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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the health unit and the recommendations for wearing masks in public spaces, but notes that the numbers have gone up over the past two weeks. They also mention a recent interview with a doctor about the topic of ethics and empathy, but the interviewer refuses to discuss it further. The speaker also talks about reciting the Quran and finding joy in singing.
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Yo Imam we will hurry up so he and it'd be horrible title The Allahu Anhu call. But in the views of Allah Allah Allah Salam returning collection, Imam Bukhari and Rachel Pereira.

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The theme is the Hadith that have the wording of lace I mean, meaning whom we are not or what is not in keeping with our values or our principles, stroeve a hadith ahaadeeth around Cobra, doesn't that have this wording 10 of them are authentic. And that's what I'm reading for you over the next two weeks or so, for I do two things number one, so today, recommendations of the health unit and the changes even in the hospitals is that we're back to putting masks on at least for doctors and hospitals. And their conditions are for people in public spaces to use that so we're not going to obviously we're not gonna mandate what they don't mandate but we're going to encourage people who

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are feeling sick to not come and those who are to wear masks on show on Fridays and the high traffic nights and times will provide masks outside and the staff and shall be wearing them just to kind of keep everyone safe

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i don't know i think everyone ever has to hide COVID already if you haven't done strike just try not get you to have it and show over the next couple of weeks if possible. So that's in general the what we're going to be doing over the next week or so will follow the health unit in Charlotte recommendations. The numbers have gone up over the last two weeks the numbers have gone up. Thankfully we don't see a lot of numbers in the ICU but but it has gone up and people are getting sick for sure. Second thing is last night I think I narrated the Hadith and I think I made a mistake I made a mistake with the railway so it was not an Obeah W sarmento Yolanda Hadith in writing

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yesterday because I disclaimer as I'm mistaking the Allah forgive us Inshallah, tonight that isn't married, but it is in the Hadith collection Minbari and this is a very known Hadith and it's very different. So yesterday talked about ethics, he said, You know, it's not in keeping with who we are to mistreat or not to show respect to the older and not show compassion and empathy to the younger and not to know the status of our scholars. But tonight that is very different by the solid lines, LM lays them in millimeter one Nabil Quran

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very different the topic is completely has nothing to do with what I talked about yesterday, it is not in keeping with who we are or with our values. Those who do not get the undeniable Quran it doesn't need, as you well know from Medina, or is the act of of singing. So the money is the act of of trying to beautify sounds that are coming out of your your mouth.

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So he's saying he's supposed to, you're not really from amongst us from you're similar to us we are if you don't, if you don't do that with the Quran, if you don't love the Quran to the point where you look towards beautifying the sound, it's sound, and you actually have you find joy and see you only sing that which you really do enjoy. You don't you don't sing your math, algebra you don't care about you sing stuff that you find that touched your heart, that means something to you. And when he's trying to explain to his son, you have to love the Quran and be connected to it so that you find joy in singing it out. Obviously, this doesn't mean see, there are rules for how to recite the

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Quran. Obviously, there's the rules of Tajweed. And you have to kind of learn how to enunciate the letters appropriately. And you have to know the rules of the oneness and the mood and how to put them all together. And you can't break those rules. So when you sing your songs and said unto Deuteronomy, which is trying to beautify your voice and make it sound beautiful, and it says if you're singing, you're not saying that you gotta go ahead and make a song out of it and start and then break No, you don't break the rules of Tajweed has to be within the rules of how we're supposed to recite and but the concept of divinity the concept of it is the beautifying of the voice and the

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joy and enjoyment that you have when you when you're reading it because you actually do feel that connection to it. And that's what I think he's trying to teach us how to use salatu salam but if you don't, if you don't love this book, and you don't find the beauty in it if you don't find the profoundness and you're not connected to it and attached to it. And it's in the state where you when you read it you want to you want to sing it out because it's so it's something that really touches you and means so much to you, then you haven't you haven't fully understood what our core values are about. I find that to be a very interesting Hadith and it's a beautiful one. There's a lot to talk

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about, but we're not gonna take more more of that time. More of your time Yahweh Lima Imam, we will hurry up so he can be heard or the Allahu Anhu call but an abuse of Allah Holly early was salam lace I mean mellem yet the one below Quran surah Karasuma has of Allah Allah is I'm selling sparkling honey from Allah Allah he lends itself to Lagos hola hola Salam if I can get him hammered on your side Ah, man

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