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October 20, 2018 – Part 4


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The transcript describes a group of people marching in a crowded area and discussing the difficulty of their lives. They discuss the importance of having strong faith and knowing one's own abilities to overcome fear and achieve success. They also mention the need for a new plan and the importance of listening to others' the group's mission and expectations.

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The climax of the story of his life. So there's a bunch of climaxes like it kind of goes up and down fluctuates. But in terms of people remaining Muslim as a group, the peak moment of fear, difficulty

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was was on the deal that is, by far, the most difficult moment. What comes later, will become a bit easier, less less intense, but the most difficult moment of this almost life is going to be on the visor. Why? Because everyone, everyone had conspired down with 10,000 people were much a number that you had never heard that when remember how many people were coming towards us? That was like, three years ago, three years before this. How many how many people raise bringing the dog

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was 1000 and the Muslims were telling this story this

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you remember I told you stories of the Muslims in the early 2000 They started shaking everyone's scared it was pretty hard in the UK even talking about all this sense of rain and and your shooting or high settlement at the Minneapolis. Minister now you can look it up and be there make it easier for you is going to fill your heart with serenity because 1000 people were coming totally what about 10,000 people 10,000 people in all university numbered.

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This is this was a it was a moment in their lives that they would never forget this was going to show the true Muslim from right but the person who has strong faith and the person who can see easy maybe to be a Muslim, when things are simple, or

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everything's going the way you want them to go. If you are healthy and you're wealthy, and you're living in a safe place and you have your friends around, no big deal. Like if you have Muslim practices done, it's easy. But what happens when it becomes really hard.

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What happens when you're not as wealthy you're not as cold you're not as happy you still follow the law of Alaska. You still love him you still do what He tells you to do. When you start losing your faith. What's gonna happen. This was the moment where the Muslims are going to that's why you go to black south Winnetka, when it will be too late.

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On that day, the mood the believers were tested, and trialed was Zhu, Zhi, SHAN either Susan Zahra is when there's an earthquake, meaning they were shook. vigorously, not physically, but psychologically and from a faith perspective. Let's see how strong your feet if you say that.

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Even you I believe in Mohammed says, I believe a doctor I love with you. Let's see.

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There's 10,000 People are marching Great. Let's

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have only a dozen narration required to

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say when the number was said, when the number was recited how much the Sahaba the prime minister said somebody said it would tell them, Okay, we have 10,000 The faces of the Sahaba to feel like you could literally see the difference of the colors. And the face of the people when they heard 10,000 people, some of them asked for clarification. Are you are you did you make a mistake with the number maybe you get like 10,000 people? There is no tribe that has 10,000 orders that was below? Yeah, that's the thing. They're not one tribe. They're all the tribes. Everyone's coming to you. They've United themselves just too.

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Nice out there. So what did he do? He didn't do what he used to do every time. Right? But what did you do? What would you do?

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It's very good stand up machine. A lot

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of people tell me what what should we do? You would you return to the people who returned to the people and listen to them? If you how are you going to deal with this?

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To be going meet them out in the middle of the desert? With 1000 1500? People? I guess 10,000 The numbers aren't.

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The numbers don't work anymore. Like maybe 700 to 3003 to one, four to one, maybe five to one but 10 to one or nine to one. That's not enough. We need we need something different a different strategy.

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Information? Nope, that's very good question. So a really good question didn't why sales will allow okay, this is happening. This was what you didn't know was. I was hoping you would keep pick up on this trend. Just by listening to me tell the stories that you bring and never provide the plan. Give you never want to play you never told them you can never tell the brothers. So suddenly, I saw somewhere to go and Gabriel where he is to the army. It didn't tell them. Where should they go in the neighborhood. You say, Medina go outside GP will never bring the plan. The plan is going to be yours or duty. Your responsibility to plan things out. Your responsibility is to come up with the

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information and think about things to find out to put the best plan into motion, and then they see there's going to be a loss about that as well. But he will not bring the plan who thinks you breed at this point. You think about him. So I said I would call a

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mutation really immediately. Gibreel and he's just telling me what I'm going to do is again, not similar thing.

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We'd like that to listen and he didn't even want to. He knew because he knew what his job was. I think we don't know what our job is. That's all. I think I apologize. I was listening today. We just don't know what we're here to do. We don't know what our mission is don't know what's actually required us not sure about it. So he sat, he's a Chevelle Hunter. And he's going to get a number of responses. Those which I will

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share with you next day Saturday. So other people like