Adnan Rajeh – The Glorious Names of Allah Names of domination Al-Wahid Al-Ahad

Adnan Rajeh
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You're so happy to hear Gemma you know but

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it's Mala Hilah had this Mala Allah I did I had the one and the only this is within the category of attributes of * and there's a lot of names and this this group as you can see

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are called dues or Samad Elmo Haman. I chose Merli coloring book which is what we talked about yesterday and I'm choosing today and then we'll move on to another category inshallah Tada and these names talk about Allah subhanaw taala * upon his upon his creation subhanho wa Taala

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ism Allahu Ahad it is in the Quran.

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Hadith in the Quran once and had this in the Quran 15 times nine of those times it comes with Islam Allah alcohol they subdue her.

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Now talk about that a little bit more once we talk about Islam Allah helical hub

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This is the name through which all of the other names are understood this is the name through which all the other names are concluded.

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This is the original name

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in terms of the attributes Allah subhanaw taala is named that no one shares with him is Allah and then the name right comes right after that. Is it right that I had all the other names are just concluded from from this name

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and Whitehead, la sharika mean there is no associate and I had learned as ILA there is no one similar to him.

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Allah had meaning there are not others, and had us not dividable into others Subhana who subhanho wa taala.

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And law had had

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is what Islam is built upon. Because if you were to break Islam down into one word,

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then there would be no hate.

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The concept of of monotheism or the Oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala from which the ultimate value of a class which is the most important act of worship, that is an internal internal act of worship comes from it mirrors the most important appearance, the apparent act of worship, which is still hate and these are the two concepts that a Muslim carries apparently, he is more head and internally he is Millennials this is how it's supposed to work. The both these concepts that are the two most

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important external and internal come from his name's of Hana without him anyway.

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He says, But Luca and I'm out who actually had to kinda cool either lebuh Turbo either the oroshi surbey. So behind the water I'm Luna Alou one caveat, I say, if there were other gods with him as they claim, either love or devil Isla de la RCCB that they would have tried to they would competed with one another and tried to get to the throne of the one who was ruling at the time, because you can understand what the word God or deity means, then you understand that that being of such nature

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would not be content with being under another being.

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So if there was another one than the other one would go and try and claim the throne until they will keep on fighting. But by the law who mean well, one I can ama who mean either

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either Allah Allah Allah Allah whom Allah about if there was a God that saw it there was another he has no associated there's no other God if there was they would each one would try to be upon a talk with on top of the other

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in the leather have a Kulu Isla him even a HELOC what Allah Allah whom Allah about each God would create his own universe and that they would go up on top of each other fighting until one of them was God and the other one wasn't

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the other one will cease to exist Oh kinda fee him hurtin il Allah Who deficit data has there been a god aside from Allah subhanaw taala within the cosmos and the earth, then they would collapse and they would cease to exist all together.

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And this comes from the simple observations that we have within the world. And this is why it's important to understand his name into our head, because it is something that is going includable from just observing the world that you live in. Meaning once the human being had the ability to observe and had enough intellect actually

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reflect and contemplate where he was.

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Then you can come to the conclusion of it. Why did I had just by just by observing the world, and then every other name is a direct consequence of the existence of Allah had Allah had all the other names, they are directly concluded from understanding that he is the one and the only

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how you conclude that he is the one the only Well number one.

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All of the laws are the same. They're the same

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same laws that govern everything. Whether it's rotation counterclockwise around the center, everything from the atom to the galaxy does the exact same thing. Every, the essence of the creation of everything is that from the smallest to the biggest, everything just circulates, and rotates around the center, in a counterclockwise, counterclockwise method, everything. Everything when it comes to life

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existed slowly through the laws of graduality. Nothing, nothing just existed at once. Even though that was the basic understanding of the medieval laws, or the medieval theologies that looked at God, everything in this world comes slowly through time, everything, whether the creation of the human being, the creation of life, on earth, everything that graduality these, these laws are the same, no matter where you look, you're finding the exact, exact, exact same thing. Now it's about

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learning in when you look, you don't see in the creation of a run, you don't see to vote, you don't see one, I need certain things about this law. And then other things have a different law that our government, the second one, the second way we look

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at them.

