Adnan Rajeh – Hypocrisy #03

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The interview segment covers the story of the Prophet's death and the use of negative language to describe actions and events. The segment also touches on the history of Islam, including the implementation of Islam laws and national security codes, and the use of words like "naive" and "naught" to describe actions and events. The segment ends with a mention of a photo builder and a woman wearing a mask. The story suggests that the man may have been harmed by his son's actions, and that forgiveness is important for avoiding mistakes. The segment also touches on the pandemic and the importance of learning to avoid mistakes.
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Lima Tamara, you sent Luffy Halleck therminal Salah TLSAE Mala yo Rasulillah on early your Sahaba human Villa coulomb your Salah native Jamar, but last night's beautiful night the Sunnah is to increase your salah upon the Prophet Alia Salatu was Salam and all good deeds you can think of Salalah Ali Salam Danny tonight, Yahweh. Imam Al Bukhari Muslim couldn't be so he

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and I we live in Yamato the Allahu Akbar. Do you think the question both barring Muslims nature's webinar model, and this hadith is narrated to us at least four different ways, at least in four different ways. And I, on the post,

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you'll find three at least three narrations is because they're distinct enough that I think is worth sharing. I'm going to basically narrate a little bit of a mix of them just so the story actually comes across clearly.

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But but they but each of the iterations are all obviously in this hands with authentic they just each generation took a an aspect of the other one did not take that I think when you put them together, this story becomes a little bit more fulfilled and completed.

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You'll call it normal laminata. A doula even OB, even though cellule

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Ibnu who Abdullah he then never use and Allah Allah wa sallam Abdullah bin Raymond said with the normal knowledge and this is within the theme of news of hypocrisy that I'm going to talk about over the next maybe two weeks. His son Abdullah, even though Abdullah Ibnu obey union salute his son who's also named Abdullah just to confuse you, but no, Abdullah is very known. Abdullah Abdullah was a very known Sahabi and he was very much very respected and revered and he was no, he was close to the Prophet Alia sought to ascend when his father died. His father after everything he had done and even said he did a lot of things like he, he can spear conspired against the Prophet adios Lodge was

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at least four times to kill him, aside from trying to de meet the need to undermine him. Every time every example he had every chance he had. He tried to get him killed, like he conspired with Bono Cordova and Abu Sofia and he left them right before it started and took 300 people he he tried actively to destroy the Muslim gave wasn't just something he was doing under the under the rug. He actually tried Oh, he tried, but he said La Ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah and he can claim to be Muslim. So that's it. They couldn't happen. I mean, who did a home we know that Muhammad Allah Who so he had he had protected his wealth in his life because he claimed to be Muslim, but everyone

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knew he's the person who accused instead of the law one of the worst thing you can do an EVP harmed the broader audience as a multiple times and when he died, the Muslims were happy the people just died he was his harm would go away with him. His son Abdullah, who knew that his father was like that to the point where he is on the way back from one of the battles they had fought there was this fight between the on site and Mr. Green and some people said some things to each other so our beloved obey became extremely racist. And he said, my my family my my fellow namaste will help hula Illa common comentario Kolkata and he sent me in Killbuck, a cook. And he was he said, the example

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of Us and Them Arginine is like the example you feed your dog and you'll eat you just wait there aren't any Medina teleoperation and zoom in and then we go back to Medina, the one of high integrity and the highest status will remove the one of lower status and he's speaking of himself and above it Assad was his son said you don't enter him. It didn't make Medina. I will not You're not allowed to introduce a drummer and his own son. Like you're not entering until you apologize for what you said about the prophet Isaiah slotzo Sam if anyway, and if your head has to fly, I'm the one who's gonna do it and like anyone else do it. I can't walk around with someone who killed my father alive I

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can't do it. So I had to do it if you if if you deserve to be killed for what you just said, the prophet Isaiah says Lindemann whatever you can say what he wants to Abdullah was not again just trying to play he knew he knew when his father died

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in death, a lot goes away. Like when death occurs, a lot of the a lot of the

