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October 20, 2018 – Part 2

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The speakers discuss the feeling of joy and joy in relationships, including the sense of being in a joyful way. They emphasize the importance of learning to love and not let anyone convince them to do so. The speakers also discuss the benefits of reading and sharing books to create a sense of relief and the challenges of finding a stable partner for one's life. They suggest that families should prepare for the idea of marriage and encourage young men to pursue it.

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serve, to observe what he calls. These are his feelings. And he's when he felt he felt when he would read the sewer. But he was no such happiness. Such a state of serenity and tranquility and closeness or hope to Allah some peace of mind and art, that he didn't let this pain was it was intentional for him to want to leave it. He was so awkward that this was this pain wasn't wasn't bad enough for him to cut and go and take care of it. So you didn't feel that the danger was, you know, was

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this close to elbows, extreme enough for him to stop doing what he was doing? And I don't know, if you've ever done anything in your life, that you felt that level of closeness to what you're doing. I'm not talking about reading the Quran, maybe something else have you ever experienced, again, writing experience that you're in such joy, such happiness, such peace of mind, heart, they never want to end? Right. And if you haven't experienced that yet, from a spiritual perspective, because you can experience these things in different ways, they can, they can be experienced physically as well, you can experience but

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for example, when you're tired,

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and you've only slept three hours, and the alarm goes off what you feel at that moment.

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Like, I don't want to move, but there's nothing in this world that is better right now than me staying in bed. Right? That's the feeling that you feel you have to kind of, you know, beat it and get up and go for a little bit, go for school or work, whatever it is that you do, but for a moment, you're gonna get what I'm saying. It's like you're in such in such a joy to her asleep. If you're woken up at the wrong time, that you literally do not want to move and nothing nothing like you have your bed has to be on fire in order for you to get up quickly. And your mother would have to come in and set your bed on fire you're gonna get up it's still gonna be like yeah, the fires on the

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underside of humanity Parkinson on this site, all I can speak for a second is going to do is not going to be alarming. We had like a minute that ever done that before. Why would you wait a minute, what is what is 60 seconds. But that's the level of joy that you are in that even just one more minute. Just one more minute asleep is awesome. And then you had that one minute to wake up the next day or something with

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joy of sleep. And it's so you can change that you can understand what type of experiences I'm talking about. You can you can experience something that you're such joy that you don't want to kind of for any reason. I didn't bishop had the same feeling, I suppose reciting soon

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as he was reading hamdulillah in the Gita, but what I mean

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by Eva Leone, the percentage of Edom adornment we worship I mean, and the DNA of a ruler saw you had the idea one has an MADI feed and the other feeding and probably a much prettier voice in mind, in a better tone than mine, just really enjoying it, probably listening to the words that just living with the meanings and experiencing the story of these young youth, Anelka, these young people went out and did what they did, repeating the story of the people of the tip of the tongue, genitalia, and who, sadly, STEM is being destroyed in his learning in his listening and enjoying it.

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Now, what's the arrow, just an arrow,

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all survivors I'm gonna kill, resist just a wound, I'll take care of in a minute, let me just get to the end of the story as I'm eating it, you can arrive at that point. But it will take time it will take effort, it's not going to happen

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overnight or happen on his own. Right, it's not going to happen by yourself, you actually have to put in the effort to learn to love the moment. The grind is something that you once you love, nothing will be more beloved to you that once you fall in love with Iran assets for the rest of your life, you will be forever fulfilled and forever happy and capable of

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regenerating his happiness just by opening a book and reciting the words that are in it. You enjoy the artistic part of the resuscitation and enjoy the context of the depths that you're that you're being subjected to. And if you as a Muslim, don't bargain on that you can that's not one of your ultimate goals. If you're not working towards that right now. I fear I fear for your future even in the future of your own faith, I fear for you. Because I can't imagine what could possibly old holds you help hold you to a cell. I don't know what it is the province of the audience said I'm unfortunately not alive right now. It's me for you to come to him to sit beside you and listen to

