Fajr Dars Az-Zukhruf (Verses 11-19)

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The conversation covers the history and significance of the title Superb hiring, which focuses on the fundamental question of why life wants to live longer. The speakers discuss the use of "atib" in various context, including the internet, the internet's use of it for creativity, and the internet's use of it for creativity. They also touch on the history of the title Superb hiring and the potential for conflict between God and humans, as well as the importance of materialism and the need for a strong relationship between women and men. The speakers emphasize the need for a culture of value and productivity metrics, as well as the importance of valuing things on a materialistic level.

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some level manual Hey

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Hamdulillah I mean, logging suddenly

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barik ala Nabina Muhammad in water early he was talking to him, as you may know, but

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surely we

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continue reciting foods Zoho, we stopped yesterday at number 10 ensure that you will continue or around the page or so the surah as I pointed out yesterday, sort of

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is amongst a cluster of sources goes by the name of the house, I mean, because all the students actually start with Ponyta on our honeymoon.

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And these verses and these students talk about peace gives the good pieces of advice for those who are attempting to carry the Dawa of Allah subhanho wa Taala to others, it gives pieces of advice in terms of things to do, and things not to do to the Zoho within this cluster is the first one that starts giving warnings things not to do. And it warns us of the

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it warns us of the mentality of materialism. And it talks about a broken logic, a logic that is the basis value on worldly possessions basis value on that what seems valuable from the outside but has no essence which is the what word zero means something that's shiny, it looks good. There's no There's no value to it, it just looks good. And it's something that is used to distract people. And we saw how at the beginning Allah subhanaw taala started to point out that i Nobody Wankum with Microsoft, and I'm going to call them Mr. riffin. We start with you during the lecture failed to send the vicar or give you the message just because you chose to be materialistic or to be

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extravagant. And there's a point at which I want to ask the question, what to whom and Hala are similar to you. And if you were to ask these people who was it who created they'll say hola, hola como Nila Aziz will Aleem there. Why are they worshipping rock is as simple as the materialistic mentality you need something tangible. Those who understand that in a in the love but it's just not enough I need something else I need I need something I can see I can touch I can feel it or else something's missing. And this is this is the human beings story from the beginning is that they just the human just wants something that they can they can measure that they can that they can feast

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their eyes on, or listen to. And they've tried everything. By the way, if you study enough theology historically, they didn't being as literally worshipped almost everything. Almost everything you can imagine the human being as attempt to worship and to make the holy and as it works and it really

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will continue and it will continue not to work which is why to hate is such an important aspect. That is the point at which it begins to speak of what he what he did. gelegentlich Allah Allah Allah, Allah subhana wa Jalla confy her subrule Allah Allah doing the one who made the earth flat for your flat and the earth for you, even though it's a globe, which I had nothing to shoot with and allowed you pathways to walk on the moon so that you may find guidance and we'll continue in sha Allah from a number 11 where he continues to find out what to add explaining this concept and I'll recite it you don't have to recite with me but you can you can follow along if you'd like to be let

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him in a shape on your body. Well leadin is Zen and Venus

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the body or in Shona behaviors able to

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gather like 200 you will let the holly purple as well. Jack will watch Isla Meenal full key well and tell Walker

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it is still one I love who resume goniometer have become either stairway to melee what the APU so behind the horror Alana Heather American law humo porini We're in Isla Bina Allah Moo Polly boo. So you continue Subhana wa Tada speaking of when he created malaria, colorful as well as the one and the one who created all the species and the zoo.

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Means the pair's but really in the whole island it's when it's used it's referring to all of the species that he created some pilots and all the creatures that exist

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including the human being,

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which is a communal full fuel Anamika talkable and he created for your made for you from ships and boats and from livestock Medaka Moon what up what you will use for for commuting or for transportation.

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Nothing in the Quran when it comes to these type of birds

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There's nothing There's Allah subhanaw taala point out that you don't already know yourself. The Quran job is not to be a book of science, that's not what the Quran was sent to do. It's important to make this distinction as you go through the book of Allah subhanaw taala. And the Quran is not trying to teach you biology. It's not trying to teach you geography. It's not trying to teach you any science of the world. All it does is ask you to take your focus and take your attention, and just and direct it towards what is surrounding you mean everything in the Quran. By the way, every single verse that talks about the world and the creation doesn't point out anything that people

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hadn't, you know, it's not like they didn't know the sun was there. And when the Quran says, look at it, oh, they're just, they everyone knew that was there, if people understand this stuff, the point of these verses is to ask the human being is to direct the human beings attention, to actually contemplate these things, and more, to think about them to go and explore them a bit to discover to understand why they were there. How did they end up becoming there? Where, how they did, what generated these things to actually exist in the form that they exist in, and take some time to actually reflect on that. It's not it's not it's not an issue. The Quran is not interested in giving