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The method of creation is the same life comes in the same way. But younger, really insane to me, my Holy, holy Akami. Matt, in your court. Yeah. Hello, Julian Boehner. Sobey. What

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I mean, coalition in California is Oh, Janeite La La Quinta that govern, everything is the same. The creation of every living thing, technically was exactly the same. It's a male and a female, and there's

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a sperm and an egg, and then something pregnant pregnancy, and then they give birth, and it all comes out and looks exactly the same. The oneness of these laws, the oneness of these rules, is what we look at. And if there was more than one God, if there was more than one creator, you would have a different set of rules every time you went into with a different direction. But you look

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deep into the atomic structure of everything that exists in the atomic structure of everything that's around us. And you look as far as you can, through a telescope to, to the surrounding observable universe. It's the same laws that that dictate everything, the gravitation along

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the electromagnetic law, these laws are the same thermodynamics works the same everywhere. And that is evidence that whatever

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power created where we are right now

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was one

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more than one

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makes no sense. Because if you say there's more than one, but they all created the exact same thing, in the exact same way, then defeats the purpose of there being more than one

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if there are more than one, but they create the exact same creation in the exact same method, and they somehow harmoniously get along, and there's no point of there being more than one, then it's just one, it just, it doesn't work that way.

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These are simple philosophical points that people you conclude when you look around

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a third, Delhi is this, everything is set up in a way where it's there for you. It's set up so that you can access things, the way the world around you is put together, so that you could actually emerge, and so that you could actually take care of yourself and be around. And if any of these laws being different anything had not been exactly the way it was, it wouldn't suit you, you and I only exist because the world is within a certain weight, and everything around us functions in that

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certain way. And it had it not, we would not be able to actually exist to begin with. Everything is Musa What's up Corolla combustion. So we'll come over there eveyone, what's up Corolla como de la when

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he talks about dotato everything that he created, He created the sun in the moon, and day and night, and the rivers and the mountains all there, all of them are there so that you and I can exist. Fourth point, the common, everything completes everything else, we have an ecosystem, everything has a purpose, where it works for the serve something else

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in a circular manner,

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in a circular manner, everything just moves in a way, where if if you if you ruin the balance, it wouldn't be the way it is. And we know that the human being tried and Kitty came along and tried to play around with the balance and poked holes at it. And the moment they wouldn't be poked holes at the balance things. There was an imbalance in that Meezan that Allah subhanaw taala established where the rules stopped functioning. Everything was everything just works with everything else in a

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way where this where this system continues to function. And that's how we came to found this world working

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these simple points that the human

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Bing was able to observe, they all point they all explained the all allow us to imagine the creator of this role as being one. And had there been anything more than one it wouldn't function in a proper manner.

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Yet subpoena watada did not demand from the human being to come to these conclusions on his own. So he sent through soon, but he sent through. So just to take the human beings attention towards something that was there all along for the human being to to notice. So it wasn't something that the human being had to go and go against the nature of what makes us a filter, the concept of thought as the filter of every every living thing, every living thing knows that. That one is more simple. The

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concept of aid is the most simple of concepts when it comes to theology. It's dead simple, and there's nothing that is confusing about it. And those who reject it, you don't reject it. And based on the merit of the argument, the argument is, is the easiest argument to make is to argue that makes the most sense. It's an argument that has been posed evidence to support is just the consequence of this argument is difficult. The consequence of this argument, when you accept this

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argument, a lot comes from it. It's an argument that has a lot of results. And it requires a lot of change and a lot of dedication and commitment. And it requires accountability. And it has within it the concept of resurrection. And you're dealing with a with this a power that is way beyond what you are you ever will be. And again, we doesn't like that. The human being has never liked that. We were never happy with just being this. We were never happy with that. So when once the concept of God

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became clear to us, and is his idea Subhanallah, which is why that became the argument is this just suit the human being. So he did one of two things, one of two things, either, he messed with the image of God, to make it less to make Allah subhanaw taala supreme, by taking away his wife Dunia by saying no, no, there's associates there's there's multiple gods. And there's different levels of it as well took away the idea. They took away these two things, they vertically added gods and then

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they go sorry, horizontally added gods and then vertically added gods as well. And the more they added, the less merit each of them had. So if you studied Greek mythology, for example, where you look at the mythology of the of the Eastern Asian cultures, and they all come they all stem from the stem from what duniya if you study them, you'll find that there was at the beginning, just one figure with a name. And then added to that were many things. And then the more you add, the more you

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dilute the effect of this God until there's really nothing left of its meaning. Because when God is not as great, when God is not as supreme, you don't feel as you don't feel less about yourself. You feel that, okay? A bit stronger than me but nothing. And then the stories that came after where the human being defying the gods and challenging the gods, or sometimes somehow even winning the battle with the gods. This is this is what the because they, or the second way is make human beings more

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similar to God. Right superpowers, which is why Marvel and DC are so common. They're fun, because they make you feel like you're you can do more than what you can do. My brain can can think way more be way beyond what I can do. I can imagine myself flying. I can't do it. But I can imagine myself flying. I can imagine myself breathing underwater, but I can't seem to get that done. There's all these there's all this potential in my head that I don't play by doesn't seem to allow me to

