Adnan Rajeh – The Glorious Names of Allah – Introduction

Adnan Rajeh
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While he was so happy about

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Jolo Giada This is Ramadan, the post visual series during the weekdays

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is going to be an approach to Smartline has no need the projector and the slides up. I don't know where Mr. Rocket broadcast team is, but they're probably snoozing somewhere.

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And I, I've done over the years, probably previous to the wellness years,

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a number of different

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series on a small lighthouse and they never really got properly recorded.

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I wanted this year to actually kind of revamp it, go back and put it all together and also offer an approach that may be a little bit different. At the same time, maybe will offer a little bit more clarity to those who attended.

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There's honestly no better topic to talk about than than Allah subhanho wa taala. And it's actually very intimidating to do it to go over His Glorious Name subhanho wa Taala and try to bring them close to people's understanding the best of our ability. It's not a simple, simple task at all. And what I'm going to do in shallow data is point out to you in this first session, give a little bit of an introduction to how we're going to do them how we're going to go over the glorious names and why it's important to do so.

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A loss of power data tells us who a lady but if you don't mean our solar minimum, yet through alley TV, or tsunami unfussy him actually him it will use a key Him we are living human Kitab al Hikmah you find this verse repeated in the Quran three different times and in three different studios and so we restarted last night we brought him out he said I mix it a little bit oh but I feed him was to the men who met him he can

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communicate about heavy metal is a key him then again in a few nights and certainly everyone laughed at him and Allah who I mean, I defeat him or sue them and I'm pushing that to him it was a Kenya Alamo, the purpose of sending prophets all all for it three verses that talk about the purpose of why Allah sins prophets always starts with get through it. Can it get through Allah him? It does not mean recite the verses of the book? No, it's just recite on people his signs. Is there a sign on people with signs so that people know him? The point of reciting his signs is that the people who are listening to these Prophets know who Allah subhanaw taala is the perfect number one purpose of

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all prophets throughout time was to explain to their people who Allah subhanho wa Taala is, this is the critical and this is the most critical and most crucial part of any faith historically, and of Islam. Specifically, it's understanding and knowing who Allah subhanaw taala is without that, there is almost no purpose, no point of doing anything else. Any anything else you learn is is really not valuable. If you don't know Allah subhana wa outside or at least you're not on a path trying to understand and comprehend who Allah subhanaw taala is, that's why when they took the famous idea of sort of desert a yet and you go and you look into into the tipsy Rama hotel to agenda, right? Well,

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it's the elderly who don't go on, you follow on the Tafseer of that. versity look at what I've been I've been sitting with equity mesodermal

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huggsy, you look at the older generation, the Sahaba tab and how they explained it, they said the lagoon here, their understanding of it is the iPhone is so that they may know me. Yeah, but doing it is me it for me. So they may know me. Because at the end that is the purpose of life. In so many words in a simple in a very simple way. You're offered this consciousness, it's a wake period, you just open up your eyes in or around, you're there for a very short period, not very long, it's a couple of laps around the sun, and then you're done. But within that period of being awake, being awake, what you see around you is an amazing, it's a massive universe filled with a lot of beauty

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that you are

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offered the opportunity to be exposed to it and to enjoy. But most of more importantly, you have the opportunity to understand to know who Allah subhanaw taala is to know the creator, you have the opportunity to look around you and to figure out and understand who Allah subhanaw taala isn't, that is the biggest that is the greatest gift of all of all, is just being able to know who Allah subhanaw taala is before the lights are turned off again, before it all before it all shuts down. You have the opportunity to know Allah, you just get to know that you know, the magnificence and the beauty of who Allah subhanaw taala is and that is the purpose of why what we're here to do. And

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those who achieved that on the Day of Judgment. They're welcome to certain places and those who don't I don't know what comes of them. But this is the beauty of what we are offered. No Allah no take some time.