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built up anger in the in the animosity and the hatred and the small, trivial problems and the local effort. They all just kind of fade away in two ways when you really realize how stupid they were and how completely irrelevant they were and how you shouldn't have spent that time in this problem. So when his father died, he couldn't help it is his father, his father, but he came to the path aka Abdullah Abdullah Kalia rasool Allah, for me is like a you can feel it give me something of yours for him to be buried in a common abuse of Allah Allah you Salam, the Halacha Musa took off his homies

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Acharya Rasul Allah to suddenly Ali, would you, you come and perform Salani Nakama iliamna BRTs also the refinement Garbin work decoy or Maria rasool Allah will suddenly la he will find a yarmulke Bacala yarmulke walk either anchor female Sadiq ifisa Antica so I'm gonna send you everything I started telling him. What are you doing? What are you do this if you forget what he did that day? What he said this day and what how he talked about you that day when he did this thing called

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Ronnie I'ma leave me alone. But if axon to it, he

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And I kept on going no, that's totally you can't do this. This man is made it clear you can't go do this. Because this is what the Bible says. I said I'm said or you saw it was called a Amara in the year 2 million Amrhein I was given a stolen funeral home. I will tell you make so far for them or you don't. I was given a choice when you still to whether ILM will know your federal law Hopper Sabrina's it and if I knew that he would be forgiven if I did it 71 times is this is total federalism. Oh, let us tell if you're alone, make exam make us too far for them or don't interstellar ferula home seven a&m Alma 10 Philadelphia Allah Who to whom, if you make us too far

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for him 70 times seven in the Arabic language means repetitiveness is an infinite number. Why? Because for example, there are seven days of the week when they're done. There's not the number eight just just repeat again so she just keeps on going through that repetition. So seven means repetition in the Arabic language. That's why everything is seven, eight. Regardless, that's the understanding. That's what the client uses. It seems like if I knew somebody one time to fix it, I've said it, but if I do that, you're gonna be your ally. You're Salatu was Salam. Bahar gentlemen poverty survivalism goes and he takes up the love and obey out of his grave don't matter for who

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become you'll see and then he put any any any covered him with his homies on Allah Hadees I said him.

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You don't? That's I had no I can't. Impossible. How do you do this? How could No, no. Yes, yes, too much. Like you can only understand you can only accept this story if you don't know him out of your slots. I mean, you don't know how to love and obey this story is fine for you. But you understand what this man did. If you said how many times he may be little, the prophet Allah your thoughts on how you went after his adult, his integrity, how he looked after his life, how he went after the life of the Sahaba with him how he tried to get them killed time and time again. How he told the prophet Allah says I'm take your donkey and get out of here you stink to his face on a southwest

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from time and time again. But out of respect his son, sometimes that matters and for the fact that he's a Muslim. He's a Muslim, maybe he was filled with me fuck, but he's a Muslim. Maybe, maybe I could I mean Allah, you are more generous than Allah subhanho wa taala. Maybe Allah subhanaw taala looks at him differently. So he goes, he lets it all go. He left I don't know how to let it all go. That's my problem. They don't understand how good people when they will presume once or twice you don't forget it. But if they spend their lives trying to harm you, every time they have the chance this just keep on trying to do it. It's not like there's some poor person who no one knows this as

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the leader of his of his of his tribe. He he had command over hundreds of people, they listened to him he was respected. He had he had weight kept on harming him. Now he dies, the prophet Allah is removed from his grave. He wraps them up with his own tummies, he puts them back into masala Alehissalaam. And they performed the salah Janessa upon him.

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He performed the Salah, Digenova upon our beloved obedience.

