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The speakers emphasize the importance of obeying Allah's command and following his lead during difficult times, as well as finding the right people to lead the movement. They stress the importance of testing moments and avoiding assumptions and doubts, as well as embracing one's positive qualities to build a healthy faith. Delusion is a reflection of perception and how we think about ourselves, and being a positive person is crucial to lead to behavior changes.

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so not to

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spend too much time talking about what we studied in the last three or four lessons, but I will quickly summarize like where we are so far towards the beginning of a cluster of suitors that talk about bar obedience submission is just learned Allah subhanaw taala, it looks at that concept, because that's the main

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objective for us as Muslims in our lives is obeying Allah subhanaw taala, following his commands submitting to him, we are looking at that topic from different angles. So guys, that is the longest Surah in this cluster. And it's, and it's the most important to buy by far, because it talks about the concept of obeying Allah subhanaw taala. In very awkward and difficult situations when when the stakes are high, when it's not easy to follow Allah subhanaw taala is command because sometimes you're ordered to follow his command. And it's not too difficult this easy, actually, there's, there's a lot of incentive in doing so. And that's what we're supposed to create as a as a

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community. As a society, we're supposed to make the the, the submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala something that people have an incentive to do from a social perspective, the they feel the benefit of it, they have an incentive, they want to do it, they're rewarded socially for it. And personally, we're supposed to do that, like Allah subhanaw taala rewards people for the Akela. And as a Muslim community, we're supposed to make following Allah subhanaw taala its commands something that people want to do, they have an incentive for not the opposite. Don't make it the most difficult thing possible life will do that. Life is going to take care of making it hard for everyone. We're

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supposed to, you know, do our best to make it as easy as we can to people, but we don't sometimes don't think like that can become very stiff.

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But sometimes that gives examples of different situations were following Allah subhanaw those commands could be difficult, could be hard, could be awkward. And the first few

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I'm not gonna talk about the introduction, because I talked about that too many times. But the first few examples was Ivana and Willa is when a man does not really divorce his wife nor does he hold on to her eyes away even that it's something that Adams had done for centuries, and it was made haram almost instantly within the Quran within the first time moment, they moved to Medina del Sur to be revealed that was made haram immediately. That was very, that was very awkward for men. And for, they didn't they didn't like it, but whether they liked it or not, that was going to be the ruling. And the second part was she was talking about a term talking about orphans and the rulings regarding

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orphans and how they have to hold on to their names, even though you bring them to the you're supposed to bring them to their homes, and do what you're supposed to bring them into our homes in and raise them as if they are our own, even though they are not. And that has to be there has to be some distinction between your your blood, descendants and those who are not blood relatives to you. And that's okay. They can see yourself treat them like children see them like children speak to them, like your children, but they're not your children. That's okay. There's nothing wrong with that. Again, this is an awkward thing to talk about. It's just as touchy to build on like listening

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to it. Another part of it was the issue of malaria. This last idea, we talked about what eath is, inheritance, and who takes the inheritance and who doesn't get the inheritance and that these are also issues that cause a lot of difficulties. Now, just introduction, just to start off with a couple of items that no one likes listening to, and you find yourself wow, this is gonna be heavy coming forward. And then immediately after that Allah subhanaw says with a husband I mean, in the beginning, I mean, I mean, come in new Hangul, Ibrahima Musa hmm Imodium? He talks about the covenants and the pledges that Allah subhanaw taala took from all his prophets. And he named in this

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in this area that will ask him the Rasul the strong willed prophets mean the one the prophets who are the most famous, the highest status and Allah subhanaw taala, and the ones that suffered the most as prophets throughout their lives. And he talks about how we took the very thick and very difficult and very heavy covenant from all of them. And we will ask them about their honesty on the Day of Judgment. If you're honest about following your pledges and following through with your covenants, then you're going to be asked about that, because you're saying it is not enough. It's not even, it's not nearly enough, it's about can you actually prove that you believed in it through

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your actions, through standing your ground when things were difficult, because that's when it really matters. Again, it's easy to worship Allah subhanaw taala, during the times of Russia, during times of ease, is not a difficult thing to do. Specifically, if you're living in a society where everyone's doing it, actually, it's hard to do the opposite. It becomes difficult for you to do the opposite, because everyone is pulling you towards that to that concept. And then

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things change and it becomes hard to hold on to the word of Allah subhanaw taala and that's what that's where that's why the Sahaba the earliest Sahaba their names are forever immortalized in in in Islamic history. You don't forget we Bukka Rama Rothman or Ali or is available on your side or both sides. You don't forget these names and beloved because these names they continued. They were there during the hard times. And even in even if you remember where we studied, we let's say 200 here somewhere else. So there is a differentiation

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law yesterday

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Income man ends up I'm in Kabul, Fatima Patel. We like terminal Latina and Colombian but I do a cartoon is not equal those of you who believed in Islam and put their their weight and sacrifice their money in their lives and their time for it before if America and those who did it after America is not the same those videos before I get weighed over here are considered much higher that's why we don't see the equal the

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olive oil and it's not even our fun and and I'm gonna go through and why oh yeah, and I'm also finding that even though these are all Sahaba but we don't we cannot see them equal because the Quran doesn't see the equality here in the Quran doesn't see the equality because these people accepted Islam much later, much later. Meaning they weren't there for the hard times when you were required to need to when holding on to Islam was meant that you could easily lose your life any moment. And there's really not many Muslims around anyway. So if you left this time, this land would be empty, there'll be no one there, you're the only you're one of 10 or when or 50, or one of 200 I

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need that the value of that is 90 is immeasurable, you cannot measure that. And this is what this is talking about giving the examples. Now we began talking about the first story, which is the longest story in the sutra. But by far the most interesting the story of the Bible of conduct the the Battle of the Trench. And I talked about how the how who'd been the leader, the Jews have been in the lead who were removed from Medina because of they tried to assassinate the prophets I sent him at one point they started plotting against the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam by talking to the Arab tribes of Arabia and seeing if they can get people to you know, to put together a big army and they

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got Quraysh on board and they got a lot of fun and they got Yanni

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who said a man but they got a large number of saline they got a large number of tribes and the altogether it was around 10,000 warriors and that is a very large number of, of warriors to be from different tribes fighting in Arabia, meaning for it to be from one tribe that's understandable but for it to be people from different backgrounds, different religious groups, that's That's unheard of that's unprecedented within within Arabia and the 10,000 started marching towards Medina and I told you the story how the Prophet was always have them start with the Sahaba and ask them for their opinion and their opinion on the idea that stuck was was digging the trench trenches was was huge.