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You see all this, this everything around us that's created is there so you can know Him. So you can figure out who he is suppose that all of the beauty that is surrounding you that we ended up being extremely preoccupied by distracted by because it's so colorful, and there's so much to see and to go, it's really there. So it points for you towards him Subhanallah, which gives you the opportunity to contemplate him and understand, because we don't have the ability to profoundly understand divinity, or divineness. We just don't, our minds are very limited by time and space. That's it, we can't understand anything outside of that you'll spend the rest of your life trying to imagine

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something that does not have time projecting over it or does not exist within the space and you will fail like everyone else before you, you can comprehend the basic idea. And so yeah, something must exist outside of that there must be something you can understand abstractly, philosophically the basic idea of it, but you can't actually think about it, you can actually understand it and comprehend it. So how is it they going to understand Allah, it's very difficult. So it's impossible to understand the essence. But you're given the opportunity to figure out the nature to figure out the attributes to know the names, to know who Allah spawns that is to either is in the best of your

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to the best of your ability with the tools that are made available to you. And if you waste your time doing anything else, it's literally wasting your time doing anything else.

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Whatever you're doing, that is not that is a waste of your time. That's why when they when in Islam, if you study with in books or coral soul, or books of test gear, or general more new test gear, the books of Italy with Hebrew moondream or other you will find that when he when they want to talk about, you know, the scholars of old times they'll call them the ID phone or the phone or the phone Avila even casita and stuff see it uses this term over 1000 times it gets even in itself students use it 1000 times just talking about it for whatever the people who know about Allah healer will know that people will know this is literally through it it knows it for the ones who know that's it

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just those we all know about Allah know, knowing from knowing will differentiate it will is different. So not all learning is the same thing. Sure, sure. You can no superficially have a word the have a little cliche, I needed a slogan that you'll throw out at people but then there's knowing it's actually knowing and understanding Oh Allah, the Quran does. Basically most of the Quran is just it's just doing that. Allah Ibrahim Robbie areni que ver to heal moto. Ibrahim says oh Allah show me how do you resurrect the dead? Oh, I know what I'm talking about why you didn't believe yet. Thought about that? No, I did when I can leave a comment in Appleby. But there's something I don't

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understand how, like, I want to know how so he's told.

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Right. I'm gonna play it for Silvana. Ilica. Toma Jala Cooley Jebel iminium they just made your own name, Tina casa, take a couple of birds, slaughter them, cut them up, take pieces, put them on different parts of mountains and then go stand far away and then call them to you. And they'll all resurrect them for you and show you why Allah and Allah Aziz and Hakeem and know that Allah Subhana Allah Aziz and Hakeem,

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that's what you're going to learn from this. What you're going to learn from watching this is Allah subhanaw taala, the unfathomable and the all wise and I'll go through these names and show that throughout the month for you, to understand them so actually comprehend what they're saying. If

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you find this in the Quran, the Alamo and Allah Allah coalition and Kadir when Allah ha ha Bobby coalition in El Mundo, that you know, that Allah Subhan Allah is capable of all and then Allah, Allah has accomplished everything with his knowledge. Just all throughout the most half tragic day, this is what you're going to learn. You're going to learn that Allah Subhan Allah is omnipotent. You're going to learn that Allah subhanho wa Taala has encompassed everything with his knowledge diligent,

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This is this is the purpose of US of A studying his name's Subhana wa Tada.

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You want to Bukhari Muslim they both narrate with the authentic chain of narration.

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There you heard the brothers and sisters

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praying their turabi, which is something for us to be inspired by.

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Where it says a lot to us that I'm in the villa he just unnoticed. Aina isn't

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in our head. When I saw her the halogen there are 90 named 999 Names of Allah subhanaw taala 100 except one.

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Those who saw her those who do duckula JANA will enter the

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important Hadith to understand because it's quite often Miss Miss comprehended. We misunderstood. First of all the audible they use 99 to talk about something that is almost endless. That's how they this is what they use the word for.

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It's it's not only within this within the context of a small listener, but it's how the RRB speak they they use the word 99 to save something that keeps on going and they use it just before 100 Because 100 100 is a round number. If you say it's 100 is 199 There's nothing is 99 Everything is

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everything that they say

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Only that's 99. There's never an ideology. There's always talkies. It's all like. So 99 is always there, just to say that it just keeps on going and going and going. That's what he's specific specified, because he doesn't want, he actually says, law has to understand that. He's saying 99, because it keeps on going. If you say it's 100, or close to 100, then you don't understand it. And this is the understanding of the majority of scholars of our OMA, that is not 99 names, it has way more, let them know number of names actually, way more. And the slot here is not memorization, as nice and interesting as that is if it's important, maybe to know his name, so I didn't memorize

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them. But that's not what it's what was meant by it's the understanding of it's and then the ability to implement that which you understood of it.

