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November 3, 2018- Part 4

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Everyone's singing out this stuff. They're singing out these these pieces of poetry that Emma roja just came up and they are beautiful meanings by the way, like I know they're here to give you understand it but but that beautiful meanings Allah whom I know that oh Allah willing for you would have found no guidance. What else have Donna what else Elena, you wouldn't have found the ability to give someone they wouldn't know what sort of the words they wouldn't know a pair was

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fencing. And so he and I were very scared granted some tranquility and some peace of mind whatsoever between Afghan pain and let us feet be rooted in the ground will be what we need to fight we don't want to wait in limbo other couples are wanting to indeed the the oppressors of the land have gathered themselves and wanted to harm us.

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If they ask us to, for us to lose our faith, then please do not want to stand our ground not to lose our state. Now, of course, it sounds better narrative than it's telling my translation in English, but he was thinking yourself. And he was singing and listening. And because the product was nice, and I thought it was really another another thing when another poet say

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I learned this damn email about the other

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day I didn't do that.

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And this is this was unfortunate that they were singing on as well. We're the ones who gave our word to the prophets I send them on the stand with it are the ones who who gave them a out for who they are. We're the ones who are defending the word of Allah subhanaw taala. We are We are the heroes of the sacrifices because what is what they're saying. And they're they're thinking this out. And everyone thinks, and the morale comes up because arts, that's what art does. Proper art, art has a message to it. art that is that is meaningful, that is there to raise awareness or to or to strengthen communities and strengthen societies and cultures. That's what it does. It takes a group

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of people who are feeling down, feeling beaten, feeling lonely, feeling weak feelings, small numbers, and they'll bring it up to make them feel like they can do it. Even though it seems that it's possible for them to do it. Yes.

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So he did the same thing when we got the message. Remember that story? That's the same thing happened when you were building the message of the Prophet. He always remember they were working. He was told the poet's yellow, say something, say something that is enjoyable to listen to. Let us hear something nice move forward. So then the brothers who was the victim?

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So the brothers Yeah, so he's right now he doesn't want to say poetry. So he goes ahead and he says poetry is it Hola. Hola, como, la Aisha

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Lindo, sorry, when in Wuhan is currently out of tune, and it's a mess. And there's no rhythm to it at all. So the sahaba. When they hear this, they start giggling.

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Because if you don't do air quotes is basically each route has to have a beat, right? The words have to come out with the beats, and they don't know what the beat they will sound nice, right? So when the boys are saying their poetry all has a speed to it. So it has a rhythm, you can start your own singing out the rhythm, you can memorize the words. So the province wants to say his poetry, he can say, there's no beat to it at all. It's just a mess. And that's because I was trying to get into their breath and love and the province. And I believe that the brothers knew how to do.

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I believe that he actually knew, but he didn't, he chose not to. He chose to make it like that. Why? Because he wanted people to have a giggle. Sometimes you had to appear human to people to decision as a leader, you have to be a human. I think this is the type of person who was good at everything he did. He was that type of guy. He was good at everything. But what he did he he he was. But if you're like that people can't relate to you because you have no weakness, weak spots. So the problem was, I said, I'm sure was certain things not to do well, just to give everyone something that they can talk to him about. And maybe they can feel oh, he doesn't want to do this. So he chose he

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doesn't want to butcher those people. Even though I wasn't sure that I guess he knew a lot of poetry, yet heard a lot and he understood it. He loved the art of it. But he chose painting to act like he didn't know how to do that. And he would do and you always see it wrong, a lot, almost spend a lot of money if

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you can, there's no rhythm to this at all.

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I'm sorry, when y'all have a nice, nice laugh. And it brings up the morale even more. And that is a very, very if you study leadership, it's a very, very subtle

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attribute to have as a leader that very few leaders have the courage to have to mess up at something not to know how to do something and be vulnerable in front of their people who follow them and accept that that because that's an important part of being a leader is reminding those a point of view that I am number one number two people that the leader has to explain that to those who are listening to them. I'm not just a guy, I know certain things I'm good at certain things about a human being as well. Appreciate that about me as a person. And it's important to healthy relationship between a follower and leader. I'm just saying that leaders are not gods, they're just

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people. That's an important part some of our audience members and then he went out of his way to do it. Because he only wanted people to never tend to go beyond what they need to go to with loving him and learning from him sort of license. So he made this beautiful little dua it sounds like in the Sahaba said it anyways and they could go into their let their breath because it had no beat to it.