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It was very long as long story I will be covering gel in this era halacha Yanni within the next few months, but in more detail Yeah, but the idea is a five kilometer long trench three three by four. So you can imagine it's like a room and in the the Winston the depths of the of the trenches like the room and you would have to dig if you were there on the dickens of 1500 people digging he and he divided them into into groups of 20 into 60 groups of 25 You had people who were

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running the groups or leaders within those groups and you they had then you had other leaders so we had it all organized so that everyone do their job and get it done on time there were very little provision there was very little provision in Medina Franco very hungry

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and to the point where they couldn't I need the prophets I seldom during those days. I need some of the onslaught came to him and said yeah, that's it Allah we're so hungry and they lifted their Libya or their AI behind the other hand, they showed how they have a rock tied to the stomach. I know you've heard these things and you've never done it before. I've never done it before. Try it though. Wendy. I tried it just for the benefit of kind of learning because this is brought up so many times in the CLI you wonder about it. So try it one day when you're doing see I'm in summer, we still have one more one or two more summers Yeah, new Ramadan is gonna be in it. Try it but not here in Canada

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doesn't really get you don't get hungry here. You have to go like live somewhere where it's much hotter. Yeah, anyway, we're, we're by the time it's Belgium time, you are literally you can't move your lips anymore. You're so you're so thirsty, or hungry. When you when you pull a rock to the stomach, it makes the stomach cavity smaller. Now, hunger hunger as a feeling is generated in the brain based on the size of the empty sack, which is the stomach. So if you have a large stomach, then you're gonna be very hungry. If you have a small stomach, and you'll be less hungry, that's how it is just biologically speaking. So the stomach size will dictate how hungry you are when it's

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empty. So the bigger the empty sack is, the hungrier you feel. The smaller the empty sack is, the less hungry you feel. That's why people who are extremely obese sometimes they will go through certain surgeries, whether it's called a bypass surgery, what they do is they they cut off the stuff that can make the stomach really small, only it can only have a few grapes in it. Right so you can only eat a couple of grapes or a couple of small local at a time in order for them to to nourish themselves, but help help with the with the bed benefit from is that they don't feel as hungry. Biologically even psychologically there's there's some problems there that they still haven't be

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able to sell and fixed properly. But biologically, they don't feel as hungry because the sack is smaller, they don't feel it anymore. So what they do is when you pull a rock to your stomach, it pushes against the stomach cavity and it kind of sticks it together. So it makes it Yeah, and in a pseudo manner. It makes it smaller, not really smaller, but it just kind of makes it starts to feel smaller. So it's a tactic that people would use Arabia to make themselves feel less hungry. So they did this yellow

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we have rocks, the prophet has smiled and he lifted his knee to

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find his stomach yet he had to die to his stomach it is so so so it's very, very difficult times. Now the I am going to focus on a certain aspect of that difficulty it's not going to is going to tell the whole story that I'm telling you, you're gonna tell a certain part of that difficulty which is what I want us to really focus on because you're gonna hear this story in detail every part of it elsewhere. When we're reading the sutra, it's important that you focus on what the Quran chose of all the things that happened to focus on so that we can actually benefit from it and we can we can take the lessons in sha Allah. So the first idea was to deal with Caronia Mucha, lucha de como those

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who believe remember or recall the blessing of Allah subhana wa Tada when soldiers or warriors came to you and Allah Subhana Allah sent on them his own soldiers, and he sent on them. Wind and solar is you did not see and tools and new creations that he commanded to serve Him in a certain way that you did not see. And then they left you. So remember the blessing. The story begins from the end. Things worked out remember when things worked out? Remember when things you thought were not going to work out is impossible you guys are gonna get clobbered and someone's gonna remember that feeling remember the blessing how I how we ended it subhanaw taala it was some wind you think about armies

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of 10,000 warriors and how much money has been put into this and and applauding in the planning wind ended it

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and we think about it happens a lot sometimes. Yeah. And here

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you go you've been planning for a picnic for like a month and you're talking to your family having all the food ready for everyone and you walk out the house then the weather just sends you right back inside and it's and it's canceled. It just reminds you of a week we are in Ojai Allah Subhan Allah commands at all but for this this is an open question there's no there's no I need comparison between going for a picnic and an army coming trying to demolish it another another one but I'm just trying to get you to think that this is and yet wind and did it were other creations or use the powers that we did not see fear.

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Treason right pfiffner hatred between people and misunderstandings and it ended all it took was the loyalty and the alliances to kind of fall to pieces and that was the end of it. And the Muslims were at a certain point you know thinking right so we're saying show the eye after that that starts to describe what happened

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is describing for us the moment the Muslims saw the the actual the army of Alaska coming their way alright, so imagine yourself you just finished digging the hole of the trench it's been it's been 10 days working 1516 hours every single day on very very little Yani provision and finally is done Do you know for sure this is going to work

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they know for sure this is gonna work 100% No one knows they have no idea that they never tried this before. It seems like work there's enough you know, Rubble and and rocks and soil on their side to make a small barricades that they can hide behind and protect the trench it seems like it's deep enough and wide enough doesn't seem there's any more openings anywhere else around Medina they can't enter from any anywhere else. This should work but they don't know for sure. But this what they're saying to themselves and then suddenly and then suddenly they see them in the horizon coming

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starts with one person 234 The spreads spreads and you're like Okay, it's done now that keeps on spreading and spreading until the horizon all you see are soldiers in every direction they're looking all they see soldiers at the horizon and it's not one line and two and three and 10,000 people marching your way

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people of Medina had never seen anything like that before they've never witnessed clip on it so this is what

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what they're focusing on is that most of the ayat and Shannon will talk about are explaining shallow the details of the meaning

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he mean a shape on your body

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Bismillah Walkman you're walking

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so sorry number 10 Insha Allah is

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I mean a spell Amin calm comm

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so let's let's agree to the module. We haven't done this for a while. So let's remind ourselves so the method is a four count any method that you see. So look at the word jet LUCAM you see a small cowboy hat on top of the if that's a method that meant every time you see it, you do a four count, you can just do it on your on your on your knee or you can just count it on your fingers wherever you want to do. Unless I tell you it's six I'll tell you beforehand if it's six so that you can do six but every other one you see is going to be always four so if you