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It's understanding the nature that implementing the implementing the results, or the consequence of understanding his name, subhanAllah with and and that is what the majority of Muslim scholars historically, until this day, understand this hadith to be. And it's a very important one to take on, even though there's even the narration that you'll find with all 99. There's a lot of controversy around around its authenticity. So when you count the 99 names, you find these lights, big portraits you put on put on the walls in the homes. It's not not every name, there is exactly what but that doesn't matter what matters as you take time. And you learn to the best of your

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ability, his name, so understand who Allah subhanaw taala is, the point is, is knowing Allah through His names, because how was he going to know him? I can't describe him for you. Subhanahu, WA, tada, the way we understand things as human beings, we need descriptions. People who can articulate dwell and describe well are people who make definitions. And that's how we understand things and every science, the better. You can describe something in medicine, that's how it's all about.

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Diseases are understood, if you can describe what they are, you can describe clearly the mechanism of how things happen, and what the what and how it manifests itself. The more you can describe something, the better. The better defined it is, the more likely it is we can figure out what to do with it. And the less describing everything in our lives is based on that. That's what you know, Khurana halacha lemma will be the first thing that we taught him to speak to articulate to describe, how do I describe Allah? Can you describe Allah subhanho data? Oh, how can you describe something you can't see? Or you can't hear you can't touch you can't feel you can't smell. He has to pound

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data beyond the realm of time and space that you live in? How do you describe him? So you know him through his names. So you know him subhanaw taala through his name. So if you don't spend time understanding those names that have been missing, and the reason that we I'm saying this isn't that I'm explaining to you, I'm saying that there's more than that forget, I don't want you to focus on numbers. And focus on numbers is a problem we have and I don't want you to get caught up with with with the number. The point of it is is the saying that there's there's an infinite an infinite number of His Names. And we know that because the Hadith, where the prophet Allah your slaughter

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makes the DUA Endoca, because listen, who were like I asked you by every name that is yours.

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And says there will be Kitab ik Oh, I love to Adam and holidayiq. I was thrilled to be here ilmi, labia and I asked you by every name that is yours, whether you've put that name in your book, you taught that name to someone whom somewhat of your creation that I don't know about, or a name that you just held on for yourself a name that is yours that you did not share with any of your creation. Isn't that the drop you make at the end of Ramadan? This is Buddha. You ask Allah about all of His Names. And the reason that we do that is because Subhana wa Tala explains that in the Quran, this is the word Allah has a smell, or the first known sort of Allah and a smell, or the husband or father

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who will be worthy or will live in or you will do in a fee.

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So you just own America and we're into Allah subhanaw taala the glorious names, so call him by those names. The point is that you know, Allah subhanaw taala by the name and then you call Allah by that name. You understand now, because Allah's name does not like or not, are not Western names, or is it just a word that has no meaning to it? No. Most Out of names, by the way, have meanings. So when you when you end up explaining to someone that my name is this, and this is what actually means it's always kind of weird to them because they don't understand names that have actual meanings. But when you talk about it, you call upon Allah subhanaw taala you're calling upon him by a name that you

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understand now. Something you understand about him that is meaningful to you. You call him through the weather will arena you will hate you. And if he's smart, he'll leave those who have lost their belief through Allah subhanaw taala by denying His names, those who denies deny His attributes and denies elite leave them they don't know.

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Those who don't understand who Allah subhanaw taala is have no description of him, because they don't know his names leave them they will be.

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So what is the approach? The approach is these 12 categories. This is not my I can't take credit for this effort. This is the effort of the orthotic Sweden's lab, this is maybe 10 years 15 years old, this effort. So law is a group of people, group of students of knowledge and a number of scholars. They put the effort to categorize His names to categorize them the reason that they're

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categorize is just to make them easier to comprehend. That's the only point of doing these, it's easier if you understand Understand, put them in groups, I understand what these names are trying to do. And what I'm going to do this year is I'm going to take each category, and then explain one or two names from each category. So sometimes it'll be one night will be maybe one, I'll share these slides that don't, it's fine, I'll put them in the group. Inshallah, you can, you can, you can watch it, I update them as I go along. So you can see them and show a title. And you can have this slide. And we'll just kind of instead of going through names, sporadically or spontaneously, or just all

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over the place, we will make sure that here's the first here's the first category. Here's what it talks about. And here's today's name, I'll go through one name one day, another day, another name, or maybe just one name from each category, there's 12 categories, and total, there's only 21 to 22 devs here, so I can't do two names from each category, maybe most of them will just have one name.

