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The Muslim Central discusses upcoming events and plans for promoting Islam, including training 10,000 Muslims and developing a free digital media platform. The success of training leaders and potential digital media platforms will be highlighted, along with protecting human rights and privacy. The challenges faced by traditionalists in Pakistan are addressed, including lack of succession planning and the need for acceptance in society. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning to handle challenges, following Islam, educating oneself, and finding the right person to call. They also highlight the need for personal development and forgiveness and mercy, as well as maximizing one's growth and success in various aspects of life, including political and social success.

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a shadow on La ilaha illallah wa shadow anna Muhammadan rasul Allah.

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I bear witness that none is worthy of worship except Allah. And Muhammad Rasulullah Salallahu Salam is the Messenger of Allah. Brothers and sisters, we are back again, it is the 27th night, which is highly likely to be a lot of coverage just because the oma in sits so and it is one of the odd nights. And it might be a little further we are backward and the Sapiens Institute Live View. Why are we here? I am joined with the living legend, the very line of Africa literally because he is from Egypt. Egypt is technically.

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Okay, so brothers and sisters today, or actually tonight, we are with you for a very, very special appeal 27 night and we need your support. We need your support to support the oma, the youngsters, the potential of this oma we need to create a legacy. Today's topic or today's title that appeals title is creating your legacy, producing your legacy. How do we do that? This is what we've been talking about throughout all the appeals. So Sapiens Institute is doing some excellent work. In the last nine months alone, Sapiens has trained 6000 leaders, potential Muslim leaders 6000 individuals, on how to give Tao intellectually and academically with confidence. This is what we want to do. The

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best response to Islamophobia is to create enough intellectuals and leaders who can speak for themselves, who can speak their minds without any fear of persecution, any fear of any intellectual threat for that matter. So people are asking questions about Islam, and Sapiens is doing its best, through different means to answer those questions. Hey, job, we are here with Sapiens Institute. So tell us why we need to support tonight. simple terms. Why do we need to support tonight, what's going on? This is the night that if numbers are so low on who he reckoned it was the day late, because actually had very interesting reasoning.

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He said he looked at the surah. And there are 30 words in that song.

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And the 27th word was here.

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So he said that look at this, the 27th word is basically meaning it is he had term of life. You know, so he said here is that must mean that it's on the 27th night and this has had a lot of backing from the time of the seller from the time of the Sahaba all the way, as you've mentioned, to our present time.

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And this is a night, which is worth 83 years, 1000 months, 83 years of worship. Now if you want to put that in mathematical terms, that means to say that everything you'll do will be multiplied by I don't know 10,000 or whatever it may be. And according to the majority of scholars, the night starts as of time.

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So many it's in many ways we have entered Okay, the mircette maybe not the Lail but the mircette.

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So this is the time Even now,

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if you wanted to do charity, or prayers or a car or hold on, or whatever it may be, so you can maximize your authorly profits, your hereafter profits, then the time is now there's no doubt about it.

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You know, the Sahaba and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself used to roll up his sleeves if you like, he used to tighten his loincloth

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in the last 10 nights, and on this night, it was like one of the most important nights so he would be the most active on this night in terms of

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worship, in terms of giving in terms of all these kinds of things. Now, imagine that

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one pound that you would potentially

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give to charity in any other night.

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Today, it will be multiplied by so much. I don't know why anybody who believes in Islam. Anyone who believes in Islam would not capitalize on a situation like this.

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100% agreed 100% thank you but a job for that introduction. Brother sisters Sapiens Institute

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is doing what many other organizations are not doing. The focus is very niche. We are focusing on empowering the Muslims in how to give our intellectually and academically, okay? We lack in leadership, unfortunately not because we don't have the potential not because we don't have the ability, because we haven't been paying attention to it. We need more and more leaders. We need more and more speakers, we need more and more intellectuals and educated people. Most people working with Sapiens Institute are highly educated people who produce their own literature, they have written books, they have done debates and discussions and talks. They've been involved in our for nearly a

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decade, some of them, right. So why is this institution important? Why is it important? Because what we aim to do within the next year is absolutely phenomenal. Okay, what we aim to do within the next year is we want to train 10,000 10,000 Muslim Muslims in how to give our intellectually that's what we want to do. And at the same time, we will be producing videos, media productions, books, articles, right? We will be developing further our lighthouse mentoring service that provides service for anyone with doubts or questions, one to one service with one of the Sapiens Institute experts, right? Imagine tonight is a little closer and you decide to support our work, training and

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developing over 10,000 people to intellectually share Islam. Imagine how many hearts they will transform. Imagine the number of Shahada supporting us is supporting the engine that drives the Tao forward. These are some of the amazing things we have planned to do after Ramadan within the next 12 months, empower and train 10,000 Muslim, complete a free book addressing all of the main doubts against Islam that can be found offline and online. publish your website responding to anti Islam websites, expanding our lighthouse mentoring service, developing it further, then, professionally can 10 free courses free of charge courses with slides and notes on our new free learning platform

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published two new books on top of what has already been published. If you go to Sapiens website, brothers sisters, you will see brother Hamza, so this is book on atheism, possibly the only treatment of atheism in

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from the Muslim perspective, maybe there are more. But this is a very extensive and lengthy book.

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And the title of the book is the divine reality, the divine reality God, Islam and the mirage of atheism, excellent book that has been translated into many, many, many different languages including Arabic, Persian, Urdu, bangla, and it's been translated into other languages as well. It is available free of charge on Sapiens Institute website. Likewise, wear the hijab has written books on other intellectual topics. But what books are available online on Sapiens Institute free of charge to download your books, in particular, get the scientific deception of the new atheist which is a small booklet that was recently put up

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this this book is kind of a complement to what hundreds was done by focuses more on how the new atheist with a more of a refuge culture and actually what the new atheist movement

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as I say, this is just one of many different things that are going to come up this year and we're talking about the year 2021 there's gonna be many more publications probably three by the end of this year, you know, just for me alone, or that will be contributing to

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inch inshallah Allah. So that's going to that's going to be stuff that's going to be available free of charge on the Sapiens Institute, website and

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download, and they can take those arguments. And it's research that's hours and hours and hours, and people don't have time for that people do not have time to spend 10s, if not hundreds of hours looking into references, going and seeing what this book says what that person says, even going through audio information, video information.

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People don't have time for that they just need to refer to the Arabic as the sub will be the cream. What is what is the bottom line now? How do we summarize the best arguments in in 20 or 30 pages in 100 pages? Why will kalama Paula doll and the best words are that which is brief, and which is straight to the point. And that's why we're not obsessed with creating voluminous works or encyclopedic works on these topics. Very, very niche academic

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Topic sound people IV academic centers and ivory towers would be interested in. These are things which people are gonna go into college to go on to university will be in contact, they will encounter these things, it's a matter of probability.

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If you have a child in school, you know, if you have a child and you're 1011 1213, they will encounter the new atheist narratives, they will encounter Darwin, Darwinism, and that used as an argument for the lack of God's existence or for atheism, or, or you will encounter communism and how that can be used to undermine religion, you will encounter liberalism or how that will be used to undermine religion, you will encounter the dominant, the dominant narrative against Islam, which unfortunately, many public academics have adopted, okay, and promulgated, and will continue to promulgate people that are in this country and in the West, and in the Middle East. And all over the

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world now in the globalized world that we live in, will encounter these things. So just in the same way, as you'd want to inoculate yourself, from physical viruses from from actual viruses, you know, we should also be trying to inoculate ourselves from spiritual things that can come and corrode and corrupt and destroy someone's email. And so that's why we say this is what we are dedicated to do.

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You know, we believe that we are on the right track we believe in in five years, there will be a paradigm shift, we actually believe we can have demographic change. We believe the demographics in terms of conversion, we believe in that we believe that people can, that would otherwise leave the religion would stay in the religion. And we have the evidence to back that up. We have evidence, clear evidence, sociological evidence to show that the more confidence is put injected into the Muslim community through this work that we're doing, as you've mentioned, which has serious multiplier effect implications, okay, has serious multiplier effect implications, where you train

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people, and then they go into their own communities, and then they train other people. It's not only just people pick trade and cleaning other people, it's the arguments because

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one teacher of mine says something really powerful. You know, and I remember and it's such a good point. People don't necessarily remember books, and people don't remember all that is written. Behind me there are there are hundreds of books and hundreds of pages within each book. You read that you're not going to remember. But people remember argument. Okay, people remember, remember argument, all we are doing really is we are

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we are experts are creating arguments. We are argument creators, we are knowledge producers, okay. And we're not saying that fossil, or trying to take care of naps or whatever. No, we know. That is what we do with different kinds of service historical arguments, whether it's logical arguments, whether it is metaphysical arguments, or theological arguments, we are specialized in the field of creating arguments. And arguments are the intellectual currency. Okay, they are the intellectual currency for a change of one's behavior and thoughts. If you want to change someone's perspective on something, you have to use an argument. There's no way around it. And so if we have a people in the

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oma that are just concerned with argument creation,

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argument creation, then what we have is really these arguments I collect the proverbial armory. The Quran says, you know, beautiful verse. Well, I'd allow Mr. tatelman, kuwa, my rebuttal Haley to be here, I do allow I do you know, that and prepare for them, what you can from armory, and from,

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you know, from horse backs, and all these kinds of things, that you may cast fear into the hearts of the enemies of Islam, and your enemies. So we that's, that's at the time of the Prophet that was a military preparation. But the truth of the matter is, in many ways, it can be argued that the intellectual preparation is as important, if not, in many cases more important than military preparation. How could the oma of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam be so incompetent and be so negligent? And be so irresponsible, as to allow all of its competitors in falsehood because every other to be quite open? Every other ideology is false. When we say

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with great confidence we know that

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we allow all of these people to create false arguments, the illusion

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of truth, and we the onus, or the possessors of truth, because Allah has given it to us in the form of Revelation. We are not spending time to just assess what the Quran has to say about these issues and to package the Quranic arguments in a modern context, how incompetent and how irresponsible of the Muslim Ummah, if we were if that were the case, this is just what doula Xena cafaro low toughie. One se hace como MTR tricom, fayemi Luna Allah convey Latin wahida as the Quran says, you know the those disbelievers the enemies.

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They wish that you that you that you just you know,

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in competent with your weapons

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and your possession so that they can attack you one time literally one time

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that you are just heedless that you let your you know your weapons down. This is military, the prophet of Islam, through the Quran has been given injunctions on how to act militarily. Don't let your weapons go Don't do this. But what about the intellectual weaponry? What about when the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was instructed and in fact the Quran tells us in the end of surah Shara, this is such

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This is a passage I request everybody goes into the last verse of samsara and go and check this up to chapter 26.

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What Allah subhanaw taala talks about ashara the poet's at a time and then at the end, Allah He is in the lead in Andromeda solly had one parcel one embodiment volume.

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And when the when the Buddha was talking about this, and so the Shah, they said in except for the ones who believe and do Rocky's rights and that they respond, they respond after they have been oppressed. The professor's say they respond in the form of poetry.

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Wait a minute, I want you to everyone that's listening to this, I want you to just pay attention to this point. You might be doing other things, but I just want you to pay attention to this point.

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Why is it that Allah has asked us has asked us to respond with poetry to the poetry that has been hurled at us about about Islam, because it has to be within the same category. If someone attacks you physically, you defend yourself physically, if someone attacks you intellectually, you must defend yourself intellectually. It does not do any good. To attack someone physically, who is attacking you intellectually, makes no sense. Someone comes and tries to tell you some theory and then you kill them. As happened with Galileo or something, this is not going to kill his ideas, you can kill him, but you're not going to kill his ideas. The only way to kill ideas is with other

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The only way you can destroy ideas is with other ideas.

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And it's natural that when you believe in an ideology rejected will have its competitors. And we accept the idea of Islam submission to Allah and we reject all of his competitors. And so, if Allah subhanho wa Taala, is instructing the Sahaba

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and is instructing the prophet and those around him to respond.

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Or those who can those poets to respond with poetry, to the poetry that has attacked the Muslims?

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That I say to you in bed, Allah, that we respond on social media, on the internet, with books, with intellection, with rationalization, with facts, with arguments, with rationality, with Judo and argumentation, all of this with those who are attacking us in the same way.

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It only makes sense if this is the attitude of the early generation, that if they attack you with poetry, let's get our best poets, our best expert poets I've been trained in, in the field of poetry, and let them attack them with poetry, and whether a job What did what did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say about a poet who was defending him? upon Allah, you know, when the Prophet was attacked sallallahu Sallam in,

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in the poetry of one of the points from Makkah. So the prophets will assume to defend himself. He used the same medium to respond. Law, what did you do? He put his son in Tibet on the member in Medina, and he tells him to defend me and then what does he say, oh, Allah, help him, strengthen him through jabril inspire him. In other words, don't have revelation upon him rather send inspiration to him that he can come up with eloquent words.

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Defending the Prophet of Allah, and then he came up with these words will Asana mean column terracotta ayeni or ademola mean column tally denisa o Holika mbarara unmin Kali I've been Kanaka Holika Kamata Sha, oh, that was main column. Allah, Allah, a woman has not given birth to a more beautiful child and you, My eyes have not gazed upon a more beautiful face than yours. You were created free of force as if you were telling Allah subhanaw taala how to create you, Allahu Akbar. This was one of the most eloquent words are uttered by a point. So the point we are making a brother and sisters is that we need to defend Islam intellectually when it is the most attacked faith in the

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world. This is the Sunnah of the Prophet sallahu wa sallam, when the name of the Prophet was tarnished. When it was maligned, when the Prophet was insulted by a Mexican point, the Prophet did not defend himself because it was Muhammad insulted, it wasn't something to do with his ego, or with his personal self likeness. Rather, it was to defend Islam, the personality of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam equals Islam, his personality, his person is a model for us. So if you tarnish the model, you tarnish the work and the message. That's why the Prophet defended him. So therefore, even today, we have to defend the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to defend our faith to defend the credibility

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and the integrity of Islam for that Sapiens. institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link my brothers, sisters 27 nights of the month of Ramadan, it may well be a local cover. And you may not find another chance like this to defend the honor of Islam, the honor of the prophet in an intellectual, academic, eloquent way. This is what Sapiens plans to do. Produce leaders, intellectuals, academics, qualified people, educated people who are going to defend Islam against an onslaught, a global onslaught of Islamophobia. Islam is the most attacked faith in the world. There are no two opinions about that. This is not even a secret anymore. People are saying this openly

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that Islam is the most attacked faith in the world, right? Muslims are the most attacked people in the world. Muslims are the most dehumanized and demonize people in the world. What are we going to do about it? Are you going to sit idle while a job was talking about preparing, preparing more so more importantly, prepare yourselves intellectually. Intellectual progression is as important as other forms of preparing yourself or your defense. This is about defense mechanism. This is about defending the intellectual boundaries of Islam. This is defensive robot. This is a defensive robot. My brother says his robot is when someone is guarding the boundaries of the country at night so that

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people within the country can sleep within the bounds within the borders. Right? This is intellectual rebar, Sapiens is working on leaders, those who will do intellectual rebar to the right so that so that the rest of the Muslim Ummah can sleep with peace at night. Okay.

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So this is your chance to come forward and start donating. Without donations, this train will slow down, it will not stop, but it will slow down. Do you want us to speed? Do you want us to grow? Do you want us to defend Islam? Do you want us to create the leaders who will defend Islam? Do you want us to educate your youngsters, your children? Do you want us to do that then this your child's brothers sisters, you cannot let go of a chance like this 27 Night of the month of Ramadan may well be Laila to Qatar. And Allah said mama Agra Kamala la Kolkata What do you know what the night of power is? Laila to the vitamin l fish er, it is better than 1000 months it is better than 1000

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months. So my brothers sisters Sapiens Institute, go on the website and see the kind of work this institution is doing what it has done in the last nine months, and what we seek to do in the next 12 months. So if you are invited to right now, click the link and start making donations and also Finally, where are those lines of Allah and lionesses of Allah to start a competition of making donations? Last appeared, Allahu Akbar, some lines of Allah came forward and they started a competition. So I need that first line of a largest competition 1000 pounds donation to encourage others so put out a challenge my brothers and sisters come online. Let us know that you have made

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this challenge. We will announce it for you just say that I will make a donation of 1000 pounds or 500 pounds. If someone matches it and watch what happens. We will have inshallah, a stampede, a stampede of donations. So you are the first person to enter

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Courage others will get the reward for all those who follow inshallah. So what brother job has been saying is music to my ears, you know, in the metaphorical sense, right?

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We don't like music by the way. This is this is one of those, you know expressions, figure of speech, music to my ears, okay? This is what we want to do. We want to prepare our oma our brothers and sisters to defend Islam intellectually, right? It is being attacked every single day. If we read the statistics to you, you will be shocked to realize that every few minutes, every few minutes, there is new anti Islam content put online, every few minutes if not seconds, every few minutes, new anti Islam, there is an onslaught. It is like a flood of Islamophobia, which is supported by presidents of countries. Hello, wake up brothers and sisters, this Islamophobic onslaught, this

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flood, this tsunami of Islamophobia is funded and supported by countries governments, presidents are doing it Macron the French president, you remember what he said two months ago about the Prophet about his so called freedom. You remember this means that these guys are at it. They want to tarnish Islam. It's not about freedom. It's not about freedom. It's about attacking Islam. What are we going to do about it? We are going to produce leaders who will respond intellectually, intelligently, compassionately, mercifully, with education, with confidence. That's the leadership we want to produce. That's the leadership we want to produce, who wants to be part of it. And one of these

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leaders if he brings people to Islam while defending Islam, your pennies, your pounds, will weigh heavy on your scales on the Day of Judgment, especially when you make the donation in the month of Ramadan, this village wants to come forward. Don't be left behind. Don't miss out on this chance, we want to see a flood of donations. If islamophobes are flooding the market with Islamophobia. We are going to flood the market with our support and our leaders. This is what we're going to do. This is the response the responses, we're going to flood the market with leaders, Muslim leaders with confidence and knowledge. And this is what we aim to do in the next year. Within the next 12 months.

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We want to train 10,000 Muslims 10,000 Muslims online and offline to be able to do that our intellectually and academically. Do you want to see that? If you do, don't think too much. Stop thinking and start making donations. And most importantly, share this live stream on your social media accounts. Start cheering. If you are on Youtube, just copy and paste the link everywhere you can. If you're on Facebook, share, share, share, that's the least you can do inshallah to support this work on the job. This is what I want to remind people most importantly, right. There are so many things to talk about. But why do they have to donate is the question why do Why must they Why

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must they support this cause while there are so many other causes, right? It's like you know, Tamia people came to check on Islam, while the Muslims are being attacked by the Mongols. Muslims are being physically attacked Muslim living wiped out completely by the Mongols. They came and they asked this question, shall we give our the cards our support to the poor people who are starving? Or shall we give it to those who are defending the Muslims against the Mongols? What was the response of shekel Islam? Are you aware of a job? No, no, this is news to me. His response was support those who are defending the boundaries of Islam, love those who are defending the borders of Islam,

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because if they are, if they fail to defend, then this poverty and this hunger and this mascara, it will increase, it will only escalate. Hence, my brothers and sisters support those who are defending the intellectual borders of Islam. We're doing intellectual ribat who are doing intellectual struggle against Islam folks, one of the greatest threats to have faced the Muslim oma in centuries, Islamophobia industry, a multi billion dollar industry. What is our response? Our response is intellectual activity, intellectual arguments, intellectual products, like videos, debates, discussions, dialogues, webinars, seminars, right training sessions, online and offline books,

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publishing books, and the brothers we're working with Sapiens are all qualified in their respective fields. One is doing a PhD in philosophy of science like brother Sabu. Another one has a PhD in history, and during his postdoc in social sciences, and he has written a book on being human which can be found free of charge on the website, whether a job has done Master's in theology Islamic field

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Medina is doing Master's in Christian theology and is working on his PhD. Likewise, istok Hamza has done his master's in philosophy, right. And there are so many brothers working with this within Sapiens is doing amazing work he wants to continue. Right now is your chance to make donations, click the link and start making the donation. And I'm still waiting for that person to start the competition. Can we know if someone has come forward to pick off the competition to encourage others so what we're looking for is one brother or sister to come forward and say, or put out a challenge saying, I will donate 1000 pounds if someone can match it and watch what happens. We will have an

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onslaught of donations, which is the good old flawed, by the way, and shall we want that? Okay, so if there are any messages brothers and sisters, admin, please let us know if there's a message if someone wants to put up a challenge. Hey, job, we are facing a dire situation with Islamophobia attacked on a daily basis with impunity, attacked legally Muslim community in the world is the only community that is being demonized and dehumanized. And, and is being targeted by hate. legally. It is legal to do that, in many countries, amazingly, what are we going to do about this? Is the question.

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My mom always told me that if you don't take your rights is as if you don't have them. And we, we have the right,

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we have the right to defend ourselves.

00:31:29--> 00:31:33

And I will I want to say the Muslim community is

00:31:34--> 00:31:44

let's take all rights. Because otherwise, we're if as if we don't have them as as as if we don't have freedom of speech, as if we don't have freedom of expression, as if we don't have

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the ability to make no knowledge produce, it's as if we don't have any of those things.

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And so, if we don't make this step, and be active, persistent, and in our dissemination, our output in the upcoming years, then it's just gonna give all of the enemies of Islam an opportunity to attack. Already, I have to say, some things have already been destroyed or dispelled. Some things have are not working anymore. What we do at Staples is we speak to our people quite often. We speak to the Muslim community quite often. We know, through comments, through polls, through all kinds of measures,

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how things are developing because of our dowel.

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Some arguments that were being done against Islam

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are now almost worthless, for instance,

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the arguments, the scientific arguments,

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we have seen the development of people who I've pulled myself using Twitter polling, and my own this channel on how many jobs channel, we saw, the extent to which these kinds of doubts affected Muslim communities. We dealt with it by for example, doing 30 odd Sapiens thought videos, which were very well researched, by the way.

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And then to be honest, those who watch that, that that video, which you can find on this channel, as well, for example, I put all of them in one one video,

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quite frankly, they, they were satisfied with it. So there were so satisfied with it, that there was nothing required after that the argument had been won. And the job had been done. Now, really, someone has,

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has been has heard something quite absurd. From one of those anti Islamic apologists like you've heard this, you know, whale, the whale on the back of the Earth is on the whale of the back or some stupid thing like that, right?

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Which is a fabricated narration

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where someone hears that. They don't know how to answer that. Oh, it's in poverty. Oh, it's in this book. It's in that book. So what if it's in those books, there's all kinds of things in those books, the Satanic Verses and so on. So many things in these books, right? The point I'm making is now people know how to answer those questions, and say these are references. These are the points and I would like to announce to the people today

00:34:32--> 00:34:57

I'd like to announce that we have almost completed during Ramadan. By the way the work has not stopped during run, but just because it's Ramadan. The work doesn't stop during Ramadan. We have continued with, for example, this particular doubt of the scientific errors narrative, which is a very weak and pathetic narrative that the anti Islamic apologists have attempted against Islam and Muslims.

00:34:59--> 00:34:59

We have come on

00:35:00--> 00:35:08

almost completed and the next few days, the next draft will be done the transcription of all 30 all 30

00:35:10--> 00:35:51

episodes on the scientific miracle scientific errors narrative. And what will be included in that is all of the references. Because someone might argue, well, we don't have access to the references where the academic references, we will be providing every single academic reference. Some have told me that some of the anti Islamic apologists, they couldn't find the references because they have no access to the language. They said they want on Google and tried to find some of the references and they couldn't find that that's not my fault that someone cannot find references, that is the fact that they are incapable of accessing scholarly material. However, in order to,

00:35:52--> 00:35:56

to make sure that everyone is satisfied, we will be providing all the references.

00:35:57--> 00:36:00

Absolutely all of the references. The point is, is this

00:36:01--> 00:36:36

when all of that is done, now, the net effect is when someone goes online, and they write errors in the Quran, or contradictions in the Quran, or something like that. What usually comes up, some anti Islamic website comes up, right? And some young man or some young lady is going to click on those links, and is going to possibly, and this is the frightening part here. possibly be convinced by some of those things. Because it sounds like they've got the references they're making. They're mentioning all the names of poverty, we can see it and all of this and all that.

00:36:37--> 00:37:00

And then the question is, now we want a response to these particular things. Where do you go? So you write it? You might be lucky to find something on Islam QA website, which is not a specialist website for creating arguments, the facts website, they don't it's not their area of specialist. If your life if you can't find something from Islam QA, then maybe you'll find some blog.

00:37:01--> 00:37:46

If not, maybe you'll find some speakers corner video, but it's not formalized, and it's not professionalized. What if now, and this is what we're going to establish, okay, I'm telling you, this is going to happen in the next six months, inshallah, six months, someone writes down these so called doubts, and they see Oh, this is not Muslims saying this, we want to see a response, the moment they want to see a response, the SEO, marketing, the search engine optimization, everything will be in place such that the, the, the responses to that in textual format, in video format, in audio format, in book format, in any format possible, will be made available. So these attacks on

00:37:46--> 00:38:24

Islam become absolutely meaningless. The only thing the anti Islamic apologists are those fools that try to attack Islam can do is repeat the same arguments over and over again. And there is a saying, which might not be okay, if you think about you can be skeptical about the actual meaning. But insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting to get a different result. And the same thing with these anti Islamic apologists, they're just recycling the same things they said, and they've been debunked about it. They'll just say again, okay, now we've now you've run out of bullets. We know you have run out of bullets, and now the Muslim community, you know how to answer

00:38:24--> 00:38:41

these questions. And we are seeing that, and it's a beautiful thing to see. You know, I personally, am in touch with the fan base I look at sometimes I'll answer all the messages I get, because it's just I don't have the time to. But we do have an analysis where we look at I look at my emails, I look at my messages. And I see

00:38:42--> 00:39:03

what effect is, are the arguments that we're having, having on the Muslim community. And I know very well, that watch, personally, me and us as a team, because we do a lot of data analysis. By the way, what is not known is that we have a lot of back end stuff. We have a lot of back end stuff. We have computer science engineers helping us

00:39:05--> 00:39:18

people that are professors in different universities, data analysts, looking at data using Google Analytics using software using AI technology. On Twitter, even

00:39:19--> 00:39:43

I've put some of this in the scientific assumptions of the new atheists, I've referenced some of this, we come to decisions based on it on on the knowledge on the data. So we need, this is exactly what we need. This is what the Muslim community need. And just give it five years I promise you, okay, if this trajectory and the pace and the momentum what we're doing, even though

00:39:44--> 00:39:45

we are a small team

00:39:46--> 00:40:00

of people, what 20 or 30 years ago, we would never have been able to do what we're doing now because of the internet. Just be honest. We would never have been able to do the impact. We have more impact than 80% to 90%

00:40:00--> 00:40:07

satellite channels that exists. The impact that we have now is phenomenal because of the internet.

00:40:09--> 00:40:23

The internet has injected Dawa with steroids. That's what it's done. Now what we're saying is on this night, which is the 27th night, this is the 27th night of Ramadan.

00:40:24--> 00:40:30

And in this time where we have a maximal opportunity, we're continually reaching

00:40:32--> 00:40:43

hundreds of 1000s if not hundreds of millions and you think this woman wants hundreds of millions you think I'm over exaggerating? I'm not over exaggerating. All you

00:40:44--> 00:41:11

have on that note, we have a challenge. Someone has said who wants to donate 100 pounds with me? Okay, we want to donate 100 pounds with Chung Chandan Chani, this person has been supporting for the last few appeals May Allah bless you may allow open the doors agenda for you. If it's a little cutter, you will do it again in sha Allah, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Okay, you know that?

00:41:12--> 00:41:46

I literally I'm not joking. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire with Allah? Okay, what is most important? We are millionaire with Allah who wants to have palaces and immense rewards in Jannah. Imagine if your worship Allah for more than 83 years. Most of us don't do it. We won't live that long. We don't know if we will. Most people don't live that long. And it was late tonight. You would have done it as if you have done it for more than 83 years which is impossible for any any human to do. The only way it's possible.

00:41:47--> 00:41:51

Okay, got you, bro. Let's go. Who else? Okay, Samir.

00:41:53--> 00:42:36

Okay, let's see some donations coming in Samir and Chandan. Sorry, I forgot your name. Whoever put the challenge out who wants to make a donation of 100 pounds with these individuals. They have come forward and they put out a challenge. Let's see how many can we get? I want to get Okay. I'll donate 100 pounds. Allahu Akbar. There you go. Angela. Maqsood, may Allah bless you. May Allah bless you. I want 30 of them, at least a 30 of them in the next 15 minutes. The other night I put out a challenge a job. Hamza went away for about 1015 minutes. And I asked our audience that before he gets back Allahu Akbar There you go. fatale. assadi. Facing the Saudi I'll donate 200 pounds with him Allah

00:42:36--> 00:43:22

who this is what I want. So we have four so far. 26 to go I want to get 26 more in the next 15 minutes. That's the spirit I want I want people coming forward and supporting this work this noble work we are doing what are we doing Sapiens Institute is creating leaders creating legacy. This is what we want. We want this Omar to be defended with we want this oma protected intellectually and otherwise, we want this Omar to be protected. We want this Omar to be in a fortress intellectual fortress. And this is a fortress we are building Sapiens Institute. Okay, I'll donate $100 I wish I could donate $1,000 your $100 your $100 if it's local cover tonight, they will way more than $100

00:43:22--> 00:44:08

billion on the scale with Allah subhanaw taala so don't worry about that. 100 goes a long way my brothers and sisters who do damage damage children may Allah bless you 25 to go within the next 25 minutes sorry not 2515 minutes within the next 15 minutes 25 more donations of 100 pounds to go. This is the target and May Allah bless the person. Chandan His name is Chandra know her name is Chandan. Okay Chandan Johnny, thank you so much for starting this competition. We want another 25 donations of 100 pounds or $100 each the next 15 minutes who is going to do it for the sisters. It is one thing to want to support it is another to actually support come forward and support and those

00:44:08--> 00:44:47

who want to support and cannot support for whatever reason. This Raise your hands. This Raise your hands and ask Allah to give us the success we are looking for in this blessed night. It may well be Lola Takada, I will join my brother hijaab to come and encourage people even on his own channel. We are broadcasting from a number of different channels. So the competition is still going 25 more donations of $100 or 100 pounds each. In the next let's say about 30 minutes. We have 13 minutes left. It is 44 now Okay, we have been live for 44 minutes I say

00:44:49--> 00:44:59

before hitting the one hour mark. I want to be able to get at least 3000 pounds or $3,000 okay if you can do 500 pounds,

00:45:00--> 00:45:44

do that so that we can move up insha Allah quickly. So anyone who wants to do 500 pounds or 1000 pounds, don't hesitate, come forward and do it. We need 25 donations within the next 1416 minutes I think for now 15 minutes. So before we hit the one hour mark, I want Okay, I'll donate. Someone said I will donate $100 I've read the comment already. We want more people coming forward to making the to make the donation. What is Sapiens Institute doing? Let me quickly explain to that you understand what you are making donations towards? Imagine if it's laid out on color. Can you imagine that? Imagine how many hearts they will transform these 10,000 people we train within the next 12 months.