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him. And that will be or your connection. And even if he was alive, he's also he's going to make you do this because he's you know, no one lasts forever. And when he passed away, somebody's gonna continue there was this connection that they had with the look of Allah, that when they come to a masjid is only one book on all those shelves. I remember I came on one of the I think three or four years ago, and we have an open door thing here in the masjid is sometimes done listening, walking,

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standing here and an older older lady came in and she looked at all these bookshelves. It says Wow, you guys love to read always I think that's a great idea for that. So we're all these books tell us

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Any book is expensive. It covers like this is all I mean, I put it all exactly the all the one as you can wrap your head around, because why would you? Why would you open them? Or you need to just want to get one for other books, is it No, it's all we really need is we don't need anything else, the book that we need is there, nothing else was needed nothing else, nothing else, besides your brain and your heart, because the rod was all the interaction of your brain and heart with doesn't do anything. It's words on a page, right? Unless it's being mixed with your with your intellect and with your spirits or with your, with your love and your passion and understanding, then it doesn't

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it doesn't go far the Quran is purpose was to come to be here, so that can enter your heart in your mind. And then you will be the miracle of the Quran. When you see the miracle of the prophets. It's a book with words in it, you get when you convince anyone that doesn't miracles pretty hard, but you see what it interacts with you, you will pick up the miracle, see what you will do a much machine and how you behave and what type of person you become. That is what the miracle girl look like. The society that embraces the lines in society, there's going to be miraculous in what it achieves and how it functions. That's the point. It's not just the words,

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I decided I'm sitting in a bed, is there an example of this and I started listening to him, he was in such joy, such closeness with these words, that he didn't mind the narrower two or three feet, penetrating your skin use. Most of them go out of your mind it like whatever.

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So when we go to take care of it, but Susan's gonna have customer does not finish the sewer, the climate is coming to the end of this, the story is right there, I'm just about to say he's uh, he's living that story and enjoying it. Just like when you're reading a novel sometimes, and you're really into it, you don't want to put the book down, right. I hope some of you have experienced this, please telling me somebody who needs anything, but I

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have not completely stopped reading.

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That's why you should read to read everything. So when you're enjoying something like that, or whatever it is you're reading and a story is so close. And it's coming together to why it has to be something similar.

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It used to be like that. That's how it used to be. That's how our relief used to be. And that's how it can become again. And that's why

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the product sold nicely that tells us

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in the middle chapter, we're talking with the audio, semi Alpha Tara,

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for one minute.

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that's me, I nurse to the cube will be

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a really good person is someone who will be the fun. And then when people hear from me, yeah, remind them of us pounds, or they feel that feel feel that he views on what

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you're capable of just getting one person to enjoy the fun even for a moment. That's one of the best things you can do. Because if I can get you a lullaby that I don't need to worry about. And your parents don't need to worry about you anymore, and no one needs to you'll worry about them. Let's love the Quran that says we're cheating the people, you're attached to the teachers.

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Make sure you memorize the words, if you memorize the words, you're going to your child, if you continue just walking, you could because at the end of the day, I can't do can anyone be forced to learn, you

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know, this is not something that we can connect teach you a lot of people, it's hard, I could expose you to something, but I can't make it look because love is something you have in the heart is a choice. That is not directly to me, I guess I love just I don't know, I always want to get your heart fields, you can only expose yourself and educate yourself and hope that inshallah that feeling is

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developed. So when we teach in order to

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learn the words, you know that as soon as you want to read it, that you will take the time will take just a bit of time to read and understand what it's saying. And extend the lessons that it contains inside of it and learn the story is that that's explained and then you will love it. But if you can't read it, I kind of imagined for you. But it isn't always the man. How do you get your meetings like we do with a frank campaign. It's hard. That's why we teach the youngster to read no matter meetings and to recite it from your heads.

