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Hello, Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabi you know, Habib, you know Muhammad Ali he was so happy as you may know, but

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y'all really no hurry up so hey and

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and today for WV a man, all the Allahu Anhu that Ethernet is glitchy mumble curries near just because this is a new theme that I'm going to be starting over the next maybe

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two weeks or so. But to talk about, I'm going to talk about hypocrisy and talk about neufeldt.

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When talking about it from all the angles that I can possibly cover for it, because I think it's an important Islamic concept. It's very, I don't wanna say it's unique to Islam, but it's really important within Islam, it's something that comes up quite a bit if you go to the Quran, you'll find in the Quran a lot, it's talked about like quite a bit. Honestly, when we were covering it up, we should probably cover it from the Quran because it's talked about in more detail there and is much more obvious. But it's in the prophets in the Prophet Alia, sources Hadith as well, quite a bit. And it's important for him to understand what it means, what implications it has on the way we're

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supposed to live and how we see others as well, because that's kind of where the problem with the felt, in my opinion comes is that we are, we use it as a labeling system rather than as a, as a self regulation system, which is what it's supposed to be. It's supposed to be a concept that's there for self regulation, not for criteria filling to label people. And I think hopefully you throw out the number of a hadith that was covered with you that you'll find the value of Satoshi was very clear on that. And that is tonight is one of the famous Hadith because not really a hadith it's more of a saying of us Lucha Libre, it's generating clergyman Bukhari and many of the books of Hadith. And

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with it, like many collections of Hadith actually end with this one, this is the last one that they put, because we focus usually one of the last things any scholar of Hadith will cover in his in his in his collection, and I'll narrate to you is very simple. It's very important I think of narrated here before, maybe not hear me in a different message seminary before by that event. In Nima canon new Farkle I had in the year so Allah Allah He early he was selling them for milliohm in NEMA, who will go through by the Limon.

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So he says, The Allahu Anhu

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is that the concept of hypocrisy, as in people who are known to be hypocrites, was during the time in the life of the prophets that Allah highly only was salam. As of today, the prophet it is also a faster way. It's covered after being movement, meaning you're you're either someone who's says La ilaha illallah, Muhammad Rasul Allah or you're someone who left it and is now a Katherine. There's no way for us to label somebody as default. But this is what is being said by VAPA. Deva is the person who was who I mean, who said he also did the audio. So does that mean he's the one who was he was a secret keeper of the profile that you saw two of them. So probably not all secrets, but gave

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him a specific piece of information. Very, very delicate and very, very important. He told him, the names of them. And if you clean that, in Medina know, many of them were just kind of known by the merit of what they did, like I believe it would have been silly when they did certain things that really left No, no way for you to, I need to actually point it out. And there was no reason to call them when not if they had already kind of established themselves as people who showed animosity to the body. So then there are people like that here today, like in the Muslim world, there are people have shown Islam animosity, there's no reason for you to use the word. It'll usually be because it's

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obvious what they are. You don't have to use the word let's use the word it's a problem is a problem when you use the word when you actually call someone whenever there's a problem, because you're claiming that you understand what exists on the inside, because the file at the end and as a definition, is when you do the different than what you believe, right? That's what kind of hypocrisy is when you do love. You're just like Islam, or you have animosity towards it. And and you actually go ahead and act like you do. And that's the study of Antifa as the scholars would call it. And then if awkward Amelie then there was practically felt those were no, no, you feel you love Islam on the

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inside, but you can't seem to get it together. You can't seem to follow certain rulings and destiny about it. There's differences for scholars between them either way, either types, you can't really label people with that. So he's saying that the Prophet of Islam gave me the name so I know who they are. I know who they are. Today. You can't label people because the Prophet audience also is not alive to tell us food and insulin. We can't We can't do it. So it's either a movement we take it by face value, that person is Muslim in front of you, or they're not. It's whatever they do, then what is the point of this whole concept and what's the point of neufeldt self regulatory that's what it's

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there for. So I'm wondering, I'm wondering, What am I doing? I look at the Heidi they'll look at the Quran Am I doing this? I am with every innovation as early color. Yeah, hula hula hula salata, Carmen Kusa Yura guna Sevilla Yes, Quran Allah Allah kalila you read these verses that describe them? When have you been and then you wonder am I this? Am I doing this? Am I being seen as Dawkins in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala they fear for myself and then I get up and I change I don't look at Fudan Yep, check mark check. Oh Mashallah. You have them all? Yeah, you're 100% No, that's that is like that is that is extremely problematic and extremely simple.

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But it's actually extremely arrogant as well. So we have to be very careful. The person who knows me felt the most are they for the person who knew what they were doing, where they would wait for him to see was he going to go and praise and as after the on this person or not, and based on that they would either go to the hub or they wouldn't allow it because he would know. And he was there like a safety valve, none of them are not guilty would dare go and start trying to get themselves in a position of leadership. Because the moment they tried, they will just emerge behind from behind the wall and look at them, and they would sit down again because he knew and they knew, like he knew

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that they knew. And they knew he knew. So they couldn't, they couldn't play around. They couldn't go and take leadership and during in the Philippines at a time that was very critical. Because after the Prophet alayhi salatu salam died, you couldn't afford to have people in positions of leadership who weren't, who weren't sincere, who were taught by the prophet It is thought to some appropriately so someone's gonna come and claim that Oh, I spent more time with him than you know what he taught me well, who they have as their he has the names, he has a list, if you're not, if you're on the list, you don't dare, that's where they've lived a long time. He died very late, he died way down

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the road. By the time he died, it didn't matter anymore. I'm not tripping at all died anyways. But he explains to us here something extremely important that the concept of munafo was at the time with the profile that you saw today. It's either movement or courage or the call for or email address of the believer or a disbeliever. And they make that fear. And they make that clear, we don't have the ability to say well there there's something in the middle called me up, and we're gonna start categorizing and labeling people and cataloging and that's not appropriate. That's it's a self regulatory concept. That's very important, by the way, which is why I'm gonna give it two weeks of

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explaining it to you because it's very important for us to use, but it's not you know, we're kind of misusing it. Sometimes your email will hurry up so Hey, Are they familiar man? Well, the Allahu Anhu called by the Indian American and the Firpo I didn't know you so Allah Allah you early you sell them for a million for in nama who will go through Biden Iman Sadaqa Rasulullah Hassan Allah Allah you all your side business, Michael I'm handing shadow Allah Illa Illa untestable filco to Blue Lake wa sallahu wa salam O Allah like, Muhammad Ali Ali was like this man. He's like Mala halen burdock, Allah Eaglemoss and I'll see you next week.