00:45:44--> 00:46:29

What is Sapiens wants to do in the next 12 months, empower and train over 10,000 Muslims to defend Islam academically and intellectually number one number to complete the free book addressing all of the main doubts. Number three, publish your website responding to leading anti Islam websites. Number four, expanding our lighthouse mentoring service one to one service for anyone with questions. Number five, professionally filmed 10 free of charge courses. It slides the notes on our new free learning platform number six published two new books on Islamic thought and proofs of Islam. Number seven produced over 60 new videos addressing doubts and providing a strong case for

00:46:29--> 00:47:19

Islam. Number eight engage in for academic discussions and debates. At least four And finally number eight start a new podcast. This is phenomenal within the next year. Okay, Toba Jama has also donated 100 pounds a will donate 100 pounds. Now we are we are looking for 2424 more people are donate 100 university courses or 1000s of pounds or 1000s of pounds. But these brothers are offering a free service which is priceless. Absolutely. A very important point this brother Brother speed has made that universities charge 1000s of pounds for education Sapiens Institute is providing this education free of charge, even one to one service. Those people who have doubts and questions providing one to

00:47:19--> 00:48:00

one service to them one to one sessions free of charge. books are available on the website free of charge authored by Sapiens members, webinars free of charge seminars free of charge, debates and dialogues free of charge. What more do we need brothers, this is what you are donating to us, you're making this possible you're making the creation the production of potential leadership possible. Okay, so we are looking for 24 more donations of 100 pounds or $100 each. If you're watching around the world, don't just watch help us raise these funds and start shaking your head start sharing click the Share button. The least you can do is to share the everyone watching on Facebook in

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particular share right now on your pages. If you're on YouTube, or on other platforms start sharing this live stream right now. So we are looking for 24 more people and we've got nearly 12 minutes to go before we hit the target. I'm very short I believe in the ability of this oma that we will raise 2400 pounds within 12 minutes, every minute weigh 200 pounds, every minute. Every minute, we need 200 pounds, we will read the target so wants to come forward. If you can give 500 pounds or 1000 pounds that will move us up drastically considerably. So anyway, last

00:48:40--> 00:48:41

night the lesson

00:48:43--> 00:49:04

on hustling for your life I will level off and kathira who would want to give Allah subhanaw taala godly loans they can multiply for him many times over. And Allah subhanho wa Taala he mentioned in the Quran in the end of season one alpha corn, which is very interesting that the person will be saying, you know

00:49:06--> 00:49:22

a bit Allah hartney illa actually hollyburn for a Sunda welcome mina solly hain that if you were to bring me back, I would give sadaqa and be someone of I'll be of the pious. And as soon as Luke Yama is mentioned in chapter 75 of the Quran,

00:49:23--> 00:49:59

that the person will be saying for their sadaqa last Allah lacking because he did not give sada and he did not pray. So Allah He puts a southerner in the prayer together, but he belied and he turned away. He belied and he turned away. So sadaqa it really is a test for once a man, actually a test god man, because Allah subhanaw taala almost every time in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala he mentions jihad, which is the struggle he meant he mentioned to be unwelcome when footsy come in.

00:50:00--> 00:50:11

You know, VMware they come full circle black and solid as soft as Yeah, so the soft for example, hell I don't look malattie Jonathan tinggi caminada been Aleve,

00:50:12--> 00:50:17

to jahai doing a feasibility live VMware likoma and full circle, you know,

00:50:18--> 00:50:33

told me not to believe me know what to do and if he said he'd be unwell he come full circle, you know that you believe in Allah and Allah say and that you give, do struggle with you're unwell. And Allah subhanaw taala as it says in the Quran and Hadith chapter 59

00:50:35--> 00:51:01

He says, as the women come in and succumb in Kabul In fact, hey, we're cartel, Allah, Azza moda, Rajasthan the Latina and for combat, well, katello Kula Allah has now that this is not equivalent are the ones who give before the conquest. Because believe you me, there's going to be a huge dour conquests, in fact, it's going to be many of them is not equivalent are the ones who go give before the conquests

00:51:03--> 00:51:32

and struggles physically at that time there was struggling physically with a Commodore Roger there are higher in rank and degree, then the ones who give after and fight after even. And this was in Mecca, when they were being oppressed and so on. And so somehow Allah doing it at the right time, it's not just a good deed that you do. It's not just a good deed that you do is the good deeds that you do at the right time.

00:51:33--> 00:52:06

You can do the right thing at the wrong time and it won't be maximized. It won't be the most efficient use of your time, or you can do to be the most effective and efficient and this applies in all spheres. You've got to do the right thing at the right time. And what better time What better possible time could it be than les little cousin? Which I can even say the majority of scholars thought the 27 might well be people like if not best, we the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salim said

00:52:07--> 00:52:19

Allah Aloma *ing hoffa, dny Allahumma Allah, give him on the standing of the religion and teach him how to do conceit of the Quran. His view is that it's a 27 at night.

00:52:21--> 00:52:28

And is that is equivalent of 83.5 years of worship 1000 months

00:52:29--> 00:52:29


00:52:31--> 00:52:40

will meet me He means that we believe in imagine we imagine if it is Laila Kolkata, we have eight minutes to go eight minutes to go

00:52:42--> 00:53:16

until my challenge, you know it The time has hit the target time is it? Yeah, I'm waiting for those 20 people to make a donation of 100 pounds each brothers sisters in eight minutes we can do it collectively. I think there are hundreds of people watching right now. Hundreds of people get someone else to donate if you can't donate 100 do 10 pounds, five pounds or $5 whatever works collectively we all make donation we can hit the target in the next eight minutes. My target initially was 3000 pounds. We have already made

00:53:18--> 00:53:58

a thought we have already made 1000 pounds and we are now looking for 2000 pounds more 2000 pound more before seven minutes are over. So who's going to come forward to make a donation inshallah maybe 1000 pounds or maybe two people can do it. Two people can can make a donation of 1000 pounds each and we would have hit our target for the next seven minutes and then we can start with the new target. So brothers sisters, don't forget what the hijab was talking about the night of power Laila to cover. It is you know, we don't know what it is because Allah says your ma Kamala Takada What do you know what the night of power to just know this much? There's no this much that it's better than

00:53:58--> 00:54:41

1000 months is better than 1000 months better than 83 years. Can we imagine worshipping Allah, but not much? The prophets Allah Allah is concerned man comme la la Qadri Eamon what is urban warfare? Allahumma Taka Domine zombie? Anyone who worships Allah or stands in the night of power with EMR and accountability, Allah will forgive his sins. This may be your chance to get your sins forgiven from Allah subhanaw taala give that donation six minutes left and we're still waiting for 2000 pounds, maybe one or two people can do it inshallah tada or collectively 20 people can do it. So if there is another person who is making donations, please announce it. I'm asking the admin to let us know if

00:54:41--> 00:54:59

donations are coming forward. Let us know that we can announce so that other people can join in very quickly inshallah. Brother Shamir has already said I will donate 100 pounds. university courses are 1000 you know there are 1000s of pounds. But these brothers are offering a free service which is priceless and this face is all

00:55:00--> 00:55:00


00:55:03--> 00:55:06

flattery ever with me? Yes.

00:55:08--> 00:55:48

So tell people why they need to donate we have five minutes to go 2000 pounds my target I'm very ambitious by the way. We did it the other night. We can do it tonight. Even 30 seconds before I don't give up. Don't give up on this oma. Okay, this time I can do wonders. 2000 pounds or 20 donation look I have donated another 100 on behalf of my family Allah God Mohammed Deen, may Allah bless you. There you go. People are still making donations. Don't stop, don't stop. We want to hit the target I want within the next five minutes. I want the number to go up to 3000 pounds. Currently we are just over 1000 pounds. We need to hit the number to 3000 pounds in the next five minutes. So

00:55:48--> 00:55:58

help me help you. Help me Help the oma helped me help our youngsters Sapiens Institute is going to train 10,000 Muslims

00:55:59--> 00:56:16

the next year within the next 12 months we will be working on 10,000 Muslims. I have donated 100 pounds ballistic banana wow What's her name? That is a ballistic banana Hamza ballistic banana has donated 100 pounds Allah whatever, may Allah make you ballistic?

00:56:18--> 00:57:07

But Muslim Well, actually that's quite dangerous to use a title like that nowadays. Yeah. So pan Allah, you know, in this age of Islamophobia, Muslims can't even sneeze. You know, I was talking to what do you call it? A guy in the speaker's corner hands. We were talking about Islam and the Muslim civilization. I said, I said to him, you know, you are privileged you're honored. You know, you can go into a plane you can read that luck what I have donated 500 pounds, I would like for all of you to match it. 500 pounds, five into what? Allahu Akbar who wants to match that? As I said, I don't give up on this Omar. I believe in wonders, I believe in miracles literally I do. Okay, and this is

00:57:07--> 00:57:31

not a miracle by the way. This is what we can do. Miracles are Ramallah This is from us. This is very much possible. Brother sisters. We are now 1500 pounds away. I want more and more people coming forward making a donation of a 50 pound 20 pounds 30 pounds 10 pounds, or even 1000 pounds. Whoever can May Allah bless you. I mean I can't pronounce that name.

00:57:33--> 00:57:37

Row I mean how would you pronounce that name, bro and then the

00:57:38--> 00:57:45

name is May Allah bless you brother or sister Allah bless you allow open the doors agenda for you. May Allah make this okay.

00:57:46--> 00:57:55

Say Allah Hama in naka aven to hebbal Abu Bhavani okay Oh Allah you are forgiven and love to figure so forgive me

00:57:56--> 00:57:58

for running okay.

00:58:11--> 00:58:15

Row when I'm excited, I don't know what happens to me so I was going to tell you a story.

00:58:17--> 00:58:17


00:58:19--> 00:59:00

Subhana Allah do donated 100 pounds instead of a regular donation to May Allah bless you a con Allah subhanaw taala and this may be not the night of power read that the other brother posted. May Allah bless that brother. Okay. The da is a very powerful da May Allah subhanaw taala enable us all to make that door tonight. My brothers and sisters, your opportunities here today. Please, please help us reach our target. We have like two and a half minutes to go. So maybe 1000 pounds, maybe two to 500 pounds will help us get to our target. Okay, this oma is wonderful. Maybe nearly a minute we have a minute left.

00:59:01--> 00:59:14

I donate a camel May Allah bless you. That's the case. Maybe you have donated $1,000 because a camel on average costs $1,000 so if you have done that, May Allah give you 10 more camels insha Allah.

00:59:15--> 00:59:58

May Allah bless you. So we have one minute to go. Okay. I'll donate 100 pounds. Doubt Islam dear brothers and sisters, if you can donate 100 pounds each we can reach 500 pounds. Yes, that's what I want, less than a minute ago. And that doesn't mean we stopped making donations. We continue making donations were we going to launch a new challenge. We're going to launch a new challenge Charla so who is going to make a donation of a 500 pounds or 1000 pounds in the last 30 seconds. I believe in miracles as I said earlier, in the last 30 seconds 500 pounds or 1000 pounds or even 100 pounds, let's say who wants to make a donation of 100 pounds. Let's see some donations of 100 pounds each 20

00:59:58--> 01:00:00

seconds to go I have donated $100

01:00:00--> 01:00:23

I will donate 1000s of dollars in future if Allah wills absolutely you will die with Choudhry you will make a donation of 1000s of dollars in the future so when it comes up I know you are reading this yes motivated Muslim. He is reading this absolutely he just read it. Okay, time is up. So where are we at brother Hamza tell us how much have you got?

01:00:24--> 01:01:05

La Hola, como la? I don't know, all I know is that Alhamdulillah brothers and sisters, you know what we've done in the past year, just under a year, we trained and developed over 6000 people to be able to share with some academically and intellectually, and I want you to be strategic with yourself I want to build legacy today is about building your legacy, about understanding that if you support the engine that is driving the dial forward, and we develop Muslims and they get Shahada is and those Muslims are trained to develop other Muslims. It's going to be exponential numbers. So be at the beginning if you support the engine, you get the rewards for everything else that comes after

01:01:05--> 01:01:14

that. So Be Wise With Your Southern call. Donate now, Sapiens Institute org forward slash Donate Life I don't I think it's time for another challenge.

01:01:16--> 01:01:17

The challenge

01:01:19--> 01:01:20

is a

01:01:21--> 01:01:22

full one to a bull.

01:01:25--> 01:02:12

rope. It's Allah May Allah subhanaw taala give you the blessings of tau Tofig to make donations tonight brothers and sisters. We want another challenge. What we want is right now someone to come forward and put a challenge. I have donated 50 pounds a small amount just now this is only to encourage others No brother or sister. This is not a small amount. The Prophet said salaallah alayhi Salaam Lata Cara nominal maruthi Shea and Walla Walla, Anelka Akaka be watchin colleague. Do not belittle any of your good deeds, even smiling at your brother. So if a smile can potentially take you to Jana, if giving water to a thirsty dog can take you to Jana, what about a donation

01:02:12--> 01:02:35

potentially made in the night of power da Palestine? Absolutely. We are all making the offer Palestine May Allah protect Palestine and and we need intellectual leadership to defend the case of Palestine to defend the Muslims around the world to defend against Islamophobia in any shape or form. Whether this Islamophobia manifests itself militarily, politically,

01:02:36--> 01:03:20

in a literature form, or educationally or ideologically, we need to have leaders who can defend us. And this is what Sapiens Institute wants to do. We are not politicians, we are not a political movement. We are not even going to get involved in politics. What we will do is we will try to produce leaders through our educational programs, those who can talk about Islam with confidence, compassion, love and mercy. Okay. We are a non sectarian non political organization, that much is clear. But we will talk about Islam and the Muslim civilization every time in every way so that we can encourage Muslim brothers and sisters to get involved in sha Allah. God bless all the donors,

01:03:20--> 01:03:35

Allah Akbar. Absolutely. God bless you all. And the work still continues. We don't stop Can I donate if I am from the United States website only shows money in pounds? Absolutely. It is halaal for you to make a donation, even if you are from the US.

01:03:37--> 01:04:03

Like the dollars, we like the dollars because these dollars will be on the scale on the Day of Judgment, even the $1 bill with the Great Seal, even that one. Okay, you can you can make a donation through that. I don't know if people know what I'm talking about. You know, that $1 bill with the Illuminati CEO Hamza, you know, have you seen it? No. Have you Have you not seen $1 bill? Oh, yeah, i would i would i

01:04:04--> 01:04:45

i and the date 1776 is quite spooky. I wonder why you would put something like that on the dollar bill. Okay. A lot of people were the Hamza system named Binti Libya commented about 300 pounds. Please go ahead. Deal with it. Do it. As soon as the man said, Tell the sister to make the donation who is going to match this donation is the question. I'm still waiting for that challenge of 1000 pounds. Hamza, where is that line or line as of Allah, the one we're looking for, we're going to come forward and put up a challenge for 1000 pounds. That if anyone matches that donation, he or she will make the donation of 1000 pounds. that encourages a lot of people. This is starting the good

01:04:45--> 01:04:59

this is starting the maruf Okay, and doing away with the Moncure. So let's start the maruf today from now on the start supporting the Maru. So what can we can do away with the moon car? Okay, so my brothers sisters, where is that

01:05:00--> 01:05:45

line or line is of Allah to come forward and put up a challenge. And don't stop making donation those of you watching on a job channel, on my channel on my Facebook or sapiens, YouTube channel or other platforms where we are broadcasting live, don't hesitate to share. This is the least you can do share the live stream so the other can others can join us at the same time. Do this, raise your hands in this night, the blessing Night of the month Ramadan, the 27th night with me will be Laila toccata and it is then you have done it. You have worshipped a lot as if you have worship Allah for nearly 83 years or more than Should I do not. Should I donate before a thought? Absolutely.

01:05:46--> 01:06:16

Absolutely. Go ahead. Never Never delay. Never delay. Red Hawk. Red Hawk donated 100 pounds. May Allah bless you red Hawk May Allah opened the doors of Jenna for you. May Allah make you a hawk of Jenna, okay? And in general hawks won't be killing dogs, right? Because hawks will be very special. They won't be hunting dogs. Okay, so May Allah subhanaw taala you know Allah subhanaw taala open the doors of gender for you. May Allah bless you for this. Let's do

01:06:17--> 01:06:29

let's have a quick video and a message from our beloved hijab. One pound fish. Come on everybody now one pound fish, one pound fish one pound fish, three fish.

01:06:31--> 01:06:32

Cover your cover. gov

01:06:34--> 01:07:23

refresh. I know you want one. I don't have any fish left was Muhammad hijab stop. The old averages give a man a fish and he will eat for a day teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. This is a great adage that describes the mission of Sapiens Institute leaders spawning other leaders. That is Sapiens Institute's strategy developing empowering and educating academic activists people can defend and share the deen in a manner that is academically robust and intellectually rigorous in just under a year. We have empowered and trained over 6000 people to be able to share and defend the deen academically and intellectually all of this amazing work is pointing to a bright future with

01:07:23--> 01:08:02

leaders in every corner of the world who can defend and share Islam effectively. However, there is something missing what is missing from Sapiens Institute. It's you We need people like yourself to engage with our content, to help spread the message of the deen and to donate every person who benefits from Sapiens Institute every leader who is developed and goes on to develop others and those others who develop others and those others who develop others generation after generation long after me and you are gone. Click the button below and donate and don't forget to share this video of

01:08:10--> 01:08:16

a lot of work but you know this comment of Sr sajida altmaier makes me very emotional.

01:08:17--> 01:08:56

She said she will donate 50 euros almost all what I have inshallah will see in my chifa insha Allah May Allah bless you, sister. Well, last panel, Darla, you know what this this kind of donation sends shivers down our spines. When we see donations like this. It really really reminds us how important this work is and how diligent we have to be with this amount of how careful how responsible we have to be with this amount. We can't do injustice to these sacrifices you are making upon Allah the sister is saying she all she has is 50 euros and she wants to make a donation. And may Allah subhanaw taala read you off your condition my sister, whatever your condition is, we will give you

01:08:56--> 01:09:38

chifa Mela make your life in this world easy and happy and bless you with the highest abode in general for loss in the hereafter. For me. This donation you know will lie the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the best donation is made in hardship when one himself or herself is facing trouble facing problems financially and goes and makes a donation, peaceable Allah, Allah alleviate those problems. Allah takes away those problems. Allah experience for the sins and a lot of moves calamities are southern Colorado voila, when you give sadaqa your calamities are removed from you, whether they are in the form of your children suffering, whether your business is not doing well

01:09:39--> 01:09:59

whether you have a disease or a condition or a medical problem, whether you have parents who are ill, all these calamities are removed by sadaqa. Okay, so this is the benefit of donations Allah will insha Allah Allah will show you this donation in yeshiva, my sister May Allah bless you, and it really makes you very emotional but the sisters those of you are still watching it.

01:10:00--> 01:10:42

take inspiration from Sr sajida. And come forward and start making donations because Sister sajida literally gave what she has. She She asked 50 euros and she has given it to Sapiens. May Allah bless you all. May Allah bless everyone was making donation in hardship and ease. And you know, donations made in hardship weigh heavily on the scales on the Day of Judgment. Right? This is exactly this is exactly why it is important to come and support causes like this, because we have people like this supporting us, Sr sajida. Right, but let's just don't hesitate and come forward and start making donations in sha Allah. May Allah bless you. May Allah subhanaw taala enable you to come and put up

01:10:42--> 01:11:24

a challenge. We want someone to come forward and say okay, I'll give you 1000 pounds if someone matches it, and that way a lot of people come forward and they start making donations. This is the 27th Night of the month of Ramadan For God's sake for Allah sake. This may be the Niger power this may be later to Qatar we don't know. We have no idea we cannot say for certain, but if it is, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said man karma v Laila called cadre Eman and yT serban warfare Allahumma Takata momentum be anyone who worship for lower stands in the night of power, worshiping Allah. With firm faith and accountability Allah will forgive us since the last one Abdullah said in the Quran in

01:11:24--> 01:12:11

Angela houfy Laila, Laila to cuddle. In the under lofi Layla tilaka, Rama gras Kamala Taka, Laila Tara broderie hydro mineralization, this night is better than 1000 months, which amounts to nearly 83 years. So one night if you worship Allah in one night, which may, which is later on tonight, maybe later to Qatar, you have done it as if you have done it for more than 83 years. So if you give sadaqa tonight, and if it happens to be Laila through color, you have done it as if you have made this donation for 83 or more than 83 long years. So I still want to see those messages coming through encouraging messages like the one sister saga has sent us she had only 50 euros and she have

01:12:11--> 01:12:49

given this donation to Sapiens Institute and May Allah give you chiffon my sister, may Allah spawnable accept your donation, it really breaks my heart, or like when I see messages like that, but you know, I won't stop you from making this donation. I want to say Oh, sister, keep your money. You need it more than us. Okay? It's not about that Sister, I want you to make this donation so Allah takes away your condition, your medical problem from you. So Allah increases your condition to be better. So May Allah give you chifa because through your sadhaka through your donation, Allah will remove your calamities, I believe in that so I will encourage you to do so. So others who are

01:12:49--> 01:13:33

still watching all of us we have problems all of us we have calamities all of us, we have challenges in life. If you're still watching and still thinking, don't hesitate brothers and sisters, this is your chance. Come forward 15 years per month for me. Please donate if you can Allah bless you. Allah bless you, I'll accept from you. Beautiful, donating $348 which is 250 pounds challenging all people watching to step up and match this a tip Sharma May Allah bless you man, you become famous on Sapiens alive appeals. Allah bless you this person has been making donations almost every single appear and this person has got immense rewards even yesterday, he or last week rather he started he

01:13:33--> 01:14:15

or she I don't know if you are a male or female brother or sister I don't know because I don't know what it is. I think I'm assuming it's an Indian name. So whether you are male Allah bless you may Allah open the doors of Jenna for you. And may Allah enable you to start many more challenges like this because these challenges are blessing so brothers sisters Atif Sharma has come back again general donated 150 euros It was almost all I had mela support your work in spreading the message truly amazing. mela bless your general whoever you are wherever you are. Yes we got that below. Brother below we got the message just now from general and male last panel Darla except from you and

01:14:15--> 01:14:32

more remove your calamities and your challenges from your life and bless you with a lot more a lot more in return for the donation you made by the way amazingly those who make donations those who come forward, Allah will replace the sadhika with a lot more immediately. Okay, red hot

01:14:33--> 01:14:59

red hearts 94 donated $50 inshallah more in the future. Absolutely. Thank you so much. Allah bless you a lecture from you. This may be a lot on cover and if it is, then that's it. We have made Okay, we want more and more people getting involved. What work is Sapiens Institute doing? What are you making these donations towards? I want you to quickly understand and continue making donations while you are listening to this. Imagine tonight

01:15:00--> 01:15:40

Laila, Kolkata and you decide to support our work, training and developing over 10,000 people to intellectually share Islam. Imagine how many hearts they will transform. Imagine the number of Shahada as we may get supporting us is supporting the vision the legacy that drives the Tao forward. These are some of the amazing things we have planned after Ramadan inshallah, and they are as follows number one, empower and train over 10,000 Muslims to share Islam intellectually. Number two, complete a free book addressing all of the main doubts against Islam that can be found offline and online. Number three, publish your website responding to leading anti Islam websites number four,

01:15:40--> 01:16:25

expanding our lighthouse mentoring service number five, professionally film 10 free of charge courses with slides and notes on our new three learning platform. Number six, publish two new two new books on Islamic thought and proofs of Islam. Number seven produce over 60 new videos addressing doubts and providing a strong case for Islam. Number eight engage in for academic discussions and debates to boost the morale and confidence of the Muslim youngsters. And number nine, or number eight finally start a new podcast podcast where we discuss different topics to empower to strengthen our brothers and sisters, my brothers and sisters, this is your chance to support this work I just

01:16:25--> 01:17:08

mentioned. And this we want to do within the next 12 months. This is a man's reward, unimaginable amount of reward and you are planting seeds. You know, when the tree grows, everyone wants to take fruit from it. But those who planted the seed so low, imagine the reward for them. Everyone who takes the fruit from the tree, the person who planted the seed gets all the reward without risk reducing the reward of those who come and nurture the tree who watered the tree or who take care of the tree without reducing the reward. So the Prophet literally had this he said anyone who plants a tree, and animals and humans take benefit from it. The person who planted the tree will get the

01:17:08--> 01:17:52

reward literally This is about a physical tree. But this also works about with planting a spiritual tree, the tree of Islam, the tree of intellectual defense of Islam, which is what Sapiens is pioneering right now. So my brothers and sisters, you cannot possibly let go of this opportunity. The donations are trickling in nonstop May Allah bless you all, a lot of blessing people are making a lot of good donations. What we want is more and more people getting involved and together we can do it together we can do it inshallah. So, hands up, please show the books behind you. At least one book gone gone, man just meet the challenge. Okay, what if we show the books behind us? At least

01:17:52--> 01:18:06

one? What are we going to get in return? can we can we get a challenge of 1000 pounds or a 500 pounds challenge so that others can match it? We need some challenges. We need someone to come forward and say okay, I will make a donation to Sapiens Institute

01:18:08--> 01:18:20

providing someone matches that challenge. So we need someone to come and put up a challenge 1000 pounds or 500 pounds and see what happens inshallah wonders will happen. Hamza is pick up any book and talk about it, man, go ahead.

01:18:24--> 01:19:04

This book is a collection. It's by Alan y timer in the philosophy of politics, political philosophy. He talks about coercion, and he solved the debate on collision. When I did the analytical philosophy module code for my post grad code. The idea of freedom, we had to use this and actually we this is referenced one of the Sapiens Institute's essays on does a sum total freedom. And the idea of freedom is basically the absence of coercion. But in what context? Because there could be some times that you will curse but it doesn't necessarily mean that you're not free. And the whole discussion based on Robert nozick 's work and why time is work etc. Is that freedom is actually the absence is

01:19:04--> 01:19:41

the violation is the non violation of your rights. So you being not free is when your rights are violated. So in the essay we discuss, well, the question now is who has the right to give you your rights? And I said as long as Allah Who created us give us rights, and they're not being violated, then we are technically free. If they're violated, we're unfree. We're coerced. So when someone from a liberal says to you, oh, you're not free. You just asked him what do you mean by freedom? And when you read the essay, you go through an analysis of understanding that actually freedom is the non violation of rights, but whose rights Why do you think the liberals have the right to give us the

01:19:41--> 01:20:00

rights or libertarian view or positive your rights or negative your rights? This is these are have ontological implications. So we say no, we could prove that the rights that we have are the correct rights because they come from the one who created us and we could prove this. your rights are just from thin air. Where is your Quran and Sunnah? They don't have it. It's all How are you how

01:20:00--> 01:20:08

But anyway so really interesting piece and this book was quite critical and white time Alan white timer he actually solved the problem on the issue of cohesion so good book

01:20:12--> 01:20:54

thank you so much for that introduction rather Hamza May Allah bless you brother sisters we are still waiting for more and more and more support coming in Knight of power Laila together you convinced me I can do 50 pounds a month inshallah increasing as Allah bless you bro when the best in this life and the best in hereafter i mean i mean i mean absolutely more messages we want more and more of us you know these messages they serve as energy for us, especially myself, okay, when I get people supporting the work I get more energized I get more strength and courage for saying right so monitor Mimi brothers remove all your doubts, money is worth nothing, give all you can a journal not

01:20:54--> 01:21:34

worth the clothes on your back. Absolutely 100% Thank you so much. And just as you mentioned the clothes on your back some of these clothes you know, they can cost like hundreds of pounds. If you if you like to wear designer clothes or a watch, it can easily cost you something 500 pounds two to 300 pounds easily. Okay? If you'd like these big designer names, you can easily spend a lot of money. So what we want is a lot of people coming together and making small donations or possibly big donations. And that way we will be able to carry on with the work I mentioned earlier the list of things we want to do in the next 12 months is fascinating. We are facing an onslaught of

01:21:34--> 01:21:57

Islamophobia. Presidents of countries are involved. They are pumping. Hate and negativity against Islam is happening. We are facing a tsunami of Islamophobia every few minutes. Anti Islam content is coming up online. Let's do it guys. Exactly. Chandan Shani, thank you so much. Thank you so much.

01:21:58--> 01:22:14

anon did this our beg for money? The Prophet the Prophet Allah I don't like to use the word beg yet. Forget about the Sahaba Bobo whoever you are. May Allah bless you. Thank you for asking that question. The Prophet asked for money. Hello Wakey wakey

01:22:16--> 01:22:36

wakey wakey the Prophet asked for money. You remember when he stood up and he said who will support who will buy this well for the Muslims of Medina. I promised him Jana, I would like to donate 50 pounds my husband and I are suffering from COVID please make dua Allahu Akbar Subhana Allah May Allah grant you both too far and heavy on your

01:22:37--> 01:23:23

my sister Hannah May Allah bless you and your husband, whichever And may Allah subhanaw taala make this donation a source of your alleviation from this this condition is a very very difficult condition for a lot of people, but inshallah inshallah you will you will overcome it we will make da O Allah, give Shiva to our sister Hannah and Her husband, and Oh Allah give them complete recovery. Allah give them good health. Bring them back to normality as soon as possible. Oh Allah accept our da please everyone say amin so that our brother and our sister, sister Hannah and Her husband, they can get shifa, I am issuing 100 pound challenge, I will match it worth 140 US dollars. Thank you it

01:23:23--> 01:24:06

once more. Again. Bella, bless you. Thank you so much for issuing this challenge. Who wants to meet it everyone. A team has put out another challenge. 100 pounds, please meet the challenge. So someone said did the Sahaba ask for money. You use the word beg. I mean, beg is not a polite word to use for the Sahaba. Okay, it's not a very nice word to use. But the Sahaba the Prophet himself asked for money for support from the Sahaba that's why a man was promised Jana. Do you remember what man was promised Jana? A number of times a number of times, because he said love bake to the call of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So those of you still listening sapiens, he donated 15 pounds. Well, I

01:24:06--> 01:24:34

bless you, your work personally, the divine reality and advanced our courses have helped me engage with my non Muslim mum Mariela. guidara mean Allahu Akbar. Thank you Musab Allah bless you. This is the kind of confidence we need. Someone did our courses someone read the book and went and gave our to my mother has donated 50 pounds. Please make the offer her Her name is shammies My sister's amines May Allah bless you may

01:24:35--> 01:25:00

Allah Spanish Allah accept this donation from you. And you have a wonderful child who has already made a donation and encourage you to do the same brothers sisters, may Allah bless you all for coming forward and making a difference to this work. What are we making donations for? Sorry, what are we even raising funds for? We are raising funds for these absolutely amazing causes. What are we dealing with we

01:25:00--> 01:25:50

We are going to in the next 12 months Bismillah by the grace of Allah by the permission of Allah by the tofik of Allah. This is our plan for the next 12 months. Okay? This is what we want to do, number one, empower and train over 10,000 Muslims offline and online to be able to give Dawa intellectually and academically in other words train 10,000 potential Muslim leaders mainly youngsters. Number two, complete a free book addressing all of the main doubts against Islam that can be found offline and online. Number three, publish your website responding to leading anti Islam websites. There are hundreds of them hundreds of them anti Islam website, we will publish one and

01:25:50--> 01:26:37

inshallah it will deal with many of them. Okay, this is what you are making donations towards this vision. Okay, number four expanding our lighthouse mentoring service my brothers and sisters, my brothers sisters, this service provides free of charge one to one sessions for those who have questions in doubt. Number five, professionally, the video or film 10 free of charge courses with slides and notes on our new free learning platform. Number six published two new books on Islamic thought and proofs of Islam. Number seven produce over 60 new videos addressing doubts and providing a strong case for Islam in these videos. Number seven, engaging for academic discussions and

01:26:37--> 01:27:21

debates. At least four and this is to boost the morale and the confidence of the Muslim youngsters who may be watching or attending these debates online and offline. And finally, finally number eight start a new podcast discussing many issues affecting the Muslim Ummah when it comes to our work. Okay, so my brothers and sisters This is the comment I want to read very quickly a teacher my prince Malik donated 250 pounds. So instead of doing 100 pounds challenge I also did 250 pounds. May Allah accept our donation encouraging all viewers to match absolutely a teacher my you are wonderful. May Allah bless you. May Allah bless you, Mel open the doors of Jennifer, you. You have helped this

01:27:21--> 01:27:58

appeal a lot on previous days as well. And you're doing it today again, may Allah bless you, Allahu Akbar, this is the kind of, you know, these are the kind of lions and lionesses we want to come forward and encourage others. You know, when you make an announcement, you're not showing up because hardly anyone knows you here. Who knows? You know, people most people don't even use their real names on these accounts. Right? They are making donations to encourage others. So let others be encouraged. Come on brothers. Let's donate inshallah. Absolutely. Let's make donations. This is our chance. We may not get these chants every single day my brothers and sisters, it may well be Laila

01:27:58--> 01:27:59

topcoder. Okay.