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The huddle, follow me out, I ended up you're the one who has the best chance of loving this book. And if you have the chance of loving this book, then you're going to be the person who will make others comment as well. And you have the best chance of being the most robust contribution by everyone towards the wind, because there's really nothing else about this stuff. I know. It's not it seems complicated sometimes. But it's very simple. Just just loving that book and loving the magic or

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anything along those two things. Because you're you're good. They teach you everything you need to take into a lesson how to allocate apartments. That was it the first then the final story all the way back up, nothing apply. Now we're doing this because it

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is a really interesting so I had to write a paper on his story. I was during my second year of

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Islamic University bachelor's degree, I remember that my teacher gave each and every one of us Hadith that we would have to go and search for all the different durations for

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In the different books, we weren't allowed to use computers. So we weren't allowed to go online and just put in put in a search engine at the mall got to go and sit in the library for hours. It took me it took me six weeks to do this one honey and honey that I went and was given or assigned as I'm gonna share with you today. It's called the Hadith jab, monopolize, but as long as possible nice gentleman and his camp, and it happens on the way back home doesn't that doesn't fly. And this is in the region in many different books of Hadith. It's a very authentic story. It's really enjoyable for you to tell. So on the way back, right, so there's a conflict of Athena EDA is just maybe a few

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hours a week. And everyone's getting closer, becoming close to home, you haven't seen your wife and your kids and your friends for a long time. Everyone is feeling all hyped up and happy. It was new as a victory. All these interesting things happened on the way back and all these lessons were learned. Everyone's feeling positive. And everyone's doubting and talking and enjoying themselves making their way back to Medina is a really positive vibe. And the bubble slicing let me know with this calendar, we go into each group of people have said I was talking to them, you know, joke and laugh we go to the group and he noticed that

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we at the end of the group just kind of on his camera alone. So the brothers I sometimes like this guy's so you can easily goes back and he was looking to see what isn't as easy as German. Now, if you remember who Jabra you have, you shouldn't know this name because he's it has a couple of stories in this field that are really important. One of the stories is father Biller, and I'm not going to kill you remember I told the guy you were $9. And it just hit me the son and they do the dice to see who is going to get to go for Omen so that his job is done. And then I'm allowed to come die. That means even though he was marching, and he spoke to a lot of times I was asked what do you

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want? He told him returning back to dunya. So I can do this again. And he said no matter something else, I'll give it to you. He told me Oh, tell the people behind me what happened, the beauty that I'm in and the grace that I went missing. So whatever this was, and everyone has what 700 You know, cooking movies. I mean, in theory, I'm watching your videos. And that was really revealing because of

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it this is another story and there's gonna be another story for him. This would be really fun to tell in a couple of 100 bucks coming on when we talk a little bit better. So Jeff is kind of just trying this old catalog to pokey camel and it's really slow. Java is is really feeling down when everyone's in groups talking alarming friends making their because it's coming close to the museum with hours away. We've made it to the brothers. I've come to the gallows. I'm excited to each other. My budget I'm about to generate what's wrong with your with your capital. Yeah, there was no, I thought I know who I lose it.

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Because I

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do not have a better one than this catalog that can I answer them? Because I tell I can either be disseminated a house where you win. What have you been given a better couple of those little love? My dad died a little bit nine sisters take care of what are you talking about? Again, I don't have enough. And I don't mean ends at the end of the month I was living in Ghana, Ghana, Carolina for time. Even today, like living in certain parts of the world. The camels are quite expensive. I don't know the numbers are going up as well back up. I don't know how much do you go for anymore. But animals lifestyle cows and sheep, camels are quite expensive, and especially a healthy young one is

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quite expensive when they are taking it for it's me. It's where I can take it to ride and use it for

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work is actually quite expensive. And and at the time, you were not just that they're also a means for transportation. So basically, your capital did a lot of things for you. And it was a big deal. Because you know, worst case scenario, it is one of the capital, you eat the meat and you use the skin for clothing and use the bones for you know, for different use. So animals were really utilized back in the day, and Catholics are held accountable. It's like having a car recently got into the car. So Javon had this old couple wasn't really moving down. Well, the problem was I said, Oh, he's talking to Jeff and asked me especially in the smaller space, because I've been to so it's really

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down like yeah, I wasn't alive. i My wife died died. He must be nothing. I have this little camo and also it looks like it's like as he goes, Oh, just leave me alone. Like, I'm just depressed and unhappy. Why do you have you guys going back home? Because you know we're gonna go back home. I have no money.