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come to that way, there's more Yeah, just so that we don't know everyone's doing their own their own thing we'll continue with shall there's more to come so we'll use that and shallow as the rule of thumb. What is there what in

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we're Bella

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Hannah G

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Hill Luna

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Hoonah Lika the totally new moon

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was Z lose eels

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Is your main focus on the moment when they came

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from above meaning from the northern part of your city. Another interpretation is that they came from the northern tribes in folklore come from the tribes or north to Medina women as well I mean come from the southern tribes to Medina, which is Quraysh. So the northern tribes are a lot of fun. But Hassan and his group and the southern tribes are Quraysh most of you and in his group. So two meanings, two ways to look at this, that they came from this mean folk, they come from the northern tribes, women estimate I mean come from the southern tribes, that's what is under again, looking at the map view, top and bottom is north and south basically when the it in most cultures when they

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speak, it figure as a figure of speech. And another interpretation is that they came from above Medina and from the southern part of Medina. Because some narrations are actually many of them.

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the accept the idea that

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most of them that the majority of

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the armies were, were focused on the northern part of Medina where the trench was, but some of them came from the south, hoping that bundle Cordova, the you know, the Jews have been popular would allow them through because that way, it would be a quick, it'd be a quick wipe out another interpretation, the one that I think is more prominent in the understanding of this, if Joe Coleman foclink came from from the north women estimate, I mean, come when you found out that by no credit, we're going to betray the treaty and you found out that they're going to and this is the moment that we're talking about, because that's the moment where the profit is unless LM was seen to be most

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concerned the most concerned moment of his life, meaning you looked at his face, I'll use AutoSum you knew he was worrying. That was that was not something very common to see. And he was exhausted I'm quite quite often very, very open kind of easygoing you you feel comfortable when you look at him You gotta feel of comfort when you when you deal with him i Santosa on those days during those those times when the rumor or the idea that by no Canela were considering of betraying the Muslims, and they were preparing for it and they had already come to the into the details of it. The prophets I said become very, very worried. He became very worried because at this point, that meant this was

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going to end. All I had to do was when Leila, if they attack then it's gonna end. And if they just opened the gates, it'll end as well.

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I needed an example just send a couple of 1000 people to come from the south and then from south and from North you can't you can't stop it with the 1500 the Warriors you got it. You can't stop at 10,000 10,000 people right?

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It's all coming phobic. Come on man so SLM income, or it could mean that they came from everywhere. And it looked to you like they were coming from everywhere, because top and bottom kind of encompasses all the directions. So when you looked at them, and that's what basically what happened. When they look at the horizon. It was it was filled. It was just warriors coming from everywhere. And a lot of Muslims just stood there

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looking at each other, not sharing not sure what

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is this gonna, is this gonna hold? And is this trench gonna hold? How long are these people going to stay? I mean, it seems could go on for months. Medina's poor as it is like there's not much provision in Medina to begin with, how are we going to eat? How are you gonna feed our kids? Like it's gonna be this good? We don't know. These are the thoughts that the Muslims are thinking about what exactly levels are and in the moment when Assad I'm sorry, eyesight Zaga is when something and how tough and how that means it's no longer going in its server is not behaving in a regular way. It's taking a detour it's going into different in a different direction. And this is a figure of

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speech and observable, bizarre.

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Bizarre warmup I installed it in a gym. So there's the Quran kind of uses this phrase a number of times, it's a figure of speech. That means when you're so scared or confused that your eyes aren't set somewhere you're looking at you're looking everywhere. You can't you can't seem to focus on one thing. You're confused, you're scared and you're nervous. And it's usually a sign of extreme anxiety is our ability level saw when you're, I think in Arabic, in English, they say the eyesight goes wild. Or I think I've heard that before. I've read that somewhere. But I think that's something that they use. Maybe it maybe I'm wrong, but in Arabic is a figure of speech. It means it means the eyes

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are going left and right Allah usually when you're speaking to someone he's looking, he's looking at

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to move forward, and that's the 99% of situations. But when your eyes are going back and forth, left or right, exactly, it's usually there's something there's something extreme happening you imagine someone who lost something important to me, he's walking around looking for it, he's very anxious his eyesight is going everywhere trying to find or locate what he's what he's what he lost with Zagato Levassor What bellava till colluvial 100 Euro, and the hearts elevated to the throat so that the heart reached the throats and other figure of speech, the heart never goes to the throat. And this is just the Arabic figure of speech that is used quite often. Also in the Quran, biological

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colubrid 100 year means that you could feel is when you can feel your heart pumping or beating in your throat or in your head. And again, that's usually when you're extremely afraid, you get very afraid, you can start hearing your your heartbeats, or you can start feeling happening if you can't swallow anymore. Another Another symptom of the fight and flight reaction, the harmonic reaction that we have, or the

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neurological reaction that we, as humans have as human beings, is that you your mouth goes dry, right and it's hard to swallow when you get really scared. Or you get very anxious or get very angry, if you ever got it right to upset or yawn even worked up to the point where you feel your lips are dry. Why because this is just this is just how we are this how we react to situations that we consider to be threatening to us. Or we feel like they may be fatal, or we're in danger, or we're very upset. Well, that does not include 100 You could feel your your heart and your throat beating and can't swallow properly. You can even listen you can hear it beat tennis right here. And of

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course, there's the figures we just not up there. Yes, if you just see, we're gonna check your homework today, half the kids will go.

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See not anymore. I'm a teacher, and I'm telling you not in bed anymore. That's gone, used to be

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the arts or

00:21:53--> 00:21:56

whatever, Noona Billa Guna.

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And you have assumptions. And you start to have assumptions about Allah.

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Double known is having an assumption Billa Hoonah to repeat, whatever noona Valona just to say it like that, that means you have different and a variety of assumptions. Didn't say what the assumptions were Allah subhanaw taala refused here to tell us what the some of us will harbor and the people standing there, what some of the assumptions that came to their minds where he didn't tell us what they were. But he told us that assumptions were made at that moment. So let's let's recap quickly when they came from the northern and southern tribes towards you,

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and your eyes grew wild, and you felt your hearts and your throats. And you start to have assumptions in Allah subhanaw taala general assumptions which are well known.

00:22:52--> 00:23:09

Now this is an important part of the soul. Remember, I talk to you guys about this last time. One of the reasons that these students some things aren't discussed is sometimes people don't understand what how to deal with these things. The Sahaba were human beings. So were the prophets by the way. They were human beings, they were not anything.