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But it just helps us understand a little bit more what it is that we're trying to talk about here. The first category two attributes of divine judgment. It talks about Allah subhanaw taala being the one who gives out judgment or makes judgment and the fact that he that his judgments opponent is divine. So the names like an Hakeem is all wise, which is what is required for that or help born and McChrystal are talking about his judgment Subhana wa Tada that occurs on the day of judgment and that is divine in nature, attributes provision, the fact that Subhanallah Allah subhanaw taala is the one who offers otherwise up welfare, or whatever the names that have within them the concept

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that Allah subhanaw taala is one who provides whether he provides in dunya or provides an Asana or both each name will have a different aspect or different specificity to what to how it's connected to the concept of provision, attributes of support and aid where Allah subhanaw taala Mooji al Hatfield Elma tiene el agua, que sera, that which is offered to people in terms of supporting them, or aiding them, or protecting them, or keeping them safe, etc, etc, etc, the names that have within them that these categorizations are there, to bring the name closer to you, so that you fully understand how it affects you or what what aspect of, of that name is going to be relevant to your

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story. Because that's how you connect to Allah subhanaw taala by his meaning, seeing the name understanding what that name also means to you, because obviously, it has different layers and some of it is just understanding Allah Subhan to others attributes, but what does it do for you attribute or names of granting self renewal, which offers people that have followed a fool a fool me the names or offer you a chance to start over again, my name is I give you that opportunity or that possibility of if things weren't working today that Allah subhanaw taala will offer you the ability to renew yourself and to hit the reset button and go back and do things better, which is what

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inshallah Ramadan, it offers us the names of presents, advice and high yield per human Oh, with an earth and a volatile Boulton the names of his presence upon these old days, their gender jalala When whatever, whatever manner that he is there Subhanallah who which either because he's not because physically that's not the case, but he is present Shabbat Subhanallah what's on and there's no need to talk about his presence, and what that presidents looks like in the number of names. And we'll talk about a few of the Michelle attributes or names of *, medical produce, and well I had names that talk about his dominance, that he supine with the controls all sub everything is subdued

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by him Subhana Wattana.

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There's nothing that goes beyond his ability to encompass gentleman

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names of correctional control. So this is where this is where when you make a mistake, there are names that are the point of them is that they'll bring you back meaning there'll be some there's a little bit of what's dealt out is going to be a bit painful, but it's there to correct behavior is there to give you a reminder, it's there to offer you salvation offer you the opportunity to repent, it brings it deals out some pain so that you are forgiven, so that you can so that you're woken up and the names in there that's why you'll find Kahal PowerBuilder

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and learning about them and talking about a lot of names that have that that piece of them that that concept of general that concept of strength and when you look at the names of the natural bar, really what they are if they're just either the name of positive control and correctional control that's what those two names are. We usually don't call him by one of the one of them without the other supine or whatever. But the reason that you have both of them Luca Damon Walker and mocha Jim positive control the one after and he was a positive control nurse Bowral jam Elmo and then he holds something back it's correctional control. You'll give you you'll reward you're supposed to either

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that's positive control and then he will punish you or he'll hold something back from you and that's correctional control an either or is for any our benefit at the end of the day. The name names of accountability of cubby Lolly Mr. Mee Elbasy

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where we know that we're going to be accountable yodel gamma through to understanding these names exist. Names of creation call

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bar was over by the names that talk about the fact that he that he created and the essence of his creation the how and how it's not the scientific house it's more of the spiritual well and names of Highness and grace and with the real magic of the human machine names that talk about His Highness soprano with the honor the difference between creation in between in between creator and the final group is attributes are names of tenderness and compassion Ichigo will carry over do the above working the names that talk about that that compassionate part of him supine or whatnot. These are the 12 categories of understanding is names within each category there are I call them umbrella

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names, but their general names or specific names their names that are under them a lot of other names exist and Eileen for example the omniscient and then under his name is Eileen we have a semi and a little seed and hubby luckily for all these names, just under because they all talk about specific aspects of that knowledge that allow you to comprehend a little bit more you give him a semi he's the All Hearing you hear he hears differently but he hears

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he hears it all so problems are the good that you're saying the bad that you say not through an eardrum not through