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Sister to take care of, I guess not is not the best time to go to conference to converse with meals and the problems

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until the weight

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but that's not enough to eat as the milk isn't so good. The problem is, he went he took a isn't just with the gentleman because again, got this camera. He went to look for a stick to the stick. But he can propose to the demo. And he said Miss Miller made me believe made a couple of drops and then he poked the gym twice or three times he won't be jumping with this camera. He told that he then he slapped in the back of the candle. Nice present indication Dr.

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Tanaka Jiminy Landau whooshing and then my camel just start together but sometimes you

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My local and I was I found myself at the end of the, of the army to Surgeon General of

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the province of James cattle Academy and keep up to my jam with my camera and, and the brothers galloping behind the German injector. What happened? Oh, geez, now you're gonna seem to be whatever it is. I'm gonna mess it up. But hola hola Cal so when you do that, maybe I was gonna let my camera down was moving. I'm gonna make it because I've been hurt to begin I was like, this girl is gonna die. So before I actually make it to Medina

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How would you sell me your company? Okay. Also, like, you just give them something? Why would I assume them

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better? Well, I'll give them to you as a gift.

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I want to pay you for it. Because you understood me depressed, and he's a bit still been unhappy, but not me. I was hoping he's gonna buy it. You don't just Cherry Hills with a lovely polish, you buy him for it.

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You can mean you don't have a look in the window. So that's basically me coming up to a guy in one of my buddies who has like a really good car. And I'm like, Hey, what's going on here? Because no one's gonna

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say no.

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No one has a gift from you. It's like, okay, I'll sell it to you how much you want to pay? And I'm like, Okay, I'll give you $1 for your car.

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I'm still gonna give it to you. Because

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thought it was good enough. I mean, I'll give you two

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events of hustling and you're trying to Yeah,

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I think it would be yeah, baby. Nothing more than like $2. Regardless, no one knows that right? Even my garbage echo is like $500 or something. You can still get

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the money that you're not being fair to me. I wasn't allowed

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to use

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each other You're trying to get to a salon.

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Even in these type of situations, you find him walking around looking for anyone down? Is anyone upset? Is the group all doing well? Is there anyone in the group who's kind of feeling

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lonely or unhappy or upset would come up to them? Somebody said let me find a way to make this content. And this whole thing is just to make me smile. Well, there's no digital lesson here. There's just nothing.

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Let me show pain and then when you're talking with a certain identity, I know we didn't have a ton of Nickelodeon had. You don't know what to take from this you take from this film, or edit. This just edited? Just good. Just being a good friend. It's being good neighbors being a good mentor is being a good person. You see someone else and do something that makes them say something they certainly make them feel bad if there's a major injury finally smiled. And he was kind of finding it difficult to find. Somebody said I'll take a company I'll give you whatever you want for it for quality they don't really care look at ourselves for this evening.

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I'll tell you this.

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But very high Jeff was happy like what I didn't really care for this candle to begin with. And now I'm gonna make a nice buck and and go home and I can have some money providing food for my family. They'll go to

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a bar there's always a lot. Yeah, Jeremy Hunt is a wished Have you got married? Are you married? No, I got married.