01:28:01--> 01:28:40

Bella Hamza? Are you okay, you looks at making me sad. Okay, well, fine. I'm just because we got a small team, I'm being the admin guy as well at the same time. So some of the comments are, frankly, quite someone that some of them not all of them a bit pathetic. So I'm showing it on my face. But generally I'm really positive guy and how can you please ignore Can you please ignore? Ignore negative comments? Okay. They will always come sometimes islamophobes are very active on our accounts, especially you know, how popular hijab is among the islamophobes. hijab is one of the favorite

01:28:41--> 01:29:03

target practice, you understand? islamophobes. So I wouldn't be surprised if there are comments coming forward. Because these people don't like the work we're doing. They don't want us to do this work. We will continue. We will pay back evil with goodness. We will educate whether Hamza we need some down material for Hinduism. sapiens, Brother

01:29:06--> 01:29:15

lected. Yeah, I've got an answer dealing with reincarnation, the same philosophical answer to it. So hopefully we'll be able to publish at some point as well.

01:29:17--> 01:29:45

But yeah, we'll be developing as much material as possible and obviously prioritize the material we develop for sure. But inshallah Hinduism is going to be on something that maybe I don't which is going to be working on as well from a historical perspective as well. inshallah. I'm not very versed on Hinduism, but we can definitely start looking into it and get some brothers who know Hinduism and ask them to produce some works, sundown material, so that we can deal with Hindu mythology and Hindu

01:29:46--> 01:29:51

philosophy. And Hindu Hindu is a Hindu ism, which

01:29:52--> 01:29:53

comment rosary.

01:29:55--> 01:29:59

Hundreds always was at his best when you work for khilafah and ever since.

01:30:00--> 01:30:46

Then he's gone into what is now similar to charity education. He knows who we are what the solution we the solution but now fails to advocate for this as his life is now all about debate and education. The line is no more much more common, Mohammad Javad. Okay, so you believe you believe anyone who doesn't join your group is a waste, obviously. Yeah, I mean, this is all you are saying that anyone who does not agree with your view on Islam, I think to be fair to the brothers, this is a bit emotional because of Palestine. And no, I was, I've been commenting on my Twitter feed as well, you know, what's happening in Palestine is absolutely atrocious. And we will have to speak up.

01:30:46--> 01:31:22

But we also have to understand that Islam is holistic, and everyone has a role to play. Everyone has a role to play, you know, if you don't build the amount of Muslims, if you don't, intellectually Shia Islam, we have an intellectual struggle as well. If we're not part of that we don't focus on that, then you're never going to get any, any solution. You think these things are gonna come from the sky, Allah subhana wa tada when he gives us these authorities, because it's actually a gift from Allah, it's a reward because we, we did righteous deeds, and we did the things that we had to do within our own sphere of control. And one essential element to get success is building the amount of

01:31:22--> 01:31:40

Muslims and ensuring that the Islamic ideas are powerful, predominant on there argued for a very robust way so people can accept them. If you've got no intention, those ideas, your authority will fail and crumble. So with all due respect, is a very, very, very, very, very shallow comment. But you know, may Allah bless the brother,

01:31:41--> 01:32:29

I again, I would like to advise, please, please focus on the beautiful support we are getting from all the brothers and sisters around the world. We will continue focus focused on the work we are doing. This is an absolutely crucial piece of work. Sapiens Institute is doing pioneering work. It is doing groundbreaking work currently in advance, not in the UK. His his his fire happened a few hours ago. So just in case you're seeing him eating, he's not in the UK. Okay. Just to let you know, yeah, I'm I'm enjoying my water. Yeah, please, anyone who is planning to throw a missile at me, or a fatwa, or some sort of judgment, please know that I am not in the UK. I'm in a different timezone.

01:32:29--> 01:32:43

That's why I'm having water. So do apologize, those people who are fasting, and I'm pretty sure there are many people elsewhere, somewhere else in the world, they are also eating because you may not be the time for surah. If that. So we are in different time zones. Thank you. Thank you for

01:32:45--> 01:32:56

thank you for highlighting that. So my brothers and sisters, I want to focus very quickly on what we were doing, Sapiens Institute is working on.

01:32:58--> 01:33:43

Can we remove that cursing? comment, please? Thank you. Okay. We don't like to curse brothers, sisters. Let's not curse people. Instead of cursing people. Let's produce the leaders. Let's produce the leaders who can do the job for us who can represent our case. But remember, remember the beautiful in the Battle of ahead. I believe the poor son was injured and he was grieving. And one of the Sahabi said, custom and he said I have not come into class and condemned. I have come as a mercy. I have cotton he said Oh ALLAH forgive them for they don't know. And this is when Saddam was in the midst of backroom, it just finished back to he was injured bleeding intestine and the Prophet

01:33:43--> 01:34:29

sallallahu wasallam said, Oh, Allah. No. He said I was sitting here to curse and condemn. I was sent as MSE. Allah forgive them for they don't know. Absolutely, absolutely. In the province of Assam. He said it in, you know, to quote the word mob or esto la la Anand, I have not been sent to curse. So the prophets Allah salam, Allahu Akbar was not one of those people who would like to curse who would like to cry. But at times, he did express words that you know, cursed certain people for what they do, like the law and the law you hold on to it. takakura mbi Masada, may Allah curse those people, okay, from the from the Bernoulli trial and then Asara who build

01:34:30--> 01:34:59

mosques on the graves of the prophets. So the promises on them express these these kind of ideas, but he was not sent to curse people generally every time every time he disagrees, if someone starts, let's look at the solutions. What is the solution to our problems, education, confidence, lack of ability to defend our faith, intellectually, academically, and we want to train within the next 12 months. This is phenomenal. Within the next 12 months, we want to train 10,000 Muslim youngsters

01:35:00--> 01:35:00


01:35:02--> 01:35:32

to defend Islam and to present Islam intellectually and academically, this is potentially 10,000 leaders. Okay, that's one Muslim trained on average, every hour, every other year or 10,000. When we divide that by 12 months, right? 10,000 every month is nearly like 800. And if we divide it, it's like, every one hour, there's a Muslim being trained, you know, on average, right? So

01:35:33--> 01:36:17

Islam is the cure for the disease called hate. Absolutely, absolutely. We don't believe in returning evil with evil. Otherwise, what's the difference between us and between those who do evil to us? They do evil to us. We respond with love, care and compassion. And we only defend ourselves when we have to when we are cornered, and we are being defensive, right Sapiens Institute, inshallah I will donate 150 pounds, thank you so much. I'm at NASA, we want more and more such messages coming forward, because that's the solution. The solution is to be positive. To start start supporting the causes that can actually give us those leaders we are looking for imagine we produce someone like

01:36:17--> 01:36:57

Malcolm X, let's say, through Sapiens Institute work. We have someone like Malcolm X not not exactly like Malcolm X or what he did or what he said someone like him, someone as brave, as eloquent, as educated, as dedicated, as sincere as him. Imagine, one person is more than enough. Imagine. Imagine if we had 1020 100 you know, out of these 10,000 people we plan to train within the next 12 months, at least 510 3050 may take heat, at least few people will become leaders. Some people will become prominent and influential and intellectuals

01:36:59--> 01:37:41

and read Jr. But I only made the offer 200 pounds. That doesn't make sense. Or you mean you only made a donation for 200 pounds. If you did, may Allah bless you if you haven't, then go ahead don't wait. Okay my say well, tough inshallah. I will donate 100 Please pray for Kashmir. We will pray for Kashmir. We will pray for Kashmir we always pray for Kashmir And may Allah alleviate the oppression the people of Kashmir are facing May Allah remove it may Allah take it away. And may Allah produce the best solution for the people of Kashmir, upon which are under which they can spend their lives peacefully because they also deserve peace and freedom.

01:37:44--> 01:37:45

Very powerful video,

01:37:48--> 01:37:49

inshallah Smith.

01:37:50--> 01:38:23

So I'm going to tell you a story that I haven't really ever shared before. When I was young. I remember watching Atma deedat and other preachers and dad they were just mesmerizing. They had a deep impact on the the absence of a physical father figure in the house, the Dow became the replacement policy, my love for Dawa, and my school experience actually led me to suffer from a lot of doubts. I remember some of my teachers in the school as well were slightly new atheist trying to push that kind of worldview, these kinds of things would actually have an impact on me came frustrated because I didn't have the intellectual tools to deal with all the doubts. This actually

01:38:23--> 01:39:00

all started to have a spiritual effect on me why when I started learning classical Arabic with my mom, who is an Arabic teacher, this was the key really in accessing the tools not only deal with adults, but share Islam effectively a key milestone in dealing with my Dallas was during Ramadan when I was about 17 years old. And from Alexandria, Egypt, we went, and there was a beautiful kind of Ramadan experience we had. And I remember I made do I when I was in sujood, in that Ramadan experience, and I said, may Allah test me with anything except for doubts. I never want to be tested with doubts ever again. And Subhanallah sometime after that, that was it that you know, was has done

01:39:00--> 01:39:00


01:39:01--> 01:39:36

I'm not when I'm actually confronted with these doubts. Now, all these kinds of misconceptions actually raises me in the matter, humbler. My path towards doubt has now you could say accelerated. Every decision I made, every step I took, I would always think of ways I could benefit the doubt. So even if I'm in education, etc, I would be thinking about that. I believe that this has to do actually with my mother. Now we all know the power of a mother's diet. My mom tells me that she wasn't getting pregnant for about seven years. So she went to ombre one time I lost she was drinking Zamzam she made to have a son who would be a die and she mentioned some of the things in the diet.

01:39:36--> 01:39:59

So then after that I was born, I credit everything, actually to my mother's diet and her enduring support throughout these years because she is my inspiration and actually my role model. I will not be the person I am today without her. May Allah bless her. When I got married, actually got married. I was 20 years old. And I was involved in the Dow but I needed to be able to support my family. So I wanted to get into teaching. So I considered this as an occupation because of my interest. So I was

01:40:00--> 01:40:32

already had the kind of the channel at the same time, many of you may remember I attended the right wing protests at a time with Tommy Robinson, free freedom protests where you're going. And unfortunately, after that, I lost my job. And this was like two or three weeks before I would actually get the Qt s so I didn't get the teacher's license. And all of those years while I was trying to get the teacher's license, how old to get into teaching was gone. In a moment after that though. I was tutoring and freelancing and kind of working in different kinds of things for scraps, it was a matter of survival. At this point, I started to take the doubt even more seriously, so I

01:40:32--> 01:41:09

don't have a master's degree in Islamic Studies. And another one. In applied theology, I realized that things like philosophy or religion, which I spent a lot of time focusing on, are needed in the doubt, like for example, improving God's existence, the arguments for God's existence, etc, theodicy, all these things. So handle after that, and I applied for the PhD program in the philosophy of religion to further my work. And that's why there is Muhammad hijab now the value of not Mohammed hijab, the history digital life, I feel I understand why Allah made me lose out on being a history teacher, he did so to guide me to teaching people about Islam. What's amazing about

01:41:09--> 01:41:44

my story is that I started with doubts. And now I'm trying to answer the doubts. So Subhan Allah, how Allah has blessed me to be part of Sapiens Institute team, which is this institute which we share and defend Islam academically and intellectually and empower and develop others to do the same. In under one year, we've developed and trained over 6000 people to intellectually share and defend this lab delivered over 33 in depth webinars, delivered 10 courses and seminars published three books, a lot stapled thoughts and produced 30 videos launched our lighthouse mentoring services as a one on one service for people that like x Muslims and people that have doubts, well,

01:41:44--> 01:41:59

we actually go through that and much more all for free. If this story has inspired you in some way, please support this noble work and start your monthly donation today. charlo The link will be found in the description box or Solomonic library.

01:42:23--> 01:42:34

Sorry, sorry, I was saying my was muted. By the way, I was saying that brother Hamza has disappeared from the screen, and I will have to rub the lamp for him to come out of the lamp

01:42:35--> 01:42:47

so that he can come in do some wonderful work. Brother, brother Hands up. I'm rubbing the lamp. Where's the lamp? Okay. Okay, the lamp is missing as well. On that note, brothers, sisters,

01:42:48--> 01:43:34

you watched by the hijab. And his story, he talked about how doubts can really rock the boat for many people. And if they're not responded to, then they can remain for years Sapiens Institute is specifically addressing the issue of doubts through its videos, media productions, articles, courses, and especially one to one mentoring service called the lighthouse mentoring service. This work hasn't been done before. I am not aware of any Masjid, or any Muslim organization. To my knowledge, my knowledge is very limited. Maybe there are organizations out there doing this work. But to my knowledge, none of the Muslims or organizations I know of are doing or providing a service

01:43:34--> 01:44:16

like where someone can come and ask questions and remove the doubts. Okay, you can go to a matcha demand that Mr. may not necessarily be trained to answer those intellectual doubts, or those academic doubts because the Imams mostly have been trained in religious seminaries. And their training is very limited when it comes to, but questions that are raised by academics in the academic works can only be answered by academics who have studied those works, and found answers to them. So we are doing a very specific type of work. It is a niche, which needs to be supported. So I don't want everyone going silent on me keep the donations coming. There may be people donating and

01:44:16--> 01:44:25

there may be comments coming. I will request from other Hamza to come back and start putting the comments up because he has access to the admin

01:44:27--> 01:44:59

system. I don't. Right. So I want to encourage every single person here to make a donation of something. donate something why, what vision are we raising funds for? This is what we are raising funds for. I want to put a message out to you very quickly, I just want you to think about something. Imagine tonight is Laila Toluca, and you decide to support our work of training and developing 1000s of Muslim intellectuals. Imagine how many hearts they will transform imagine

01:45:00--> 01:45:37

The number of Shahadah we may get supporting us supporting the legacy that drives the Dow forward. Okay? These are the things we want to achieve in the next 12 months. Okay, think about this. These are the things we want to do in the next 12 months. Number one, empower and train over 10,000 Muslims number to complete a free book addressing all of the main doubts against Islam that can be found offline and online. Imagine what comes up online, you can only imagine every few minutes, there is anti Islam content coming up every few minutes.

01:45:38--> 01:46:28

On that note, point number three, we will publish your website responding to leader leading anti Islam websites, or anti Islam content for that matter. Number four, we will expand our lighthouse mentoring service to have more and more one to one sessions with those who have questioned or may have doubts about Islam. Number five, professionally, video 10 free of charge courses with slides and notes on our new free learning platform. Number six published two new books on Islamic thought and proofs of Islam. Number seven, produce over 60 new videos addressing doubts and providing a strong case for Islam. Number eight, engage in four academic discussions and debates. At least four.

01:46:28--> 01:47:02

Okay. And finally, number nine start a new podcast which will address a lot of the questions that are pressing questions for the oma today. So my brothers and sisters, my beloved brothers and sisters, this is the aim or these are the things we want to do within the next 12 months. Do you want to be part of this is the question. Some of you have made wonderful donations. Some of you have done amazing work. Some of you have been forced by the grace of Allah but if you're listening to me, can you sit down?

01:47:03--> 01:47:13

Okay, some of you some of you have been making big donations. Some of you have been making small donations, right? What we want is

01:47:14--> 01:47:53

a persistent pattern. We want a pattern Okay, inshallah I will donate 100 Please pray for Kashmir. Thank you so much. We will pray for Kashmir anywhere my brother or sister most must say Altaf, we will pray for Kashmir we have been praying and May Allah Subhana Allah bless the people of Kashmir because they're going through a lot of difficulties at the moment. So we want to continue with this tradition, this pattern of making donations tonight. It is the 27th Don't forget it is the 27th Night of the month of Ramadan. It may well be Laila Coker, where you are okay. And if it is, then remember Allah said, Hi Rahman Alfie Shahar.

01:47:54--> 01:48:00

So someone said guys donate $100 so that subu donates is here to Brother.

01:48:04--> 01:48:15

I'm sure I'm not going to comment this did you get? I did it. I did it. I did it. By the way, with some booze here I can I can wear a jumper and I can have a jumpsuit made you know.

01:48:17--> 01:48:30

I would only I will leave I leave very little for my head. But with with his hair Subhanallah It reminds me I think for him, we will need to use the machine, you know that he used to shave the sheep.

01:48:31--> 01:48:42

So brother Sabu if you're listening to this, I'm sorry. I love you. But these are the things we think off your hair. Are we I think with your hair needs special treatment. So what

01:48:43--> 01:49:27

can you say some encouraging words for our audience and tell them to continue making donations? This opportunity may not come again. Yeah, so we are working very very hard. But it's just as I want to tell you brother hums up behind the scenes, he has been working very very hard to organize all of this will lie these appeals, sending emails sending messages responding to questions and things like that. Okay, a lot of this brother and sister is very difficult work right? And there is a very small team helping us out right and now brother Hamza sitting with us on this appeal as well it's not easy online it's very very hard work. When Allah bless these brothers are doing all this work and on top

01:49:27--> 01:49:38

of that, he has to put up with someone like me, you know, behind the scenes, dealing with me is not the most pleasant of things, but you don't have to put up with that as well. So you can only

01:49:39--> 01:49:53

so I'm actually my it's been a fight was started about 12 minutes 13 minutes ago, I'm waiting for my food it's a bit delayed. So once it does come I'll basically jump off just a little bit and just eat something. So look brothers and sisters.

01:49:54--> 01:49:59

You know, the beautiful thing about Sapiens Institute is that you have a small but yet

01:50:00--> 01:50:39

dedicated team and we want to grow that team. And a lot of the brothers are battle hardened. They've had a lot of experience. And they've gone on an amazing journey academically and islamically. And a lot of these brothers collectively, we have experienced with nearly what 4050 6070 years of experience, and we've been in from the beginning, from the first time YouTube arrived, arrived, and Facebook arrived. And we've seen the fitna, and we've made mistakes, we learn from those mistakes. So I want you to think of Sapiens as the following. Imagine what the best chef in town and we've, we've had, we make the best cake. And it took us 20 years to develop the best cake ever. And then we

01:50:39--> 01:51:14

have a disciple, and then we teach the disciple how to make that cake and he only takes us 20 minutes. That's how you, I want you to see us, I want you to see us as those have that hardened experience going into academia, done the Islamic Studies moving forward, and we've got all of this experience. And we want to give it to you in the shortest time possible. And we don't want you to make the same mistakes, we want you to improve, you know, when we used to deliver and even now hopefully, we still have the same mindset. But when we delivered advanced training to Imams, and Musharraf Yes, we trained a mommsen Messiah, on atheism and other issues.

01:51:15--> 01:51:49

You know, for my Remember, I told the brothers to make dua in such detail to make to other the people that you're training to become better than you. Okay, because if loss and this is what the brothers about, so we are dedicated to your well being, we want to be able to develop you to be able to share some academic intellectually, we've trained over 6000 people in just under 12 months, and in the next 12 months, we're gonna train 10,000 people, we have a learning platform that's been implemented. And now we want to fill it with professional courses with exam with notes and presentation slides. We want to develop books, especially a book on doubts dealing with all the

01:51:49--> 01:51:55

major doubts found on and offline, we're going to do a website dealing with anti Islamic websites, we are going to do

01:51:56--> 01:52:11

many, many videos and media we're going to have for academic debates, at least, we're going to produce other books on philosophical issues in the foundations of Islam, and an essays and articles and what's very significant. We are basically

01:52:12--> 01:52:37

we want you to be able to go out there and train others as well. So the results are exponential. So to be strategic with your sadaqa supporting Sapiens now in the beginning means that all the exponential kind of results and numbers that we will get as a result of training others you get all the reward for that from the very beginning. Because when we train 10,000 people imagine how many Shahada they're going to get. Imagine how many people they're going to train.

01:52:38--> 01:52:41

I want to very quickly share something very quickly. Okay.

01:52:42--> 01:52:51

Firstly, I want to do a shout out to my family. My wife and kids in particular my son Hamza

01:52:53--> 01:52:54

bingo cloudy calm

01:52:56--> 01:53:22

Okay, Hamza. Bingo. Somebody can make sure you eat your food and magdoff me it is the month of Ramadan so make special da for me. I hope Hamza is listening right now with the rest of my kids and my family. So May Allah bless you all male acceptor you heard about that? May Allah accept all your good work. So Hands up. May Allah bless you and your siblings and your

01:53:23--> 01:53:50

your entire family. Okay, so start at nine You are the one day see uncle I've never had a long robotic. Okay, that's a compliment. Thank you so much. And on that note we might have someone very dicey joining joining us very soon from the DC land from all the way Pakistan we have a very I mean very famous very well to do very eloquent Allah oh my god

01:53:52--> 01:53:53


01:53:55--> 01:53:57

to eat has come early a lot of

01:54:00--> 01:54:01


01:54:03--> 01:54:05

oh my god I feel like crying why they call

01:54:07--> 01:54:14

Raja How you doing? I'm good I'm good bro. How are you? Oh man I'm just so I can't I can't get the smile on my face now I

01:54:16--> 01:54:17

love how

01:54:19--> 01:54:38

everyone's good Mashallah, we're all all doing really well. really missing you guys here and still reminiscing on our good old days that you know debating at loms Mashallah. Yeah I remember I remember some Allah bless you, but you you you made a huge impression on me. May Allah bless you. May Allah bless you, you know, I

01:54:40--> 01:54:54

do not know. Raja zelle Huck, a brother Xia is Mashallah a Dalia working very, very hard in Pakistan. On the youth in particular, he heads an organization called the youth club

01:54:55--> 01:55:00

and youth club is a leading organization in Pakistan, which is

01:55:00--> 01:55:40

is working on removing doubts and misconceptions about Islam. Raja Zola does a lot of seminars, webinars, lectures, talks, discussions, media appearances, Mashallah. He has a huge following in Pakistan and outside of Pakistan, especially, especially the auto speaking world is he's listened to in India, in Bangladesh in the Middle East. huge following Mashallah beautiful work a lot of good motivational content on his channel on his Facebook page, please join and see what he has to share, especially if you know the language, some of the content is also in English Alhamdulillah. So we've done a lot of work together.

01:55:41--> 01:55:45

The first time we met was in 2011. I think if I'm not mistaken, the

01:55:46--> 01:55:49

winds of change when myself and Hamza,

01:55:50--> 01:56:30

we came to Pakistan and we met and it was an amazing experience. And since when it's been a long journey, we have been together hamdulillah And may Allah bless you shake for joining us, thank you, Rose, Mashallah. You're doing great and fantastic work. And I think a lot of the DAO activity that's going on in youth club right now, we owe a lot of that hair to you guys, because Alhamdulillah I remember the first tour that we ever organized in Pakistan was with you guys, Mashallah. And Alhamdulillah the go rap training, I still remember, you know, after receiving training from you brothers, Mashallah, we've, we've given that training, like, dozens of times over and over and over

01:56:30--> 01:57:07

again, and you have no idea how many people have benefited from that we put our little own Pakistani DC spin on it as well, you know, dealing with our local doubts as well hamdullah the structure and the modules have been the same. And really, it's been a great learning experience for all of us as well. And, you know, hats off to you guys for, you know, saying like back to our call back in the day, and then inshallah coming over to Pakistan and then have helping us out to set up our own organization, which is now Mashallah, working in three major cities of Pakistan Alhamdulillah, we've, we've seen lives changing, you know, it is such an overwhelming experience to be able to hear

01:57:07--> 01:57:46

people calling you every single day, and receiving like voice notes and messages of people literally crying on the phone, that, you know, my life has changed, that I used to be in sin, I was in haram relationships, I was into all sorts of bad stuff. And now because of a video or a talk or a lecture, my life is completely changed. So for most people, you know, they wake up in the morning, and they check their emails, and they, you know, talk to their boss or something, but hamdulillah for me, I've seen that over the last almost 11 years now. You know, the whole experience has been so overwhelming people literally like, you know, you wake up, and you listen to these messages, which

01:57:46--> 01:58:20

are so heartwarming. And really, they move you to your core. And Mila sponsor rewards you guys for your endeavors for your efforts, Mashallah. Because I think this is the need of the hour, this is the need of the hour, that we need to present an intelligent case for Islam. You know, we've been sitting on the back bench for way too long. I think we need to be really proactive, we have to go out there, at least there have to be some people who are doing this full time. There have to be some people out there who are doing this full time. You know, we have full time share ever the dad used to say this, that you know, we have full time doctors, we have full time engineers, but how many

01:58:20--> 01:58:59

full time people do we have who are completely dedicated for the deen of Allah subhanaw taala. So in sha Allah, Mila sponsor or reward you guys for the wonderful work that you're doing and may last for the lecture from us as well. The efforts that we make, I mean, I mean, I mean, I still remember I said, Remember shakra Roger, that. When we came to Pakistan for the first time. You know, I had I think in the beginning, I had no idea that you were in academia. And then Mashallah, the Secretary Roger really taught me what it meant to be at service to people, a true leader is the one who serves his people. And he was driving us everywhere, and he was doing the recordings. And then when I found

01:58:59--> 01:59:34

out that he was in that could he was in, okay, he's an academic, I was like, Oh, my God, I felt so small and, and that is rural leadership. And that is huge inspiration. And I remember when went to Pakistan, they were saying, Come back again, I said, I don't want to come back again. Because you guys need now to basically step up and do the job. And we'll llahi that's exactly what they've done. Like, literally, they're like, the pioneers of modern dow in Pakistan, at the universities. They've created rural leaders. And that's one of the things that I've been inspired by, because especially in the western tower, sometimes we don't create people. And Paul, my own journeys, when I was

01:59:34--> 02:00:00

running around all around the place on in Chicago, spoke to me said, What the hell are you doing you did it develop nobody, and even big dog today, they haven't developed anyone. It's more of a kind of vanity metrics is me. They don't mean it that way. They just have the wrong strategy. But Sapiens Institute is dedicated in developing new leaders, so those leaders become better than us. As I said that analogy before you could be a well experienced cook that took you 20 years to have the best

02:00:00--> 02:00:18

dish, but then you have a disciple, and it only takes you 20 minutes to teach it to them. So they could go forward and create and create more leaders. And we need many, many more brothers actually getting active. So, Brother, brother, brother, Roger, just one one question I have for you. What are the like the three main kind of

02:00:19--> 02:00:30

obstacles for the Dow in Pakistan? Do you think from a Pakistan context? I think everyone, it'd be quite interesting, just to know, what are the three main obstacles? And how do you think that you could you could overcome them?

02:00:31--> 02:00:31


02:00:32--> 02:01:07

you've basically hit the nail on the head by saying that, you know, we need to create, first of all people who can take the Dow forward, I think that's absolutely critical at this point in time. Because oftentimes, what happens is that you create something and then the legacy dies with you. You know, basically, because you haven't got any succession planning, there's no long term planning, you just sort of did what you had to but then there is no one behind you. So Alhamdulillah, what we understand here is that people are desperate for our people are looking for answers. In Pakistan, the dynamics are very different from what they are. In the UK, for example, what you guys

02:01:07--> 02:01:44

experienced most of the times is dealing with a majority non Muslim audience. Here, the audience is mostly traditionalist as per the famous or infamous Rand report. Most of the people here are traditionalists who have a love for Islam, they have a deep passion for Islam, but they haven't got a clue where to get Islam from. So and, and also, they're not strong in their foundations at all. So I think something that's really helped us by, you know, attending your programs and lectures and courses, and benefiting from the tons of material that's actually coming. I even have the divine reality right here, it must be somewhere on my desk right now.

02:01:45--> 02:02:04

So you know, looking at that content, and then literally translating that into the Urdu language, and presenting a case for Islam. You know, this has been one thing that we've been working very hard towards. So I think in terms of challenges, I would say that the first one being that having access to the schools, colleges and universities, because

02:02:06--> 02:02:49

I don't know if you're aware of this, that, you know, it's obviously in the UK, it's very similar as well, that you know, anyone with like a religious attire is not really welcome at the universities. Why? Because automatically they associate religion with backwardness religion with, you know, a non academic sort of presence, so and something that's not based on the material, because obviously, ever since the, you know, post enlightenment era, if you look at things, you see that the world has moved and shifted from what was you know, based upon revealed knowledge, people used to take that very seriously, to empirical evidence and, you know, materialism basically. And so now, they think

02:02:49--> 02:03:23

that anything that's to do with religion is outdated, backward. It's not science is not scientific, you're not following the scientific method. So this is why a lot of times religious people are looked down upon. But with Hamdulillah, the challenge was that we need to make Islam relevant. We need to address real problems, which people are going through, people are going through depression, anxiety, they're looking in the dark, basically, they're searching in the dark for solutions, which Alas, Matala provided 1400 years ago, people are popping pills day in and day out, people are going into depression and you know, wanting to commit suicide and all of these things, and they don't have

02:03:23--> 02:03:54

a clue what they're doing. You know, if you go to a leading doctor, a psychologist right now, they will treat you like a bunch of chemicals. Basically, you're just a body, you just an advanced monkey, basically, that's all you are. And they'll treat you like that. Because they'll say you're just a bunch of chemicals. If you say you feel emptiness inside or hollow inside, or you feel this, you know, anything that you experience from that perspective, they'll say, Oh, it's just, you're just suffering from a chemical imbalance. So pop this pill and everything's gonna be fine. But we all know it's not fine like that. There is a much, much deeper problem that human beings are dealing

02:03:54--> 02:04:33

with, because our reality is not the body, it's the soul. So we feed the body continuously. But the soul is starved. We're starving to talk to a loved one that I will yearning to talk to us. pantalla the promise that we made allow us to better become collembola sredna we made this promise to respond to that. Am I not your Lord? And we said Yes, you are. So we came down on this planet. souls who are given this vehicle I'm I'm basically currently riding this vehicle. So the real Rogers your luck is me inside. That's who I am, this body is going to become dust. I'm going to leave it here. This body has an expiry date, it's going to be expired. It's going to hit the grave. And that's it. But the

02:04:33--> 02:04:59

soul is going to move on what the biggest challenge is that when people become so materialistic, they're only focusing on the material, how to please the body, forgetting about the soul part and which is the reality of who you are. So I think the biggest challenge is to actually tell people that we got it all wrong, you know, people focusing on the material things always focusing on you know, I want more power, more money, more wealth, more, you know, the bigger house, the bigger

02:05:00--> 02:05:34

car. But alas Mantilla he says in the Quran Allah ha como taka tohatsu mon macabre. You know this competition of piling up of worldly things this will dilute you until you hit the graves and the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said it best he said that, you know, if you give the son of Adam a value of gold or a mountain of gold, he will desire another one and nothing will fill his stomach except the dust from the grave. So this reality people are ruffled from they're in a state of heedlessness. So I think the first thing is that's required is a big fat massive wake up call. You know, we need to wake up to the reality that we have to go back to us patola we will die one day. So

02:05:34--> 02:06:14

I think what Allah Akbar did, you know, a done by will know that, you know, we always say, hum, so a tuna Ganga. So we need, we need a massive wake up call again. And I think the oma is asleep at the moment, we need to wake them up, we need to stand up and warn people and I think that's going to be a challenge for us. And then the second one being that we have to create other people who can be like minded individuals who who feel the same passion we do, because all the dwad that I know who are currently in our right now, I know that all of these people have basically given up a lifestyle to become who they are right now. They've made that sacrifice and I know that you guys, Mashallah

02:06:14--> 02:06:46

are ambassadors of that you've got that passion, you've got that drive, but we need to transfer that drive and that passion to our next generation, we need to pass the baton on to the next generation, so that they feel the same fire that that we still do, you know, handle and that motivates us to wake up every morning and keep going era despite the fact that we know that, you know, the West has its own plans, and they're, you know, releasing content and media and all of these things, you know, these are billion dollar empires, you have Netflix, you know, so something interesting that I will inshallah mention and conclude with.

