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Will I Debate Haters

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Adnan Rashid

Channel: Adnan Rashid

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Assalamu Aleikum I'm Adnan Rashid, will I debate anybody? No, I want this video is to clarify that I will not debate anybody and everyone. There is a reason for that. There are many people out there who are challenging me to debate them. There are Christians who are sending me names and profiles to debate this person and that person. Some of these people are not worthy of debates because they use foul language. They are extremely abusive, they are hateful, they have no credibility, they have little knowledge of Islam and Christianity, to give them a blood to give them a platform is giving them respect, I will not do that. I have been debating for the best part of last 12 years

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professionally. I have debated Christian theologians, Christian scholars, pastors, reverence, PhD doctors, I will continue to debate, respectful, credible people with knowledge. And these are the people I choose to debate with, because Christians deserve better. Muslims deserve better. So to repeat the point, I will not debate the names you are sending me right. I will not debate those people, because some of those people do not deserve my time and my attention. Okay. It is my self respect, that does not allow me to debate such people who are foul or abusive, who are repulsive, who are repugnant, who are, you know, unknowledgeable, who don't have credibility, even with the

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Christian community, why would we debate such people? Why would we do that? So Christians deserve better. That was the point I want to make today. Thank you so much for watching my videos, please subscribe, and there's a lot more content coming your way. Salaam Alaikum