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October 20, 2018 – Part 3

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The difficulties of finding a woman to work with and finding a new way to make a woman older are highlighted in this conversation. The importance of caring for people and not forgetting certain emotions is emphasized. The conversation also touches on the benefits of distributing information and sharing with others to help people feel better about themselves. The success of recent war and protecting against attacks is also discussed. The largest group in the largest army is the Confederate, and protecting against attacks is emphasized.

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needed easily to be something that is made up of 3d printed products in order to extract the data they don't want humans anyone looking for is that I see a human being which wants what are you thinking was was what is happening this business this is not normally

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but hundreds and hundreds of wish to German

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Dr Mahathir was caught I think I'm ready to leave he was ready for an orderly phone call today well today why don't you marry somebody who is closer to your needs you can join link because what he said is I said why do you guys marry so one of the closer to your age we have to find a new way make someone older pious Lulu dot 10 Even minutes because I have nine sister listen I need someone who can could raise my sister's dog with me I can raise his girl on my own I'm gonna do it by accident The agenda does a good job

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for either nothing

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other than Medina

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had the temptation for

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example stop before Medina yo Jong don't do so that the wives and the people because of their own wound with them. Of course, the people in Medina know you've arrived. And that way, you know why is going to take time. Because you know, of course, if the husband really wanted to wait for two months, and she has four or five kids and I'm gonna share your *. Yeah, he's not necessarily looking

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her best and I was not looking the best and there's a lot of chaos in demand to come tired. You've been walking through, you know, a month now. And he finds a house chaotic what happens, they fight and then things get even worse and he'll find the problems and all the Muslims living inside the machines that are sitting in their homes because so the brother said what it was what editing Center of Law can answer immediately. We're gonna start we're gonna Kevin Reynolds out of Medina and send inside to tell them that we're here. And then we're going to enter tomorrow morning. So take your time, you know, prepare yourselves for entry. It is. This is inevitable. At the time, there are no

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phones to tell them we'll be arriving at this time. This is the best way to do it.

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And amongst when he told you that it's a good example. But Angelo had the temptation.

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What do we do the general election? This is this the word that he used, and your wife can clog up the pelvis for you? Gemini, right? Because you

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know, Elizabeth

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so every time the butterfly that comes in, tries to go better, right? He's just gonna love my leg. Camels is yummy, hold my dad's dead they have a nice food output out of colors. Bla bla bla bla, Hey, girls. Hi, Dr. Joe Smith will be patient. There will be no worry. Like, it's life changes, Nothing stays the same.

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For somebody else. I showed perseverance. And I happened and my life changed. I wasn't I wasn't poor forever. I didn't live in poverty all my life I made a lot of money later. And things will Allah He there's a man email, awesome design, you have to enter your resume. And you understand it's a story saying you know what? I want you today I have everything I need to not be financially I can I was at the time of the problems I was speaking to me I was going to have the financial aid was poor, and they will love you. I'll tell you this, my time with the products. I said when I was poor, like today's were beloved to me than by the like, now. I would get this all the way but just go back and

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do things and listen and even

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perfect deliveries.

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during wars did every single men, Medina go to war, not everyone.

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And there will always be down on the word that went with them as well as I took care of certain issues, especially when it comes to medical issues and cooking and clothing and stuff like that. Most of them, most of them were women. So there are women in the group as well. That did sometimes it's able to be reported as part of the bill, you don't report this part because it's always there. So they waited till the next day. And then the entered. Of course, the lessons in all this. You see the profits. I know how he cares about these little things. Right? He's caring about the small stuff. He's asking God to get married. Yeah. And chelation is to close your age. So you're gonna

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join with us all the way back to class questions. Or we could have this okay, no good reason. Yes, the one size how big goes into the details of your life is interested in that they're making the choices that will make them more likely to be happy, functional people who's interested so I sent him he'll hold the army back for a day just to make sure that everyone goes home to find a house that is prepared for them so that they're not we're not adding to their stress. We're not stressing our brothers and sisters Oh, more than they can already more than they can they can manage. This is what He cares for us. Otherwise, I can't I can't imagine. I don't know anyone in the situation that

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he's in supplies that would think and act the way that you used to think and act on yourself. So I'm caring for people because by the time that video

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But whenever I just felt it was my job is to enter the next day. But it doesn't feel German

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to Elijah Vivek Yasunaga. So when I took my camera because we didn't need to celebrate, and I tied it to the heart to the door that was in the box.