02:06:49--> 02:07:32

You might have heard of Edward Bernays Edward Bernays, who is the nephew of Sigmund Freud. Now Freud obviously is very popular. But Edward Bernays is a marketing genius. The guy's a marketing genius. And he was a psychologist. And what he did was, he basically figured out how to market something and make people basically buy which is called mass psychosis or mass psychology using herd herd mentality to basically steer people because he believed that people are sheep. And they can be steered in any which direction. So one thing that he did was he got women to start smoking in the late 1920s. And you can read up about him Edward Bernays, he did this whole campaign, where he got

02:07:32--> 02:08:12

American women to start smoking publicly, which was considered to be a taboo. Now, why am I mentioning Edward Bernays, the reason is that he believed in inter commodity marketing into a commodity. So for example, if you want to you have an apple, not an apple mobile store, but an apple actual Apple Store, right? You're actually selling apples, the fruit. So for example, if you're selling apples, then your competitor is not just the one who is selling oranges, or bananas are mangoes. your competitor is also the one who's selling chocolates, and the one who's selling water, the one who's selling soft drinks. These are all your competitors. This is inter commodity not just

02:08:12--> 02:08:38

fruits and vegetables, but your competitor is also the guy who's selling the beef burger. Why? Because in 24 hours, a human being has only a limited amount of space to eat stuff. So you're not just competing against other fruit sellers, but you're competing against everybody out there, who is selling any kind of food that people are consuming. So with this revolutionary thought process when he said that it's intra commodity marketing, he said that

02:08:39--> 02:09:25

you have to occupy people's mind space in all of these areas. You have to keep advertising the apple all day long. So that whenever the guy wakes up in the morning, he wants to have Apple for breakfast. He wants to have Apple for lunch. He wants to have Apple for dinner, market the thing so much that that's all that people are consuming. How is this related to our the ways related to our is that our competitor is not just the Krishna, the Christian missionary, or the militant atheist preacher, or the Hindu preacher, or the Jewish rabbi. Those are not our competitors. Our competitors right now is Netflix. Our competitor is Bollywood. Our competitor is Hollywood because all of the

02:09:25--> 02:10:00

indoctrination that's coming about this wave of liberalism, secularism, atheism, materialism, it's coming from all of these channels. So you my dear brothers, are competing with a trillion dollar Empire. So Allah we are we are people who have literally like, you know, the story of vowel Islam. We've got literally pebbles in our hands, and we're fighting a monster, but hamdulillah the help of Allah, Allah is with us, inshallah, we have to stay strong, stay committed, even though these entities might be multi billion dollar empires, but alas, one of them has

02:10:00--> 02:10:29

said it. Well macro macro Allah Allah Hara marketing they plan and Allah plans and Allah is the best of planners. So as long as we stick to our guns, we keep doing what we do. We do it with a flask inshallah the help of Allah, Allah is with us. And the good news is with us that the prophet SAW Selim told us that Islam will reach every house, whether it's, you know, made of bricks are made of mud, Islam is gonna reach everywhere, so hamdulillah we keep doing our thing, and Allah gives us victory. inshallah. Xiao Wei, thank you so much for that passionate

02:10:31--> 02:11:13

conversation. May Allah bless you for raising these points. Absolutely. You're absolutely right, that we are up against a multi trillion dollars industry, apart from Islamophobia, which is a multi million dollar industry. We have to deal with Islamophobia coming from hollywood, bollywood. Now these giant media outlets are pumping negativity about Islam with impunity. Not only they, the politicians are doing it, journalists are doing it. Every few minutes, there is anti Islam content coming up line coming up online. If we don't have platforms like the one you have in Pakistan, which is providing guidance to all the speaking audience around the world, which is which is in millions,

02:11:13--> 02:11:58

by the way, as you are already aware, it runs into millions there are millions of Urdu speaking Muslims in India and and also speaking Hindus and non Muslims in India. And then people millions of people speak or do in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and then we have the Middle East. This is a huge audience. And Subhan Allah, when we talk about empowerment, which is what Sapiens Institute is working on. Brother Xia is an embodiment. He is an example of that empowerment. You know, in the early, you know, I think 2011 2012 when we went to Pakistan, we got together, we came up with this idea Youth Club was conceived. And since the inception of this organization, it has been going up,

02:11:59--> 02:12:45

Tao has gone to possibly millions, hundreds of 1000s of people. And this is what we want to do. We want to have many people like Roger jhalak and brother Taha, and Ali, and Marina Luqman, and Ali, Ali, by Lahore, all these brilliant, beautiful, motivated young leaders who are taking the flag of Islam who have raised the flag of Islam in their own intellectual way. On media, we want this, this is the outcome we want. And this is exactly the opposite. I'm going to tell you what Sapiens Institute aims to do within the next 12 months in the last, in the last nine months, phenomenal work has been done. And we want to continue with that work. And this is what we want to do within the

02:12:45--> 02:13:33

next 12 months. Number one, we want to empower and train over 10,000 Muslims, online and offline in order to make them able to defend Islam and to share Islam with confidence and knowledge. Number two, complete a free book addressing all of the main doubts against Islam that can be found offline and online. Number three, publish your website responding to leading anti Islam websites. Number four, expanding our lighthouse mentoring service, which provides service to people with doubts and questions one to one service free of charge with one of the Sapiens Institute experts. Number five, professionally videoed 10 free of charge courses with slides and notes on our new free learning

02:13:33--> 02:14:16

platform. Number six published two new books on Islamic thought and proofs of Islam. Number seven, produce over 60 new videos addressing doubts and providing a strong case for Islam. Number a number seven, engage in for academic discussions and debates, at least for within the next 12 months. And number eight finally start a new podcast where we discuss pressing questions facing Muslim youngsters around the world. So this is what you are donating to us brothers and sisters tonight. The link is there rolling on the screen Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live without your support. And this is a coordinated effort. By the way, this is not a one off. We are broadcasting

02:14:16--> 02:14:58

from a number of different channels. We have the support of and the blessing of many scholars, many well to do Doha around the world including Roger Zola, who is with us right now. Mashallah. He is leading the Dawa movement in Pakistan to youngsters in particular because this organization is called youth club. It is a youth club where the youth is basically provided with crucial guidance, as you already stated, many people are calling in and sending emails on daily basis and their lives have been changed. Some of them have come off drugs. Some of them have stopped partying that were making that will making them depressed. Some of them were in illegitimate relationships. They have

02:14:58--> 02:15:00

stopped doing that. So

02:15:00--> 02:15:40

Brothers and sisters, this is the kind of impact we want. We want empowered, confident young Muslims around the world, from Morocco to Bangladesh and beyond those who can represent Islam and defend Islam intellectually and academically, thereby, what sorts of what sort of challenges do you face in places like Pakistan, with youth with youngsters? What what kind of questions do you get? I want our Western audience to know this, right? The kind of challenges we are facing in a country like Pakistan, which is seen as a fortress of Islam, but what kind of challenges are the youth facing within this fortress? If there are any challenges, please do highlight them so that we can see the

02:15:40--> 02:15:43

kind of work we can do collectively to overcome these challenges.

02:15:44--> 02:15:51

These are done by one of the biggest challenges I would say that the based upon the dynamics we have we find that a lot of

02:15:53--> 02:16:32

youth here in Pakistan de because of lack of knowledge of Islam, they might be engaged in a lot of sins. So for example, having because they were born into a Muslim setup or a Muslim environment or into a Muslim family, but for all practical purposes, this was never told to them that the Quran is something that has to be followed and that the Quran is our complete code of life that we have to inshallah try our level best to follow the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the prophet SAW Salem, and this is supposed to be our way of life, as well as Pantera says in the Quran that Yeah, you're Xena, amaroo otaku facil, Mika will attribute the watershed that Oh, you believe entered into Islam

02:16:32--> 02:17:09

completely. So I think this is something that has not been internalized. So what happens is what you do see at different schools, colleges, universities, even in the workplace, is that people claim to be Muslim, but their actions might seem contrary to that, meaning that they will be engaged in major sins, and be completely relaxed about it. You know, everyone is a sinner, the the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said that every son of Adam is a sinner, but the best of them are those who repent. So if you know that you're committing a sin, that's something else that you're, you know, you're committing a sin, and then you repent over it, and so on. But then the other stage is when you're

02:17:09--> 02:17:46

committing a sin, and you don't even consider the sin to be sin. Meaning that these things are so easy now, as I mentioned earlier, that because of the mainstream media, you know, promoting around relationships, you know, you throw in hollywood, bollywood, and all of this, this cultural onslaught that they're trying to make, basically, brainwash you into becoming and adopting liberal values, secular values, and consider Islam to be backward and outdated. This, you see that it's slowly creeping in. So that, for me is one of the biggest challenges that getting the youth back to the obedience of Allah subhanaw taala. And saying that, you know, just because you were born into a

02:17:46--> 02:18:24

Muslim family, that's, that's not enough for your salvation. You have to practice Islam, to the best of your abilities. And before you practices, you have to have Elmi you have to study it. So that's the first challenge. The other one, I think, is that, you know, major doubts. So, two basic ones, one of them is Shu heart, which is the first one I mentioned that people engage in a lot of sins and things like that. And then the shubho heart shaohua, tangible hot shoe heart is basically the doubts that they have about Allah Pantera about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about the authenticity of a hadith for example, about

02:18:25--> 02:18:37

you know, certain certain beliefs about Allah spotter that why did Allah do this, you have the problem of evil, you have many other ideologies creeping in, people are now listening to these militant atheist.

02:18:38--> 02:19:17

pseudo scientists, for example, listening to their podcasts, getting something from them. So you, you you find in their questions, these same thoughts coming in. So unless and until our dads are prepared to handle these questions is going to be it's going to be really tough. What we do, for example, at youth club is that we connect with the scholars, we learn from them. And then we have to translate what we learned into a language that the people can can understand and digest, we have benefited a lot from the content that you guys are producing, Mashallah, it's really cutting edge. It's really amazing how, you know, all of these modern challenges, modern doubts have been

02:19:17--> 02:19:27

addressed. So looking at that, and then translating it in individual language, putting a little bit of DC torque on it, as we say, and then giving it to the audience because we feel that

02:19:29--> 02:19:51

our conversation has to be both logical, rational and reasonable. At the same time, there is always going to be an emotional perspective to it, there's always going to be a heart to heart connected to it. Like, for example, one of our brothers, he spoke to an atheist in Pakistan. And the argument that worked was that do you think that

02:19:52--> 02:19:59

there was a man in history by the name of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Do you think that a man but that name existed? And the guy said yes.

02:20:00--> 02:20:12

I believe that there was a man by the name of Muhammad who existed 1400 years ago. Yes. So the next question he asked him, okay, do you think in all honesty, do you think that that man, he was a liar?

02:20:14--> 02:20:44

And then the guy was quiet? And he pondered over for a few minutes? And he said, No, he wasn't like, he said, there you go, thank you very much. Have a nice day. Problem solved. You see. So the thing is that sometimes it's just a simple argument is that, because deep down, I said, you know, this is still an Islamic country, it's still the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, people still have an affiliation with Allah, Allah with, with with the profits ourselves. So sometimes you don't have to be too technical. And sometimes it's a simple argument. But then sometimes you do need to have that

02:20:45--> 02:20:50

background knowledge in order to be able to convince someone. So I think these two areas are the ones that are challenging.

02:20:51--> 02:21:11

Thank you so much. Just Just as you mentioned, this argument presented by a brother, I had a similar experience. You know, sometimes in a country like Pakistan, where people are confused by this onslaught, online onslaught of atheism, or new atheism, and secularism and liberalism and all these things, coming from a number of different sources.

02:21:12--> 02:21:55

I had I had a gathering, I was sitting with some youngsters from a university in Islam about and they were individuals who were almost atheists, and, you know, they were trying to encourage other students to also follow them. So they organized the sittings, so that we can have a, we can have an open discussion. So I remember presenting this argument again, that Okay, you guys are an atheist, you guys are atheists or you don't believe in God, then, then for you guys in particular, there is no problem of, you know, problem with you having feelings for your mother or for your sister, you know, biologically naturalistic, naturalistic speaking. There's nothing wrong with that, you know, a

02:21:55--> 02:22:33

diehard atheist like Richard Dawkins wouldn't have a problem with that. Okay, he doesn't believe in objective morality. So if there is no morality as such, it doesn't come from God, there is no God, then there is no moral anchor. So anyone's morality for himself, basically, kind of thing. So there is no issue with you having feelings for your mother or whatever is wrong feeling by the what we call sexual feeling, or even for your sister. These guys are completely shaken by the simple argument. It's not a sophisticated argument. I would say it's even a childish argument. Right. But they were completely shaken. They never thought about it. That Yes, true. If we are technically we

02:22:33--> 02:23:13

are atheists, then there's no problem with that. Because there is nothing forbidding it. There's no one there to stop us. So these are the kinds of things we really want to, you know, highlight that we want leadership. We want educated Muslim youngsters, those who can confidently defend Islam and present arguments taken from books like brother Holmes's book, divine reality. By the way, I don't know if you know, this book has been translated into oldu by some brothers in Islam about and we are in the process of now formalizing the translation. Hopefully, I don't know if you weren't aware? No, no, it's quite amazing had that experience. Because I remember the I think the last time I came to

02:23:13--> 02:23:13


02:23:15--> 02:23:17

I don't know if brother Roger remembers, but

02:23:18--> 02:23:25

I jumped over the security turnstile. And then lots of security came in, the phone's gonna blow up the building.

02:23:27--> 02:23:30

I think I gave a lecture there was like a private university or something.

02:23:31--> 02:23:42

And there was a sister and a brother sitting next together, I think they were related. And I remember I was giving a talk, and I noticed him in the audience from what I remember. And he was like, I think writing notes and taking it very seriously.

02:23:43--> 02:24:07

After a few years or months, I think either brother Roger, or someone else, or anything like nine, contacted me and said, at that, and that lecture, there was a sister and I think was her brother or something, was sitting next to her and he was an atheist. And then that whole event, changed him and he became a Muslim, and started praying from understand. And after two weeks, he died.

02:24:08--> 02:24:10

He was only 20 something years old.

02:24:12--> 02:24:22

And so those type of experiences are quite transformative. And it makes you realize that, you know, especially in Pakistan, when I was in Pakistan, I remember I was saying to the youth, we went to the general public.

02:24:23--> 02:24:59

I tried to because he was now you have to start with empathy. The sunnah of Tao is to individualize the individual. There's the difference between dow two groups and dow to individuals. When it comes to the individual, you have a lot of empathy. And you come with them as a blank canvas, and you individualize them understand the context and you listen with the intention to understand. And I tried to empathize a lot of these people because they come from middle class private university backgrounds. And I said, You've been duped by the kind of media because when the media shows Islam, especially at that time, you have a handsome, articulate, academic secular and on the other side,

02:24:59--> 02:25:00

you'll have a

02:25:00--> 02:25:06

Mostly who's, you know, with all his great intentions? He can't articulate Islam in a contemporary way? Probably.

02:25:07--> 02:25:09

You meant to say malviya? Probably. So yeah.

02:25:12--> 02:25:31

And I said to them, this is a false dichotomy. And this is a diet, this is a false dilemma. There are so many balanced, orthodox, amazing Muslims available in Pakistan I need to reach out to. And I remember saying that a lot to them. Because I think one of the challenges and you could correct me if I'm wrong, brother, Roger, is,

02:25:32--> 02:25:52

is this whole the public media marketing of secularism and the dean, we need those leaders we need people like yourself and many more others. So people don't have that dilemma between choosing someone who looks handsome and articulate that but is very secular, and someone who they cannot connect with. Does that make sense?

02:25:53--> 02:26:00

You're absolutely bro. inshallah, I'm going to try to wind things up here because I have to head out it's actually 130.

02:26:02--> 02:26:42

So, I just wanted to make a final comment that what Nan spoke about and what you spoke about, Mashallah, really well, that that story about the boy who passed away. I mean, that was just an absolute shocker, but hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah for the fact that he died upon Islam, he dies on Islam, you know, Subhan Allah, so that talk literally saved his life and hamdulillah The thing is, that one challenge that you've mentioned here is that, you know, being able to own Islam, you know, being able to own Islam and be confident about Islam, that when people because for far too long, a done by we've been really miskeen as Muslims, we've been really miskeen we've been very miskeen as

02:26:43--> 02:27:19

Maltese, you know, Oh, so you're Maulvi? Oh, you study Islam, or so sorry for you. I mean, that's the kind of attitude you get. Also, by law, you're studying at a madrasah you studying with a with a chef or something. So you don't have you have no life basically. So what what we're doing actually, we're owning that and we're saying, Alhamdulillah we're Muslims. Alhamdulillah you know, so we are proud of the fact that you know, Allah subhanaw taala guided you towards Islam, and be happy for the fact that hamdulillah Allah Subhana, Allah chose us for this particular path. And so this is why you'll find oftentimes in my description, they say, Maulvi with an attitude. And that's the thing we

02:27:19--> 02:27:24

have is it's not it's not a bad attitude, but it's like, you know, we own Islam hamdulillah So, we don't

02:27:26--> 02:27:27


02:27:28--> 02:28:03

yeah, and riding Harley davidsons you know, like going into a university imagine I mean, this is this is a shocker for a lot of people you know, riding into a university campus on a Harley Davidson and then you take the helmet off, you're like, Oh, my God, the guy's a Maulvi was. So and then you start talking about Allah subhanaw, taala, and all that. And it just blows people's mind that you know what's happening here. The thing is, we need to take that space back. You know, for far too long people have looked down upon people who are teaching Islam, people who are preaching Islam for far too long. People have been, you know, downplaying the importance of the scholars of Islam, the

02:28:03--> 02:28:30

students of Islam, the teachers of Islamic values and ethics and morality and all of those things. So I think we need to really step up and show the world that people who are following Islam can be very educated can be academically qualified and have a very balanced lifestyle so that people actually look up to people who are these as role models as you know we want to be like these people so 100 live we can do that then we've made a positive change the challenge

02:28:32--> 02:28:32


02:28:34--> 02:28:39

to take out your you take time out for us to join us on this

02:28:40--> 02:28:50

bless you guys can see this was from the depths of my heart for you guys, you guys are doing a fantastic job and we owe so much to you guys. Really, we're loving we owe you guys so much you have no idea

02:28:51--> 02:28:52

makes us

02:28:53--> 02:29:33

want us on this thing and I know you have to go but on that point you're absolutely spot on that we need to change this perception that I'm always miskeen is Jaya backward, doesn't know anything, doesn't know how to live a life, you know that perception needs to be changed. And it is partly our own fault the people of religion or people who uphold Islam as a way of life, we need to step up and we need to start doing courses and our projects like this that people can become that confident people can have that knowledge and intellectual education so that they can represent Islam in the best way possible. Thereby what a blessing to have you and look forward to seeing you inshallah very

02:29:33--> 02:29:38

soon I know you're busy. It's going to be eat very very soon. And may Allah bless you all you're not gonna care or

02:29:40--> 02:29:40

luck ever coming up.

02:29:42--> 02:29:46

Soon inshallah in Pakistan is slowly going up.

02:29:47--> 02:29:48

Thank you so much.

02:29:49--> 02:29:59

So this was by Roger GL Huck, please join his YouTube channel and follow the team on Facebook as well. They're doing an amazing job.

02:30:00--> 02:30:44

Content very, very powerful, motivating, confident content that really drives, you know, you know, it really thrills a lot of youngsters in places like Pakistan. So Allah bless you brothers out for joining us. And this was an example of empowerment thereby, was in self empowered, I was empowered Hamza was empowered by dollars on way, right. And we want to really concentrate on this empowerment, matter, and create that leadership, which is necessary. from Morocco to Bangladesh, all over the Muslim world and beyond maybe in the Western world, where the Muslim students are in large numbers. We want to create this leadership that can represent and defend Islam, academically and

02:30:44--> 02:31:18

intellectually. So I think our donors have gone to sleep we need to wake them up very quickly. Brothers and sisters, those of you who are still watching us on a jobs account, on my account or Sapiens Institute, YouTube channel, please wake up and start making donations because we need some energy we really need to be encouraged and some energy needs to be driven through us and that happens when we receive when we receive strong donations for this cause because this cause is absolutely crucial.

02:31:20--> 02:31:23

Brother Hamza tell us more about your Pakistani roots.

02:31:24--> 02:31:40

Pakistani illness rather brother Hamza went to Pakistan he had a chaplain kebab and he became a chaplain himself. Okay, that's a very famous story, right? Yeah. So brother Hamza, you need to go go back to Pakistan to do some more motivation and encouragement inshallah.

02:31:42--> 02:31:50

I mean, we've got such great brothers and leaders in Pakistan now Shaq Raja I'm gonna go there to learn rather than the other way around. Allah bless them.

02:31:53--> 02:32:15

And brothers and sisters this empowerment this process of empowerment and and education it is for global Muslims Sapiens Institute content is available free of charge online for Muslims around the world take benefit from a donated from Stockholm mela, multiply it here and hereafter amin Thank you so much.

02:32:17--> 02:33:00

The person who donated from Stockholm Allah bless you for the religion, except for from you. I mean, so brothers sisters, this process of education cannot stop it will not stop, we need to inshallah take it to the next level, where we can have more and more brothers and sisters empowered around the world. You know, Tao is a buzz. I call it a buzz. Dawa is like an exciting, exciting thing that once you do it, it becomes part of your life. You can't give up. Because of the outcome. The results are so beautiful. When you see people's lives changing. When you see the kind of difference you're making to people's lives through education and confidence and and, and and eloquent preaching on

02:33:00--> 02:33:40

law. He it does wonders not only to your character, it changes the lives of people in front of you. That's the kind of reward we're dealing with tonight, brothers and sisters sadaqa jariya, every single penny every single pound or a dime or a cent or $1 you donate tonight, it goes towards the southern kajaria cause because the knowledge these brothers and sisters who have been empowered will share in the world will continue to grow it will not stop. But that's why you need to start making donations. I want that person to start another competition very soon. Someone needs to come forward and say I will donate 500 pounds if someone else if someone else matches it, or 1000 pounds. I need

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a line of Allah or a likeness of Allah to come forward and say I will make a donation of 1000 pounds if someone matches it. Let's see you does it. I want to see someone come forward brother Hamza really want someone to come forward and Yes, question how much budget you're planning How far away are you? Well, this is the interesting thing about this amazing work. There is no limit. The dollar has no budget. So if we make

02:34:06--> 02:34:21

we'll just do more work. And we guard against we are up against a multi billion dollars industry. We are up against Yes. You know a swath of journalists politicians islamophobes

02:34:22--> 02:34:59

propagandists, YouTube channels websites, this is what we are up against. The more the merrier, right? The more the merrier, but we want to raise at least 20,000 pounds tonight. And if you want to come forward and make a donation, absolutely. Please do so do as much as you can. If you can do 10,000 pounds Don't hesitate. Don't hesitate. If you are a millionaire and you have 10,000 or 20,000 pounds lying around just give it a bit of luck and see the see the impact you might create in the coming year in sha Allah. On honestly Sapiens Institute has enabled me to answer so many confusion.

02:35:00--> 02:35:39

People have about the truth of Islam. We need more comments like that, by the way, people who have actually benefited from the work of Sapiens Institute, can you please come forward and comment and tell us how it has made a difference to your lives and how Sapiens work has empowered you so that people can actually realize the kind of work they are making donations towards. Right? You have to understand, the more the merrier. We are sitting here on the 27th Night of the month of Ramadan, a lot of other brothers are worshipping. We are also worshiping. As far as we are concerned, we are raising funds to defend the intellectual boundaries of Islam, our faith, our beloved Dean, we will

02:35:39--> 02:36:16

not leave it undefended. That's why we want to raise this money to confront Islamophobia to confront hate to confront any sort of misconceptions about Islam, wherever they may be, wherever they're coming from. We will do it with love, compassion, and most importantly, education. Education is the solution. Education is the solution. So who wants to support this Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live is the link, you will find the link in the description of the videos, you'll find the link online rolling on the screen in front of you, you will find the link

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on the website. So brothers and sisters go to this particular link Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live and start making donations right now. I'm still waiting for that person to come forward and raise a challenge or challenge to raise or to give 1000 pounds of 500 pounds so that others can match it maybe even 200 pounds or 300 pounds or something like that, whatever. The challenge helps people realize that they must get involved and it encourages others to do the same thing. So that's the point of the challenge. We love challenges. Most Muslims have challenges and they start donating towards challenges. So this is the push towards the challenge for now. Start

02:37:00--> 02:37:20

making challenges inshallah. Those of you who still listening come up with a challenge or other challenge that we will make a donation of 1000 pounds if someone matches it, and watch how people start matching it inshallah Darla, well, the Hamza, again, we need to remind people why they must make donations to this cause. Why? Yes. So

02:37:21--> 02:37:23

my dear beloved brothers and sisters.

02:37:24--> 02:37:39

First and foremost, I pray so far you had a wonderful in terms of transformative Ramadan is very important for us to focus on the key acts of worship of Ramadan. And one key act of worship is given because Ramadan is not only

02:37:41--> 02:37:43

is not only a month of

02:37:45--> 02:37:49

Quran is also a month of sadaqa. And

02:37:50--> 02:38:27

what we're asking you to do today, brothers and sisters is for you to understand where we've come from and where we want to go. where we've come from in the in just under a year, we've developed to empowered over 6000 people to be able to defend yourself academically and intellectually. We published two or three books, we publish essays and articles, we produce the separate thoughts, videos dealing with your philosophical issues and contentious issues and the detractors of Islam. We also delivered over three, three academic webinars, and so on and so forth. And what we're gonna do in the coming year, we want to develop and train and empower over 10,000 Muslims who are able to

02:38:27--> 02:38:54

share some academically and intellectually produced 10, free in depth courses on various issues and our topics on a new learning platform professional film courses, want to produce these two books, we're getting two books translated, by the way, we have the rights to translate them from Arabic to English, of contemporary Arab intellectuals, scholarly intellectuals, we're translating the books on proofs of prophethood, and so on and so forth.

02:38:55--> 02:39:30

Basically, the intellectual foundations of Islam, we will produce a new podcast and there's so much more when to do now that can only happen if we have dedicated time and resources. Oh, not does that. We have the lighthouse mentoring service, which really mentors non Muslims, ex Muslims, teachers, parents, Imams, and scholars and do art and preachers. So they can improve their doubt as well. And we answer people's questions. And these these are one hour free services, or one hour sessions, one to one sessions. You know what's remarkable, I just checked, I think yesterday, or today we have bookings into October.

02:39:32--> 02:39:59

October Yes, we've been inundated with requests and is keep on going. But at this rate, we're going to look into to 2025. We need more resources for this one to one, one to one lighthouse mentoring service. So brothers and sisters, this is Southern kajaria. Be Smart with your Southern car, be strategic with your sadhaka. This is like the engine that is driving the dial forward. We're training the dogs and these dogs are going to get Shahada, they're going to train others as well. So imagine the reward you get if you stopped

02:40:00--> 02:40:16

At this stage and the beginning stage and the engine stage driving that hour forward, so be smart with your sidecar. Maximize your reward, build your legacy. and donate now go to the description link below. Sapiens institute.org forward slash Donate Life.

02:40:19--> 02:41:04

Absolutely, brothers and sisters, that's what we are here for tonight to raise funds to raise support for the work Sapiens Institute is doing. What we are doing is this work and within the next 12 months, this is exactly what we aim to achieve and I will read it to you. Number one, we we plan to empower and train over 10,000 Muslims in sha Allah, and complete a free book addressing all of the main doubts against Islam that can be found offline and online. Number three, publish your website responding to leading anti Islam websites, and before expanding our lighthouse mentoring service, which is one to one service, providing answers to those with questions and doubts. Number

02:41:04--> 02:41:52

five professionally, video 10 free of charge courses with slides and notes on our new three learning platform. Number six publish two new books on Islamic thought and proofs of Islam. Number seven, produce over 60 new videos addressing doubts and providing strong case for Islam. Number eight engage in for academic discussions and debates. And number nine finally start a new podcast addressing many important questions that may be important. Okay, so brothers sisters, this is the kind of work you are funding. you donate tonight. It is the 27th night on the month of Ramadan. You and if it happens to be Layla to cover, then you are loaded. Allahu Akbar. Okay, Omar Han said I

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love Sapiens Institute will lie we all love it. And you will love it more when you see the kind of impact this institute will be creating within the next 12 months you want to be part of that it is the 27th Night of the month of Ramadan, it may it may well be laid out on color, we don't know whatever it is, then you would have done it for more than 83 years. Allah said it is better than 1000 months, which is equivalent to 83 years. So you would be making a donation for nearly 8383 years or longer. So Sapiens Institute is doing some wonderful work, groundbreaking work history making work, you want to be part of it, you want to you want to make a legacy, you want to create a

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legacy, this is your chance, come forward, come forward, my brothers and sisters and you will see the results here in this world and in the hereafter. I have to take a very quick break for salah and I will leave it to the Hamza and then I'll be back very very soon inshallah share, continue. Ask people to make a difference. Ask them to make a donation and I'll see you very shortly.

