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One who I'll call NWSL Allah Allah you earlier Salam. So this theme of hypocrisy will go on for maybe two weeks or so you say I can cover all the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salam talked about a lot of them. Interestingly enough, if you if you take up any Falcon, any of the books of Hadith, you actually look at the the chapter you don't find like a huge amount of them. Why? Because it's an issue that the Quran talked about a lot. The crime didn't leave much for the Prophet Allah, it's awesome to add or to explain or to clarify, but he didn't give a few, a central a hadith that are more or less anthem. So they mean Hadith that most Muslims

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will be exposed to at some point in their lives, and they know them and understand them. And I'll narrate them in Sharla throughout these nights and explain why they're important. So he says out of this lesson, and this hadith is a very simple one is a very, you may have another narration that you know about, but this is the one I'm going to narrate today I'll narrate the other one and nothing another night. So because there's actually just there's a distinction and they're different. A follow

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up said us either had differ

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what either one either way, either to mean or one. And you can say well, there's another Hadith autobio will narrate that one later. Like both I'll talk about that one later. But he said here out of your slot to send out the evidence or the signs of I'm gonna fail, or three things.

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If they speak, they lie. When they promise, they break their promises, they don't hold their covenants. And when they are trusted with something, they don't be it through, you don't deliver what you're entrusted with the way they were supposed to deliver it, meaning they are not trustworthy.

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And this is important because again, we come back to the same issue with the with understanding the concept of hypocrisy and what it means. This is not an ideological or theological hypocrisy, where you have on the inside a any hatred towards something and you show the opposite. This is a practical hypocrisy. And what's the difference? The difference is very important.

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As a Muslim,

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upfront out when you're asked to what what Islam means to you, or you talk about it, the values of the deen if I if you you're sat down okay, what is Islam about? Then any if I put a gun to your head, you say I have to be honest, truth truthful, if you're truthful, and you have to always you know, be trustworthy, you have to be good. So that you know that yeah, so why are the behaviors not aligned with the with the belief system? Like why do you claim that that's the case that you said like Allah, Allah, Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, so you accepted Islam? And you're saying these are the values of Islam? So why don't your practices reflecting the values of Islam, the core values of

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Islam? You see, the broader audience saw those I'm didn't give an example of Nuf up by talking about the secondary issues within the deen that you can break. Interesting. Interestingly enough, he didn't even look at Jonnie CompTIA. Yeah, he didn't talk about breaking rules like drinking alcohol, for example, or committing? No, he didn't talk about that. He talks about the core values of the human race. He talked about the big basic stuff. It's interesting to think that way that the broader audience thought it was me telling you, you see honesty,

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loyalty and trustworthiness, the three ethics that he's talking about that had to lie to me. You have to be truthful or honest. You have to be loyal to your word, and then you have to be trusted, trustworthy, these ethics that he's talking about Alia, solid, some are not specific to Islam, are they? Are they specific to Islam? Not at all. They're not even specific to any specific any religion. They are widespread human ethics that almost every decent person on the planet agrees to yet. Yet, if you don't practice them as a Muslim, you're seen as a monopoly or the biller.

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You see it as the worst of the worst and then I'm gonna clean up to Donald kill us really nerdy will ontology, the littleness, Isla, indeed them going after cleaner in the lowest art of journalism, you'll find no one to stand by them, no one's willing to stand by them. It's a scary thing. Very scary.

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Terrifying. So it's almost saying that in order for you to be Muslim, you have to have the basic ethics of human decency, the basic basic ethics have to be there, they're not there, then they don't we can't even talk about, you know, there's no use of talking about other aspects of Islam. There's no use of talking about any prayer. And CME is a guide, if the basic ethics aren't there. It's very, it's very problematic, very problematic for us to be praying in the first line. Yet we cannot speak the truth when needed, yet we can't be trusted. We are not able to see through our word when we, when we offer it when we make a promise, we break it. It's a problem, because it's the again, it's a

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schizophrenic effect. Like it's hypocrisy. That's the word nice hypocrisy. How is it that you stand here and you claim to be close to God, and then the basic ethics of humanity don't exist? Doesn't work. This hadith does not use for labeling. You don't look at someone who lies and trustworthy and say this isn't enough. If you do that, then you have just made the biggest mistake of your life. Because now you claim to know what's on

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The inside private, isolated area

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is different. It's not it doesn't give you the ability to label doesn't give you the ability that is a sign sign that is not diagnosis. You got some signs, maybe but it's not it's not a label, you can give somebody, this is for me. And this is for you, you listen to this hadith and you think about it for yourself, do I speak the truth?

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When do I stop? Where's my time where I stop? Am I trust where you kind of be interested to be trusted?

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If I if I if I give my word, do I keep it? Or am I a person of my word? Do I break my work? Those are the questions to ask yourself if we're not because if we're not doing them, then then you start feeling oh, maybe maybe I have maybe there's an aspect of me that is not that is not correct. Because if you want to if you want to cash in your military ama with your DNA if you want to, you want to in Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah to be there for you. He's looking at those basic ethics of humanity, do you have them, if you don't think there's a label that he can give Subhana wa Tada. Here's the fear of this, you see the label of the FARC, the only way you can give it is Allah

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subhanaw. And he will give it to people on the day of judgment. And people will be labeled like that, when

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imagine coming in like that your little piano? How do you get rid of that? No matter what you do, you can't wash it off, because it's been labeled. You will label someone like that you're acting like you know what's inside of them. And that and if you do that, may Allah bless you if ALLAH SubhanA has given you the booklet or the insight so you can see what's going on in the inside you have a good for you, I don't have that. But if you if you don't have it, then you have no reason to label people. And this hadith and none of the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salam are there for us to label people. The Sahaba didn't dare label people. The Prophet Allah Islam didn't even tell the

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Sahaba who they were. You think he would have somebody didn't look at it with one person and told him you tell no one you told no one stays between you and God, you just make sure that they don't reach any form of of governance and authority in the in the Khilafah. Oh, say that you don't tell people very interesting that we weren't told who they were that the prophet is awesome. wouldn't do it. The sitter was was more important, because that's the point we're not the point is not to label. They're not a group of society. It's not that there's a Mystery Machine. And then here's the harlequin went off your thing. Here's their neighborhood. No, there are people who said Who spade

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with the blue paid with the prophit a slot to ascertain who attended Juma, you understand that? You understand what it would mean to you and me if I could say if one of us could say I prayed behind the profanity of salatu salam what would that mean to you? Or I tend to the hook but of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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you wouldn't you wouldn't be you wouldn't walk anymore you don't need people to carry you around with your big gear a man would be so big in these five people to hold it because you said prayed behind the Prophet there I'm gonna have you clean who prayed behind the Prophet

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there are people who did it so it doesn't mean this isn't important why because they had this like other way they went live with that to me now can you just basic stuff basic stuff, you go back to the basics and you file because a scary thing because Allah Subhan is gonna use it to label us and if we don't take care of these basic stuff, then we could be used to label it and he's gonna leave you with that for now and we'll talk about this little bit more tomorrow. Yahweh Imam will Buhari you will email Muslim community so he and it'd be hard to tell the Allahu Anhu call kala Nabil Salah highly valued Salam

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LF either had difficulty with Allah Allah for that to me the Han Solo colossal Allah He said Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah He learned stellar feel good to really go sallahu wa Salam wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad in one early or five years, many