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achieve. And it's it's a little bit depressing. Even if he doesn't like that. It wants to be able to eliminate it. So we like the idea that the stories of Thorin and Hercules we like these stories because it's a human being that's a little bit more it's more advanced system. It's stronger human being closer to God. We don't like the idea of being a bud. But why don't Hey, Danny, how do you have Allah subhanaw taala it puts this paradigm it's very simple. There is one God

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and because there's one God everything that you see is his creation subhanaw taala and everything that is his creation or his servants. And then you have to accept that service piece upon yourself and the human doesn't like that. Then EFS is very opposed to this concept of service. It takes away any any potential for corruption.

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Bob Allahu Mithila Raju then fee he showed Oka on water Shirky sunnah well Roger wouldn't sell MLD Rajouri in polyester, we need masala Alhamdulillah he Bella Kurume La La moon, our guests voluntarily gives Donald method he gives an example of a person

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who has one boss Salim Ali, Rajan is just one person that he reports to. And then another man who reports to multiple bosses that don't agree on anything that continuously to give him mixed messages in opposite directions. Tell your story any method or are they the same in there?

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functionality. Do they? Do they live the same? Do they have the same quality of life? Of course they don't.

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He says Subhan Allah Tala

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Al Hamdulillah wa salam O Allah Eva de Hilda Xena Stofer La Jolla, Ron Amalur Sri goon, Sailor hamdulillah and grant salam to all those whom Allah subhanaw taala chose from his creation is Allah better or those whom he they associate with him?

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A min kala pasta Marathi will orba one Zarrella co Minister ma EMA for imbeds Nabi he had a Ba ba ba Isla whom Allah well whom OMA yeah de lune Or who is it that created the cosmos of the earth and descended water from the sky so that you may find plants that have beauty that you would have never had the ability to create yourself giving you gardens eat out whom Allah there is a there's a God aside from Allah Bella whom como yeah de lune indeed it is there is not but there are people who

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choose to go against what is obvious. Amanda Allah or the Tarara wa jalla

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wa jalla wa see what do you think been rainy hard user who has it or else who is it that made the earth as stable as it is and put mountains on it and put between them rivers and put between the bodies of water?

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However just barriers so that you may have saltwater and freshwater now Allahu Allah is there a god with Allah well accelero Whom Allah Yeah, and then when there isn't, but most of them just don't know. Um, may ug Bucha. Bara Eva da, we actually will sue where they could have

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Or who is it? who answers the dua of this application of the person who was an extreme and dear need?

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And the one who removes difficulty and the one who makes you the caregiver of the earth. Isla whom Allah there's a God aside from Allah vallila mucha karoun, but it's very rare that you reflect on these things. Amelia had equal confusable OMA Tilbury Wilbraham where you're seated RIA Hubbell Sharon Bay in a day Rama dear who is the one who guide you on earth or in the in the sea, and he sends his wind with his mercy and compassion in the rain. Isla Humala, there's a God aside from

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Allah da de love well I'm usually cool and Allah is Exalted from having any any associates and maybe that will help tell me what you do who were my heroes Zuko mera sama he will orb Or who is it that brings out creation who created and then will create again and provides for you within the cosmos in the earth at 11 My Allah there is a God aside from Allah doing this fool her to burn a comb in quantum Saudi may say bring bring proof and evidence that there is a goddess say from Allah, but

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Allah Allah moment, T will all be ye but in Allah when I show guna a Jana ubuY soon but it felt like I didn't

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buy the home Fisher came in Bell who minha Moon system Heiner what I call liminal or the woman fee in quantum Tala Moon say aku rune and Allah He called a fella Tuchman say, who owns the earth and everything on it.

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If you if you have no you don't say hola. Then where's your duck? What Why do you keep on associating others with Allah subhanaw taala? Where is this coming from this, this constant need to associate somebody? The concept of shear that comes from the fact that for there to be just one being just one Creator. That means there's only one rule, and there's one law, and there's one set of values. And there's one set of red lines that we don't cross, having more Gods allows for more

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flexibility, because this guy can move the the you can you can move the needle a little bit, you can remove that line, push it this way, push it that way. There's a little bit of intersection. You can go and talking. This was

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someone who can break the rule for you. You go to the clergy who's responsible for taking care of this God and you can ask for an exemption you can give you an exemption because this God has a little bit of power. They don't there's no room for corruption. There's no room, any alcohol outlet as they say. There's no room for us to have a conversation about these laws.