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specifically mechanical plus neurological system of hearing no but he hears and he's like all hearing unlike you. You can only hear certain frequencies you can only hear it if it's far at a certain distance he hears it all the time. So understanding that he's why do we do this? What's the point of all this? Yes knowing him but what's the point? So that you may live through His names and di BS man, this is the this is the purpose to live through his name's Subhana wa Tada when you know that Allah subhanaw taala is ill curry we understand Allah subhanaw taala is Rahim we understand Allah subhanaw taala moto Kimber. Each of these names allows you have the opportunity to live

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through these names to live your life and behave in a certain way. But while understanding that these names these names have in have impact on us, they have an effect on how we live our lives and how we see the world and honestly everything this this is where it begins and this is where it ends. When I talk to you about his name supplements I there's nothing that really goes beyond it. Like understanding your deen This is as far as all you need. You just need to understand who your Lord is. And if you fully comprehend to Allah subhanaw taala is then you'll live your life just every moment you're living with a different name that's all it is it's every moment in your life you're

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just you're exposed to a different name right now you have later on it the work later on later on an emotion later on in your mind now after that did you just you're living with his names you're living with his name for your living with his name is Gohara every moment you're exposed to an understanding of one of his names the Verses are recited and suited to in slightly versions with faltered

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where he says the pilot with data in the mail Shala mean either

00:22:57 --> 00:23:25

right at the beginning of that verse or these two verses. I'll end with that. In short, those will be between I always say it's gonna be 20 minutes there's never 320 minutes but yeah, and there'll be something around that yeah, I need something around 30 or 30 something I haven't thought about and Allah ends that I mean a summer EMA you didn't see that Allah subhanaw taala descended from the skies water. Raja Nabi Heath and Marathi multileaf and one from that we extracted from the earth, fruits or plants, McClair, even Alwah with different species and different types.

00:23:26 --> 00:23:27

And wine was not colors

00:23:29 --> 00:23:52

at least most of the time it isn't. In Arabic Alwan means different types, sometimes different colors or different types. That's why we use that to describe a color but most of the time it's just a different speak different species. Well clearly if an alpha woman LG burly Julia Don't be doing well homerun Mattel even anyone who her work or RB boo suit and from mountains when you look at the rock, you will find

00:23:54 --> 00:24:38

types of rocks that are white and some that are red, different species and different natures will be blue and some will be volcanic black Wamena nursing and from human beings what though I've been and animals well anatomy and livestock more than even Alpha and Omega like you'll find different races and different cultures and different species and different colors and different types. And then he says in NIOSH Allah I'm in a bad dilemma exclusively the ones who truly revere Allah subhanaw taala are the scholars that the scientists however you want to explain her accept this word? exclusively? The ones who who revere Allah or the Allama why? There was the word right after it in Allah icwsm

00:24:39 --> 00:24:49

before in Allah isenburger for the unfathomable and all forgiving it's because to know Allah subhanho wa Taala you have to know him through what he left for you

00:24:50 --> 00:24:59

get to know Him through His creation. Those who look at his creation understand that those who study how water well what how the same type of water how all waters

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Same a one origin of water creates all of this diversity of fruit and, and food and people and animals that are different species and different types of different culture. They look differently function differently. But they all come from that same. That same magic, magical elixir water, when you see that it helps you understand what he made. You see, those who truly reveal Allah are the ones who understand what he did, when he actually made their comprehension of him somehow and that is a much higher level. It's much higher. Yes, if you if you study his book and your study, you understand Allah, but you'll understand Allah better if you comprehend what he did. See, the more

00:25:41 --> 00:25:59

you understand what he did, the more he is or how he was created, what actually exists. The the the detail of it, how it all intricately works with one another, when you understand that you truly revere him, your level of reverence is unparalleled because you get it you get it

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you're staring through that microscope and

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what is this is a it's a kingdom was in a

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it's a cell that will be scratched off one day in the morning.

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Just fly off like nothing. You're no one even notices it. Just dandruff that's flying in the air has no weight to just says the kingdom.

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There are systems that are that are working with one another enzymes and, and receptors and openings. And it's up here we can barely we have barely scratched the surface of understanding what's actually happening inside there. The more you comprehend this, the more you understand what he did. So you revere him. This is what that's what you ended up doing is knowing that he is it is essential for us in Allah Aziz. And before you'll know him through his names, you understand His names, when just when you understand what he what it is that he left, what he what he made supine and whatnot. Understanding Allah subhanaw taala those names is the single most important thing that

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you will do in your life. And that's, you know, technically, or to a certain degree why I've talked about this.