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What will lead to that even though it is tender, look at the door. So Allah

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it says here I cleaned if they would like to gamble operators below, I think we agree to a certain amount at Titan, the Capital One anyone's going to be low on the Bible says anyone can walk out of the house, we will find the camera.

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We forgot some detail, but

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it's our job over time now could be

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taken out here. Here's the money.

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Whilst we've been given

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the job, go take it take the money thing to come and give each other the candidate the money and then tell them here's your camel into the into the European character enough to remind you that your father was a brother of mine take back and come back accounted for in the general ledger. But we didn't I never wanted your tablet to be connected to the bill took enough engineers door give them when you buy into here, the profits are returned to change your capital to some alone. So what am I doing the story probably, you know, this is a story of Jack White.

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Because Jeff is one of those people at the time.

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That may maybe maybe you will need necessarily hang out. Because I look at it, that maybe you're the one who wasn't the type of person that maybe you were going to hang out with. Not much money is a really bad situation is life, probably complaining a lot and had a good reason to why those people who have forgotten the weaker part of society, the low socio economic status, people are not really interested in this angle you're looking for the people were flashing cool, rich

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things going through.

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So Java is not that reverse. And that's why he's in government will go out kind of what you felt when he was riding his camel alone, no friends around like you're just alone, every everyone else we're in groups, except him on the low end of discharges capital alone. So isn't that type of person. It's when those type of people are forgotten in societies that society is falling fail. I have no doubt in this in this in this point at all. It's when those type of people leak the less fortunate than capable when they're forgotten by their communities and the leaders of communities forget them. And when people have community who are who aren't given by Allah subhanaw taala are

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fortunate financially and socially and status wise, they forget about them that societies will fail the prophets I said I'm gonna walk around looking for them. He's looking for someone who seems to be like that and he goes and he imposes himself upon Jabil right he forces them into a conversation and he jokes about with him and he yanked his chain of infinity as a little narrative and he goes back and forth trying to make him feel good about him so wait for that to show up

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Hola. Hola

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right my

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God was

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in law school

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I was gonna

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like those

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so exercise one exercise three, someone who was

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a school, senior group or somebody who might know people like you. Your magnet. Your boyfriend's look for someone who doesn't necessarily want you to do is going to just always look for someone who is someone who doesn't have as many friends as he does, but doesn't seem to be socially as active and as well versed in social

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issues as you are, and maybe they'll be different. Don't talk to them get to know them, the province ain't got no job. So what was going on at home? Are you married? Are you married, because the detail asked me about him to himself is a dangerous person, and then trying to lift his morale of it, do something nice for him, make him feel better about themselves, themselves. And because the problems is always

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there's gonna be an exponential story, maybe three, how far down the road, maybe universe, we're just gonna do something simple. And you'll you'll love the story. I'll tell you about Java and the foods that he had at home, if you remember the story, but I'm sure you'll love distributors, amazing stories and steel. And the reason Jerry's gonna do this is because the province, I send them a gorgeous way to make them feel good about himself and to help them out because that was the nature of who he was based off of. So can I ask you to try and do that, when you go to school tomorrow, go to work wherever, look for someone who was not as worked in it as you are, in many ways, and see if

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you can let him see if you can be someone who's considering and caring. And you will find that there's a lot of benefit in doing that.

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So let me get back to the data.

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And this is the final story I have before we start, we talked about the preparation of a blessing.

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You know whether that's what I'm talking about.

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So what is this called the Battle of a trend for the battle

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of the armies. And

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what happened was that why ish, internally figured out that they would never be able to actually beat the Muslims on their own, they're not able to get the beat.

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And the tribes of Medina, the Jewish tribes of Medina, but don't know they were already out in battle for a minute, or have also had that same fear that we're not going to be able to use a little. So everyone had that feeling that unless, unless we work together, this is not going to, we're not going to be able to remove Muhammad and the Muslims, and their threats, basically. And the man who did the most pushing was a man called again, even though

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he was one of the leaders of Israel, the you know, the leaders of the Jewish tribes alone. And I'll tell you the story of how this how his relationship with the process of mycelium began. When the brother is awesome, came to Medina, first couple of weeks, first couple days of dinner, it

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took his brother, his brother was a rabbi, very knowledgeable, and they decided that we're going to go and figure out whether Mohammed, this man was actually a profit or not, because they knew the description of the profit who was going to come at the end of time.

