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And as the most valuable thing I own, but I'm not that Morrone, what do you tell me to do with this? Because Allah Allah Allah wa salam in *ter harvest Oh harvester, how does the asana what also Dr. beha, if you will, then you will hold you will make the land itself, the origin, the root, the commodity itself, and element hubs, Hubbard says comes from the same concept of work, which is to make an endowment? Well, there's no doctor Yeah, and you you make sure and everything that comes from it is charity is given to the Muslims. But for all the armor, I want to help I've accepted that the item is Luhan.

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Now, you will have to Well, are you hobble, where are you back? He said that the possession itself the land, cannot be gifted, cannot be sold and cannot be inherited.

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It stays as it is.

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While you're Jolo, Maya Rojo Mina and wherever it comes from it, Lily for karate. Well Mr. Keeney well CORBA were many studying while theory Bobby, where he studied Allah he will brief is about our pop up said is and whatever comes from it goes to the poor, the needy, those who are FISA Videla

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warriors or students, refugees even yesterday, and

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relatives and both guests. What are Besa either manually Yeah, and yeah, cool. I mean happily married and there's no problem for whoever is responsible for the manager of this of this land to take an eat for himself to benefit to take for himself as well to consider managing it when your timer Minho, Sadiq Khan, Leila Muto, Emma willing behalf and you can feed a friend if you like them with them over but you don't make money off it. You don't sell you don't take some in seller. So no, this is not for nothing for sale. And that was the first record I'm sure there were record. But the first one on record where the prophet Allah you sought to sit on pointed out to one of the Sahaba to

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make something well, in the Sahaba did it. So I'm sure it happened before. But this is the first one we have in terms of timing. Early in the mid any period right after, right after the battle. But sit down, did this because after that we ended have the story of Roma and it kind of went on and on in terms of people taking things and making them into elements for the front for them for Mussolini and for for what the Muslims need. But I always found it interesting because Uncle Bob few things, he came and he told me and he didn't ask the Prophet alayhi salatu salam about some garbage piece of land that he had, he actually came to the Prophet alayhi salam, once he obtained the most valuable

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thing he had ever obtained, right, then then it would be

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hard to hold him to a bone, you don't achieve the highest degrees of piety and closest to Allah until you give from that which you love the most. So we understood this. So he he came in as the prophet so I love this bit, what do I do with it? Tell me, I want I want to, I want the biggest amount of pleasure possible. So the Prophet alayhi salatu salam didn't tell him just to give it sadhaka No, he told him he gave him the advice of making it work. And there's some actually evidence that that piece of land still exists in Medina today. And there's still no HuFa and I know that because one of my teachers actually attest to it and he can go it's a small orchard that still still

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stands it's not as obviously flourishing as it was 1000 years ago but it's still the actual piece is still is still there to be seen as to look and I always found the way the Prophet raised was that I'm explained it wasn't interesting and how I will help out but it was also important and I think we should do more of that for our community within the within our limitations and our abilities inshallah Tada, you already know Buhari up so he and Abdullah Hibiya Amara via Hapa below the Allahu Anhu mobile at OMA Ramadan, for attended be your sword Allah Allah He was a lemma Bacala your rasool Allah Azza to merlon Bala Hema and demon Merlijn who and for someone who caught for Matt Maloney

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Bacala your salatu salam in *ter harvester Oh hubbas Tesla what also Dr. Via Ferrata Jamar for corner Oh slow ha la uracil where are you? When are you

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when you're driving microdomain Khalifa Cora when masa kini webbing instability, Wi Fi Sabine Allah He was the quarterback wildlife while Arjuna Allah manually Yeah, and yeah, cool. I mean having my roofie on your time I mean, how Saudi Arabia moved him a willing seller cazuela Hassan, Allah Allah, Allah Allah He learned stuff. You have to really go Salah who was telling him about like, maybe in a Muhammad establishments like Luffy come, inshallah halacha see if they'll be