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you a scientific discovery. I know that this has been maybe the, the, you know, the thought process over the last few decades. And I think it I think, you know, the, the fact that we're looking for these things in the Quran, we're looking for, you know, discoveries and looking for scientific miracles is just a reflection of a, of a widespread, maybe group, feeling of weakness as an ummah. So we're looking for something that the Quran never never actually asked, of course, Allah subhanaw taala, everything he's saying in the book of Allah is a fact and nothing will ever go against anything in science because the source is the same the source of the world and everything that's in

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it is Allah and the source of the book is also Allah. So we'll never contradict, but he never sent this book with that intention. That's not what he's trying to say. So what are the jalila? Come? Well, let the let the GI Allah, Allah, Allah azza wa jal cola all this is these are just simple knowledge. This is these are facts. And why is he reminding us of them? subhanho wa taala. Because if you reflect there's two, there's two levels of reflection on something like this, there is a scientific degree of reflection where, where you're just trying to figure out how things happen, the process, what the cause of the laws of causality what happened that led to this that led to that.

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And we can benefit a lot from doing that we learn to harness that energy, we learn to treat disease, we learn to define sources of power, there's a lot that it's done when you just reflect on that level. But then there's another, there's a higher level of reflection that a Muslim is required to actually take time to think about, which is why did this all come forward?

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What is what put this in motion to begin with? Is there a purpose to it? Is there a purpose to it? Is there no purpose, I'll give you an example of what I mean? I had these discussions a lot, especially with the younger generation. And I need

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when you're exposed early on to the methodology or theology of Gnosticism, or agnosticism, or atheism, certain questions, you know, repeat themselves quite a bit. And the question I give them that gives it that usually kind of helps with with their thought process is

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that first cell that ever existed that first form of life, right, when you think about it, that first form of life, you know, we as scientists, you study it, and you look at that first strand of DNA, and you start to understand the coding of it. But the question is this, why is it that life wants to live?

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Why? What is why? Why did the first cell want to continue living? Why? Why does life want to survive? See for you, like, that's life, every living thing wants to live? That isn't that isn't that just as I see, buddy, here, isn't that an axiomatic matters? That we don't really question, but I'm asking Why does life want to live? Who programmed into life the willing to live? And, and the and the need to survive? And the intention to want to go on? Where did that come from? It's alive, I understand this breathing, it's able to use energy and and hold on to it. But why is it that it wants to live? So no one knows science isn't just interested in that question. So it's not that

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science can't answer your science doesn't care. That level of that level of reflection doesn't exist, they don't want science isn't interested in that answer is all that science needs to know is that every living thing wants to live wants to live longer, wants to have more energy wants to be stronger, it knows that it uses that to come up with theories, it uses that to actually understand the world. But I'm asking that level of reflection as a Muslim that you're supposed to have. Well, why why does it want to do all this? Where did it get the where to get the inclination to do that? Well, the the colorful as logical. That is, and that is the reflection level that he's talking about

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here supine or whatnot. He created the species that were in that matter, that they want to survive that they want to evolve that they want to be stronger that they want to live longer. What Yeah, I did a community

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full queue and anti mitotic baboon. Yes, we understand that you put wood in water and it floats. That's what science is going to find out. That's how science is going to actually make these huge. I need Titanic boats to move to move things. But why is it that it's like that? Why is it that what why did it happen to be that the most?

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The easy is the easily accessible accessory, which is wood happens to float on water. Meaning if a person doesn't really know much as cuts a tree down and throws it into the, into the ocean, we'll find out oh, it's going to flow through I can actually stand on it. So I don't have to drown and die and be eaten by a shark. Why is it like that? So he continues to partner with Thailand. So you see, it is still and here's why this sort of zoetrope is trying to take the direction the focus from just understanding things materialistically which is not wrong, it's not rocket understand things in there under materialistic level, but understanding that you're supposed to have a net another

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dimension to your understanding of the world. The tester who I level who he created all this, he created the the livestock and chips, he just want everybody so that you may find equilibrium on on its backs, so that you can transport you can be transported and you can and you can be stable. But then what still matters guru Nia and matter have become either stairway to marry and when you're settled on their backs, whether it's a ship or livestock and you're being transported easily from one place to the other. Because if you just actually try and walk it, you wouldn't make it through metaphysical ruin and meta have become and then you reflect upon the blessing of Allah your Lord,