02:42:58--> 02:43:10

I am sorry I was late but I catch it. Okay brothers, I'm going to share with you now the link to join if you don't want to join in to ask some questions. But don't forget what we're here for. We're here to

02:43:11--> 02:43:14

we're here to articulate

02:43:15--> 02:43:46

the need for sapience. We're here to let you know that last year in under 12 months, we developed an empowered over 6000 Muslims to be able to share some academically and intellectually. And next year we want to do even more when you're almost double that do over 10,000 Muslims, so they could be able to train others as well and also defend a share some academically and intellectually, but they're gonna be much more than that. We're going to produce a book on doubts when expand the lighthouse service, mentoring, service, and so much more.

02:43:47--> 02:44:32

So, please donate now. Be strategic with your Southern call. Because if you support the engine that will drive the dial forward. You could be getting all the reward for Everything I have is off to that. And imagine we train 10,000 Muslims to be able to share his son academically and intellectually. Imagine the Shahada is that transformed hearts the positivity that they're going to create the other people that are going to develop as well it's exponential so be smart the other car It could be the night of power today. So please donate generously brothers and sisters the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said sadaqa does not diminish wealth. Okay, so

02:44:34--> 02:44:38

let's have be grateful is key Slavonic Rahmatullah.

02:44:44--> 02:44:45

Slavery calm.

02:44:50--> 02:44:52

Be grateful is key. You need to unmute yourself.

02:44:57--> 02:44:58

Okay, I think we've lost them.

02:45:00--> 02:45:02

Be grateful is key.

02:45:05--> 02:45:07

Okay, we've lost them.

02:45:09--> 02:45:11

This have Russia keen.

02:45:12--> 02:45:13

So that one

02:45:16--> 02:45:45

might Excel Rahmatullah. Hope you're all well, Jesus loved her for your marketing efforts, your meeting. In fact, we cannot thank you enough for the work you are doing. Are you people are really lighting, you know, your agenda for our society, that now, I had a question, I wanted to say that I'm a college student. And we see both protected and unprotected people here. And we also sing on them. But

02:45:47--> 02:46:22

I had forgotten always how to bring non protected people closer to Islam, how to engage them, and it's now how do they find it more attractive? And hence, how can we attract nonsense who are more closer to them? Which people do is the mother, we do a lot of workshops, type of stuff, we do hold Islamic radio ad, but most people don't show any interest or get attracted adapted good stuff. I just wanted to have some tips from you, though that how can we beautify our work so that we engage more people?

02:46:23--> 02:46:57

Yes, so that's a very good question is is I mean, from my experience, and perspective, I think there's a few things that one needs to do. The one thing that you need to do is just follow the I in the Quran in sort of Full Sail University three, when Allah says and who is better in speech, than the one who calls to Allah does righteousness, and says I am one of those who submit. So let's analyze this in your context. So the first thing you need to do, you need to really understand that your job is to call them to Allah subhanho wa Taala. You're not here to win friends, you're not here to make enemies, you're just here to call them to Allah, and to ensure that at some point in your

02:46:57--> 02:47:33

relation with them, that you're going to call to Allah but you have to use hikma, which means saying the right thing at the right time in the right place in the right way. So you're going to call to Allah call to what the call to his tell, he'd go to the foundations of Islam, because these things are the things that shaped people's understanding and worldview. But what's significant is when Allah says and they do righteous deeds, you have to be someone who is as righteous as possible that you walk the walk and talk the talk, not just talk the talk that you're internalization of the Islamic values. So they see positivity in you, they see empowerment in you, they see piety in you,

02:47:33--> 02:48:11

they see good character in you, they see principles in you, they see justice in you, they see compassion in you they see forbearance in you, they see all of these amazing things. So you have to be the person you want them to be. And you said that you're one of the Muslims, meaning that the good actions that you do, you know, there is a there, you're confident in your Islam. And the action that you do can be linked to the fact that you actually submit into Allah subhanho wa Taala. But on a more practical level, if you follow the next verse that comes after that, it sort of said at first that you for Allah subhanho wa Taala says good and evil are not the same. repelled by that which is

02:48:11--> 02:48:29

better. And between two peoples with any enmity you attend to intimate friendship. Now what's very interesting, the Arabic word repel here is not followed by a direct object. It's not saying repel evil, it's as if it's saying report anything. And what is repelled by that which is by to mean the early MSA repenting by that which is better means

02:48:31--> 02:49:11

doing was repenting with what is more virtuous, and what is more beautiful. So be a person of virtue and be a person of beauty. Now significantly, when it comes to the individuals, I've said this previously, that the dour when you're doing it to an individual, you have to understand the context because the similar of dallah to individuals is to individualize them understand the context, understand, listen with the intention to understand where they're coming from trying to empathize. Don't judge them. Yeah. So really understand their context. And it's through that intention to understand them, you'll be able to find strategies to basically awaken the truth within, because if

02:49:11--> 02:49:50

I give you an answer for a particular person in mind or work for them, because we haven't really understood who that person is, so your main role is to do the stuff that I mentioned previously, but specifically to have a commitment to the well being, and to understand who they are and what their context is. And once you start doing that, sincerely listening to them, and not making stories about them, just allowing the character, their personality or what they say to come at you, as if it's a blank canvas. Once that happens, you be in a better position to be able to find out what they need. So for some people, they may need intellectual arguments for other people, they need a good wake up

02:49:50--> 02:49:59

call. For other people, they need more of a softer approach, everyone is different. So as a strategy, I think you should adopt this and then Allah

02:50:00--> 02:50:07

Over time, inshallah would inspire you to understand exactly what you need to do and say with certain people. So when I bless you, sister,

02:50:08--> 02:50:11

thank you so much. When can we have you in Kashmir?

02:50:13--> 02:50:15

Yeah, if you want me on there, anytime.

02:50:18--> 02:50:21

It's your book as hardcopy available here

02:50:22--> 02:50:29

in Kashmir, probably not. But what you can do, if you email us with an address, we could send you a couple of boxes.

02:50:31--> 02:50:53

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02:50:55--> 02:51:35

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So let's have

02:52:12--> 02:52:14

because I'll be honest, I need a coffee man.

02:52:15--> 02:52:24

He's a coffee. So let's go to Ibrahim let's see if you bring him could wake me up a bit. Yeah, libre him. So I want to Chrome with Allah.

02:52:28--> 02:52:34

Basically, my question is more, most atheists will not accept Islam even if you show them.

02:52:35--> 02:52:39

So why should we like debate atheists in the first place?

02:52:40--> 02:52:43

Because a good question. So you're saying your question is that

02:52:45--> 02:53:23

most atheists will not accept Islam even if you show it to them. So what's the point of being atheist look, firstly, that there's a false assumption there here because many atheists haven't heard his song properly, or the true undestroyed message of Islam and you don't know they may become Muslim. But our goal is bro is not for people to come Muslim. I mean, we want people to become Muslim, for sure. But that's up to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah successes from Allah Shahada from Allah, what Allah expects from us, is for us to sincerely convey the message to plant the seed in people's hearts in mind. It's up to Allah if he's going to make that grow into the fruits of eemaan.

02:53:23--> 02:54:02

Okay, so the point of doing Tao is because it's an obligation, because it is rewardable because it is a manifestation of the fact that Allah is worthy of worship, because Tao is one of the highest forms of worship, great act of worship. And giving doubt is basically just a manifestation of the ultimate reality that Allah is worthy of worship. Also, we will allow it to be the highest, you know, we believe, you know, Allah, Allah 's word is the truth. His Deen is the truth and we want to give it to other people. Also, it's a sign of our empathy. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said love for humanity we know for yourself. This is another Hadith it's not the Hadith and arbaeen

02:54:02--> 02:54:34

of annovi. This is a Hadees narrated by Bihari intellicad Kabir, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Love for Lynette's love for humanity, love for the people, we love yourself. So the LMA talk about these types of teachings. And it means that we need to be committed to the goodness and guidance of our people. And if we have empathy, we want people to have goodness want people to have guidance. So any so and given that we're so sorry, bootable as well. The Divine reward is immense. So these are these are exactly the reasons why should be giving out to atheists. Does that make sense, bro?

02:54:36--> 02:54:41

Yes, thank you very much. Just a quick question. Is there any like possible way to donate to Sapiens using a gift card?

02:54:42--> 02:54:50

A gift card? I'm not sure. I'm not sure my brother. It depends if the gift card is a is like a card. It's like a debit card. I don't know.

02:54:51--> 02:54:54

But men are bless you for your intention. I'm not too sure.

02:54:55--> 02:55:00

But don't worry about it. I mean, one way of doing it is sending the gift card to someone

02:55:00--> 02:55:08

And they send you the money then you could send the money to us. But it's up to you. So at the moment I don't think you could gift gift cards. Okay?

02:55:09--> 02:55:09


02:55:13--> 02:55:15

Oh kid Okay.

02:55:17--> 02:55:19

Let's have

02:55:20--> 02:55:27

a need to kick some people out of the studios we get people on board let's have Shaq burrs slow icon.

02:55:28--> 02:55:28


02:55:29--> 02:55:30


02:55:31--> 02:55:32

there, let

02:55:33--> 02:56:19

me need to How are you? I'm fine, I'm fine. This first question. My question is regarding the divine attributes of Allah having to do with actions such as creating and granting provision? Is it like, are they created or eternal manifest eternal? Can you please explain me, especially the name Alcala, which means the one who continues to create. So at one point like before creating the first nation when we are not created anything, he would not be a lot, right. Like I can understand the name college creator I am. One can say that he possesses the quality of creating and most people, but how can this How is it related to action be eternal? And by this I'm not actually I follow authority,

02:56:19--> 02:56:22

but I'm not able to find proper answer.

02:56:23--> 02:57:05

Well, the answer is very simple. It's an upgraded to where the Allah is described by these attributes without these attributes needing to be manifested. I don't see what the problem here is, there is a force that someone's made a false logical, logical relation between the attribute and the attribute, meaning to be manifested in order for the one who has the attribute to be described by the attribute. That's, that's actually a false logic lesson is fallacious fallacious reasoning. Like, you know, for example, if I'm the CEO of an organization Monday to Friday, on Saturday, I'm not the CEO. I'm in my pajamas, watching television. Does that mean now I can't be described as a

02:57:05--> 02:57:10

CEO because I'm not being the CEO on a Saturday. Do you see my point?

02:57:11--> 02:57:32

Yeah, I understand. But, but does this mean one color that means something? The one who continuously create so at one point like before you created the throne arch or the pen like the first patient? He was not like, he had not created anything right at this moment. I find it tough to know what

02:57:33--> 02:57:36

Allah means the perpetually creating okay.

02:57:37--> 02:57:54

It doesn't necessarily mean the eternity creating for understand it means the perpetually creating perpetually he's continuously creating. Yeah. And we know this was Jana, Jana jahannam. had a beginning, but they're gonna last forever. Allah is adding to the creation all the time. So has that a problem?

02:57:55--> 02:58:04

Are you saying that one time, like once he started creating change now is going to create to our liking now.

02:58:05--> 02:58:47

Also, the reason it's a an opinion from even taymiyah, the 14th century theologian now I don't personally follow this opinion. I haven't really adopted it, but there is an opinion for every Tamia that he suggested. a HELOC means that Allah has been creating and he had to be creating forever. Because the Quran says is the one who creates like the one who does not create. Now, even to me, like most of the theologians, even from the ushabti school that are three school in the more three days we believe in max maximal perfection of the Divine, meaning Allah, his names and attributes are maximally perfect. He's in so even him his interpretation of this verse in the Quran, is the one who

02:58:47--> 02:59:00

creates like the one who doesn't. This was really into perfections. He's saying, creating is more perfect than not creating a since Allah is always perfect, and he's eternal. Therefore, he's been creating forever. Does that make sense so far?

02:59:02--> 02:59:03


02:59:05--> 02:59:40

he said, so what it means to me is said was, Allah has always been creating ad infinitum. Now, he didn't believe that creation was eternal. No, that was a false accusation. Just to be fair to the chef. He believed the genius the category was eternal meaning there's always been creation. But each instance of creative act is finite. But those instances of creative acts have been going on forever. And somehow, they subsist in the will of the Divine in some way. It's very complicated. Not many people know about this.

02:59:41--> 02:59:59

But that is a view. Nevertheless, I will go back to the traditional point, which is, Allah has attributes and he's described those attributes, even though that those attributes may have not been manifested, because we know the Hadeeth, I believe, is in Bukhari. And obviously, even to me

03:00:00--> 03:00:04

Different understanding this Hadeeth that before anything was just Allah, right?

03:00:05--> 03:00:46

It was just before it will just live in Allah created I think the Hadith goes the throne. So there was nothing with Allah it was he was just Allah. Right? So that indicates to me earlier that Allah there was no creation, it was just Allah subhanho wa Taala and therefore, you know, Allah had all those attributes before he created anyway. Now even Timmy is you that Hadith is a bit different, because he refers it I think the Hadees language is about the questioner, who is questioning the puzzle someone was saying, tell us about the Ummah, this, this this the this command or the our, our affair. So even Timmy says this is talking about just this worldly, cosmic reality. But there are

03:00:46--> 03:01:13

other creative realities. So his interpretation of that was Yes, with this particular creation, our universe, for example, it was just Allah and this, there was nothing with him. But there were other creations that Allah created. Because he's been creating for eternity. That is, that's a nutshell. It's a very crude kind of summary. But there's an interesting paper by Professor john Hoover on that particular Hadith as well. But nevertheless,

03:01:15--> 03:01:23

the easiest way of dealing with it is you can have attributes and not necessarily manifest them and yet still be described by those attributes. Does that make sense?

03:01:24--> 03:01:39

You have a desire, okay. Just just you're basically saying that, I just want to understand the meaning you're saying that it doesn't mean to continuously The one who continuously create right, you're saying that word meaning like my understanding of HELOC means the perpetually creating

03:01:41--> 03:01:41


03:01:43--> 03:01:43

All right.

03:01:45--> 03:02:00

Does does does Allah have the ability to perpetually create? Yes, he does. Is he perpetually creating this moment? Yes, he is. He's just gonna last forever. Yes, they are. So Allah has been perpetually creating each moment each

03:02:03--> 03:02:03


03:02:04--> 03:02:07

name can be eternal, right? This color like

03:02:08--> 03:02:19

this mean? Once he started now is being now easily collaborate. This is just creating every day, Allah was always on her luck, even before he created anything, okay?

03:02:20--> 03:02:25

Or a tool or a designer like a song? Or?

03:02:29--> 03:02:31

Okay, brothers and sisters. So

03:02:34--> 03:02:39

let me just check if someone's coming on board because we've got a full studio just bear with me.

03:02:42--> 03:03:14

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03:03:24--> 03:03:29

Right, who's next? red leaves serravalle comreg leaves

03:03:30--> 03:03:35

Islam and I've just like three simple questions. Oh, my.

03:03:36--> 03:03:42

Oh, either very simple. I mean, I'm just like this more than maybe you could answer them yourself.

03:03:46--> 03:03:47

The first one

03:03:48--> 03:03:57

is the continuous argument. So I just want to know why they can't be to eternal independent universes, like depending on each other, or in a cycle something knowing.

03:03:59--> 03:04:06

So the repeat that question that there are two or carnal, interdependent universes depending on each other?

03:04:09--> 03:04:25

Well, just because a universe is eternal, it doesn't mean it's not contingent. Yeah, they can be contingent schawbel Why can't they be to just the universe is dependent on each other. But if they're contingent, then they require an they require an explanation external to them that is not contingent.

03:04:27--> 03:04:30

Why can't that be another contingent universe?

03:04:31--> 03:04:41

Because you'd have to have an explanation for that contingent universes over an unlikely universe has the explanation for that universe together like they interdependent.

03:04:44--> 03:04:47

If you add two conditional things together, you get necessity or contingency

03:04:48--> 03:04:56

contingency under there you go. So you still need an explanation outside of a contingent thing. Okay, second question is

03:05:00--> 03:05:48

Well, you have the thing yet, so there can't be a world full of contingent universe contingent things, right? You have to have a necessary existence. Or, you know, but so I was just wondering why they can't just not the US existence, we just have the two universes. But guess that equals our understand why you need an existence, you can just have two interdependent eternal universes. Yes. So the whole point of the contingency argument, it says that contingent things do not explain themselves, contingent things have not existed. Therefore, based on the principle of sufficient reason, they require an explanation for the existence of an explanation for their existence cannot

03:05:48--> 03:06:25

be their own selves, it has to be something external to them. And it can't be another contingent thing. Because that condition thing ultimately would require an explanation to so the argument and this is a crude summary of the argument. The argument, therefore concludes that there must be a necessary existence where all contingent realities derive the existence from right. Now, what you're saying is, why can't they be two universes depend on each other? But But that is the answer the question because because if you know, if we already agree that we need the necessary existence to explain contingency, then you you are assuming that these two contingent universes that depend on

03:06:25--> 03:06:28

each other are actually in some way necessary, but they're not.

03:06:29--> 03:06:40

Because each universe is contingent. And if they depend on each other, that that dependency is contingent, and therefore, they require something outside of that dependency in order to explain it in the first place.

03:06:41--> 03:06:44

Okay, yeah, that's fine. So

03:06:45--> 03:07:26

So are you really saying, see, break down the logical, you're saying a contingent thing is dependent on another contingent thing? Yeah. But that does, that leads to an absurdity of infinite regress of contingency. And also, what a does it, it basically, all it conclude is that there is a contingent reality. But that's exactly what we're trying to explain the first place, that contingent reality, the reality that you're talking about just happens to be two universes that are dependent on each other. But that doesn't matter, you can, you could describe it any way you want. The point is, is still contingent, and by virtue of the fact that is contingent, it cannot explain itself, it

03:07:26--> 03:08:10

requires something external to it to explain it. And it can't be another contingent thing, because that would require an explanation to so it will need to be something necessary existing. Therefore, your your, your possible explanation. It's still contingent, and therefore doesn't explain anything. Make sense? Yeah, so the second Yeah, that makes sense. So the second question is basically, with the definition of convention since of I know you say it's like terms using philosophy often, but is that a quick reference? I can just use that say, yeah, these are like legitimate terms are used to get definitions out. Most philosophers philosophers agree on that, you know? Yeah, I understand the

03:08:10--> 03:08:41

question. Do you want another term other than contingency? No, as I know contingency the four different things that make up a contingent thing when atheists can just say Oh, you're just making that up? Just to sneak God in the back door if y'all I mean, the verses quite funny that you just mentioned like that's actually mentioned in my book, even those words exactly that we're trying to sneak Go to the back door. We're not the I see this is the problem a lot of atheists have no clue about philosophy. Just like our an RA when he attended the

03:08:43--> 03:08:56

thought adventure podcast, they it was the back they embarrassed him intellectually annihilated, distinguished, not distinguished diminished him he was finished it to put in a hedgehog esque language here he is finished.

03:08:57--> 03:09:04

And because he dismisses philosophy or love, the science requires philosophical presuppositions for it to work. Anyway, point is this.

03:09:05--> 03:09:48

contingency and necessity are not made up terms. They exist in philosophy, and they exist even in areas of philosophy that don't really talk about God. So necessity and contingency are not made up and it's not there to squeeze God into, you know, provided the backdoor. we formulate this argument we understand what contingency is we realize the universe is contingent, whatever and everything within it, we realize that it can't explain itself a contingent thing cannot ultimately explain itself. We also understand that an infinite regress of contingencies is absurd. So therefore, the only explanation is that it was that this contingent reality is as a result of a necessary being

03:09:50--> 03:09:59

is derived this existence from this necessary being. This necessary being has to be independent and has to be eternal because all necessary things have to be eternal.

03:10:00--> 03:10:08

It has to be independent of course, and it cannot be finite because things with limited qualities are finite and finite things are

03:10:09--> 03:10:16

things that are finite have limited physical qualities and things are limited, with limited physical qualities or contingent. So there has to be

03:10:18--> 03:10:18


03:10:20--> 03:10:22

In other words, not not finite,

03:10:23--> 03:10:30

meaning that there's nothing external to it, that, that limits it. It's a necessary being, and

03:10:31--> 03:10:50

it's eternal. Lo and behold, that sounds like a very, like the basic definition of the Divine in the Islamic tradition. That is awesome. Ed. He is independent. He'll say he's so self subsisting. He is he's eternal, right? And so on and so forth. So without squeezing God by the backdoor in any shape, or form.

03:10:51--> 03:10:53

these are these are well known terms in philosophy.

03:10:54--> 03:11:03

Okay, thank you. And the last question is simple. So, a lot of sighs like when we die, or we die. So why do we get punished for suicide?

03:11:06--> 03:11:09

Yeah, but that decision was based upon your freewill.

03:11:10--> 03:11:12

Your Allah decides how we die.

03:11:13--> 03:11:17

We way he does, but but that again is based upon your freewill.

03:11:20--> 03:11:37

But if Allah decides that we die via suicide, and then something, why don't we get punished for it because I decided that Allah decided that you're going to die by suicide, and that you chose to commit suicide by your own free religion free will.

03:11:40--> 03:12:20

Okay, so Allah doesn't make you do it. And he just, he doesn't decide, okay, you're going to die this way. And there's no other way you can die. It's just your ages predicts your freewill option, in a way. No, I wouldn't say predict. It's a very bad way of putting it. Allah knows when you're going to die. He knows exactly how you're going to die. Now, the problem with this question is, this is the issue to do with clutter to do with Divine Decree and predestination again, and, you know, any good example that you come up with philosophical example, Saturday, assumes or postulates that there is a will, independent of God's will. And you can't see that his son that is what you call

03:12:20--> 03:12:50

kofod is disbelief. So it's this one is is basically one of those questions that is actually, I believe, impossible to answer. And there's nothing wrong with that. Because there are some things that you can never answer, like, we're talking about the reality of Allah subhanaw taala, we could affirm two things we could affirm that Allah's Will is, is nothing would escape Allah Xu and Allah predetermines everything we could affirm that and at the same time, we could affirm our free will.

03:12:52--> 03:13:29

Just like in science, you know, they affirm Newtonian physics to certain domain of reality. And they also affirm quantum mechanics. They both are non complimentary paradigms, but they still both affirm them, but they don't know how they can coexist. They don't know the link kind of thing. So there's nothing irrational of affirming two truths, but not knowing how those two truths can be reconciled. Especially since this question doesn't really undermine the foundations of the deen meaning it doesn't undermine the fact that God exists, and that He's worthy of worship, and that poses, some is the final prophet, and so on and so forth. It's just one of those things that we just can't answer

03:13:29--> 03:14:03

because we have limited cognitive faculties is as simple as that. And Allah subhanho wa Taala, He is Allah, Allah, Allah Hakim, he is the wise, he's the knowing he has the totality of knowledge and wisdom, we just have its particulars. We just, you know, Allah has the picture, we got the pixel. So there's gonna be some things that we're not going to know. We just don't know how to square that circle kind of thing. Yeah. And this is, this should be humbling. And, and this is like a sign that Allah is a reality exists. Because if you want to know everything, about the divine, everything about how things work and everything about this, that and the other concerning Allah Subhana, WA,

03:14:03--> 03:14:43

tada, then you're going to be making, there's going to be no difference between divine knowledge and your knowledge, which is Cofer. Allah is knowledge is maximally perfect is greater than us. And we're gonna have some things that we just won't be able to really, really answer properly, philosophically. But what's interesting in the Islamic discourse, this whole issue of Qatar is not supposed to be a philosophical exercise is mentioned in the context of being existential, trying to free you and liberate you from the shackles of you believing that, you know, the real world has intrinsic power, like this spoon doesn't have intrinsic power. Right? This, these keys don't have

03:14:43--> 03:14:58

intrinsic power. La hawla wala quwata illa Billah there is no true power apart from the powerless panel or to Allah. So these things are just empty tools that allow users to manifest His yarda His will and his qudra and his power. So

03:15:00--> 03:15:32

That should empower us because it means we should connect straight to Allah and not fear these things because they don't have any intrinsic power. And and and that should create a new realm of possibility for us to achieve what we can because we don't know what Allah's Will is we don't know what's happening next 510 or 15 minutes. And given the fact that we can't actually be any rule of power to these things, we go straight to align, it creates like almost a new realm of possibility for us to achieve what we can. And after trying our best, if we haven't achieved it, then it's still good for us. Because whatever law choose for believer, you can choose any better. So from that

03:15:32--> 03:15:59

perspective is supposed to empower us. Because what does the law say in the sun that they say, if the whole world were to come to benefit you, they will never benefit you unless it's in line with the will of Allah. And if the whole world were to come to harm you, they could never harm you, unless it's in line with the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Qatar is an empowering thing is supposed to give you wings to fly, to achieve things. From an existential perspective, it's not supposed to be a philosophical exercise.

03:16:00--> 03:16:13

Okay, thank you. I wasn't sure if it was a question on cover. But I've seen this thing come up quite a lot in your streams and stuff like that. I was asked, Is there any like essay or any sort of

03:16:14--> 03:16:19

how many job is just finishing off a master's in theology, he's tying his PhD in Birmingham

03:16:20--> 03:16:27

in September, inshallah, and he did a really powerful essay on this whole other issue.

03:16:28--> 03:17:04

Because actually, we were discussing this a lot. And that's why sapiens, we do have a lot of academic discussions in the background to get these these ideas. So it and we will respect Some people think they've solved the problem. But when we've seen these experiments by great philosophers, or even people, they end up subtly assuming there is a will, independent of the Divine Will, which is not classical Islam is not orthodoxy. He may sound like a great example. But when you break it down logically, you're assuming an independent rule other than kudzu, which is cough. Yeah. So we have to be very careful. This is like, you know, one of the six pillars of eemaan. So he's

03:17:04--> 03:17:10

raised something that's really interesting and engaging. That's gonna come out very soon each other. Okay, thank you very much. Hello, office.

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bro, I'm delirious. I need a coffee man honestly.

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we get someone come forward and put a challenge 1000 pounds with a spin it's been a crazy ramadan ramadan. Ramadan bro is like a warzone. is like a was

03:19:43--> 03:19:55

wild. Because Yeah, yeah, it's it's been busy. I think it's been intense but hamdulillah mela make easy for everybody. My challenge is that he's gonna put coffee on this table.

03:19:59--> 03:19:59


03:20:00--> 03:20:16

coffee for you right now. This mean even this mean you just just just me and you let's have a chat man aren't too hard because we hardly see each other. So maybe this is an opportunity for me to have a chat with you. We don't see each other anymore. We don't talk to each other anymore, either.

03:20:17--> 03:20:18

to Ireland to Sweden.

03:20:19--> 03:20:20


03:20:21--> 03:20:32

No Yeah. Then you got that big stick and you were whipping my back. Do you ever by the way but this is this is at nine is very violent to be who he loves. I've received so many beats.

03:20:33--> 03:20:36

I am very violent to those who make me violent. Yes.

03:20:39--> 03:21:04

By this bandages, boyish banter. We're just having some love. I remember once we were in Ireland, was the first mission when the international atheist conference in 2010 was in Ireland. We went to Ireland, we were in the we're in the conference. Remember, we had a Dallas on that side? I think we were like, booking a flat for us to live in. Because we're there for about a week or so we went to we went to this atheist convention.

03:21:05--> 03:21:09

That was very interesting. Do you remember? And then you had dockings?

03:21:10--> 03:21:21

I asked him a question we wish he didn't answer with a goal. And he got angry. He got very angry. Because in one of his interviews, he said that there is a loop there is an illusion

03:21:23--> 03:21:34

that the universe is created. It appears to be the case, but it is it isn't actually the case. Which was a very problematic statement. I asked him about it. And he got very angry. I don't know if you remember.

03:21:36--> 03:22:01

I remember the clip. I don't remember exactly the topic. But I remember why it's because you know, sometimes these hardcore atheists that like to put into a corner and actually assume the worst about Islam and about the people who follow Islam. And in the conference, so like saying on Twitter, trying to debate me or something, saying, Look, do you get stoned in Assam? Yes, or no? Yes or no. And I was like, of course you don't get stoned in Islam drugs are completely forbidden.

03:22:04--> 03:22:10

So having you as an interesting, interesting discussion, but anyway, so where were we?

03:22:13--> 03:22:19

Yeah, I was saying we haven't had a chat for a long time, man. panela. You know, we have been so busy in our

03:22:20--> 03:22:26

private chat in front of like, hundreds of people. Yeah. Yeah. Why not? Let them hear what we talk about when we

03:22:29--> 03:22:30

talk about good things.

03:22:31--> 03:22:43

And believe me, our conversation, our heart to heart open conversation in public will bring a lot more funds than it has in the last three hours. You know why? Because people will find out what wonderful character we are

03:22:45--> 03:22:48

Alhamdulillah Well, well, not maybe not me. But

03:22:50--> 03:23:32

we are very fragile, we are as weak as you can imagine. And we are struggling as you are to do as good as possible to do our responsibilities. And one of the responsibilities we have on our shoulders is to lead this oma when it is in need of leadership, serious leadership, okay? A lot of people start looking at political leaders leading a number of different countries. Look, if they're not pulling their weight, if they're not providing the leadership you require, then step up, come forward and fill the gap, as they say, or fill the vacuum. And nothing is stopping you. It's all about taking the initiative. Right? Allah loves those who come forward and take the initiative.

03:23:32--> 03:24:17

Allah loves the brave, the courageous. So to show them courage, and most importantly, click that link Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live as the link and start making the donations. Well, I cannot emphasize the point enough, why we need hundreds of these institutes, not one Sapiens is only one. Why do we need hundreds of these institutions? Why? Because the onslaught the tsunami of Islamic phobia is so overwhelming that every few minutes there is anti Islam content coming up online. And we need an organization or many organizations for that matter, to confront this Islamophobia provide solutions to it. One of the solutions is to have educational platforms where

03:24:17--> 03:24:51

people can find authentic first hand information on Muslim intellectual who can actually defend their faith intellectually and give responses to many arguments that people throw out. Throw online, so a lot of our youngsters get affected. I'm pretty sure a lot of youngsters are asking questions while I was going around in question. There are so many people with so many questions in the mind. Imagine if they don't get answered. Imagine that they don't have an intellectual to go to they don't want to go to the Imam of the masjid because they think the Imams are simply not capable and in most cases, unfortunately, they're not.

03:24:52--> 03:24:53

The imams are not

03:24:54--> 03:25:00

trained in answering some of these questions, because all of these questions are coming from very sufficient

03:25:00--> 03:25:00

To get it

03:25:01--> 03:25:43

you know islamophobes online who like to throw these questions out there in public? So they can be answered by people who deal with these samples. That's why we need institutions like this. We cannot belittle the work between Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live is the link started making the donations and let me see. Tell us what you have donated so that we can announce that each other okay brothers, sisters, and still I want I want those brothers and sisters we're still waiting and thinking Hold on, shall we date is the 27 night for Allah sake. Whether the sisters 27th Night of the month of Ramadan, what more do you need? What are you waiting for?

03:25:44--> 03:25:45

What are you waiting for?

03:25:46--> 03:26:16

You know, what are you waiting for? Is the question. You want more Islamophobia. You want more apostasy? You want more kids to be confused? You want more Muslims to be leaderless? No. We want to promote leaders, we want to create a legacy, the legacy we are standing on the shoulders of giants, and we want to continue to cherish those giants problems. Lie. We cannot deliver them of this course. was not a coffee. No, it was

03:26:17--> 03:26:21

Oh, it was a spoon that dropped. I thought someone bought the coffee. Wow.

03:26:23--> 03:26:25

This is only going to lie. Let's not get face on.

03:26:30--> 03:26:31

Mike Snell McCullough.