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Now before I continue on when I started here, because I there's a red time to go on for a few minutes. So bear with me. Even if you're gonna have to have one just read. He got married. And the brothers didn't know about it. And they live both in Medina. And he thought I'm every day thinking about this because I need to be Muslim. By the way. There's

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no secret stories is a great story. The brothers always did and did not know whether Jabu who was one of his followers who lives within the same city who goes out with him in every visible whether he had gotten married or not. And the answer was, yes, I didn't get married. What do we take from this there's something here besides the other besides allocate the blocks as I'm asking you about how you're doing. And you'll see this how he is I suppose there's something here also about the culture of marriage. It was much more simple to get married in the old days than it is today. It was much easier. on every level, it was easier financially, it was easier socially, it was easier

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psychologically, it was easier religiously, it was easier on every level that you can imagine. It wasn't as complicated as it is made today. And because it's complicated today, most of our youth are under 25 are not married, even though they hit puberty at 15. So there's a 10 year span

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of the them doing what we don't ask them, What are you doing in those 10 years? We don't ask them we don't care. Just don't talk to us about it. We don't I'm interested. You're not getting married until you have until you have the things where if you've had them, why would you want to get married? Basically you had a house and a car and go there go do what the lady did. Why would you want to give me the whole point of marriage is to make it easier to to live your life. Because when it comes life is hard and you need to get a companion but if you get money, you don't have money to buy everything, then maybe marriage

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is problematic.

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For us to be living in a time and era in place where harm is so easy it is just around the corner. It's time around the corner. It's in your face all day long and ready to look at come to this picture right in your face all the time. How long is there for us to make it more difficult than how long and then wonder why people are not coming to the masjid? Why are you starting to say we are committed to the deen or they're not going to destroy that. But what I do think is haram is easy. You make it easier. This is the whole point of the deen how to make it easier, I think more simple, unless you're not fearing for, for the future of love of the Muslims. I know that parents will ask

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these questions with your kids. And your 23 year old son, and your thoughts? How was he? How was he managing? You care at all? Is this even something to think about? How did he How do you think we manage or your 22 year old daughter, this is not easy to do. You don't know what it's like to go to high school, I don't know, I got to find out and I'm not happy with right. I wish I didn't find out, I wish I could go and see what I saw and hear what I hear every day. It's actually it's impossible. It's very difficult for this to be done. I respect everybody who's sitting in front of me who was still holding themselves, you know, taking care of them, somebody who respected whatever my project

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think that was going to get them to feel because of what they do. But from a community perspective, there has to be a different way of doing this, we have to find solutions we have to find. So I'm not saying that you take a kid who's trying to marry them, you're not ready, because we haven't prepared them. But maybe we should start preparing our youth so that psychologically and socially, you are ready by the age of 20 to be married at least. And then financially we can be conservative and families can learn to support their daughters and sons and the mother can be a number that is you know, feasible. It's not a four year bachelor's degree tuition that you're paying me

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this is a this is a matter that needs to be fixed. Now if anything spooky, we don't have much time to deal with this has to be dealt with now. Families have to start opening their minds and their hearts and talking about it. And we're not looking for someone who has money. We're looking for decent, moral Muslim individuals, whether you have daughters they're looking for for many of the million dollars for life, you have to be looking for that. Not for the not not for not for other things. We're also making hella too difficult. And it can't be difficult, gentlemen about American politics and lesson didn't even know about it. Understanding how quickly it happened was a quick

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thing, no big deal. Not everybody's gonna know, why didn't Why don't later my family knows her family knows people living in our neighborhood. No, that's good enough. Imagine he had his wedding. If you had a wedding, the problem somebody was living in the same city, we should invite him

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when he would, of course, because He's the first person to be invited. You will do many councils. Excellent. 100%. Job

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was not disrespectful. No, was not at all. Why? Because marriage is an easy thing doesn't take so long, shouldn't be this big deal. Or oh my gosh, this is the day that young white men get into any kind of anxious and good young sisters spend all their lives just imagining what you're gonna look like in that dress. And that's actually pathological. That's not healthy for you to be imagining one day, just everything is worth just having a look one day well, that's not a healthy thing to do. Our sisters and daughters should not be raised thinking like that. I don't think it's a healthy thing.

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We should be we should be thinking specifically, of that whole concept of the

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Hollywood ideation of the one moment and life is not about that. And it's easy for the man you should be we should teach them to what to look for. I have all these 25 and 26 year old young people, especially men

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who have come to me and they want to get married today. I tried to help them and I find out that you don't want to get married to a human being. They want something that was made in a plastic surgery. They