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Is what they told me. They said we don't we don't want this. Say me. I know what I'll say now. This is not going to work. Sorry. This is way too difficult. Go go back and change it. So he didn't so what they did what did they do?

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For me, Jaco for me let him fall we are Musa Atlanta Isla and Kamala who Malita they saw people who had all these idols yeah Musa get make us a God like they have God's give us something we can work with. Someone that we can we can talk to so we can change things. Yeah, Allah subhanaw taala. If you sit and you make dua all your life saying, Yeah, I need an exemption from this rule. I can't keep on doing this. This one act of

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Hello just one active out of obligation or this one haram I can't seem to stick to I need an exemption. I need you to send that I need to speak to someone so that there's an exemption to this rule because this rule is too hard. You can spend your whole life doing this, you'll never get it. Who is he going to who? The Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam passed away because that's what Allah Allah sent me is not here for you to go and ask for exemptions to the rule. So who's going to give

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it to you? No one so you have to have some false god. You need some idle something you can turn to. So it can break the rule. That's that's the reason these problems exist. That's the reason

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why did you pay him? Mo Luffy I don't have any more pain. says La ilaha illAllah. We have Kelly Mattoon Bihar karma till Aldo was somewhat well thought or Allahu La her Jimmy I love Lu caught. Why we have OC certain Mila when OC Bertil tabler

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where he came out to Epcot when Mr. Hood will build the Yeti he welcome Lima to Islam, or miftah, who there is Salam.

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womankind, here we go, I mean in a dunya, Allah Illa Allah the whole agenda. So he says La Ilaha illa Allah through it, everything was established and all creation was established, the loss of power, and I put the filter on every creation that he has based on it. And based on it, Allah subhanaw taala created the mill that there is Dean, and we'll see about the label and you have your direction, and is the is the key of Jana, and is the word of Islam. And whoever said make sure that

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this is the last word that comes out of his mouth before he passes away. We'll enter agenda.

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And another another book comes out in my head at the end of it he says La Ilaha illa Allah Kalama to an apartment we have some our two will arm we have to Ebrahim ofin now.

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What we have Ooh, the Musa Oakridge I mean most of what we have occurred to us lunar Isa, where we have new Shiraz a Korea will mean shell will be totally out. So we are here, where we are located MBR woofie arbery him where we have Carter Robin, who is ILA and via whom, while we have all the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Our Sahaba

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is the word that through because of it, Ibrahim was thrown into the fire and Musa was removed from Egypt and they almost killed the ISA. And they saw that Korea in half, and they chopped off the head of his son yeah, here and through this word Mohammed atta yo salatu salam and all of his companions went through the persecution, the oppression that they went through is because of this word is because of law either in the the concept of His word duniya Subhana wa Tada. You would say Alia

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salatu salam yet they do Eman accord?

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They just did do email documenting renew your faith. I thought okay, what do we do cut a hole in the wall? That's what he would say adios tomato. Listen. God, we know your faith. colada ilaha illallah c'est la ilaha illa you renew your faith every time

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oh god oh my call to Anna when maybe you wanna melancholy?

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In the law why the hula Sharika there we'll move forward and welcome to your yo yo me to Allah coalition. And the best thing that any I said in any profit before me said was in the Allah, Hadith.

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The authentic hadith. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam tells us a small incident on the Day of Judgment. When a man comes

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and he's standing there and the mullah er doing the assault. They're doing the counting of deeds. file of a cannula who mean sushi lert is the earthy discern what is Runa cedula Colusa Julian Medina sama evil

00:23:42 --> 00:23:51

this gentleman had 99 folders of bad deeds each folder was a stick as the distance between the earth and the sky

00:23:52 --> 00:23:59

as far as you can look as that's the thickness of each of these folders folders of say 99 of them

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and there was nothing in the other in the

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in the other hand, I'll call it I'll run boom. So Allah Subhan Allah tells him oh yeah Abdi

00:24:12 --> 00:24:20

Ebola Mecca captivity? That my any Kasturba the melodica that was responsible for keeping keeping

00:24:22 --> 00:24:25

keeping record. Did they mistreat you to do press you with this caught Allah

00:24:27 --> 00:24:39

I meant to do now had he he I Merlin Have you done it aside from all this anything else? Oh Carla nothing the servant was in a state of complete exception acceptance

00:24:41 --> 00:24:59

is a Bernie voters who there's a Bernie of January came and started to pull him towards Yanni his final destination for Athena and we'll do who it was said no, bring him back. Fenella who and then Abby Parker went to glamour and Allahu Ahad. Now there's still one more piece of unaccounted deeds. There's one more piece and