03:26:32--> 03:26:48

Okay, so I had an advice that I needed from you. And an address that I wanted to give. Right? So firstly, I'm from India, and I need some of that coffee as well, because it's 3am i right.

03:26:51--> 03:27:18

Okay, so the advice that I wanted from you was, how do you think we should deal with people with non Muslims who are generally not really involved in religion, and they, they just basically generally believes in the values of love, and the values of respect and equality. So I actually have a case study for you.

03:27:19--> 03:27:45

So just just a little while ago, a friend of mine who's a non Muslim, so they texted me, and they basically had this idea. So since I'm from India, and the environment over here is really polarized. They, they had this idea of sharing something from each other's religion on social media, to empower equality and love.

03:27:46--> 03:27:47


03:27:48--> 03:27:53

I personally, of course, being a Muslim, I could not endorse another faith.

03:27:54--> 03:27:58

So it was a tricky situation. I said, I'll call him later.

03:27:59--> 03:28:02

about it, but then I wanted to know how I can deal with

03:28:05--> 03:28:10

similar situations. It's a very good question very well articulated. Um,

03:28:13--> 03:28:18

you know, it's you. We have to learn the art of being compassionately,

03:28:22--> 03:29:02

compassionately, authentic, we have to do that we have to be compassionately, authentic, what do I mean by that? I mean, you just have to have integrity to your tradition, and be authentic as a human being and say, Look, I understand and empathize, the kind of noble drive that you have, and the reason why you want to do this, but in actual fact, it's not good at all. Because I actually believe that there is a spiritual truth and that truth that there is one God that is worthy of worship. And that once we affirm that, and we affirm his oneness, and we follow His commands, we will have a society the way that you want. And if I promote something that is antithetical to that,

03:29:03--> 03:29:43

it's actually going to be going against what I consider to be the truth and what I consider to be something good for me and good for you. So if I truly am committed to your well being, then I can't endorse this. Because what is committed to your well being is me sharing this amazing truth with you. That's how you should do it, bro. And either, they'll be like, oh, but you know, it's loving his tolerance. He's like, yes, but it's actually it may sound nice, but fundamentally what you're doing, you're you're almost saying that all of these truths or all of these perspectives lead to the same river. In actual fact, they lead to the same sewer. Obviously, you don't want to say that to

03:29:43--> 03:30:00

them. And obviously, I'm not talking about Asana. Yeah, and you just need to make that kind of perennial. Peace, love and harmony stuff, with all due respect, has no solutions for humanity. Like I'm being honest with you, because I was, I was brought like this. They can't solve economic problems.

03:30:00--> 03:30:06

They can't solve more problems. They can't solve problems to deal with minorities, they can't solve

03:30:07--> 03:30:35

big problems like what's the purpose of your life? What are you doing? How should you live? How should you interact to your, your the with your family, your parents, your siblings, your spouse, your children? What? How do you? How do you prioritize morals? Right? Sometimes you have conflicting moral values, which ones take priority. You need an ethical system going from the divine. These are peace, love and harmony. You know what it is? I'm going to be very honest with you. It's just nice people following their Shahada. He says the desire This is what everybody be nice and

03:30:37--> 03:30:43

nice, obviously. But when you break it down to them, love I asked them what love is what is love?

03:30:44--> 03:30:45

Yeah, tell them

03:30:46--> 03:31:23

what's the beauty of Islamic tradition? Allah is a rock man. He's intensely merciful. Allah is Allah will dude he is the he is the excessively loving if you if you want to use such language is the loving and that has been manifested to the Quran. The Quran is a love book to humanity. It's a love letter. And a true lover tells people if you do this, you're going to go into trouble. If you do this, you're going to be successful. If you say this, if you do this, that's a true lover. If someone's always like, yes, you're fine. Everything's okay. You know, even in friendship, you know, the most dangerous friend the snake. Yeah. who always agrees with you, the snake who always says

03:31:23--> 03:31:28

you're good, that person's a snake you don't need that. It's like looking in the mirror is like, not me.

03:31:33--> 03:31:50

absolutely unique, someone who cannot get more from me than anyone else in the world. So that's why you love me. So so you someone who's committed to your well being is going to help you grow, tell you where you're going wrong, and so on and so forth. Likewise, the Quran is a love letter to humanity. What is the law saying so rock man?

03:31:52--> 03:31:54

Oh, rock man on

03:31:55--> 03:32:21

the intensity merciful, he he taught the Quran. The Allah breed on the Quran is connected to His mercy. Yeah. So we really have to understand this. And you need to be brave, bro. Yeah, don't have these like, you know, hippie, loving everyone. And you know, pseudo intellectuals because it makes you look good. We have Muslim bro take leadership. You know, I'm not trying to judge.

03:32:23--> 03:33:02

You have you have the truth? See, whoever has the tuition ever feel shy? Has the tuition of a fear. And you should tell these people. Yeah, we love everything. You know, the people who love everything. They don't love nothing at all. They don't even know what love is. Yeah. Oh, God loves everything God loves we talking about? Do you love hatred? Do you have arrogance? Do you love the barriers of love? Do you love evil? Do you love people people's relation in the way they relate to themselves and others? That's a relation of evil, the states of being evil? Of course not. It's actually a true sign of love to hate that which is a barrier to love.

03:33:03--> 03:33:08

A man who calls for anything will stand for nothing. Yeah. So once,

03:33:09--> 03:33:10

you need to be able to

03:33:11--> 03:33:47

just articulate this in a compassionate, intelligent way. And just be authentic with them. And this will give you a chance to give them down and as well. But let's think about it as well. Maybe Maybe you should see this within yourself. Maybe you haven't been very authentic with them. Maybe you've lacked a little bit of integrity with your own tradition, because the very fact that they could even ask you to put it on social media means that they see something about you that you're not you're not really right. Imagine my friends coming to me say come to the pub and have a drink with me. That means I haven't been authentic with my friends property. Right? Right. No, it was actually emotional

03:33:47--> 03:33:52

with them not being aware of religion as a concept.

03:33:54--> 03:34:11

I want to empower you here. But you know, the number one form of empowerment is to realize what you need to do. Forget them. Their job is to be ignorant. It's our job to teach people. Yeah. So the point is, if you're their friends, and they're not aware, then who's at fault for not making them aware.

03:34:13--> 03:34:34

hamdulillah and it's not a bad thing. I'm the same position, we're all in the same position yet. We got a lot of work to do even up with my neighbors and so on and so forth. My old neighbors is on and so forth. The point here is, you need to reflect upon that as he right what is in me, that is actually not allowing them to understand the authentic self, my authentic self.

03:34:35--> 03:34:46

And how do I relate to them in a way that makes them assume something about me that is inaccurate? So you just have to solve that bro. And it's part of the journey of life.

03:34:49--> 03:34:52

True. Thanks for the wonderful advice. I mean,

03:34:53--> 03:34:54

what's your

03:34:55--> 03:34:59

Okay, okay, so I actually had an issue

03:35:00--> 03:35:01


03:35:02--> 03:35:07

basically I wanted to ask if you guys are doing something about

03:35:08--> 03:35:09

Hadeeth projectors?

03:35:10--> 03:35:13

Yes, we have option of Oh well,

03:35:14--> 03:35:24

well there are many books written in the old new language, the reason why they are written in the old language because this fitna or this

03:35:26--> 03:36:05

notion of how this reaction came about in the Indian subcontinent. So, had this was mainly questioned in the Indian subcontinent, partly due to the lack of exposure to the Arabic literary literature. And partly because of some intellectual movements that emerged as a as a as a response to colonialism starting with C, Adama Khan in the 19th century, and then onwards, moving on to the 20th century where some intellectuals started to question how this and it authentic authenticity. So there are many books in the language. I have personally done about four lectures on this topic. Yes.

03:36:07--> 03:36:23

I've seen all of them. And they were really good, they were really helpful. Okay, but then I can, I can, I can still see some heavy projectors, you know, maneuvering around them. So I thought, maybe, you know, bite size videos, like shaping thoughts about

03:36:25--> 03:36:26

how historically,

03:36:28--> 03:37:03

you know how the methodology is really strong. When it comes to documenting it. I think that would be really beneficial. Because it has a projection around a lot you're talking about, you're talking about instead of, instead of responding to these rejections philosophically, we need to demonstrate how these was actually documented authentically. That's what you're talking about. Right? Yep. Okay, we will be working a bit of a bit of both, I think, also answering them from the Quran itself. would be yes.

03:37:04--> 03:37:07

Yes. You know, what's interesting phase on is

03:37:08--> 03:37:23

that a lot of the motivations of the Hadeeth rejected is actually not even philosophical intellectual, they have been referred to complex and they are consumed by a naturalistic way of thinking. Yeah, yeah, that's what my lectures This is exactly what I talked about why

03:37:25--> 03:38:01

rejected. And the second point is, is a philosophical one, because you need to show to them this, logically speaking, the logical equivalent when you reject Hadeeth, that is equivalent rejecting Quran because the the type of methodology to preserve Hadith was very similar to the crown was preserved in general. Yeah. So if they reject the basis of hadith of authenticity, they are rejecting the Quran, and that puts them in a psychological corner, which then is to start thinking a bit more carefully about these things. And what you need to do as well. You need to make them realize in Western philosophy, even Eastern philosophy, there's there is a source of knowledge and

03:38:01--> 03:38:36

epistemology, which is called testimony, testimony is an indispensable source of knowledge. Ask them if they believe that China exists, but they never been there before. Every single evidence they're going to give you is actually fundamentally testimonial, even if it's pictures, because the pictures and videos that they have to believe is China, because someone's told them so yeah. He asked me about certain scientific facts that they believe to be true. They haven't done the experiments themselves. They only believe them by virtue of reading a scientific textbook, which is really testimonial transmission, awesome about the roundness of the earth, they haven't even done the

03:38:36--> 03:39:09

science before. They've just seen pictures. And that's a testimonial, because someone has to say that's actually Earth itself. Ask them about their own very mothers that gave birth to them. They can't prove it without a DNA test. And even if they do have a DNA test, the stool is still testimonial because they didn't do the DNA test themselves. It's just a certificate. So I have so many evidence. Well, I read a book by Professor CIA Cody called testimony, philosophical study, read books by Benjamin McMillan, Elizabeth fricker, Keith layer, all these epistemologies, testimony, in terms of his philosophy in the Western world has been developed more in the past 30 or 40 years. And

03:39:09--> 03:39:45

when I do this with atheists, they get dumbfounded because I think everything they believe is because they've seen it themselves. Most of you believes is because someone said, most of you believe, yeah, a lot of them. You could pick up about geography, about history history, is, is standing on the shoulders of someone's testimony really about that. So it's on the angels really funny. David Hume had an issue with testimony, he said, it's very good, but it's useful and we only believe it because it's in line with our collective experiences. Professor Cody, he addresses his argument in the book, he says, okay, you only believe in testament respected because it's useful and

03:39:45--> 03:39:48

because it's in line with your collective experiences. And then he asked the question,

03:39:50--> 03:40:00

how do you know what our collective experiences our collective experiences? How do you know you have to ask other people, his testimonial, which shows that testimonies on demand

03:40:01--> 03:40:20

This this language, Bro, I want you to write in your mind. So you got a blackboard in your writing in chalk. I love you, I need to write that down. How do you know that you spell love? How do you know you pronounce love as love and not love? Why don't we pronounce it as love e? Why do we pronounce it as love?

03:40:23--> 03:40:24

There's so many.

03:40:25--> 03:40:49

Yes, the articulation of how to pronounce words in any language was not written down. Even if it's preserved in books, that wasn't the source. That's just a reflection of the mass transmission. Any language in the world on how to pronounce letters and words, has come down from testimony. So if you reject this source of knowledge is the equivalent of rejecting every single language in the world allow

03:40:51--> 03:40:51


03:40:54--> 03:41:29

to listen, they have compounded ignorance. Number one, they have been referred to complex. Number two, they don't know much about science either. Number three, they have inferred the complex again, I said that twice. And number four, they don't know much about philosophy, you know, just that they don't even know about the science of Hadeeth. When and this is not my specialty, Mister is advanced, but when you just even reflect just on the size of Hades and the robustness of the size of Hades. And compared to even like, you know, the historical method of of preserving history, if they reject Hadeeth I would say this this is bravery here to a certain degree. If they reject a week, Hades

03:41:29--> 03:41:47

forgets the Hadees. If they reject a weak Hades is equivalent of rejecting the existence of Aristotle, the existence of Plato, World War One World War Two, they're in a sticky wicket. Literally in your Indian, you might like cricket, they're in a sticky wicket. So, from this perspective,

03:41:48--> 03:42:08

inshallah we're going to write something has done some great work and lots of work to do, Mashallah, to better Kala he's gonna be busy for a long time. mela blessing. Yeah, that's really profound. Thanks. And thanks for the help. And I asked because I was in that boat. Not not a long time ago. And your work has really helped me a lot.

03:42:10--> 03:42:26

Please, I want to give you some advice. The older you get these caddies that maybe you can't question the isnaad, but you question the mutton the text because it doesn't fit, right. Let me give you some advice. I am telling you, the older you get,

03:42:27--> 03:42:59

the more experiences you have. You're gonna be like you the truth is going to be rude. ubec suppiler law, what insight what wisdom. And as long as you understand the Hadees properly, I'm telling you, a load reveal to you in a way it's gonna be phenomenal. And we've seen this with our own journey. You know, one, Heidi, you know, obviously you believed to be true, but you just didn't really get it. But after 10 years, and living a certain experience or having a different perspective, like oh, my God, how profound and that's the beauty of this journey. Stay sincere. mela Bless you.

03:43:01--> 03:43:20

been happening to me as well? And yes, does that allow for your work helped a lot, too much. Allah bless you. On that note, brothers and sisters, I want to remind you why we are still here at this time. I mean, it's very late for me. And it's the day is only starting to hunger.

03:43:22--> 03:43:38

The link is Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate like brothers and sisters will lie I cannot emphasize this point. Now, if I knew some billionaires Personally, I would get them involved in our I would ask them to give millions of dollars of pounds every year, you know, Christian missionaries,

03:43:40--> 03:44:13

the Christian missionaries were working in the Muslim lands. And they are trying to convert Muslims to believe in the doctrine of the Trinity, which makes no sense, right? When they do fundraising in the American South in the Bible Belt, they get millions of dollars. If they were doing an appeal like this online, I can, I can guarantee you by now they would have hit a million dollars. It is a real struggle for us Muslims for some reason, to get funds for educational projects. People think it's not important. Let's donate to suffering people around the world. They are suffering because you lack leadership.

03:44:14--> 03:44:18

They are suffering because there are you don't have enough intellectuals to defend them.

03:44:19--> 03:44:59

And that's why we are working on education. We are working on creating a legacy that will protect these people who are suffering from atrocities and catastrophes around the world who are in refugee camps. A lot of them this is happening because we don't have enough people talking about Islamic values. We don't have enough people to defend Islam on mainstream media channels. We really do have a very imposing presence way. There have two CNN, Fox News, NBC Sky News, BBC they have to talk to Muslim intellectuals because so far what's been happening is either they have

03:45:00--> 03:45:13

Have a bunch of extremists defending Islam or representing Islam or on the other hand, they have complete panoptix complete hypocrites hypocrites who are not even Muslim. They haven't had any middle of the road.

03:45:14--> 03:45:21

Moderate. I don't like to use the term moderate because it's it has negative connotation. Okay? But

03:45:22--> 03:45:59

Muslims who are truly Muslims, traditional Muslim, they haven't had many sit on these channels to represent Islam and to defend Islam. We are promoting education we are moving academic ability so the Muslims can come forward and represent Islam and de civilization effectively. For that you need to support Sapiens Institute and the link is there online. Actually is there on the screen Sapiens institute.org forward slash net live problem sisters, don't belittle this. Islamophobia is a reality and a solution we are working on is the institute.org right.

03:46:01--> 03:46:02

Now we just have now

03:46:04--> 03:46:06

potato Fatima so I want to come

03:46:08--> 03:46:09

Hello a family

03:46:11--> 03:46:28

Mashallah, myself I have I have watched a video of brother Hamza taught with like about a week ago and Alhamdulillah. Like, I have got cleared of many of the confusions, actually one of my Muslim friends, you know, he has agnostic

03:46:29--> 03:47:05

values, and he was asking me about the freewill thing which some of the brothers is now asked to you. And he was also asking me about like, why profits or loss alone was chosen by Allah and His heart, his heart was clean. So obviously it was, it was obvious that he would do good things. So I mean, he kind of told like Allah biased prophets, Allah seldom and, and obviously, because his heart was clear it was, it was easy for him to do what he was doing. How do we answer such question? Absolutely.

03:47:07--> 03:47:39

Absolutely. Without a doubt, a lot cleaned. The Prophet Allah protected him, Allah conditioned him so that he can be a role model. If the Prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad was just an anybody, or any one walking on the street, a normal standard person who commits sins, or sometimes lies, sometimes cheats, has weaknesses, as temptations has desires, and it calls for those desires, like many normal people do, then what would be the point of believing in such a prophet?

03:47:40--> 03:48:28

So, so Allah subhanaw taala, deliberately, according to a plan, conditioned him, purified him and made him a model. That's why Allah says in the Quran, we're in knock Allah, Allah, Allah, God, okay, you are upon the best of manners or Muhammad. Also Allah said, lockout, lockout karnala computer to the law, he also in the life of the Messenger of Allah, the prophet of Allah, there is a perfect model for you. If we had examples like the Christian then it up due to the Bible, or due to the corruption of the Bible, like sleeping with his daughter, David plotting to kill the husband of a woman, that he can have her as his wife, and Jesus using unpleasant language against the people who

03:48:28--> 03:48:31

disagree with and the list goes on and on and on and on.

03:48:32--> 03:48:49

And Judah sleeping with his daughter in law, all these things if we had models like that, then we would be stuffed as they say industry time. Right? But we are very glad that Allah purified the prophets, Allah Salam and made him a beautiful model. That's the answer the second question, the first question, but 100 I can take

03:48:51--> 03:49:34

the first it wasn't a question. The first one is more of a comment. I think the statement, okay. Actually, actually this was actually his question was, if Allah decides that a human errors, and then what is the basis of creating this world? And what is why why all this drama, that is how he asks it. So let's Why did Allah to test and worshipping Allah based upon our rationality and coming to the conclusion that Allah alone deserves to be worshipped? is a test. Allah has given us the ockel? Do we deny the intellect we all have to be denied? The fact that he's asking these questions? The fact that he's asking these questions, shows that he has the intellect to think, intellectually

03:49:34--> 03:49:57

and rationally. And if that's the case, then he needs to use the same intellect and rationality to see whether a lie exists or not. If he does, then you need to surrender and so bit and once you do, then, you surrender to the fact that Allah created us with weaknesses and strengths. Allah gave us the free will to follow him or to not follow him. That's what Allah said Allah the khaliqul moto will heartily abou

03:49:58--> 03:49:59

Allah, Allah

03:50:00--> 03:50:25

Created life and death so that he can see who the best of doers. And that's what the plan. That's what the point is. And that's what the plan is. Allah has given us given us freedom to choose between good and bad. And it's our choice, our choice. So Allah has created models for us to follow. And then he has given us freedom to choose between those models, or the antithesis, choices or ours. Does that make sense?

03:50:26--> 03:50:27


03:50:28--> 03:50:29

And that's it. That's the response.

03:50:32--> 03:51:16

Yeah, the The main thing is like why the via Allah tala has kept like free will in our hearts. And why is he making us responsible for it when it is he who has decided that for us? That was the basic question. Like, this is a very common question that comes up that Allah is forcing people to do deeds. No, that's not the point. That's not the that's not the issue. The issue is, Allah is aware of our choices, Allah will know the choices we will make. For example, the companions of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, they came to him asking him this question, Yasser Allah, if our destiny has already been written, what's the point of brain? What's the point of making the art because

03:51:16--> 03:51:53

whether we make bow or not make, the result is going to be the same. The Prophet said, You're the eyes. Also, Richard, the fact that you will make Doha and because of the DA, there will be a certain outcome. As far as your destiny is concerned, that die is also part of destiny. So the point is, Allah is aware of the choices we will make, but we have our freedom, we have a freedom. So this is the response. There is no contradiction between Allah's having knowledge of our choices. And the fact that we have a freedom to do what we do, or who you want to add to this.

03:51:54--> 03:51:59

Yeah, I mean, that's fine. I mean, I've mentioned about the whole cultural thing previously, but from

03:52:00--> 03:52:16

there are things that you can control and things that you can't control. From an existential phenomenological first person experience perspective. You know, you can control things if I told you to lift your left hand, and you lift your left hand up, or right hand up. You did that and that's your freewill.

03:52:18--> 03:52:19

Now, obviously, we know

03:52:20--> 03:52:57

that Allah Subhana water, Nothing escapes the will of Allah, nothing is independent of the will of others. last panel, water Allah. We just don't know how that works. But we can affirm two truths. And not knowing how those two trees can be reconciled is not a problem. Even science does that. You have quantum physics and Newtonian physics, the two complimentary non non complimentary paradigms. They don't know how they work together, connect, but they still affirm them. So it's one of those things that is going to not be you won't be able to square the circle. And if you can't answer it's not a problem. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala has infinite knowledge. He is Allah Hakeem Allah,

03:52:57--> 03:53:02

Allah, him, he has the picture, we got the pixel, and there's going to be some things that we'll never know by virtue of living.

03:53:03--> 03:53:44

And there is no shame in saying that we have no idea about the dynamics of Allah knowledge. Yes, absolutely. Yeah, exactly like when I tell him about the Sheraton disappointing and not prostrating to Adam, then he tells like who has given that thing to shed on my when Allah created shape and then how does he go astray? good sister, these things what this this it what the questioner is assuming that they're going to know everything about Allah is knowledge. And that is very dangerous because that would make an equivocation between human knowledge and Allah's knowledge. If you could know everything about Allah His knowledge and wisdom, then it's not Allah zone's wisdom wisdom anymore,

03:53:44--> 03:53:52

because because our understanding our understanding is always going to be limited. And compared to last maximal perfection. Listen.

03:53:54--> 03:54:29

I know that what you do not know sort of bucket overstay, I know that what you do not know. So from that perspective, what they need to figure out is themselves a person's son, when he was asked these type of questions, he was referred to many times to the people when they said, Yoda, so the Lord told me about the hour. How did he reply? What have you done to prepare for it? What have you done to prepare for it? You may know everything about the last day and the hour, but you're you're you're at home drinking wine and smoking cigarettes, you need to find out what you are going to do to solve the problem. Because these questions remember, there are questions that undermine the foundations of

03:54:29--> 03:55:00

the truth. And there are questions that are nice to have. These are nice to have, but they're completely we cannot access by virtue of the maximum perfection of God and how limited we are. And this question doesn't undermine the foundations of Islam. Just say to people, if we can't answer this question doesn't mean God doesn't exist. No. Does it mean the person is not the final prophet? No. Does it mean the Quran is not true? No. So these questions almost become slightly red herrings from the point of view of how one should live their lives. say to them, this doesn't undermine the truth of Islam. The question

03:55:00--> 03:55:22

Do you want to be like shaytan? Do you want to follow shaytan? No, you want to follow the Prophet sallallahu it he was sending. So let's do it. Let's pray five times a day, let's practice. And that's the whole point. Sometimes these things become an excuse. So we could excuse I kind of lack of connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala. But they're not excuses. They're pelitic excuses. But luckily his system Allah bless you.

03:55:23--> 03:56:10

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03:59:05--> 03:59:06

Your mute mute.

03:59:08--> 03:59:09

Hello. That's

03:59:10--> 03:59:11

good, good.

03:59:12--> 03:59:14

I'm doing well. Thank you. I'm doing well.

03:59:16--> 03:59:19

So, so happy to be here. So happy to be speaking with you guys.

03:59:20--> 03:59:23

I actually just want to be very quick.

03:59:24--> 03:59:34

And I have just a tiny little observation I'd like to share with you guys about our lives, at least for the Muslims in the Western world, I guess.

03:59:35--> 03:59:40

And also, I have two questions at the end and I'll be very, very brief. as brief as I can. I can see you're tired.

03:59:42--> 03:59:44

We're here all night. Hopefully more, a lot of them.

03:59:45--> 03:59:56

Lovely. So my name is Victoria. I'm 28 years old and I'm born and raised in Sweden. I'm originally Lebanese but I barely go there. So I'm practically Swedish.

03:59:58--> 03:59:59

And you know

04:00:00--> 04:00:10

My story, I guess it's like everyone's story who lives in the Western world, you go to school, that's called a secular, you lose your faith. After a few years, you build it back, and all the time is lost.

04:00:11--> 04:00:43

And when do you lose your faith is typically in biology class, or it's in philosophy class, at least for us. Muslims, at least when I was in high school, the philosophy teacher sort of singled the Muslims out and tried to sort of go against us with, you know, in our thoughts, and back then, we don't really have anyone to talk to about this, like the local share, wouldn't wouldn't even accept the question about who created God, you know, it would be stuff for Allah, and then you're thrown out.

04:00:45--> 04:00:55

Yeah, so so let's just, you know, be honest about that part. And that's kind of the way it was back then. And so we had all those questions Who created God?

04:00:56--> 04:01:16

The problem of evil, and also the most, I guess, the argument they love the most is Can God create a stone he cannot lift? So all of those are classics. Because of you, we know how to deal with them. But back then, when I was like, 1516, it's like, okay, Can God create the stone? He cannot leave to go? Yes. They usually No, no, wait a minute. No.

04:01:17--> 04:01:26

You run around in circles. Apologies, my sister. my battery's my battery's about to die. So I'm going to come in from a different device. So let me place because

04:01:27--> 04:01:28


04:01:31--> 04:02:16

Some curiosity. Yes. So you can answer the questions on hamdulillah. Beautiful. Yeah. So So today, we have those answers. And they're so silly, those questions. And but this took time to rebuild for me personally. So I have a little brother, his name is Ali. He is in high school today where I used to be, you know, back in the day, so there's 11 years between us. And you know, he's been sort of following me along first ama did that. And then Dr. Zakir, and then speaker's corner, and all of those debates that stemmed out of that, and you guys coming along with Sapiens Institute, now, when I do like a contrast to just thinking about how I behaved and how he behaved,

04:02:17--> 04:02:56

we have an agreement. Me and Ollie, like, Don't argue with the teacher, just go get your grade and come back again. But when he comes back, he's so bottled up with with arguments, you know, like he was, he was in biology class, and, and he goes, like, he's is freaking out, because the teacher is behaving like the evolution is a pure 100% fact. And there is nothing like it, and it's revolutionary. And he goes, I don't even know that suborn Ahmed says that. You're like you recognize this all of you and they go contingency theory and he goes Kalam cosmological art and he just, it's amazing to see the jinn upcoming generation beings.

04:02:57--> 04:03:29

It is amazing. And and it's okay, thanks to Allah and everything, but it's also thanks to you guys. We donate in like the Muslims in in Sweden, or in the Western world, we have money, we're not poor here. Hamdulillah, most of us, at least, we can give to the poor and feed them. But we can also help this initiative you're doing because, at least for me, if we extrapolate, you know, my story is I think everyone's story. In the Western world, I don't think I'm special in that sense, nor as Ali.

04:03:30--> 04:03:53

So thank you, just big, big, big thank you, because we're clicking a few buttons, donating a few pounds here and there. But you're the one staying awake, not having pop coffee and dropping spoons and dealing with atheists that, you know, sometimes they just want to barge at you. And so thank you for that. Really.

04:03:56--> 04:04:17

Thank you. So so I just have Well, it's really two questions. And if if we would go to general shala. And and say there's a disbeliever that we would wish for us to to be there with us? Would that be? Would that be sort of unacceptable?

04:04:18--> 04:04:22

prayer or thing we can ask God? I don't know how to answer that.

04:04:24--> 04:04:27

I searched and I found no answers. So yeah, I mean,

04:04:28--> 04:04:59

obviously, we know that those who are whoever is destined to go to hell, and not to come out. They're going to stay there. But there are people who go to hell and they're destined to come out, which is the Muslims in arcada. We believe everyone who had had a man, even very small would eventually go to Paradise. Oh, that is the reality. So with regards to your question, I don't know how to answer it. To be honest. Maybe it's gonna be one of those questions that you won't even need to ask the doctor you won't need to make because you

04:05:00--> 04:05:17

won't be in a situation where you will be in a state of worry and anxiety about someone needing to see them. And if you wanted to see someone, you'll be someone that you can see. And that you'd be happy with. Because the hope that remember, Jana is a state in which you don't want to be in any other state.

04:05:19--> 04:05:43

That's what happened is blesses, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. And all the other descriptions, although we believe they're real. They're there just to give us a kind of appreciation of what that state is going to be like. So even the questioner thinking, Oh, I want to, I'm worried I want to take someone out that worry and anguish might not even exist anywhere in paradise. And Allah knows best. I don't think monster for sure. But you'd have to ask someone far more qualified than me to be honest.

04:05:46--> 04:06:11

Now, but that was, that was a good answer. Because in our minds over here we go. Maybe I'll miss my mom, you know? Yeah. But maybe over there, as you said, that we're in a different state, we may be not Yeah, you won't have you won't have any anguish or psychological negativity. You won't be Oh, I missed someone. Because remember, in the ichra, the ties of kinship are totally disappeared.

04:06:12--> 04:06:32

The ties of kinship or, you know, on the day of judgment, you know, you won't even recognize your mom or your father is going to be old enough Sinofsky. So those ties of kinship exists here. So to try to try and attract them into the oscura. Doesn't make sense because they will be broken from that perspective. Yeah. I think the only tie that is not really broken in paradise.

04:06:33--> 04:06:39

Is the husband and wife, I think, but you have to double check. It's a bit late for me to even go into my memory and

04:06:41--> 04:06:45

just double check each other. Sure thing. And then the second question is,

04:06:46--> 04:06:58

you know, the latest conversation I had with an atheist, I don't really seek them out. They really just find us Muslims, really, I think and start picking and choosing questions for us to answer. But he goes, we are so tiny. We have

04:06:59--> 04:07:02

suddenly missed the first question. What was it? Yeah.

04:07:04--> 04:07:08

It was about asking you a question in Geneva. But we've moved on a little bit. This focus on the second? Yes.

04:07:10--> 04:07:11

About What sorry?

04:07:12--> 04:07:14

No, it was about a question in January.

04:07:16--> 04:07:18

If you miss someone

04:07:20--> 04:07:21

when you bring them out?

04:07:23--> 04:07:58

Yeah, if they died upon copper deliberately here, then there is no chance. If they died, believers and they were sinners. intercession will work. Yes, absolutely. One can intercede on part of the sinful relative. There is no doubt about that. That much is clearly stated by the prophet salaallah. Islam, that intercession will be done on the Day of Judgment by the relatives of a certain sinner. But anyone who died in the form of ship, someone who died worship deliberately by choice committing ship.

04:08:00--> 04:08:12

As far as the Quran is concerned, there's no chance for them. Yeah, we mentioned that, but it's not their judgment. You're already in paradise. Can you pick someone from hell? And two of them? That was the question?