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Or they knew this description from from their own books and teachings. So they're like, Well, we have to go figure it out and see if it's, if it's him, or it's not. So they go, and they spend with the prophets. I send them a certain amount of time.

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And the ask them a lot of questions in the observing physically, and they walk out. And the rabbi, the brother looks at creating as a walking out, not really, you know, conversely, just kind of walking out. It looks at it. And he says, Who is it?

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Like, was with us? He actually? So he says, now? Yeah, it's a product. So it's a highlight for Mattis, man. So what are we going to do? So it looks at him, he says, I love it. I love to hate. You'll be mad at me till the day I die.

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He makes a decision right now. You'll be making a move to Ludhiana and why that's a more complicated issue. In fact, let me talk about maybe towards the end of the see about why it is that some of them chose to think like that in order to be like that. But he made that choice, I'm going to be his enemy for the rest of my life. And he will continue to work against the office of a senator from the day the department is also trying to do. And when we were finally removed, that was the final straw for him, he started going on a campaign, these are going from one tribe to the other, asking people for support, telling them we need to we need to get together, we need to come together, everyone has

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to participate in ending the Muslim threat. And he went to Quraysh. And then the reason that we have is the hundreds of years, we already started this process. Probably a few weeks before this, he had already started the process of talking to a lot of fun and talking into ministry and talking into St. John and talking to all these other tribes, when we came in, told him that we want to do this together. But

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you might not know how we will Hammond Welcome to anyone who's willing to help us and

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the level of hatred that they have built in their minds in their hearts toward the Muslims in relation to like this fight and also who will do with big data Academy to get the high level now.

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What they did was they did a ceremonial thing that was known that was a way for you to solidify that the promise is real. So they would go and they would stick their bellies to the Cava and they would swear that they would stick to his stand by one another until they got it done. And this is what wasn't observed happened. It was a gun and the other leaders equation for any other leader standing there swearing that he will stand together.

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until we destroy individual we destroy the Muslims and there's no reason as to why you do this. If

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you want

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anyone to know they're gonna keep on going.

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Yeah. So the problem is is it came to his attention that even after I've said these things that he is going to fight the husband for his work so the Sahaba say also Allah What are you going to do about it you're gonna learn to see these things and act like that. In learner who does we may have to we don't punish people based on what they say. Meaning physical punishment will not occur someone for something he says, if you have something to say that I don't like and I will, you know, deal with it with something I will say not something that I will do so if someone you know, crazy with a bad word, don't use violence me Don't use your hand that's not that's not that's not how things are

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done. If someone has an opinion about you, then you need to respond to that with an opinion back the driver's license and he said that I'm not going to punish you for something he said. I will say something back in return there will be there'll be a narrative there'll be there'll be a response a verbal response, but we will not go and kill him because he wrote an essay or he said something or that's not how things are done that's not how things are done that's natural he did this online and then there's no way during his life was executed in Medina was a Medina that did not carry a sword and kill a Muslim and just the outside of war were trying to do so no one was punished nearly for

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things they said No, no Not at all. That's where the problems are three points, three points not one three. And I said that if you could tell me that the 250 marks

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are very good well so number three guy right

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now he's going to be at the he's not he's one of the main

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he accept this I'm very late there's no more he dies on the day

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he doesn't

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have like a robot three poets who whenever a police when sees on the battlefield Muslims the progresses and modalities that they would go on they will say something and it's like so he never he did he respond to verbal accusations or verbal

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rudeness or

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with violence However, it's also not enough we don't we don't punish people physically for something that we say that's not how we do things.

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And then the blind talks about

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it you see when whatever the machine the things that people operation warships rocks came to the FAA who was a German Jewish person who either focus on this new war last time and tell him no we're gonna fight Muhammad. He would tell them yes, you're better than your belief believing in stones worshiping a snowman I know is better than whatever happens and I'm tell you don't know Do you know who do not see them in a job? You know, whatever the demons you have the hoods were uploaded in the Dean a couple have

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said either say Allah subhanaw taala one of the things or anything about what faded wasn't the fact that he was just just want to fight to the to the private is that he's going around saying something wrong. He's Why are you saying yeah, your opinion is better than what the Muslims are doing? Even though he knows that the problem was was that he was teaching the Word of God, but they have the same origin that when Musa is that right is the same thing that Jesus is the exact same thing that

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many would go ahead and say that anyway. And you're able

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just keep on going, okay, here we go. So here's the numbers. That's good enough.