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Many times in the past, I've done this year a year I've tried to, and I can't really get away from it, because that's our job. Our job is yet to lead him to here. I have to I have to recite upon you His signs. I can't tell you who he is. Or else what's the point of telling you to obey Him, and to love Him, and to draw yourself close to him and to supplicate him. If you supplicate the one you don't understand or you don't know, or you don't comprehend if you're asking forgiveness from someone that you don't know anything about. So you're asking for good, you're asking for him to give you and you don't understand exactly who he is to begin with. Or then there's something missing.

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That relationship is kings don't allow people into their courts, if they don't understand the etiquette of being in the court. If they don't understand the status of themselves. They're not allowed in the courts. And they come into the court of the king, and they miss speak, or they don't know how to present themselves. When they speak to the king in a way that does not reflect his status, they're thrown out of his court. And that's the court of dunya the kings of dunya with Malika Malik subhanho wa Taala is the same thing. You want to enter into his court and you want to speak to him. And you want to build a relationship you have to know who you're talking to. You have

00:28:19 --> 00:28:51

to know it you have to know very well with who it is that you're talking to. So you know how to speak. And you know what to say. You know what to expect. It puts us in our place in a beautiful way, not in an ugly way. And don't yet when you're put in your place usually it means someone someone humiliated you or someone actually put you down because we're all equal at the end there's no place for me to put you in or for you to put me in. But when it comes to Allah subhanaw taala there are a phone they know where they stand. They know the actual difference between the creation and the creator and it's a beautiful difference if you comprehend it well it's actually very

00:28:51 --> 00:29:02

beautiful and it allows you to express yourself in a meaningful way and allows you to speak to Allah subhanaw taala in a manner that that is that is corrected that's when you hear the Prophet Allah Islam. You ever listened to him make dua

00:29:03 --> 00:29:05

yurman Allah Tala hula you

00:29:06 --> 00:29:08

went to her little Hunan

00:29:10 --> 00:29:48

you are the one who eyes cannot see and minds cannot comprehend yeah man yeah Allah mama 13 As you burn, well, maca eel, Bihar, what are the cultural Umbar well, either the water kill job or other than Allah ma li Leila Chaka Allah in or the one or the one who knows that the weight of the mountains, the amount of water in the seas knows how much rain comes from the sky and how many leaves are on trees and how many things the sun will rise upon and how many things the sun will set upon. Because it speaks to Allah subhanaw taala

00:29:50 --> 00:29:50

because he

00:29:51 --> 00:29:59

yeah mille to the man who summer on summer Walla or Boone Arbor wherever run mafia, karate he was Jabba the mafia

00:30:00 --> 00:30:16

are you oh the one nothing is hidden from him. I somehow does not block him from seeing this. After it on a planet will not block it the planet after it. Nothing under the mountain is hidden from you nothing in the middle on the floor of the ocean is hidden from you.

00:30:17 --> 00:30:53

As I look at integer Allah Hi Ron Maria lomi will make the last day of last part of my life the best. That's how it wants to say that at the end Allah has salatu salam, he wants to say that you make the best part of my life the end. So that is also I have festival Fatima but he knows who he is speaking to Allah His Latos if you look at them with the idea that he made a list of the scholars who did it after him, you understand that these these people understood who they were talking to, they had that connection and that's done through through understanding his smile first and that is what we're going to be covering inshallah Tada throughout the the weekdays of this month. I'll be

00:30:53 --> 00:31:23

going through name every morning inshallah Tada on weekdays we'll cover maybe 20 names and total because those are the number of days that we have on weekends and sha Allah to Allah will do Tafseer of SUTA right are usually to the surah that's not too long and not too short and something that we can get through over eight sessions the only on weekends just because a lot of people who can't come on weekdays they only come on weekends, so have a series to follow that is uninterrupted inshallah for their benefit Sean's he's talking lucky Subhanallah behind the camera La ilaha illa untestable today was that Allah who was telling them all about like, I don't know, you know, have you been on

00:31:23 --> 00:31:26

Muhammad? Ali he also be here Jemaine. He's like

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