04:08:15--> 04:08:16


04:08:17--> 04:08:37

You mean, you're in paradise? And then jahannam, then hellfire. Have a cup of coffee with them on a given day? On a nice evening? Is that the question? Yes. Yeah, I guess. But and they were a disbeliever. That was like a good behaving discipline. I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to make a radical statement.

04:08:40--> 04:09:08

We are told that in general, a believer can have what he or she wants. Literally, there are reports, unless something has been utterly forbidden. And there was no chance for it like the one I mentioned that if someone died in a form of Shrek, obviously, they're not coming out of jahannam. But otherwise, who knows? Who knows? It's an open question, that in general, if you desire something, and

04:09:10--> 04:09:38

it has been ruled out in categorical terms, who knows? or not, why said, well, you won't have the need to have such a question. You won't have feelings of missing anyone because you don't have those guilt or those negative psychological problems in the in January. So the question might arise, what's the point? So I know that's what I told her to ask are more qualified. The mean was issued.

04:09:40--> 04:09:42

In a very different form of

04:09:45--> 04:10:00

technology won't be the same number we make a typo or something. Someone says, Oh, my God, you know, we only end up with spouse or not family. Wow. No, no, I didn't mention that. I said the ties of kinship are broken in on the Day of Judgment. I didn't say

04:10:00--> 04:10:01

You only end up with your wife?

04:10:02--> 04:10:04

Or no, no.

04:10:08--> 04:10:10

No, I said, that's not the case.

04:10:11--> 04:10:46

I'm saying that the ties of kinship on the Day of Judgment are broken, because there's going to be enough synopsis about yourself, you're going to be taken to account in Paradise, you can meet your brother, your husband, this and the other. But there is something special about the marriage relationship, because, you know, there are various ahaadeeth referring to that, you know, when it comes to gender and stuff like that, so it's not you don't just end up with your wife in Paradise, or your husband doesn't the case. So yeah, you've misunderstood me. By your second questions is to sorry. Yeah, no worries. So atheists go life is so meaningless. Look how small we are. We are.

04:10:47--> 04:10:50

There's, we're so tiny, we don't matter.

04:10:52--> 04:11:07

And the universe is so huge. How do you know that? Like, we haven't just made something up, and we believe in it and stuff like that, like, what's what's what's good. Come back to that. If I, if I may phrase that question that way.

04:11:12--> 04:11:54

Yes, Yes, I did. Well, just turn the tables. Why does it mean that, you know, if we're a speck on Earth, in this speck in this massive universe, that it means that life is meaningless? What Why would they even achieve that? It actually means that's upon Allah, Allah has invested interest in our well being, Allah created a universe with a mathematical structure, with a galaxy with it with Planet Earth that allows conscious complex life to exist. It's really clear that the, the creative, all of this is invested in our interest in our guidance. So it's actually quite the opposite. Because there is an assumption here, just because we are like a spec amongst various specs, that

04:11:54--> 04:12:11

that this this image is meaningless. No, it means actually meaningful. Because if we're the only, for example, conscious creatures, and Allah facilitate the whole universe for us to have conscious life on this small Blue Green Planet, it may mean that Allah is really invested in our interests, and he's actually

04:12:14--> 04:12:54

dignifies us and is invested in who we are. But there's another assumption. The assumption is that everything else is meaningless, that everything else is empty space, in Islam. Everything has a purpose. The whole universe worships Allah, Allah says in the Quran, everything glorifies Allah, you just don't know how. Yeah, so it's not meaningless at all. We're not a speck. We're not the only living speck amongst this almost infinite Cosmos know, the whole cosmos itself has a purpose. And it worships Allah, just like we must worship Allah, as Allah says in the Quran, everything praises and glorifies Allah kind of thing. But we just don't know. How

04:12:55--> 04:13:06

does that make sense? Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. Exactly. for your support sister. I have one request. I just thought of it right now. Sorry. Yes.

04:13:07--> 04:13:47

I've seen the works you've done on Hadeeth projectors. But I would love to see, I would love to see some kind of a debate with a shark among them, like one of the big guys arguing for this and teaching this because unfortunately, it's actually honestly a few years, I'd never heard of him. And now it's even like found its way into my family. And to me, it's an immediate threat. So that's my, my, my request. So if if something could be done about some major teacher, I don't know if you can call them a teacher of Hadith rejecters.

04:13:48--> 04:14:35

There's a specific guy actually, I'm thinking of me's from Egypt. I don't know if, if you could even speak with him. Or maybe him how much he could do something. Yeah, I'm not I'm no, I'm not aware of him. This is more about nouns and hijabs. Maybe that can help. A little bit on that point. I had a few discussions in the park, speaker's corner with these rejecters with some interesting arguments. I even did lectures. But when it comes to debating these big guys, the problem is none of them are big. I mean, there is one guy from Pakistan, who is very well known. And he's very subtle and very clever. He never calls himself or her this projector. He says he believes in hobbies, but everything

04:14:35--> 04:14:49

he says goes against hobbies. So these people are very subtle in the way they do their propaganda. Some are open, some are very subtle. So sometimes they don't even debate I had a very friendly dialogue in Pakistan was one of those

04:14:51--> 04:15:00

had these reactors. And it was very successful. As far as I was concerned. It was a very good discussion. A lot of the times were not traditional all

04:15:00--> 04:15:43

My mom, our traditional scholars debate these, these projectors, they get emotional, they get angry. And these these projectors, they use that against them and they say, Okay, these guys, they don't even have the acumen to have a proper discussion. So we need to do that. You're absolutely right. And inshallah in the future we'll look into it definitely. Please do. There's a specific guy. Yeah, there's a specific guy from from Egypt. He has over 100,000 followers on Facebook, and some of my relatives and and family members. You know what, he's crazy about this? Okay. Do you know what he's naming? Yeah, his name, um, Hamad E. Daya.

04:15:45--> 04:15:57

Okay, we'll check him out. We'll check him out. And and he's all of his content is in Arabic. And I've actually because my mother followed him a little bit, and she's like reading into it. She's thinking about it.

04:15:58--> 04:16:06

She hasn't made her mind up yet. But can you do me a favor? So do me a favor? Can you do me a favor? Can you show my lectures

04:16:07--> 04:16:42

to your mother and to your family, they have been translated into the Arabic language. They are in Arabic subtitles, I don't know if you've come across them. They are on my YouTube channel. If you go to my YouTube channel of non Rashid, you will find and put heavy rejection, you will find all lectures for parts with Arabic subtitles, let them watch them and possibly give us some feedback inshallah. And definitely we will look into debating these gods we have been doing it we're going to do it in a formal way like we have been doing with Christians, and others. So we're going to have formal debates with them. inshallah. That would be fantastic. Thank you so much.

04:16:45--> 04:16:48

for your support. So now medical care.

04:16:49--> 04:17:31

Okay, I bomb what we're here for talk to us. We are here for funds for Sapiens Institute to the weekend continue with the work we're doing. You see, these are the kinds of conversations we are having. We just had this beautiful conversation with our sister, who is in Sweden, out of all places. And he's facing these issues like these rejection in her family, and other questions, for example, and brothers and sisters were light there are 1000s if not hundreds of 1000s 1000s of Muslim families who face similar issues, similar questions, intellectual intellectual challenges. Do we need an institution, a platform where our youngsters can simply take their families to and say,

04:17:31--> 04:18:11

Okay, hold on, you want answers? check these guys out. They are not your normal standard, traditional molana or Imam of the masjid. These guys are not only religious, they are religiously trained. They are also academically trained, they have academic qualifications. What systems do you really want to be part of this is the question 27 Night of the month of Ramadan. It may well be Laila to cover and will lie This is your opportunity to make a real difference. Go to the link to start making donations. Those of you still watching I'm sure you're enjoying the live feed with myself and brother Hamza and Alhamdulillah we have been receiving a lot of good great donations from

04:18:11--> 04:18:47

you. Your support has been mind blowing overwhelming, we want to continue the more the merrier. Every single pound brings a potential leader about when when when I say that I mean every single penny or a pound you donate that can facilitate the training and the education of a potential Muslim leader in the future who can become a Malcolm X who knows someone like that someone eloquent somewhat educated someone confident this is what we're looking for to come forward and Sharla and start making donations but I'm gonna turn off my screen is the whole time for me right now. No

04:18:48--> 04:19:02

no, no no, I'm not going I'm gonna stay with you inshallah. But let me have my soul while you have going on and I'll if I need to come in I'll come in and Java charlo is about 1015 minutes to finish. Okay, you go eat. Let me just show them a nice video. Sharla

04:19:04--> 04:19:04


04:19:07--> 04:19:50

My name is Hamza. I was born in 1980 brought up in these estates in London Hackney. Growing up. I had wonderful loving parents, like with many people, I had key moments that changed my life. One of them is when I embrace the Psalm, and the other is when I doubted it. Yes, even I had doubts. I became Muslim here on October the fifth 2002 and there were three main reasons why I embraced Islam. One was intellectually convinced to I was attracted to Islamic values. And three I used to perform Salah before I became Muslim. When I became Muslim. It was such a blissful experience. However, I remember someone responding to an email of mine regarding the linguistic miracle, but I had no clear

04:19:50--> 04:19:59

response. That blissful cloud like experience was now becoming a distant memory. As a result, my mind almost leftist

04:20:00--> 04:20:20

I'll put my heart and soul on fire, refusing to accept nothing else apart from the truth of the day, this tug of war was ripping me apart, but was not going to film. I remember praying to Allah and in frustration I was asking him for conviction. How do I explain the linguistic miracle of the Quran without speaking the language.

04:20:22--> 04:21:02

And that's where it all started, I acquired everything I could on the topic. I spoke to students of knowledge, a book expensive books, I visited libraries. And to my amazement, when I was researching at the British Library here, I found a rare PhD entitled towards a text linguistic definition of Quranic in imitability. I asked them for a copy, but they never got back to me. And that's when I hit a brick wall. So I decided to call talk languages and request an expert on the Quran. When I met my teacher for the first time, I explained my situation and that moment, he stands up, he walks around his table, he goes to a drawer, he picks up some papers, he walks back, and he puts them in

04:21:02--> 04:21:46

front of them. And lo and behold, it was the PhD I was looking for. And what's even more amazing. He was the author, Dr. Sami al halloweenie. from us hora University. I've been further develop my ideas on the topic, and I was asked to write a chapter of the book, the history of the magnificent Quran. When I wrote the chapter, the publisher said they had to be checked by scholars being relatively young with not much experience in the topic. It was totally understandable. However, during that period, the Dallas scene was quite dark. There was ego, gnostic competition, and I was thinking of the simply quitting, I was so close to a decision, but Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah, I

04:21:46--> 04:22:32

received a text message by the publishers, and they said something along the lines of the scholar said, this is one of the best things I've read in the English language. I took this as a sign to continue my journey. In 2009. I joined I era, I record visiting Chicago for a tour. And there was one brother and I don't remember his name, ripped into me. He said, Hamza, what is all of this? Who are you developing? What real impact are you having? All of this is just a show. That really got to hit me hard. When I went back to the IRA office, I broke down crying. It was then I made a commitment that I'm going to focus on developing and empowering others. That key milestone helped me

04:22:32--> 04:23:21

develop advanced training for IRA and it became the basis of my best selling book the divine reality, God, Islam and the mirage of atheism, and the process of writing chapters 13 and 15 completely obliterated my doubts. I also completed my master's degree in philosophy and a continued postgraduate academic research at the University of London. It is without a doubt, Allah planned this journey for me. I realized that my doubts were not purely intellectual, I needed to connect and to know Allah more, I needed to empower others. A year after my book was published, I was asked to become I era CEO Alhamdulillah we increased our operational growth by over 1,000% and we delivered

04:23:21--> 04:24:08

advanced training to scholars imants and activists from all around the world with AI era support since July 2020. We have moved advanced our to Sapiens Institute. In nine months we have already trained over 6000 Muslims, publish books, written essays, produce media and video content and much more. Brothers and sisters, if this story has inspired you, then please support us in the next phase of our journey. Let's follow the prophetic model of empowering and developing others. Start your monthly donation now, head over to Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate or click the link below.

04:24:16--> 04:24:39

Okay, brothers and sisters and hamdulillah malice panna with a base every single one of you, my dear brothers and sisters, this is the Sapiens Institute live a pill and Sapiens Institute for the past nine months or even more, just under 12 months, we've trained over 6000 Muslims to be able to articulate an intelligent case for some and defend Islam intellectually and academically. And

04:24:40--> 04:24:59

we brothers and sisters have spent a lot of time in writing essays and articles producing books, producing video content for example, a sapient thoughts videos, dealing with fewer philosophical issues and responding to the detractors of Islam and so much more and what's coming in the future brothers and sisters inshallah.

04:25:00--> 04:25:23

You could take me personally to account on this, I am dedicated to this insha Allah, by the will of Mercy of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah grant us success, I mean and everybody else, that we're going to train and develop over 10,000 people to be able to articulate and share with some intelligently, we're going to have a learning platform which is already ready, we just need to put content on it to professionally film 10, at least 10 in depth courses,

04:25:24--> 04:26:01

on the rational foundations of Islam on articulating Islam on sharing Islam, and we also going to produce two books, we're going to produce essays and articles media content, we're going to expand inshallah, the lighthouse service that we have one to one with two art preachers and parents to help them share some with people and deal with any issues. What's going to do with ex Muslims, non Muslims, that people have doubts in sha Allah. So there's so much that we're doing and hamdulillah. And what we need is your support, we need your support brothers and sisters, this cannot happen in a vacuum, we need you to, we need your physical support, meaning for us to get involved in this

04:26:01--> 04:26:39

beautiful work. And it could be the night of power today. So don't miss out on this amazing work be strategic with your sadaqa. Giving sadaqa in this way, is being very strategic, because you're supporting the engine, or the engine of the tower, we want to drive the Dow forward. And everything that happens as a result of that you're going to get the reward anyway. So giving this other card, this stage is being very small and strategic, because when the results continue exponentially, you're going to be getting all of that reward. So go to Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live or click the link in the description below brothers and sisters Bismillah, please, without

04:26:39--> 04:26:57

fail, we're not going to be here for much longer, maybe another half an hour, maybe more, maybe less, we don't know. So don't miss this opportunity. This is now time for you to support this amazing work. Many of you have been following the strings for a while many of you understand what our work is about. I don't want to

04:26:59--> 04:26:59

just say now,

04:27:01--> 04:27:30

I just want to remind everyone that we are facing an avalanche of anti Islam activity globally. Right? This is a reality. Let's not hide away from it. Let's not shy away from it. Okay, let's not even deny it. It is a reality that we as a community, a global community, we are facing an avalanche of anti Islam negativity, propaganda activity online and offline.

04:27:31--> 04:27:37

The question is, what are we going to do about it? Okay, we all cry about Islamophobia. We all

04:27:38--> 04:28:24

feel strongly about when our sister's hijab is pulled in one of the Western countries somewhere, we all feel about the cartoons, people are making or mocking, rather, of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Right? And we all you know, feel about very strongly feel about when certain heads of state, you know, make statements about Islam and Muslims, right? But what are we actually doing about it, responding to all these challenges academically, intellectually, compassionately, mercifully, lovingly, for that matter, because the Quran commands us to return evil with good, we are not people who spread evil, we don't respond to evil with evil. If someone is lying against us, we cannot lie

04:28:24--> 04:29:14

against them. Unfortunately, we can't use the tactics of islamophobes. To respond to Islamophobia. The only thing we can do is to demystify the image of Islam, educate our people more about Islam, educate our youngsters about the Muslim civilization so that they can have confidence in defending Islam, and the Muslim civilization for that matter. So I request from every single one of you, if you think Islamophobia is a real threat, and it needs to be treated, it needs to be responded to, then this is your opportunity to do something practical about it. something practical, that will possibly neutralize the threat somewhat, if not fully, if not completely, at least is the posit it

04:29:14--> 04:29:56

is a positive start. And every single good, great movement starts with a very small number of people with a very small ability, and then it becomes big because it's good. It's a force of good. So we are requesting from every single one of you to come forward and make a donation on that link, Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live. That link you can see rolling on the screen right now. Make a donation, just don't sit idle. Encourage others to do it. copy that link and paste it all over WhatsApp groups, all the groups you are part of because every single one of you is part of a group maybe with cousins with Uncle dance siblings, whatever, you know, your family groups, your

04:29:56--> 04:29:59

friends groups, just copy that link

04:30:00--> 04:30:45

and pasted on those groups and tell people to make donations big or small. Regardless, whatever they can donate, at least we get some support and Muslims do it collectively brothers and sisters will lie. As important as grassroots dour is. This is no different will lie This is more important because the grassroots now will be led by similar intellectuals who are trained by Sapiens Institute. So it is absolutely necessary for us to have academics, speakers, who can represent Islam. People like brother Hamza doctors, man lucky job, okay. And brothers of all youngsters who feel for Islam will lie these guys are only in this field because they actually feel for Islam. The

04:30:45--> 04:31:22

field there is a gap they feel there is a vacuum, which needs to be filled enough is enough, who is debating these Islam was one of our brothers hijab. He debated one of the biggest islamophobes online and smashed him intellectually into pieces, smashed him into pieces. He looked like a mouse in that debate. And you know, the debate I'm talking about being watched by millions of people. This is the kind of empowerment we're talking about. This is what Sapiens is doing, encouraging, giving confidence to confidence to our youngsters to go and confront islamophobes. intellectually, without being violent without being insulting without being. We don't need to be like that. We don't need to

04:31:22--> 04:31:37

be like that. If we are intellectually robust. We have a strong tradition backing up. We just need to present it. That's it. donation link is there it's rolling on the screen nonstop Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live. So

04:31:38--> 04:31:51

let's let's, let's allow some people to have a conversation or a dialogue or discussion, maybe questions, and then we can continue to take this. inshallah. feedforward.

04:31:55--> 04:31:56

Salaam Alaikum

04:32:03--> 04:32:04

Salaam Alaikum

04:32:06--> 04:32:09

please unmute yourself and speak yet Go ahead.

04:32:15--> 04:32:17

We can't hear you.

04:32:18--> 04:32:19

mushy IOD

04:32:22--> 04:32:25

we can't hear you so maybe we let someone else in

04:32:27--> 04:32:28


04:32:32--> 04:32:35

let's have Katie slowly come Katie

04:32:47--> 04:32:47

Hello again.

04:32:52--> 04:32:52


04:32:57--> 04:32:57


04:32:59--> 04:33:01

You live go ahead speak in Sharla

04:33:02--> 04:33:06

Yeah, I have just you know have a absent send a message can you see that guys?

04:33:10--> 04:33:15

Yeah, I invested 200 I just put a message on the chat box Can you see that?

04:33:16--> 04:33:30

A lot of might not except for me and what he will surely accept from you guys. The robot man but the Hamza please make a drop that may Allah guide my parents and forgive them And grant them the birth of Allah. I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, most

04:33:32--> 04:33:34

of those will invite them

04:33:36--> 04:33:42

to the investment. mela Bless you. Don't forget Thank you. Thank you will power your own guys.

04:33:44--> 04:33:45

Thank you, brother.

04:33:51--> 04:33:54

Okay, so we'll have now

04:34:00--> 04:34:01

it's it said

04:34:06--> 04:34:07

sound law.

04:34:09--> 04:34:13

Actually, I'm from Saudi Arabia.

04:34:14--> 04:34:15

Michelle, I have

04:34:17--> 04:34:27

her sing it My English is not like very good or, you know, like, not high level. But still, I can like speak and I can talk.

04:34:29--> 04:34:30


04:34:32--> 04:34:47

I actually I want to donate the the seeping thoughts, but I'm like, I'm just 17 years old. So I don't have a MasterCard or visa or something to do. Do you know what I mean?

04:34:48--> 04:34:49

Yeah, of course. Allah bless you, bro.

04:34:51--> 04:34:55

And you might have you might have a rich salty uncle or Auntie

04:35:01--> 04:35:08

I live like in, we have in the autobahn. And like other other countries, there's like,

04:35:09--> 04:35:19

just like saving thoughts, but like in an Arabic, they learn how to speak with the atheists and learn about Islam and

04:35:21--> 04:35:23

the shoe, how to respond the shoe but

04:35:25--> 04:35:27

but an Arabic not in English.

04:35:28--> 04:35:35

But I hear like many, many shoe parts, which are what about Allah? subhanaw taala about,

04:35:37--> 04:35:38

about a woman?

04:35:39--> 04:36:35

You know, I hit like a, maybe I can see 1000s and 1000s of shots I have like we're on the street with public in general. No, no, no, I mean, the internet on the net? Absolutely. This is what we are talking about my brother, that every few minutes, there is anti Islam content coming up. And there are people who are funding this, for whatever reason for political reasons for religious reasons, that Christian missionaries, and extremist Hindu right wing entities in India, and some other you know, anti Islam forces. They are working in coordination day and night collectively, to spread hate and misinformation about Islam. We are facing an avalanche of Islamophobia. That's why we need

04:36:35--> 04:36:42

institutions like this. This is why we need to have platforms like this where people can actually find answers to a lot of these you have.

04:36:43--> 04:36:52

Absolutely. I'm not surprised that you are looking at a lot of these. Sure, but I'm pretty sure they exist in the Arabic language as well online. Oh, yeah. This

04:36:54--> 04:37:24

is even like of the 80s they have like some channels. Yes. Many, unfortunately, many, many Stooges. Were working in the Arab world in the Muslim world, trying to confuse the Muslim youngsters. That's why we need Sapiens Institute. That's why Hamza book has been translated into the Arabic language. May Allah bless the brothers in Kuwait, who translated the book into the Arabic language. It can be found free of charge on the website in the English language, but you can get an Arabic

04:37:25--> 04:37:35

copy. Online. I'm pretty sure it's available. Right? Actually, I have his book like in my hand, now in Arabic. Yes. How do you find it?

04:37:36--> 04:37:37


04:37:38--> 04:37:41

place I bought the book.

04:37:43--> 04:37:57

Okay. And did you read it? Is it good? Actually, I did. I didn't need to be honest still. Okay, read it and let us know what you think of it because it's a very strong case against atheism. And

04:37:59--> 04:38:02

for Islam, so check it out in Java.

04:38:03--> 04:38:07

haqiqa Alhaji cattle Illa here right.

04:38:09--> 04:38:11

Yes, yes. Yes.

04:38:13--> 04:38:15

Very strong. But say

04:38:18--> 04:38:31

there's many shughart I don't know what the answer but there's like two questions to like from the Chabad. But it's like, I hear that is like a video. weirdo. I can't I need to know.

04:38:32--> 04:38:41

Okay, put it out. What is it is the shoe bomb maybe is like a silly shoe. But I don't know that the answer is

04:38:42--> 04:38:51

we say we see that we believe that there is I got right. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. When when is believe is mean a man.

04:38:53--> 04:38:57

So when when I say that, I believe that there is God. They say

04:38:58--> 04:39:09

believe is without evidence. So you can believe anything. So you believe that there is God? But there's no a belief is without evidence so

04:39:10--> 04:39:16

so what like oh, and without meaning. So we believe without evidence. So we are just like

04:39:20--> 04:39:59

so what we are believing just like believing anything or what we don't we don't believe without evidence, we believe with evidence. Right? Because the story of Ibrahim is in the Quran. When he said that. I want to see a miracle I want to see a sign and Allah asked him Do you not believe and he said Bala, I do believe but I want strengthening. So Eman is based upon evidence. So even though Ibrahim knew Allah exists, and Allah is there, he wanted to see a sign. So we continue to strengthen Imam. Eman is there based upon basic reasons. Okay. Allah explains those reasons in the Quran. Enough

04:40:00--> 04:40:44

Kiss Tamati we'll talk a lot lately what are the IR in lulea? arbab. Okay, in the creation of the heavens in the earth, in the changing of the night in the day, there are Signs for those who contemplate So Allah is telling us if you truly contemplate you will see the signs, you will see the evidence. So there is no room for you to reject Allah, the creator. So believe our Eman is based upon basic evidences which Allah has provided for us, even the arguments in our in the Quran. The only thing we have is a journey towards strengthening the Eman getting more and more. Your team, your team builds, your team is not static, it is not the same all the time. It builds, it goes up

04:40:44--> 04:40:49

and up and up based upon the evidence you come across. So that's how it is.

04:40:51--> 04:41:27

You see, so this is one of the responses we give to this show that a man is not blind. It is not without evidence. To the contrary, a man is with evidence. We believe anyone with evidence. And also bro, there are so many good arguments for the existence of God and the fact that he's worthy of worship. We have, for example, the contingency argument. You have an argument which I call the Quranic argument for God's existence in chapter 52, verses 35 to 36. You have the argument for morality, the argument from consciousness, there's so many arguments. And some of these arguments can be found on our website and on our videos. And

04:41:28--> 04:41:32

webinars. If you go to Sapiens institute.org forward slash learn.

04:41:33--> 04:42:15

You'll see the button that says the webinars click on them. And you could go through some of these arguments yourself. Yeah, yeah, Chef, heavy. So this is a not a strong Sherpa. And don't forget shubha and shubho heart they relate to the word touche be who because Twitch. boohoo means it refers to something that it's not, should will hurt our false hood just up as truth. It's a wolf in sheep's clothing. And this is not a very strong ship. Hi, there's so many good arguments for the existence of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you can find some essays and related stuff on our website and go to the learning section. And you could watch one of the webinars. Okay. Yeah. And if it was blind

04:42:15--> 04:42:45

belief, blind faith, then why would Allah tell us in the Quran, the reference for the Hunger Games documentary show in a more Harlequin? mawashi. Well, why would Allah keep talking about this? Right? Because Allah wants to show that this belief is based upon evidence, it is not just blind belief that we have no clue, no idea that we believe in something that we cannot see the evidence for. And the answer was given by brother thumbs up. I hope that helps you, brother.

04:42:46--> 04:42:58

Yeah, thank you. But the other shuba is like the maybe the strongest sugar for me, okay. Okay, the one

04:42:59--> 04:43:41

gone. And before you mentioned the shoba, before you mentioned the Shiva. I want everyone who is watching right now to know, this is what a lighthouse mentoring service looks like, where you have some person who is asking questions to have doubts shrubhub and he or she needs answers, and Sapiens Institute, experts will be there to provide that service. Now how many Muslim organizations are doing this? That's why we want you to support this work. There are questions in the comment section with people they want to know certain answers for the questions. This is why this process needs to continue you need to support our work. And if you don't support our work, there are many hundreds or

04:43:41--> 04:43:52

possibly 1000s of Muslim youngsters out there like our brother from Saudi Arabia, the one we're talking to who won't get answers. That's why you need to support our brothers sisters and donate on the link inshallah go ahead with each other.

04:43:54--> 04:44:07

Before the sugar, like I had, like many, you know, like Shabbat about the God that support the Prophet. I had, like, you know, everything.

04:44:09--> 04:44:15

Like I haven't really read like 1000s of 1000s oh 100 of electric shock, but

04:44:17--> 04:44:33

I didn't really like see that. The song is to bankruptcy now, just this sort of this shuba I really need the answer. The other shoe was is not really that I need but if I have you know it's good. Okay, the color.

04:44:34--> 04:44:36

Yeah, okay. The sugar is.

04:44:37--> 04:44:47

We know area. Area is from as short as, right? Yes. Okay. Let's say that there's a father.

04:44:48--> 04:44:50

And the he has

04:44:53--> 04:44:53

a good

04:44:55--> 04:44:57

let's see. She's like 20 years old

04:44:59--> 04:44:59

and this guy

04:45:00--> 04:45:02

She didn't want to wear the hijab.

04:45:04--> 04:45:22

So if and and the father saying like, you need to wear it, you need to add to it. And he would the hijab, not for God just for the harbor, or for the family, the family said, you need a job, or you need to read the Quran or anything. And she's

04:45:24--> 04:45:26

so she she, like read the Koran Oh,

04:45:28--> 04:45:31

oh, she dressed Oh, she,

04:45:32--> 04:45:39

she is wearing the hijab. Not a lot not to please your family just leaves the family here. Yes. Is this rear?

04:45:41--> 04:46:24

No, they should not rear rear is when you do something to show off. And to pretend that you're doing a good deed, but you're not really doing it, you're just doing it to show off the rear this is this is something else. This is someone being forced to wear hijab or being advised, strongly advised by the family, and to please the family, you do something, you know, it's a good deed. You know, it's a good deed, and your family wants you to do it. So you do it. Okay. Ria is when you are doing a good deed in Islam to show off so that people can say, Oh, this person is very good. When you give charity, you do it in front of people so that people can say, Oh, this person is very charitable.

04:46:25--> 04:46:27

This is real. And this is haram.

04:46:28--> 04:46:31

So what the situation you described is not know.

04:46:33--> 04:46:38

Okay, so like if the girl, she doesn't want to wear the hijab,

04:46:39--> 04:46:43

the Father, the father, he can force her to wear off now.

04:46:44--> 04:47:25

It depends. If the father feel that he is in danger, or not wearing it. He is in danger of some sort. And the girl doesn't understand the danger and the father is advising her. She should wear it. Absolutely. And the first question is, does she believe in Allah? Does she believe in Islam? Does she believe in hijab? If she does, and she doesn't want to do it, then she's a sinner. But when she does it, because the father wants it, he knows it's a good deed, he will be rewarded for it for going against her desires. Okay, he will do it because she knows is a good deed and the father wants it. She doesn't want to do it, but he will do it just to please her father, and eventually please a

04:47:25--> 04:47:29

lot. So it's not Maria. This is not real. There's no there's no problem in that.

04:47:32--> 04:47:45

Okay, thank you. Okay. Does that answer your question? Yes. Yes. Thank you. Thank you, brother. May Allah bless you. Thank you. And we welcome Dr. Umar Latif, thank you so much for joining us. I know

04:47:47--> 04:47:54

I'm good. There was such a pleasure seeing you Mashallah 100 Same here, very enlightened seeing you Mashallah.