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We don't no one's being oppressed. The ILO who had the will be Parker, there's this card for Carla, the man in Parramatta and for all Bupa what is the card gonna do? There's 99 folders of baloney that I've done on my life profile I overlap more and then I had no one has mistreated here everyone no one is served it with injustice here today. God if I know about when they looked for either I will be parked at the La ilaha illallah

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carried out on it, you know in the law, and they put it in the other hand of the

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of the scale called this is wording to use the law to Oliver Tasha to see TCG alert. And the folders they go flying into into into the sky. From the weight of this block. We have Hulu roku subhanho wa Taala Illa illa Allah? Well, if Coloma is Misha, and nothing comes close to the weight of my name, the ILA in law,

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both your loved and Allah subhanaw taala. Forgive the servants and this is not Yanni. These are Hadith are not designed for people to take as a guarantee that this is what's going to happen to you. And that you can just go ahead and live however you want. Because you said this one word is going to work for you. That's not what this is designed for. He's not even designed to understanding that there are certain situations that there's a scenarios on your multi ama where this is the case.

00:26:22 --> 00:26:51

And it shows you that the value of the word law in the law is maybe even beyond what you can, what you can comprehend, or what you can imagine we can think of yourself, because of what it means from La Ilaha illa Allah you can include all the other names, when there is only one God, then you know that any value or any definition comes from Him Subhana wa Tada, we come to this world, and we find that there are certain standards, there are certain words that have certain meanings, these

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standards exist, right? Whether we like it or not, because there's definitions that we hold them to La ilaha IL Allah means that all of these standards have a source. Allah subhanaw taala sets, when you say the word Rama, what does it mean, and who was sets that and who defines what Rama is new allows Rama as a concept to exist to begin with, if it's not Illa Illa, who then it comes from Him Subhana wa Tada when you say the word Isaiah or justice or help courageousness who defines what that

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means, and what that is to begin with. If everything comes from Allah subhanaw taala then the NIF definition of that word comes from Him Subhana wa, tada he defines it, he created it, the concept is His creation, subhana wa Tada. If you understand Tauheed understand that there was nothing before him Subhana wa Tada that there is nothing there was no existence, it was only there was nothingness, there was Allah. And then wherever he created, that's his creation. So whatever laws that exist in

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that creed, or his any concepts, any values and your principles, any definitions are things that he made subhanaw taala. So it all comes. So when you say any knowledge, knowledge, what is that, we understand it as a concept, but that concept does not precede God, it is a created as it is a part of His creation. So he has to be the omniscient, because he created the concept himself to ponder with the idea that concept has to be has to go back to him, the the idea of, of potency, of the

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ability to do something, doing something that's a concept who created that concept.

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I understand what I mean, the idea of things getting done, where did that come from? This is something that we came to the world is there, things can get done, you can either do them or you can't do them, or you will do them or you won't do them. That's how we came to this world. And then based on that, we that's how we function, but whom put it that way. Allah subhanaw taala so potency is his creation. It says it is then he is the omnipotent subhanaw taala every single concept, wisdom

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is a concept. Where did it come from? It doesn't exist. Allah subhanaw taala and put it the world where wisdom has a meaning with the word has an understanding of comprehension. So he is going he's going to be the all wise because it's his word because he's the standard for all the definitions because he made them Allah subhana wa Tada all the names that we know that that are on that list, they stem from

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the law firm Allah had

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once you accept why everything else just happens automatically. It's the Domino is that first dominant you push everything just comes everything just slowly just smoothly exist the way it will. Because

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that's the concept of hate. And how do you live by it? Very simple. You want to hear you will be Allah subhanaw taala since he created the concept of adherence, the concept of obedience, then you stick to that because he is the creator because he is a Haida we're all his servants than you will be. And number two, you make sure you have sincerity. You mirror the concept of no hate in a parent and appearance to something that is meaningful internally, where you don't see the value

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of anyone else's opinion we don't see the value of doing something to serve anyone else aside from him Subhana wa Tada because there's no one else aside from him to begin with. You don't try and do something for others because there are no others there are no others there's only him semana with en la isla at the profit Earlier you saw doesn't can Allahu wa che Amma there was ALLAH and nothing with him and their clothes, they will who I'm not gonna lie he can. And he continues to be subhanaw

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taala as he always was, and we are just here for a short period of time. And as we once were nothing or nothing, you will go back again to being nothing.

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And then he will choose two pilots either to bring us back again or not. And that's that that's a decision of the law that I had some high note and I hope that was a benefit to you. So probably love your Hyundai Shinola.

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They also know who was selling more about like on the beginning Mohamed you know earlier so here's me talking about Luffy Salam Alikum Rama

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