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So here's some of the numbers. So for each offered 4000 People

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300 horses and 1500 calories. That's a huge army. That's bigger than the last time he was enlisted, how many people displaced out of

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the 1000s. Now the out of the 4000 people and the mobile phone, which is a large tribe in the middle of them wherever you go. And it's and its leader is a medical event. And that's an important thing to remember. If it doesn't brought over 3000 fighters. That's a it's a bit of a fan. And the police are not related. genealogically, they have no relation to one another. Keep that in mind as an important part. And as John, for example, a smaller and smaller groups like us got a few 100 minutes today, you brought 700. And all these military, every tribe in Arabia, had to offer at least a couple of people. Even if you only offer 10 people, you have to send a few a few of your warriors to

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join this. This army that's why the army was called the dub. I remember the groups, groups isn't every business group. Groups mean this army wasn't an army that was Namajunas. Just one was just one tribe. It was an army that was made consistent, consistent of all the tribes of Arabia. Never before had this happened in the history of the peninsula. Never before had different tribes from different backgrounds come together.

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Do something that they wanted to do, maybe at some point they a bit earlier, but never had these numbers. What are the numbers adding up to right now?

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I'm 43 yesterday. And then all the other tribes have sent to 50 and 10, whatever, 10,000 people, this was the largest army that was ever observed, independent. So it's larger than the army that helped off right? When he got his army across the Red Sea this way, the guy but he didn't get a dozen people he didn't think he had to. He didn't think that you know, I didn't, whenever you can tell, you're fortunate enough to pick up at least.

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And now when I was reading up on it, all the tribes of the land, have actually agreed on doing something even if you don't agree on it. These people have been fighting for centuries, over the silliest things, and yet they're unified by the United States to fight. They're very they believe in their cause. It was it was a problem, cause if you believe in it, and you're willing to go out of their way to achieve something, it's just the will of the Muslims was stronger. That's really all it was. And the Don't be homeless. But they are the strongest organisms. Today, Muslim is black, the will they like that little clap did like that, if you'd like that integrity, that willingness to

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achieve things, stamina,

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that great we don't have it. See all obviously your enemies want to want to destroy you. That's why they're called your enemies. That's the definition where your enemies want to help you and they don't want to help you. They're called your enemies. They want to call themselves America good. They want to tell you, they're gonna work against you. So there's really nothing for you to be upset about if they end up harming you because you were too weak to defend yourself. Or you didn't have the proper narrative. We didn't know how to answer that question. Or you didn't prepare yourself, you know, theologically and practically to talk about your deen and defend your deen for both

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personally and intellectually. If you didn't do that, that's your fault. See 10,000 people they're gonna make sure every tribe participants how many people are there in Medina Baltica

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ultimate how many people are there

00:22:12--> 00:22:19

so there's no there's not 4000 1000 of them are in the to Jewish tribunal for a little pain five 3000 living in

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3000 a month Muslims 15 It was tricky because people are Arabs. Also because we're living right now in Medina and yesterday Cornelison we never accepted Islam but they're a part of the of the Muslim movement group right? How many people can actually care to sorry 15

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The number of people that I can carry stories on the fight are 15 on the provinces in Haskell, of course, look at certain numbers are here to be on you're not allowed to do this because everyone wants to do with all of us because if you are a very you'll see you'll see the closest of this group but only 1500 marching towards them is 10,000 people and they will arrive in precisely 13 days the brothers knew about this gathering the moment happened his intelligence groups thought a hive and waited is at the zebra over Arabia they knew immediately that their armies put together is between eight and 10,000 people and it's from everyone else took a look it is everyone that's why this you

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know the name of the battle is the Battle of the Trench and it's also called in the form that is not doesn't accept right lotsa the groups the Confederates because all the different tribes came together. That's why when you read through it, guys, make sure you read it, you know, deeply, at least the first four pages of it for now because that's what what it was. It tells us a story of this is probably the most difficult moment

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of the of the Muslims lives, meaning as a group as an ummah.