04:47:56--> 04:48:23

Allah, I ask Allah, Allah, you know, shortens his physical separation between us you being in one country and me being in another. I ask Allah, Allah put us together your love, for the best is for the best for our both both of both? Both both of our, the, you know, Vinnie unaka, absolutely, because we could be apart for a number of different reasons, you know, is our obligation sometimes,

04:48:24--> 04:49:03

but I'm so grateful that we're working together. Alhamdulillah So, the main thing I put on my this is the work of sapiens, it's people, you know, across, you know, territorial distance, cultural distances, physical landscapes, but the point is, is that we all collectively come together in our proclamation of La ilaha illAllah, and in serving the cause of La ilaha illAllah that's the main thing. And that's, of course, that's the work of the Sahaba. So, of course, we're different. They're from different ethnicities, different people, not all Arabs, you know, you had the of course, the great Abyssinian slave, Bilal habashi you had a slave, a roomie, you had salmonella, faricy. Then

04:49:03--> 04:49:37

you have people of course, from the prophets own family, but they all came together to serve one cause. And that was a cause of proclaiming the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And of course, they gave their lives for their code, they gave their wealth, they gave their money, they gave their lives, their efforts, all for the sake of like, look at the risk that they took, in fact, in doing that, there were there were times where even a business alum, this one this one report of him, you know, on a wet day, rainy day, very murky, you know, ugly kind of weather, and he you know, when in that difficult weather, weather conditions, you know, trudging along, in a slugging along

04:49:38--> 04:50:00

to the home of Abu Jamal himself, and just for the purpose of proclaiming unto him saying Kula Eli and a lot of you who say line line you'll be successful. And that's therefore that in this in this kind of work, there has to be an energy has to be some sacrifice has to be some courage, you know, in taking this call to people and sometimes the people are hard

04:50:00--> 04:50:38

style to the call and we have enough of them, a lot of them. And now what is your Canon you've met an experienced many, many of them. But irrespective of that we still have to deliver the message of Allah and this is this of course is a work of Sapiens. So it's really wonderful being in this virtual presence in with you Al Hamdulillah. And ask Allah Allah with Baraka in your, in your travels and in your work and in your time. I mean, thank you so much. It's always a pleasure having you. Doctors, mon Latif is part of the Sapiens Institute. One of his books is available free of charge. Online on the website, titled on being human is an excellent work on human suffering and

04:50:38--> 04:50:42

empathy. How to be human, basically, you know, there is a topic

04:50:43--> 04:51:29

and it's an excellent work on that particular topic. So you would love to read it is free of charge. That's why it's important for us to realize that the service is this institution provides our free of charge, or books or articles or webinars or seminars or videos, or content in general, whatever we do, are, all the activities are free of charge. And that's why we need your support so that we can grow our activities we can grow the team, we can have full time staff working for us instead of volunteers so that we can inshallah grow in terms of influence and delivery Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link. So don't hesitate in making donations on this particular

04:51:30--> 04:52:13

link. And it is the 27th Night of the month of Ramadan. If you happen to be in the UK or in Europe, just remember that it may well be lodato Calgary might be the night of power. We don't know if it is then if you made a donation to a court like this, you would have made it for more than 83 years. Simple as Allah says in the Quran. Hi Roman Alka Shahar it is better than 1000 months. It's like worshiping Allah subhanaw taala for more than 1000 months, which any human possibly cannot do, even if we live as long as 83 years. Why? Because we have other things to do in life, right? We do our work, we are going for job we do we go for holidays, we are walking in the street, we are playing

04:52:13--> 04:52:50

with kids, we are spending time with family, we are we're doing so many different things. And when it comes to calculating our time, in worshiping Allah, it is very little throughout our lives. Okay, so Allah has given us this opportunity to do good deed in this one night, and it would be as if we have done it for 1000 months, or more than that actually a lot of skyroam and alpha shop. So make a donation, you never know, it may well be later to cover if it is an even if it is not, it is still the month of Ramadan, every good deed you do is multiply attorneys, you know, 70 times, almost 70 times

04:52:51--> 04:53:33

and the reward is many falls. That's why you need to support a noble cause, like that, inshallah. And perhaps we can take some questions, check, and any any words of encouragement for donors who are still thinking or still in two minds? I'm going to know what I would say what I would say is that this is a work of generational change. You know, when you speak about Dawa, if you imagine, for example, if you're a Muslim, if you're a Muslim listening, think about who wasn't, you know, in, in the past, who was it from your forefathers that was not a Muslim? And then was, you know, given Dawa was called invited to Islam? And Allah guided them to Islam? And then, of course, that set forth a

04:53:33--> 04:54:11

generational change, you know, because that means that person, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and then you know, as decades as Yes, as centuries pause, all their people know of Islam, and they have no recollection of ever being anything other than being Muslim, you know, Subhanallah we don't think like that. So if we go back, for example, myself, and I think, who was it then once upon a time, who was not a Muslim, maybe a Hindu or anything else, and then was guided to Islam? I don't know, of course, his name, inshallah, perhaps I'll meet him on the day of judgment or, and you know, and so, the next life, I don't know his name, but that was a person that was the

04:54:11--> 04:54:51

CATA catechol. It that was a catalyst that was a change in he was a seed, he planted the seed, and then generations after him became Muslim, the work of Sapiens Institute, like Shannon mentioned, this is free, everything is free. We want to make everything accessible for people, you know, accessible, easy, easy to access, easy to download, easy to watch, all of our courses are free, you don't pay a single penny for them. All of our online work is free lighthouse mentoring, one to one private one to one hourly mentoring is free, everything is free. No one pays a single penny for that, you know, and we want to we want it to therefore to be accessible to people let people have

04:54:51--> 04:55:00

easy access. Our children should have easy access to this. Men, women should all people have easy access to it. But I'll tell you something about generation change. Now for example, what we're waiting

04:55:00--> 04:55:41

Anything in martial arts is a travesty. It's a travesty of justice isn't oppression against those Muslims in Palestine, we don't give them success and victory and strength. But I'll tell you something. We don't always know the effects, the great consequences of the great work that we might do if you support the cause today, and up from those early ones aside, Kunal awolowo, and B from the first of the first those who gave something and it stepped forth, you know, a machine, everything began, everything was set in motion, therefore, you don't know in 10 years time, 20 years time, 50 years time, 100 years time, when we might all be gone, but the work will continue. The publications

04:55:41--> 04:56:19

will continue the online work inshallah will be there. And out of the people, if you imagine 6000 people has been trained just in the year before, those 6000 people who've had received training in sha Allah are going to inshallah give rise to that generation from their side. It's all about spreading this message to break one litre Khun kalama, to law Hill earlier to make the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the highest word in so don't they don't think therefore, just about today, think about what's going to happen tomorrow, if I support this cause, and I set this in motion, and I support this engine, and I support the work. And it gives rise to these publications is amazing

04:56:19--> 04:56:54

work. People dedicating a lot of hours, a lot of hours, a lot of hours to put in this work for publications free, everything is free of charge, the lighthouse mentoring, all of this stuff is happening, and it's across the world, not just in England, in many places in the world, then that's something that's going to be to your credit, you are the seed you're being planted. And it's giving rise to generations of people after insha Allah who are not going to struggle with doubts who one struggle with difficulties, one struggle with missionaries coming and knocking on the door. So they're encountering one icebox whatever, they have their arguments, they know their proofs, they

04:56:54--> 04:57:31

have the book of Allah, this is the month of Quran. This could be the night in which the Quran was exactly revealed. Right? The Quran was revealed and it's all about us proclaiming them the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala to give rise to this when I log on all of us. So if you can, I would therefore encourage all of you to spend inshallah, in the course of Allah. Absolutely. Shallcross man, thank you so much, brother, sisters, you know what it is peak time, especially in Britain, when people are watching these streams, people are taking interest in the work we're doing. And we are broadcasting on a number of different channels. It is a coordinated effort. A lot of support is

04:57:31--> 04:58:19

coming through from a number of different sectors. And we really want you to understand that this work is absolutely crucial. It is absolutely crucial. We cannot belittle it any more. We cannot ignore it, we cannot neglect our responsibilities towards training our leaders. We are working on creating leaders that can lead this ummah, in the coming generation. Right, we are facing an onslaught, an avalanche of Islamophobia which is well funded, well supported politically. Even journalists and academics are in it. What are the solutions? solution is that we produce an institution which we have that educates the Muslims on how to defend their faith and how to

04:58:19--> 04:58:52

represent their faith. There's these the two points you need to keep in mind defense and representation are getting defend defensive defending your deen is basically defending your deen against attacks Islamophobic attacks, intellectual arguments, sophisticated arguments similar so you present your you present your faith you defend it representing your faith is doubt when you do progressive doubt you go out and you call people to Islam and tell them Islam is the way forward it is the solution. So do not stop making donations.

04:58:54--> 04:59:09

Adeeb Sharma has put up a message Thank you, to the people at Sapiens for helping me find my way to Islam I have invested in 114 years Don't you mean 100 pounds in this call Allah worker this person doesn't stop donating. May Allah bless

04:59:11--> 04:59:53

me all brother I still don't know whether we are speaking to a sister or brother. But Allah bless Allah has blessed you with a kind heart with a very you know, universe apparently you've done wonders tonight. I mean, share with man, this same person has, you know, encouraged a lot of people coming forward, making donations and all that reward. A theme Sharma you have shared in all of that, basically, and I wonder people who are watching right now, what are they thinking about? What are you thinking? Cannella? Right. It's like someone is there is there's a house on fire, and people are standing and watching. I'm not saying Muslim brothers and sisters are like that. But this is the

04:59:53--> 04:59:59

kind of situation we're facing. Right. There is an avalanche of Islamophobia online. It has escalated

05:00:00--> 05:00:27

In the last 10 years, it has gone to a level where Islamophobia is legal, it is legal to spread hate and misinformation against Islam is, is perfectly legal in certain places in the world. And they are taking full advantage of it, we need solutions. And the solution is or one of the solutions is to create institutions that can boost the morale and confidence of the Muslim youngsters to be able to,

05:00:28--> 05:00:55

you know, stand up to this avalanche of attacks against Islam and Muslims. Right. And how we're going to do that I want to quickly mention this. Before I go further. We are going to do the following in the next 12 months. That's the plan of Sapiens institute that came directly from Sapiens Institute's leadership. This is the plan for the next 12 months insha Allah by the grace of Allah number one,

05:00:56--> 05:01:39

empower and train over 10,000 Muslims into defending Islam, and representing Islam intellectually and academically. Number two complete a free book addressing all of the main doubts against Islam that can be found offline and online. Number three, publish your website responding to leading anti Islam websites. There are hundreds of them by the way, anti Islam websites, there are hundreds. And we will create a portal, a website that will be responding to a lot of things you may find on these sites, which is absolutely necessary for your youngsters and your children who are affected by such propaganda. Number four, expanding our lighthouse mentoring service, like the one we have been doing

05:01:39--> 05:02:05

tonight, giving one to one sessions, to brothers and sisters who had questions who came forward to ask the question number five, professionally video 10 free of charge courses with slides and notes on our new free learning platform. Number six, published two new books on Islamic thought and proofs for Islam. Number seven produce over 60 new videos addressing doubts

05:02:06--> 05:02:49

and providing a strong case for Islam. Number seven, engage in inform engage in at least four academic discussions and debates. I'm pretty sure it's going to be more but just to say, let's say at least for academic discussions and debates, and this is to boost the morale and confidence of our youngsters in Islam. And number eight finally start a new podcast addressing some of the most pressing issues facing our youth today. Do you want to be part of this noble work? brothers and sisters? Do you think this is to be taken lightly? You think the reward is trivial? Absolutely not. When are we asking you to support this cause in the month of Ramadan, when every single good deed is

05:02:50--> 05:03:18

multiplied 70 times. Right. And it may well be later covered tonight. That's another bonus. If it is Laila to cover the 27 tonight, you're not you don't know you never know. On top of that, it is one of the most important causes, we must support. The Prophet said the best or the God is given in hardship. Even if we are facing hardship, go and give some other kind of love will remove our calamities if I truly believe this. There was a sister tonight

05:03:19--> 05:04:05

who donated 50 euros, jackoff man. And she said nightfall she has low income. She said that's all she has. And she's going to make a donation to Sapiens so that Allah can give a Shabbat. I mean, I'm assuming she she has a condition a medic. And she wants a lot of help. And you know, when we see donations like that, it really sends shivers down my spine. And you know, it makes us think upon Allah, are we even doing justice to these donations, and we will do our best, let me assure you, this has already produced a lot of work for you to go and see on the website free of charge books, articles, publications, videos, you name it is there, and we're going to only escalate this, but

05:04:05--> 05:04:07

these are the kinds of people who are making donations to

05:04:08--> 05:04:42

many people out there well to do people who are still thinking about it share with someone, what are your thoughts on I mean, I mean, that 50 pounds our sister gave that could be not just saving a life like physically saving a life saving human. Remember, the most important thing for all of us is not just about life and death, we're all gonna die. Of course, one day there's something in hands of Allah, but it's about dying with a man dying with faith, you see, and I'll tell you something, if I can just a few minutes of course we're again we know we're praying Of course for UK so we're praying for the Muslims of battle Marcus and Jerusalem. In the near 1105 there was a man called Ali

05:04:42--> 05:04:59

bonfires. So let me he altered the testicle Gita Kitab Oh God, of course, you're familiar with check a nun. Now, this text and in fact, my own PhD, in fact, went through the manuscript tradition about this particular text and where the sex was read and how it was read and who was witness to it, and what remains of it and it was very small

05:05:00--> 05:05:41

You know, there was a very small attendees who came to listen to his text in the Jameel mawi Damascus mosque in the Grand Mosque of Damascus, in that gay 1105. But it took decades and decades and decades for that text to achieve, you know, popularity until 1187 before the Battle of 18 Salahuddin his most important, most magnificent battle. It was that text that was selected at all other texts that was chosen for reading you know, before the battle took place. Remarkable showing us therefore that never trivialize your efforts, never trivialize your work. Whatever you decide to put in if you put in with a great intention. Allah subhanaw taala will make that blossom will make

05:05:41--> 05:06:17

that growth. Our system in our lawgiver shifa whatever she's afflicted with. Remember one of the benefits of sadaqa is definitely Bella Bala murghab. It removes Bella removes calamities removes illnesses, that's the benefit of sadaqa and we ask Allah whatever you're suffering with whatever you're struggling with, that the code that the means of that sadaqa will be there will be a means of expiation it will be means of of you know curing your whatever is your suffering and facing in life. A mela give you a full Shiva in this situation, but just like Haryana for your cause, and I hope until others are inspired to also give just like you've been giving Subhan Allah when May Allah

05:06:17--> 05:06:18

bless all of you.

05:06:22--> 05:06:23


05:06:24--> 05:07:04

man, I'm just going to show them a really nice motivational video in order for them to understand more about our work, specifically the lighthouse mentoring and what the lighthouse mentoring is about. We've got full moons into October and November I think Allah when I saw it was October and is growing and growing into Brisbane in detail. We really need support immediately brothers and sisters, may Allah bless you all Slavonic Rahmatullah line, watch this video we'll see in a few minutes as salaam alaikum dear brothers and sisters, this is an important announcement, I ask all of you to watch this video until the end, I would like to inform you that we recently did a soft launch

05:07:04--> 05:07:51

for our new free service, lighthouse mentoring, to our knowledge, nothing of its kind exists. lighthouse mentoring is a one to one mentoring service, where people can book in one hour sessions with one of our specialists. This one to one service is critical. Many people have access to books, videos and research. Yet it is not enough for many of them. Human beings need that one to one interaction. It is no wonder that Allah did not only reveal the Quran, but he also sent down the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was an example and he was a guide. With this one to one mentoring, we can achieve a greater impact. And we can achieve long lasting transformations in sha

05:07:51--> 05:08:38

Allah, we need to think long term. Now is not the time for vanity metrics. We must focus on what is needed. And not only what just looks good. This service is for five main groups of people. Number one, leaders in moms and parents. Number two university students number three non Muslims number for people who are involved in Dawa and number 5x muslims for leaders, moms and parents. We want to empower them on how to deal with other people's doubts and mentor them on how to articulate the foundations of Islam. In a modern context for university students. We want to empower them on how to reconcile an Islamic identity with student life. We also want to mentor them on how to deal with any

05:08:38--> 05:09:23

doubts about Islam and train them to be able to confidently and academically share the deen. For non Muslims. We want to engage in a conversation to help them remove any doubts they have about embracing Islam and aid them on the intellectual and spiritual journey. For those who are involved in dour. We want to mentor them on how to intellectually and academically share Islam. For x Muslims. We want to engage in a conversation on the sources of the rejection of Islam and empower them to understand the truth of the faith. Now you may be thinking, This is amazing. This is one of its kind. Yes it is Alhamdulillah. However, with the minimal marketing we have done, we have been

05:09:23--> 05:09:59

overwhelmed with requests. We have months of advanced bookings we need to expand this project and we need to ensure that we can cater for the demand. I am asking every single one of you to support this unique service. We are offering free to the community. It is hard work yes, but it is of paramount importance. Please consider giving us a monthly donation. So you can share in this amazing reward. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

05:10:00--> 05:10:12

The most beloved de to Allah is the most regular and constant. Even if it were little, click the button or the link below and donate now. And don't forget to share this video

05:10:20--> 05:10:30

I want to break out to brothers and sisters. That is what lighthouse is about in a comprehensive way for you to understand the kind of transformative transformations we're trying to

05:10:31--> 05:10:44

evoke in people's lives in order for them to complete and worthwhile. And it's a comprehensive service because we're actually empowering teachers and moms and even preachers. So they could basically be mentored on how to they could

05:10:45--> 05:11:28

call people to Islam, how to deal with other people's doubts and how to be and how to have a vision for the dour life you feel like and how they can get involved in the Dow and in a profound way. And it's also to deal with new Muslims and non Muslims and also those who have shewhart, destructive or specious doubts specious claims about the religion and would would dedicate to the well being of other people. So brothers and sisters, we're gonna end it very shortly. I'm just gonna get Dr. smila teeth to do the final call. The final push, let's let's I'm really sure in the next three minutes, we can get 3000 pounds, let's let's make that as a challenge. It's not an impossible challenge.

05:11:29--> 05:12:11

Everyone knows what this work is about. Now, you know, all our work is free of giving it to the oma where we're going to do a book on doubts sha Allah, we're going to have a few books on Islamic foundations Islamic field philosophical issues, media content on this issue. We're also going to brothers and sisters, we're going to have a learning platform with 10 free in depth courses on advanced dour in sha Allah, we're going to produce a book on doubts in a website dealing with anti muslim claims anti Islamic claims. And we want to train over 10,000 people to be able to intellectually and academically share Islam and much more.

05:12:12--> 05:12:53

If you want to be part of the engine that drives the dial forward and get an mek maximize your reward, then be savvy B's be wise be sapient with your Sadako giving, because if we're going to train 10,000 people, those 10,000 we want to get Shahada and they're going to train others as well. Imagine the exponential results that would happen as a result of just us training and developing and empowering people. So be wise your sadaqa if you're on the road from the very beginning, therefore maximizing a reward, then donate now right now it could be the The Night of Power Allah knows. But even if it's not your deeds are multiplied by 70 times or even more, I believe. So May Allah bless

05:12:53--> 05:12:59

every single one of you go to the link in the description below. That is my Latif, your final words to everybody and we'll close.

05:13:00--> 05:13:38

I'll give you I'll give you the spotlight on behind the scenes, but Bismillah zakka. In fact, it's a less severe metal that is up to 700 times that's the heavy LS sub ma to the battle 700 times the reward of these blessings plus at nights and these best best days. Remember with Allah with Allah The reward is what is unsound, insurmountable, you can't calculate exactly the amount of reward because it's with Allah and Allah of course is alleghany. Allah is the one who is who is, you know, Allah is free and rich and free of all need. And Allah is the one that dispenses goodness and grace students to his servants. We are lawmakers amongst them. Remember, when we speak about training and

05:13:38--> 05:14:17

empowering 1000s of people? It isn't simply giving a talk. Like I'm speaking now, for example, and you know, it's about training, empowering. It's like one to one. It's like answering questions. It's going through modules going through arguments going through prooves looking at the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala engagement, how do you talk to people? How do you communicate the message of Islam? In the prophets time they used to be the Prophet giving Dawa. So how about giving Dawa, then they will move to the king, these hostile mushrikeen were for to follow them hide behind palm trees and follow them follow them along. And when those people who just had the message of Islam, you

05:14:17--> 05:14:55

know, were by themselves, they would follow them, and then go approach them and then twist the message of Islam and confound them with with doubts and and these kinds of spurious claims about the police element, this character assassination, this will happen on almost daily basis. And so the prophets companions were equipped, how do you target people? How do you target people in a way that is full of understanding of forbearance of wisdom, of mercy and of knowledge? How do you communicate the message in the best way possible? And that's really something that you know, we Sapiens are dedicated to, to making this this is a life goal, right that we want to spread the message of Islam,

05:14:55--> 05:15:00

we want people, us and our children and our grandchildren

05:15:00--> 05:15:35

And generations to come and that when they're confronted with the same if it's if it's bad today, and of course it is bad in terms of Islamophobia, and you have these detractors and you have a lot of online content that is malicious. And that is based on untruths, untruths, lies, you know, fabrications about Islam about the Quran about the life of the person selling the beauty of Islam distorted, you know, by people like that. No, it's not new. It's something is anticipated in the Quran, Allah anticipated, of course, is going to happen, because that's how people are. Those who are hostile are going to act with hostility. I'm going to write with hostility. I'm going to speak

05:15:35--> 05:16:08

with hostility. But that's fine. I mean, that's just gonna happen, but it's about us, what is us? What are we doing? What is the response from us? How are we responding to that, and that's the example if you therefore donate inshallah, to this cause and whatever, in a few minutes, you have left it, whatever you can give however small, however big, you know, that's going to be to your credit, that's going to be that that's your work. This is your work. This is your effort. The growth of Islam, therefore is insha Allah, Allah is most information that's to you, that's to your credit, that's to your credit. And remember, of course, like I said to you, it's not just it's not like a

05:16:08--> 05:16:46

one week report, this is inshallah lifetime growth, everything we publish, is free, and it's accessible to anybody, and not just in English. But of course, as you probably seen from the website, being translated into Turkish in Turkey, there's a big problem with secularism, with with atheism, and this work is tapping into that. We have word translated now into Spanish, you know, we have we have worked we have work happening in America, I mean, it's it's just across the board, but we want this inshallah in with your support with your work to grow. And when it grows, it's going to be something under your name, because you are the ones you know, who sowed the seeds. And that's the

05:16:46--> 05:17:24

whole point of being amongst the sad the cool and about being the early ones. The Quran gives us an archetype of the Sahaba it was the hub of course revealed about them, I said, we call it a balloon, but the point is the principle remains, that is always going to be acerbic going in, in all things is always those who come early, always those who prepare themselves early, always those who are better equipped early, always those who are eager to reach the end before anybody else is always always those who come to the mosque early, who make the first row early, always those who prepare themselves for Juma early and they're very amazing Hadith about so much reward for those who take

05:17:24--> 05:18:03

every step to the masjid. The point is, they have that eagerness to be there early. This is the cause of that will be there early. That's the whole point you know, be there early, or let's just be there. At the beginning at the beginning of the if there's only nine months work that we've been doing at sapiens, nine months of work, and this is not us. Nothing is from us. Well, I'm out I made to either Amita Well, I can aloha Rama. Allah says the reason is not you who threw when you threw it was Allah who through Allah does everything we say there Hola, La quwata illa Billah there's no power and there's no mind no success except with Allah. This is Allah doing everything. Allah just

05:18:03--> 05:18:38

using us you know for a few things but Allah is doing everything so Allah His Majesty, Allah is Allah veem. Allah is Allah thief. Allah is Allah Rahim Allah is Allah manolos are for those two whereby those were called Allah subhana wa Taala does everything. But Allah wants us to be there with this course Elinor Quran says in tunnels sort of lie on sort of Kumbaya, a bit academical. If you support the cause of Allah, Allah will support you remember that, if you support the cause of Allah, Allah will support you and make your foot hole firm. And that's really what the what the message is all about. It's about us, doing whatever we can in these last remaining moments we have

05:18:38--> 05:19:15

together today and of course and this bless at night, which could of course be leyna to cuddle the night of cuddle tonight of Qatar because there's a restriction the alumni they say because it's the earth is full of angels and there's no space left and that's why is it restricted night full of angelic presence is a night of cuddle because it's the night of father the night of virtue and value, virtue and value. That means everything nothing you do, even if saying one Subhana Allah is not like saying once upon Allah and the other time because saying it today, in this night inshallah or these last 10 nights of Ramadan, the reward is is magnified beyond our perceptions. We can't

05:19:15--> 05:19:53

simply conceive of that, seeing one on lower and spending one pound spending 50 pounds, 100 pounds, whatever you can give in the course of Allah, that reward is magnified that looks that will become great in your area. Remember, of course whatever you give in Allah scores is not going to decrease your wealth. Right Allah and the Prophet says man nacoss also to cotton mill Madden aka McCall, that your sadaqa does not decrease your wealth. Allah pays you back in this life and pays you back of course handsomely, with much more in the next life and that's really you know that that's really the call in for us today and remember, of course, that this is also the night of Qatar as an as a night

05:19:53--> 05:19:59

of power. Night of Power. Islam is power. Islam is power Eman is power.

05:20:00--> 05:20:44

having him on his power, having knowledge is power. Right? being equipped with knowledge is power, not so that you use that power with malicious intent, and you do damage that that's not good. But do you use that power, to soothe people's hearts to bring people's heart to hearts to Islam, Allah gave us everything in the Quran. In the prophetic tradition in Islam, it's all about us utilizing that maximizing our use of that maximizing the potential of us as was when I told you something, I tell you something, this oma is full of so many skilled people, so many talented people. We want this engine to grow with your skills, with your skills, with your talents with your knowledge, with your

05:20:44--> 05:21:24

expertise with your time, you know, with your your finger, you know, for Islam, this is how we're going to get this engine moving, you know, at good speed, and inshallah it's with all of your workers with all of your due to all of your financial support, if you dedicate inshallah, your commitment to this cause whatever you're able to give, give a clinical alone Hades Criticism The Adam or son of Adam un* un* Alec or son of Adam spend, and I will spend on what does that mean? What does that even mean? What does it mean that Allah would spend on your local bar? You know, it is a risk doesn't just mean money. Risk means happiness. Risk means health. Risk means life

05:21:24--> 05:22:01

satisfaction, or is it means family risk means children. What is it mean having good neighbors risk means your reserve, Allah's provision is in all of these things. And so you don't know how Allah subhanaw taala can aid and assist you if you support these noble causes like our sister who gave the 50 pounds for example. And she gave it with intention, I always do whenever I give sadoc I was giving you the kilometer because you want Allah subhanho wa Taala you want to you want to maximize things you want to have multiple multiple intentions for the things that you do. You give sadaqa give it on behalf of your parents as well. You don't give it on behalf of your family as well and

05:22:01--> 05:22:40

half of your friends as well. Meaning maximize your growth in charity. This is a beautiful thing and be charitable them how many verses in the Quran are commanding as compelling as to be charitable. Just like for example we're in this night of potentially not the other night the power today when the last 10 nights it's something that we were seeing in a kind of a almost a singular sense because we know it's a night amongst Of course other nights as well and the promises you know try hard try your best in the last 10 nights. But it's a single moment if you like in that sense in a kind of kind of in a microcosm cosmic sense. But life is like that. Life is like that. You know life is just

05:22:40--> 05:23:16

a collection of days Sahaba would say you have an item or sort of item in them and all you are is a collection of days for it that they have a yarn that they have about dog when one day leaves you. Part of us also left you when this night leaves us part of it has gone with us whatever we had, we have whatever we took from this night has gone that's finished that's gone nothing but we will see it. We will see it on the day that we stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala we will see it and inshallah we will see the rewards from this potential night on the day that we enter by Allah's mercy into heaven into Jana, by the permission and love and mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right,

05:23:16--> 05:23:54

it's not from ourselves, it's all from the mercy and the love and permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So therefore whatever you can capitalize on in this particular night and these particular days, take use of it, make use of it, because when it goes, is not going to come back, and who knows who's going to see tomorrow. Who knows who's going to see tomorrow the prophets companions would say, when the province says couldn't fit do Nick and the Caribbean say we'll be in this like as if you're a traveler or a stranger, even or modify remember would say orajel when you say either I'm said for Latin toggle or Saba that when you're in the evening, don't wait till the morning. If

05:23:54--> 05:24:33

you're in the evening, don't expect the morning to come do whatever you can in the evening. Because who knows if the morning will come upon you why the US bath for that en todo el Moussa. And when you're in the morning, don't wait don't expect the evening herdsmen sciatic llamado they take from your health from your sickness and take from your life for your death. The Prophet said attend him take care of Merle a couple of fabric take care of your wealth before you become poor, who knows how long that money will remain with us but if we invest that money today, inshallah for the harvest of tomorrow for the growth of tomorrow, that's something that is great and something that is big in the

05:24:33--> 05:24:59

eyes of Allah and May Allah grant all of us tofik to do that to maximize our use in sha Allah potential in this night and inshallah in the nights to come as well. Ramadan is unfinished as yet, but the Prophet did say in them Allah malleable, our team actions are judged by their ends and this is the end, few remaining days and nights of Ramadan. If we capitalize on these moments if we capitalize on this time, and spend whatever we can in the way of Allah

05:25:00--> 05:25:33

I know what to add, and have this concern and also, you know, follow the website, check out the work not just about spending, but check out the work, you know, look at the work that we're doing, watch the videos, read the articles, read the essays, you know, look at the debates, look at the dialogue, look at these things and share them with your family, spread the word, you know, engage with your children with these kind of things and with your neighbors and your families and friends. So that therefore people are aware of what kind of work is being produced, you know, at Sapiens Institute, inshallah people who are involved in that and supporters of that may log in and grant terrific to

05:25:33--> 05:26:12

every single one of you on this very auspicious night. May Allah make this a night of much fruition for all of us a month of forgiveness and mercy for all of us. Remember the Prophet when I showed the promise wife would ask she said you also are what do I say if I'm in this night if I come to Nova this night, and He will say to a state say, Aloha mai in the car for one to help Well, if we're for Annie, Oh Allah, you are pardoning and you love to pardon so Pardon me. And we ask Allah Allah pardons every single one of us and shows us most every single one of us forgives every single one of us. And we ask Allah for the money that we donated for this cause that Allah makes it a means for us

05:26:12--> 05:26:19

to be forgiven and to be pardoned, and for Allah to bestow His his great mercy on on all of us. I mean,

05:26:27--> 05:26:43

now it's time for us to go there's other things to do tonight, of course, every single one of you for spending time with us and your general donations, were last panels on a bless you in this life. And I'm in my last panel, what

05:26:45--> 05:26:52

make all the deeds that you've done, we've very heavy remember alone is not going to count your deeds, he's gonna weigh the deeds.

05:26:53--> 05:27:38

And it's important to be sincere with all of our acts of worship. One sincere is better than 1000, insincere to us. And we know the power of sincerity based on the Hadith of the top of the card. And even Timmy talks about this head Ethan, obviously other scholars, and I'm paraphrasing the Hadeeth that someone is so sinful, he has files and files and files of bad deeds on one side of the scale, and he's got no good deeds, but the angels find this little card on the floor and they pick it up and they put on the other side of the scale and the outweighs all of the evil deeds and what was in the card, La ilaha illAllah and this is what the early Mark old kalama took a class the Kadima of a

05:27:38--> 05:28:10

class like pure, pure, pure class like beyond 100% kind of thing. And he goes straight to paradise. And the alumni discuss well other Muslims have said the kalama but they go to hell first for purification but he didn't. And this shows the the importance of having a class and the purity of your class. Focus on that as our brothers and sisters, you know, the light The Night of Power is not a lottery. The Night of Power is not like a bank balance Allah Allah's mercy is way beyond this way we

05:28:11--> 05:28:48

don't treat it like a lottery as if you know, you know you know that you know, you know you we have all these things like you automate your 10 nights of giving and this and the other this is all good. But don't create the mindset that Allah is messy, some kind of lottery, no way. One person could could have missed tearaway for the whole month. He just did the basics. And on one night he just made it the most sincere door and Vicar that has ever done in his life and outweigh anything. This is not to belittle good deeds and your drive to do lots of good deeds, but also to make you understand that Allah is not counting he's weighing so in Allah make everything we're very heavy on

05:28:48--> 05:28:48

your skills.

05:28:50--> 05:28:53

Every single one of you Dr. Amin, guess all right.

05:28:55--> 05:29:00

Have some coffee and continue to everybody insha Allah likewise. Take care