00:23:10--> 00:23:20

They were not beyond you being human at the end, being human dictates that there's a number of of traits and attributes that we all have the role. Yeah. And we share

00:23:22--> 00:23:33

times of extreme difficulty. Is it? Is it even acceptable or practical for us to assume or expect people not to feel fear?

00:23:35--> 00:24:10

Not to feel extreme fear for their eyes not to go wild and their hearts not to reach their throats? Is that something that you're not supposed to have? Is this a is this a sign of little Eman? Or have no Eman? Are you saying what I'm saying here? Is that how we've understood being a good Muslim as the in difficult situations, we're not even supposed to be able to express how concerned and how scared we are with a little known Abdullah he Varuna. And then thoughts and assumptions come to mind and doubts are running in. You're not sure anymore? You're not sure? What is this?

00:24:11--> 00:24:21

Are we gonna make it? Are we going to win this? Are we going to know? Are we gonna survive? Are the Muslims going to survive? Is the Ummah gonna survive? I don't know. Could it be that is the end of it.

00:24:22--> 00:24:52

Right, these ideas come came to the mind of the Sahaba many of us either none of that is wrong, it is the problem. None. There's nothing wrong with that. The problem is what's going to come later in the ads is what I'm gonna if you're going to be a model are going to say and then what they're going to do. That is what's going to be problematic, not what they think and what they feel, what they feel and what they think these are natural reactions to these extreme situations. The Prophet has got very concerned. You can see the concern in his face on ASR to Sam when when

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I knew when he found out that bundle Cordova were on the reach of betraying Him because

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See it in his face to he didn't want anyone, all the Muslims to know all at once you have two people go outside and we will cause sorry, side, other side in order to go and speak to the leaders of what they have

00:25:11--> 00:25:44

just be the leaders of Ubuntu Karela and see what they're going to sell them and make sure that the that the piece of information is true. And they did. And he told them don't come back. Don't tell me that they betrayed just talk to me and talk to me in code. Tell me if they betrayed in code if they did, and if they didn't betray that come into nonsense, because it's good news gives good people good news. If it's true, don't lie, you never lie to lie to them to anyone, nobody ever allow lying, you're never allowed to lie to the public ever. But if it's bad news, telling me in code, because I have to find a way I'm gonna explain it to the people. Because when you tell them, Okay, now we're,

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we're going to be crushed. Because you don't have a trench in the southern part we didn't think we didn't have we needed one based on what we had discussed, but whatever we should be good for the walls, or the foreign student should hold for forever. You can never you can never actually penetrate them. If we knew this was gonna happen, we would have, you know, dug a trench in the southern part as well to make sure that we were safe.

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So they went to the AST, and they found out that yeah, they betrayed so they came back and they told them how to ACARA they told the prophet so the other book IRA is an example of another act of betrayal that happened a few years back, where they killed the number of Muslims who were sent to teach a bunch of guys who were sent to teach, and on 70 young men were sent to teach Islam or Quran they slaughtered on them all in a different story that we'll talk about maybe in a different time. So he said, I'm going to Acharya Rasul Allah. That's it.

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For the Prophet FICM Allahu Akbar. No, sir. Nivea is Atilla we are we are going to be victorious and that need to bring up the morale and then he goes and sits in like, what are we going to do?

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What are we going to do it just to put gathered people together to come up with a plan? Of course we'll talk about Inshallah, what happened at the end, but this is not the focus again, this is not what is focusing on. That is reminding them remember the blessing

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of how we sent them away.

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Remember, when the soldiers came to you, we sent them some wind and solar on the left, and Allah subhanaw taala Kennedy, mata maluna The sila and he was watching everything you did remember when they came from northern and southern parts of the country. Remember when your eyes grew wild and your hearts were in your throats? You start to have assumptions and Allah Allah remember that which Allah known Avila who Verona Hoon Alec, at that point, Uber to the moon. At that moment, Uber Tullio me know me the movement is that believers were tried, they were put to the test.

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tlap means it means that you're put to a test, you are tested. That's it. I find that to be a different, it's sometimes has a different meaning in the minds of people who listen to, you're put to the test, you're going to see, let's see, let's see where you're going to do it. But Julian will mean that is the time where we really tested the moments where you really put them to the test. While you're so many other points that were different tests, like whether it was a test we heard was a test. But the only place Allah subhanaw taala pointed out that is the moment where I truly put the believers to the test was the Battle of conduct. That's why he says to us, because that's when

00:28:07--> 00:28:13

things reached a pinnacle of fear, despair. It

00:28:14--> 00:28:54

seemed like there was going to be no hope. The moment that piece of information came that middle boy that we're going to open the gates are done for it. We can't the prophets I said him at that point what he did he have to send around 800 400 Sorry, of the of the warriors of the Muslim fighters to go and guard the southern part of the gates just kind of keep them close. But that means out of the 1500 who were guarding the hunt, duck 400 left now there's less people, that density of people who are guarding the trench aren't as high now of course, you can poke holes. Now, you can look for weaknesses. Nowadays, you can maybe sacrifice a few people and get across and then open you only get

00:28:54--> 00:29:28

a few blogs and the horses can start you know, galloping in. It become very, very scary. The prophets lie Selim didn't sleep very well those nights. I just said that he never heard him snore so less of them. You know, I'm gonna hopefully a lot of you saw too little Kalyani in those nights he would sleep he was so tired cuz he was awake, sometimes 20 hours 24 hours at a time he would come home when he would lay down for like two three hours take just quickly to get some rest and you could hear him and you could hear the instruments I sell them that's how tired he was. She says that tells us a story that once he was sleeping and sad. He came

00:29:30--> 00:29:44

as he's going home because his his time on call on it was over. He's gonna go to his house. He's trying to rest. So he comes in he says, ya rasool Allah Do you need anything right and he speaks he doesn't he doesn't ask first. So the problem jumps up.

00:29:46--> 00:29:50

For Kaladesh eels little thing I just want to see if you want anything for kind of

00:29:51--> 00:30:00

go see the trench when he when he went from me. I don't want anything to just stick to the trench and make sure things are but the whole idea of Amanda see to Holly sorry, never forgive so

00:30:00--> 00:30:15

had for that day. I never forgive sorry for the day he startled the prophesies of them. He was just he just laid down and took it just maybe 15 minutes in. And he's coming just to say what do you need to do this in a different time? Right go, what does he need go for make sure that they don't come galloping to his home to the trench.