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Allah and he, finally Allah here, because you're going to also pray and he said this and did that and that, that if I thought he does even listen, in other way, and he prays for him a thumb and as a local who were to solve the hidden minimum. But don't worry, I'll cover it in the Hunka photo builder, he was truly he will matter to him first. wherever they happen Allah Subhanallah send up and said, Don't ever pray upon them again. Well, what up was too busy, couldn't come like a few minutes earlier. No, this was this was this was purposeful that you and I would have this story to tell him that if he was loved up to his hearts that Allah Allah CIBJO said, it is sobbing heart of

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love. And he would have prayed it Janessa for everyone after he would do it for each and every one of them. Maybe Allah subhanaw taala will find forgiveness for them. Because he wasn't judgmental of his salatu salam. He didn't judge people as when everything when they were alive, forget about judging them when they're dead. You would never label someone like that. He didn't go around telling people who died and we're not gonna but I know he told one person in the reason was that when he died, you want to make sure that the kidnapper wouldn't fall because untrustworthy people will take command or authority. It wasn't even for his personal use. He didn't need it didn't care for it. And

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he made do out for them make his tough bar for them. And when he died when I'm alive and died, you could have at least exposed him he didn't he didn't he went and he gave him his he gave him his shirt just yet understand what that means like a piece of him something he wants that Allah Hi so I was sent him. He gave it to him and he performed sala de Janeiro maybe Maybe Allah Subhana Allah forgive him so Allah Allah Allah Allah Savio seven, I don't understand that I honestly don't. I can't I can't imagine it. I can't comprehend it is beyond my ability, but that's who your prophet is on. So to sum that is the level of Mercy compassion and love he cared and that's how he viewed the

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world and he didn't he had no problem. Yokoyama have a job to enjoy at ALA Rasulillah. I always look back and I wonder how was I so you know, upfront with him out of your thoughts about this I kept on pushing No, you can't do this is wrong. It's like the Quran came and said it but why was I so pushy about this? And I thought he didn't listen. He didn't anyway, it was so it was. Yes, the verses explain what he should have, but should be. We should happen later on. But this story stays for us. Talk about forgiveness. He talked about letting things go talking about

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Not judging people, whatever you think is amazing. Just go back to the story with the Prophet, Allah, your thoughts and I love and obey. He's going back to that. When he died, he acted as if nothing had happened. No, I could like the last 10 years last decade of continuous conspiracy, did not occur, just forgot all about it in one second, and went and gave him everything he could maybe give him a chance on the Day of Judgment. Sal, Allahu Allah CIBJO Salam, please don't use the concept of nofap to label people. Please don't use it as a catalogue to tell Poulan to say this is gonna flip and he's gonna, she's gonna don't say these things. You have no idea what you're doing.

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You don't understand what this is for if you're doing that this is for self regulation, is that you? And I fear for ourselves that we don't fall into that trap. That's why this whole concept is taught so that we can think Am I my like that am I doing this? I go back and I wonder again, and I fix myself I don't look at Fula and I learn they say Well, look, I had the academic the customer of

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the Prophet Alia sort of knew he was the head of Guna 15 When he died when he prayed for him it your thought was you're really memorable hurry you wouldn't know Muslim couldn't be so he he and I believe in our early Allah one column to fear Abdullah Hypnobabies Salut atta Ibnu Abdullah, Abdullah, Acharya rasool Allah,

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me it's like you can find V.

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A call and I'm Acharya Allahu

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Allah Allah rasool Allah. So suddenly Ali ukla Nam, Ali Ali. Oh Allah Allah Ya Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa COVID Carla, Kedah yo Makeda for Allah cada

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Bacala Anka cada uno tiene cada de cada Annie Amara. While if I'm 32 i Li Ara Yamato Neha year two doctor to wear Alamo and knees closer to focus to bring over fear Allah Who loves it also Maga Salah Ali Raja whom and poverty he don't like a fellow who feed me asleep, though masala is Allah Allah Allah CIBJO Salam? Well, I'm forever one sort of nezuko will hooter Allah but in Mecca Sierra wala to follow the Minamata abdomen. What are the Comala Cobra? According to yo Vita I jumped to Yamaha Manjul at ALA Rasulillah. He said Allah Allah subhanho Kamnik chidren La ilaha illa Anta Stubblefield go to Lake or sun Allah who was telling them about like Allah and maybe, you know,

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habibi in our karate or Mohammed. While early he was like a big man. He's talking about a Glyphicon show tomorrow Juma is 115 We'll see you there everything like data, take care just

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like that.

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