like I got I will force peace on VR.

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That will be unbelievable. And he comes up with an amazing plan. It's a beautiful plan. It's a perfect

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All right.

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It's not gonna work out perfectly but when you listen to the fine like this is gonna work 100% It doesn't really work on your percent but it works anyways when you put it well enough

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and he's going to force upon them peace on the inside. And you'll see the difference when I've always had the initiative wars flood, when the province always kind of had the initiative, enforce peace upon supply. So you got to do it next week in sha Allah, Allah remember that to happen will be happening today. You just have to go to reading so many

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things up