00:30:17--> 00:30:24

Whenever they come to Lee, and noon on that day, believers were put to the test. And this is what we're talking about. And this is what

00:30:25--> 00:31:02

this is the focus of the surah about true moments, when you're put to the test. Are you capable of standing your ground? So if you're going through a time of your life where you don't feel comfortable, you're not happy, you've seen? Seems to that there's a lot of problems coming all at once. And you're not cut? Yeah, you're not sure what's gonna happen next, you feel that there's a lot of insecurity regarding your future, your future, the the number of problems and dilemmas that you have to deal with, they're just increasing weren't like that a while back, don't despair. This is the whole what the story is telling Allah subhanaw taala is just putting you to the test. To see

00:31:02--> 00:31:22

Will you will you submit and obey now? Or will you not? Will you continue to do it? Or are you going to give up or something's gonna change suddenly are you no longer going to be able to continue because this is where you're actually put to the test you will may succeed and you may fail? But this is how Allah subhanaw taala does it gives you a moment where everything isn't working.

00:31:23--> 00:31:59

When you think about it, let's let's take a moment and think about that. A the story of Elijah in terms of what was going for the for the Muslims. Number wise, they were very low in numbers in comparison to the to the enemy that they were fighting so they were around a ninth or eighth of the of their enemy. That's one thing. Second thing is that they're being cornered in their own hometowns. When you're fighting outside. There's this feeling of relief because neither your children nor your wives nor nor your livestock and your wealth is there to be it's not compromised as you're not scared for it. So you just it's all you're going to lose is just you and a better

00:31:59--> 00:32:13

feeling. And then knowing that, you know it may harm them being cornered in your hometown. It's very it's a very scary feeling. The other thing is that there was not much provision in Medina it wasn't like Medina at that time. Only Allah subhanaw taala gave it a lot of food here's here's an extra Jonnie

00:32:15--> 00:32:54

amount of of crops this year. That would be a nice part of the story, wouldn't it you would like that if I told you that part of the story but survive I told you this. They were put under the seas but Subhan Allah, He gave them so much food in Medina that year they would eat and they were they were full and Allah that was a Baraka. No, they were starving. They were literally they couldn't find food. I'll tell you I'll share with you an example. They were so hungry that when they Jabra came to the Prophet SAW I said yellow suit Allah in the Indus lgt Hefin a child was ordered the Georgia I have a chicken breast and some barley like a small home. You have a sort of Allah come and

00:32:54--> 00:33:17

eat. I've been working with you for the last week. You haven't eaten it in the last five days. Come in, come have some food. So he said, Why do jabber alone you want MIKUMI alone? Yeah, Jabber. He looked at him he was unhappy. So So yeah, but it's like, you know, so Allah was gonna give it to my kids. Yeah. And yeah, I decided to give it to you. But it's real Bukhari. Allah if I bring your

00:33:19--> 00:33:22

jabber just just just the two of us

00:33:26--> 00:33:26


00:33:27--> 00:34:06

UCLA, why didn't I just us just the three of us for calling Allah Who are hignett shade? Also the judge and maybe maybe you didn't hear me? Is that Allah? It's a chicken breast and some barley. Yeah, it's barely a small pecan. Kulu Why don't you want to use a little to eat alone? Yeah, job to hate until I felt ashamed. I'm like, I wish I never brought up the whole thing at all. You know, I thought he did something good. And I apparently didn't do anything good. So the Prophet SAW Selim stood up and said early on, Fidel, Camilla Hello, Barbara. Oh, Pete warriors of the trench. Today, you're going to have food at jabbers house. Guy that almost had a stroke. Not, not altogether, but

00:34:06--> 00:34:10

he almost had a stroke. He ran home and he's panicking telling his wife.

00:34:11--> 00:34:42

I told you, it's your fault. You told me to tell Rasulullah to have the food and now he's bringing the whole army. So she told him Did you tell him what we had? Like? Did you lie to him and tell him we told him we had like a couple of camels. What do you tell him? No, no, I told him Yeah, we had a chicken breast and, and some barley. She said then she said to us, I sent him knows what he's doing. So he calmed down. He's like, alright, he took the foot he put it inside the room and he's waiting. And the Prophet Solomon's coming 1500 People are coming he literally 1500 People now you're giving a number you actually see 20 1500 people he said, All right, I need to organize any 10 people at a

00:34:42--> 00:35:00

time. And Jeff was like, What do you mean 10 pages when 10 people and that's the end of it. One group will come in we'll eat it and we're done. Why we don't need to waste people's time. Lots of Allah in organizing the organized anyway. And then he entered he said no one touched the foodie until selection in the house. No one touch anything. All right jogger you're going to be the guy in the door to enter 10 people at a time.

00:35:00--> 00:35:10

Which I still don't like sure fine go entry. I told you what it was. Yeah, I was with Allah, they enter. And he stands out there and and they take like 10 minutes. Like what are they doing in there?

00:35:11--> 00:35:50

What are they? What are people doing so he was told not to look so it doesn't look. And then 10 minutes later they walk out 100 Things you have no desire to love ever? Like, no, you're kidding me right? This is just some joke here you also in one group by the time they all entered, and they ate every single group until Yeah, until until they were totally full. And then the limb called jibber jabber your turn. And then he came in eighth. And after they were all done, God, I looked at the food, it was just a small portion of the Barley was missing, and a small piece of the chicken breast was done, and everyone had eaten. Now it was a this is not, we cannot even this is not the level of

00:35:50--> 00:36:08

a miracle. The word miracle is a huge where there's the bulk of farm. This is America, Allah subhanaw taala gave the Prophets I said them in certain situations. It was only once meaning out of the 15 days of prior to the Bible of Isaiah, they were you know, they were allowed to eat that one CI one time within this whole story. But there was nothing else.