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I said I was a club, he observed this, he wasn't happy with this. His first inkling was I, what are you doing? Everyone's singing and what is the problem here, then he saw the problem wasn't good. And he calmed down. He did it with them. And everyone was singing, and everyone's basic thanks a fortune had meaning to it, and it had beautiful messages that were within it. But that didn't take away that

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there was still a very hungry. I mean, we've been saying as much as you want. But if you're working 15 hours a day, you're digging the sun, the heat,

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hitting rock,

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and you're not having even a meal a day. At some point that's going to get to you. You're not he's not a food, and there just wasn't enough food.

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And the Prophet says, I'm gonna go two or three days in a row, not eat a thing. So drink some water. And some also have the same problems. Similarity

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I only took one or two people at the back to knock in

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the eyeball? Harmon came right before that. And if it had not covered before, then maybe there would have been going to exactly that's exactly

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the entire exactly we can the whole Yep. Yeah, that's why it came before it just to prove the Sahaba got a chance to prove himself but no, we're gonna do it, they'll be no weak links. So once you have 200 of us, but we're 1500 strong links, none of us are gonna say no to any of the thinking system, by the way.

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They were hungry. Now I'm gonna share with you, I don't think I'm gonna have time I'll share the beginning of a story with you make your decision.

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We're so hungry, that some of the Sahaba came to the farmers land during the time of HUD dumped and they're like, Yo,

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we're hungry. So they knew they would live up their shirts and under the shirt, they had a rock and had tied to their stomach. Now, the logic behind that is if you if you push your the stomach cavity close enough to each other to do so you don't feel as much hunger. So your stomach if you have a big stomach, you feel a lot of the smaller the stomach is the less dungarees, right that's we have to feed children even if they don't want to eat because the stones are small, they don't know that they have to eat. But people with big dogs are people who are always hungry. So the way to make yourself less hungry is maker starting small how to unlock and make it, stick it together for their lives.

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You get to work sometimes now not in our situation, how many people have tried a rocky start to get hungry before. I don't know if we'll do this, but they just have to do it. So they come into the present during the time of Allah as you're hungry.

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Look at the proper time to smile, and he would lift up his shirt and yet to

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try to select those

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hungry in New York and then a medical job. No job number seven. He seems to be important in these these times. So Java who has noticed if you remember is a second ago, when he said that Obama was younger is the wall and chanida this time with the products became very small, didn't have 100 and I noticed it with my own eyes. When they came home. And he found food at his home. His wife had a

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chicken breast or chicken wing and some race

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a small bowl with with a chicken breast and some rice. And she's like, here you have some food. He's gonna eat tonight, because he had eight sisters. He was and nobody can eat to begin No, of course that amount of food wouldn't be enough for one person who's sitting here today. And if that's all your mother puts for you on your plate, you're gonna like what was happening and be very upset if I'm gonna eat it but just the whole family has to eat this much. And you're gonna say How about you say that just put the kids to sleep just sing them alone by yourself with them sleep late tomorrow and keep the food as you said okay, and the problem and agenda when he leaves and he goes out to the

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show we didn't have our picture but we'll do it next time. So it comes up to the profit the size and the profit is also understanding doing his work saying Angela Salah is looking at the end of the day

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or at the end of the day so early and he comes to Yeltsin alone.

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The island NDP late Hefner Cheyenne was talking with the judge I have some

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what is

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known as Barley Barley Barley is so barley and an Indian sending some barley is not even as good as rice rice is way better. So barley and chicken breast, so come with me and eat.

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So the prophets I send them he looks at him, then I'll end with this. And he says, why the agenda alone got me to come alone.

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And he was very upset for quite a while.

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For Mac look.

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Nobody's gonna walk around the room with you for quite a while did a gentleman alone just

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for Cairo, Sula, Hefner, Cheyenne was sort of the judge and there's just a bit of Berlina no chicken wings, and maybe you didn't understand me. Maybe you thought I had the idea already with the guy

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Now a guy named Elijah had a few chickens matching in front of them with matching with a couple of books he's just

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you know endless that will continue to happen