00:36:09--> 00:36:19

They were hungry. And that is a fact that we need to I need to a certain extent to did they have more artillery? I mean, I better swords are better Jonnie

00:36:20--> 00:36:31

Bozena. No, they didn't. So they weren't superior from an artillery point of view. They didn't have better numbers. They didn't have good provision. They were cornered in their hometown. And they were being betrayed by those who

00:36:32--> 00:37:13

had alliances with nothing was going well. Now I need you to drop that I need that situation on your own life for a moment. I take that situation, think about it yourself. Because yeah, you and I know that this ended well, but they didn't. And this is what the eye is telling you. Remember when they came from everywhere? And your eye your went what grew wild and your and your hearts were in your throat and you start having assumptions and you were put to the test like no never before was Zulu, Zulu, XYL and Chedid. And you were shaken, and extreme and vigorous and violent shake. What do you mean? Was there an earthquake? No, there's no earthquake, but you were they were shaking as human

00:37:13--> 00:37:50

beings as people, their faith was shaken their county the confidence was shaken. Their bravery, everything about them was shaken at that moment is normal, of course, it's going to be shaken. You and I go through only a fraction of that. And we struggled to hold on to our faith properly. We struggled to keep a smile on our face, and we struggled to still come to the masjid. We struggled to be kind to our wives and our kids was less than that. With less meaning we have more in our lives anyway. Like even at the worst moments, we still have food in the fridge and enough to get through the month. And we we have someone to take care of us and we're healthy. We're not We're not sick or

00:37:50--> 00:38:24

ill and 90 We have our loved ones around us and we still struggle. Imagine if everything is going wrong in your life, everything. Another narration that we have about the time of ESA is that people were very ill during those days, Medina has illnesses in it, it was a diseased area, one of the one of the reasons that the Prophet also lies I've never thought of going to yesterday to begin with, like one of the reasons he didn't consider yesterday going to die first and tried everything else before yesterday, because just it was a warzone. And there was it was known to had to be a diseased area and he would go there you would catch a lot of diseases you can get you have the flu, you'd

00:38:24--> 00:38:33

have stomach aches you it was hard to eat it was whatever the reason was, it was just it wasn't a very healthy area and to the Sahaba all of them all the Sahaba when they first went to Medina were sick.

00:38:34--> 00:38:51

They were sick for a week. And some of them will maybe I will look at a hadith of the prophet who was laying down sick and look at is beside him and maybe that is beside him and be that he's thinking about Mecca. He's saying like poetry about how beautiful musket is when will I go back and sleep in that place of Mecca? alberca starts to cry and the prophet be like Stop it just stop it.

00:38:53--> 00:38:59

I don't need more more of Yanni. It's already bad as it is. Yeah. So people were ill.

00:39:01--> 00:39:32

When I'm trying to see it, sometimes you take a you take a step back and look at your life and you look everything's not working. And it happens and it happens me more often than you hope you hope for and sometimes hamdulillah you're lucky and you're fortunate Allah subhanaw taala gives blesses you when you don't see it, too. It doesn't happen to you too often. But it will happen sometimes. Where you look, take a look step back and nothing's working. professionally. I'm not where I want to be. Physically. I'm not even close to where I want to be. I'm getting older. My relationship with my family not too good. My kids are not listening to me. I don't think they're doing what I'm doing it

00:39:32--> 00:39:59

right. I don't have enough money in my bank accounts. The future seems to suck so far. I don't know what's happening next. You look at it all and nothing's working. You don't you can't see anything working. Just know that Allah subhanaw taala Hoonah Lika Betula yellow moon was zeroes in his island. She did that moment that the believers were put to the test and they were shaken viciously a vicious shake to see let's look what's going to happen. Why are you shaking this you're gonna fall or getting cold on some of them.

00:40:00--> 00:40:14

held on some of them felt some of the Sahaba made mistakes and fell it's fine they learned they made us different and Tobin, they came back again it's important that we can we can accept this so we can study not always what you can study. Because we heard from the Quran it does get better because a lot of these

00:40:15--> 00:40:34

there were mistakes made by some of the greatest people we know the people that we love the 90 the most the Sahaba but it's okay, they're human beings they made mistakes and we make mistakes all the time. But if we can learn from the mistakes of those before us then Charla we can dodge making another one or we can we can be and another thing is that we can have more realistic expectations.

00:40:35--> 00:40:53

I'm gonna give you an example of unrealistic expectations so that you guys understand what I'm talking about why I'm bringing this up. When Ibrahim the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam son passed away he was six seven months old this way towards the end of his life Alia Salatu Salam is wrong 62 At the time when he died or 61

00:40:56--> 00:41:24

all of Mecca Medina felt very sad and people were crying. I think it's hard to surround himself was carrying Ibrahim Danny in his them all wrapped up. And he was he was sobbing like he was crying tears running down his face. You could hear him cry. It would Massoud walks in Everyone's crying and Masood Ghani thinks that's not how a woman behaves. They think this is not proper, you're a woman. There's a bad thing that happened to you. You should show any perseverance you should be strong, you should get hung your ground, yada yada. So he walks and he sees the prophets Allah said I'm crying.

00:41:25--> 00:41:40

Rasool Allah, because even you know even you're crying. So the Prophet said it looks at him called a nematode, in that I in and attend to mA who ended up Alba Lakeisha I will tear and the heart will feel sorrow. What I know who

00:41:41--> 00:41:53

you really are, and we only say with our tongues what will please our Lord. I haven't said anything. I don't objected to God. I haven't shown him before. I haven't done anything wrong. It's normal for me to feel extremely sad right now.

00:41:55--> 00:42:33

Are you saying what I'm saying? It's normal when they came to Medina, for the Sahaba they feel extremely scared for that fight and flight mode for them to go into it. And for them to you know, have dry mouth and feel their heart beating in their throat and for them to know their eyes too wide and to feel scared. It's normal. Of course. If they didn't, then they wouldn't be human beings. And you couldn't learn anything from them. Or they would be there would be delusional. Like you have to be realistic. You have to be able to see reality for what it is. It is scary. It's scary. Don't be afraid. That's fine. Courage only exists if you're afraid. There's no such thing as courage if

00:42:33--> 00:43:05

you're not afraid if you're not afraid, then that's not courage. You can't walk around saying I'm brave No, you're not brave you know what's gonna happen there's no bravery in this you know what's happening next? I was not brave. If you told if I was him I told him it's gonna happen next. Why would I fear for anything? I know what's happening there's some fine like if it's battle just dodge it and it was good I Why would I be in feel bad? Bravery true bravery and true courage is you not knowing what's gonna happen next and standing around anyway with all the fear and all the doubts and all the difficulty still holding still you know, standing down

00:43:06--> 00:43:43

whatever noona Villa Hoonah and you hide and you had assumptions about Allah subhana wa Tada and that moment is it okay to have assumptions? are never promises gonna be easy? Of course now your your problem is the opposite and will be sometimes some Muslims died. Yeah, but they didn't die forever. They'll be in there. They'll inshallah Exactly. So you're not really promised that in this life is all going to work out? What about the assumptions? What about the assumptions? The assumptions? Something that am I am I commending the assumptions I'm saying it's a good thing that that assumptions? No, not at all. But is it normal for these things to happen? Is it normal for you

00:43:43--> 00:44:07

to have an assumption about one to think for a moment about something to have a doubt for a second? Is that bad you? Should you should you say Oh, I'm I'm a horrible must have my hand. No, of course it's gonna happen. It's gonna happen. The Prophet says not to be shaky. When Ebrahim we have more. We have more right to have those than Ibrahim Ali Salam did. Ibrahim alayhi salam Anita yellow BRT, Nikita Hinomoto show me how you how do you do it? How do you resurrected

00:44:08--> 00:44:21

I went to amend do not have a manual car up. Luckily, if my knuckle be my heart dies, all these questions I have these assumption don't know. I can't imagine how it works. I can't imagine it. I can't understand it. I have some assumptions. I don't know show me so he showed him.

00:44:22--> 00:44:59

You show him scientifically how to not say who know happens in the go, what happens? Become don't I see we we didn't see any of this. It's normal for you to have that norm as a part of being a human being. If you don't have assumptions and doubts to begin with, then you never really build a healthy faith at all. Someone who never questions what he believes in at any point, never puts it to the test as well. takes time to study understand. It doesn't build a healthy faith. It's a normal part of being a person. The people on the day of conduct. They had assumptions was normal. Of course you're going to do it. You're looking at 10,000 people surrounding you. You're deploying a plan

00:45:00--> 00:45:32

that you've never tried before. You should at least try the plan once before you know you put it into practice any any any any football team or basketball team before they try the new plan. They'll do a few trials on the basketball court to see if it works out or not. You don't come up with the idea then try it on the in the finals. Yeah, and then see how it works out. That's insane. Don't do that. They had no choice. There was no time you had to do it now. Well, this work, no idea. They have some other device that they hear about the 100 And they're bringing some device that's gonna allow them to come across, they don't know. They don't know what to do. And Allah he'll Varuna that

00:45:32--> 00:45:38

was the day that means their faith was put to test and they were shaken a vigorous and violent Sheikh.

00:45:39--> 00:45:44

So now your role in the same zone. But now Allah subhanaw That tells you

00:45:45--> 00:45:50

how people differed in what they said and how they behaved.

00:45:55--> 00:46:34

In that assumptions, Oh Allah, Allah, that's what he's saying word for word. What's gonna happen to know about Allah? Allah is Allah is gonna give us victory is he going to let us go is what he told us is going to happen or not? It happens, the assumptions come, the difference is not in the assumptions. The difference is in what they said and what they did mean the movements who had stronger Iman what they said and did was very different from what them whenever you're painting within, if you will be met on set and didn't even see examples of it in the data are going to focus on the differences between what these people said and did and what these peoples that didn't did.

00:46:34--> 00:46:55

And that's what we're supposed to learn from. However, the assumptions if you look at it, they're normal. I mean, they're generalized. Everyone had these assumptions at that moment, no one knew what's gonna happen next. Some of them were good assumptions. Most of them were bad, but that was what happens and then the I'd go down to talk about the details. So let's just read one insha Allah before the time is up in this is a very interesting part of the inshallah

00:46:56--> 00:47:02

what is Yeppoon Munna? Munna well Levine Fe Pulu being Merab.

00:47:07--> 00:47:08


00:47:10--> 00:47:13

Lavina Kulu be him

00:47:16--> 00:47:17


00:47:25--> 00:47:28

Allah Who else who in

00:47:38--> 00:48:15

that moment so now the differences start to become much more apparent, and then when after boon, the hypocrites well Levine if you could obey Him muram And those who had some heart diseases within their hearts and this is a very very important phrase, and we're lucky enough to be him metals are extremely important phrase here that needs to be studied and looked out into much more in more detail. It's around the Quran in different places, you'll find the concept of Medina for your Peruvian model in a lot of different parts of the Quran. It means those are diseases in their heart it's not talking about Jani clogged up arteries or any insufficient involves within the heart this

00:48:15--> 00:48:54

is talking about the figurative heart just talking about the soul is talking about enough's. Those who have problems within their neffs meaning those who have issues of of generalized doubt, meaning they live a life of doubt, they didn't have an assumption and a moment of difficulty and I'm kind of differentiating for you the two concepts it's one thing for you to have a an assumption and an extreme moment of difficulty is a different thing for you to be constantly in an in a state of doubt. Meaning everything for you nothing for you is clear you have no you have no grasp on anything at all, no matter how much time or effort you spend trying to understand something you can't seem to

00:48:54--> 00:49:32

come to you know you're always in the in the state of doubt or you're someone who was oblivious, indifferent to what's happening around you, or there's arrogance or vanity or, or envy or hatred or, or any of these diseases over 25 Different Johnny diseases that can that can affect the heart. If these diseases are left, if they are not purified, if you remember when we studied certain, chumps a number of months ago, but the Hammonds occur RocketHub them and the seller Subhanallah took an oath by everything he created that we can observe. They said Indeed, those who purify their souls will be successful in this life in the hereafter. And those who fail to do so will find disappointment in

00:49:32--> 00:49:59

this life and in the hereafter be disappointed by what's going to happen later. If you don't do it, because these diseases of the heart they're like, you know, viruses in your in your in your software, that the moment you're you need to to work a certain program or get things working, it'll bring it all down. It'll stop you'll it'll hold you back, and it won't function properly. Because there was some there was some that you didn't fix that you should have at that moment. When is it showing us what we're learning right now, when do these days

00:50:00--> 00:50:31

diseases of the heart become most any harmful at a moment like this. Right now we're sitting around each other, we have no idea what diseases of the heart exist in any of us. I don't know what's in you and you don't know what's inside of me, there's impossible for us to, to figure that out. However, at a moment of difficulty, you will find out everything about yourself, you will know all the little deficits that you have, you'll know all of them, they'll come out they'll come screaming out they're like hiding somewhere in the heart that you can't find them you're trying to find them trying to purify yourself but they're good at hiding the kid or keeping themselves Jani well secured

00:50:31--> 00:50:55

and, and hidden away. And then in a moment of difficulty, they'll come screaming out, and they'll, they'll ruin things for you. And it can cause you to make any mistakes that you regret for the rest of your life. I'm gonna give you I'm gonna give you one is not the one that this one is gonna talk about. I'm talking about one of those diseases that affect us here more often. They're probably not the same one that affected the people of London at the time. Anger.

00:50:56--> 00:51:36

Anger is a disease of the heart. Specifically, most Middle Eastern human beings are not men, specifically, the majority of people who are men, Middle Eastern men are known to be temperamental. They have tempers, they have tempers, is this a known thing? You have a temper? You're all finding quiet now and you seem very calm. All it takes is pushing maybe three buttons, just find three buttons. 123. And then yeah, neither. Hawaii's volcano will explode. And then everything. And then yeah, it became suddenly everything is up for grabs. And you're, you've seen it before. At one point, I know you've felt it habit erupting inside of you. And then you just fold it down really,

00:51:36--> 00:52:11

really well. Anger is an example of a disease of the heart that can let you down. Are there moments where you need not to the most? When things are really young give you when things get really, really difficult in life? What do we know? What is the thing that we know? People do when when they're stressed out? That's when they start to act up. Right? That's when you're if you remember your kid, if you're at a certain point, your dad was, you know, was yelling at you or unhappy or your mom was, oh, we have it's hard. No, he's he got fired, or, or there's not much money in the bank or something went wrong. And that's supposed to be an acceptable excuse. That's how we were raised. But it's

00:52:11--> 00:52:44

okay. When I'm going through difficulties. It's okay for me to start acting up and start behaving in a way that's not proper and maybe abusing people around me or what who said, That's okay. This is the example of the clue being modeled, difficult situation will bring out the clue if you prove your mother is not wrong for you to have this. This is normal. Of course you have and I have everyone has diseases in their heart small little attributes that they didn't fix it in notice that they look you know, that they draw a blind eye towards you don't want to think about, but moments like these will bring them forward. And it gives you an opportunity to know who you are, and to work on them and

00:52:44--> 00:53:00

change into the next time. And then the next day a difficult like this happens, you're not going to behave in the same way, you're not going to do the same thing. And that's the point that we're supposed to learn from this, that one phrase in the area. And when the hypocrites and those who have diseases in their heart when they say

00:53:01--> 00:53:25

my case, at least, this is what they said at that moment. Everyone had the assumptions had certain degrees of them different types. But they said Ma did Allahu wa rasuluh in love with all that Allah is prophet ever promised us were delusions. It was just a delusion. rule. The rule is when something when you think something good is going to come from something bad. That's what a rule is.

00:53:27--> 00:54:04

When you think something good is gonna come from a bad action or from a bad source. It's a delusion, you don't know you think it's gonna? Who's gonna work out well. So there were three things what they're saying. They're saying that we thought something good was going to come from all of this, but something bad is going to come instead, mean all that Allah and his prophet ever promised us is just a delusion. They told us a victory. The prophets I said them said No, sir. VIB 40. Hartford is what you told them about one day you will conquer Persia and conquer the Romans. One day things will change drastically for the Muslims. There was all delusion is all a lie. It wasn't really there. But

00:54:06--> 00:54:15

you're seeing the they said it. They said no, I did Allah who will assume all we were ever promised by Allah and his private was was a delusion was a lie.

00:54:18--> 00:54:53

Yeah, so mccluer he believes something's going to come from himself. He believes good is coming from himself that isn't there. That's what it is. That's where that's how it's taken from meaning you you think so much of yourself, so you overestimate what's going to come from or what you are, compared to what you really are. Meaning we're a bad we're servants of Allah Subhan God, someone who is most of the world thinks himself to be more than that, more than a servant of Allah subhanaw taala. So so he treats people differently and acts in different ways. It has the same, the same concept is there but the word Lord that what it is, is a delusion. And it's a delusion in terms of thinking something

00:54:53--> 00:54:55

good is going to come from something bad sometimes the opposite but mostly that

00:54:58--> 00:54:59

the Muslims didn't see that

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You'll see in the second page, if you're if you're in a hurry, if you can't wait and go to the second page or the last area read, it's just too so your heart feels. Yeah, so you can calm down, you can read what the movements say this is something different.

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But they all had at one point or the other, some degree of assumptions, they're all scared. All of them, all of them felt the fear. Some of them most of them had the assumptions, different levels of it. But then the difference was in was in the behavior. You see you're not held accountable and with this, inshallah we'll read a number 30, because you have to explain a number 13 Quite, quite deeply.

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You're not held accountable for what you think.

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Thoughts come to your mind all the time. Allah subhanaw taala does not punish you for thoughts. He punishes you for intentions that lead to later on behaviors or things you say, he holds accountable human beings for what they say, intentionally, consciously, obviously, you're not forced or coerced to do anything, or you're not doing it outside of your sanity, anything that you say or do consciously, you're held accountable for however, what you think thoughts that jump into your mind aren't held accountable for these things. Allah subhanaw does not hold you accountable. He gives you idea for the good ones, and he looks away from the bad ones.

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And the good ones, you get Azure for small amount, the bad ones, they're overlooked. However, you could turn them into a good one, then you get you get over that one as well. But you're not held accountable for the bad assumptions. So the Iowan is talking about how the people on the Muslims on that deal standing behind the trench when they saw what was happening and they had an assumption in their hearts right that's that's just normal. He's just describing what happened. He's not he's not placing blame Subhana wa Tada. He's placing blame in the last I have to read into i had to come is to paint a page and a half of blame that he's going to, he's going to it's going to be based on

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behavior not be based on a thought, feeling that that is so natural, that is so Yanni.

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There's basically an instinct and instinct, an instinctual reflex that you can't really control. That's my but then what did you say that day? Did you run? Did you stay? Did you leave? Did you betray? Did you hold your stand your ground and keep your word or what did you do? Did you strengthen the Muslims morale? Do you bring it down? How did you act? That is what Allah subhanaw Does interested in? And he's he doesn't talk about any other part of the whole. Basically, just that focus on that moment when it got to the, to the most extreme part of fear, because this is what was what's word from the SUTA how to deal when things get really bad. Will you still submit? Will you

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still obey Allah subhanaw taala or will you lose it and we'll start with that and shall continue within that time next week. So panic Allah Hamrick. I should go into stuff we'll go to be late. What's not Allah, Muhammad Ali, he also have used things like Kamala here Baraka Luffy come