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what the WHO Subhan Allah the Sahara Linna had, and this is the level that the Muslim and you will add, it's not one or the other. I hope I hope this is clear. It's not either you reflect on the causality laws and the science or you say so behind it. It's both, it is 100% Both that Muslim is directed to see both degrees and both levels and both dimensions of Allah subhanaw taala his creation to benefit from what he made jelajah Lu and to improve it and to make it so that people have their lives are easier and more accessible. However you add to that, the dimension of seeing Subhanallah the Sahaba exalted is the one who sucked up see the screen. I mean, it was made easy for

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you. It was set up in a way where you could access it

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when I couldn't go home or clean and how do you not made it that way? Subhan Allah Tala more Quran is is to enforce something physically, is to force something physically, how do you not subhanaw taala made livestock in a way where you can actually just pull it from a knee from its rain and get on top and mount it and it will? How do you not mean it in a way where you're capable of actually conditioning it in the manner that you can use it, you're not stronger than it am, I couldn't know that home, okay, we cannot enforce it. We cannot we cannot enforce our will upon an animal physically, you do understand that a wild animal will go through all of us yawn easily if you're

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sitting here. A wild animal that we did not tame will easily go through everyone in this room, no problem at all. We don't have the physical power to actually overpower it. We just don't physically we're not very strong as human beings. It's the mental part that makes us Yeah, only a little bit it gives us an edge. The reason that we were able to do what we've done on the planet, it comes from our our cognitive abilities, not from our physical ones. Physically, we're probably amongst the weakest creatures on the planet, especially now. Especially maybe maybe a couple of 1000 years ago, when our ancestors were living Yanni in the jungles were living in the desert, they were stronger. I

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can tell you that any any hobby could literally Yanni go through each and every one of us easily, easily no matter what age they were they these are people who survived, survived in very extremely difficult circumstances. The fact that they lived until they were 40 means that they were built to live until they were 40. You and I we weren't necessarily built to live this one.

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Regular I definitely wasn't. This is I am Here I am here as a medical miracle. That's it just because there were medical ease, I was able to actually make it this far. If it was any other story, I would have been gone by the first second year of my life, natural selection would have made sure that I wasn't here.

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So basically, we're not have any worth really just as the other one. But when you think about it, the reason that we were able to advance ourselves as human beings is because Allah subhanaw taala designed it in a way that we were able to access the resources and actually make advancements. So when you get on top of the of your animal or you're on your ship or in your car, you say subhanallah the Sahara and you understand that the fact the fact that it's working, there's a lot of human and technology and science went into making it work, but there is a level that's a bit a bit more deep than that. Exalted is the one who, who made this, who put this at ease for me, well allowed me to

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subdue it.

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On my own, I would not have the ability to overpower it in a lot of beaner animal believable and at the end we will all return to him. subhanho wa Taala this is just a level of reflection. Never as Muslims you were were we required

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were asked or expected to neglect the scientific aspect of what we are observing around us and the universe subhanaw taala time and time again throughout the Quran continues to point us towards what he created, so that we reflect upon it, we contemplate, and we learn from it, so that we can improve. And so the Muslim did if you were to look at the, you know, the prime time of the Muslim empire, and Muslim civilization was probably the only time that I can that I can come up with at least maybe others are more historically inclined than I am. But I haven't found any other time during history where a religious, religious political regime existed that actually backed science

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where science was actually flourishing. At the time, whenever a country was ruled by religion. Usually, it wasn't, it wasn't a country that was friendly towards science, except during the golden, the golden era of Islamic Islamic civilization, where it was the opposite, where our scholars were FFP. And if you have a P molecule, sheffey was also a scientist, a botanist, or a geologist, or anybody, they actually studied this stuff. And it was known that this was someone who had studied, studied, but astronomers, people who actually understood the world, it wasn't there was no such thing as he just went and studied Sharia. And that's all you studied, and everything else was just

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Yaniv, I didn't No, no, no, no, that wasn't the thing. That wasn't, there wasn't an option that didn't exist anywhere. They didn't have universities to teach Jedi i You just learned as you're supposed to within a masjid in a Kutub. With an eat with a chef, you find the chef, and you're stuck to this person, and you spend your time learning from them all the knowledge that they have, and they pass you around to other machines and you learn but you're going to school and university, you're learning what you need to know about the world so that you have a profession so you can make money so you can have a way to and to have a livelihood in your life instead of being

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employed by a board of a masjid somewhere. And then you know, spending the rest of your life poor and unhappy and upset, and completely miserable. It wasn't like that it was not like that was very different. And people and people had reverence and had respect to what it meant to be a scholar, because the word scholar always meant that this person knew more than just the Jonnie the than just to see an African Hadith scholar scholar meant that you were educated and other worldly knowledge of sciences as well. Or else they are as the word wouldn't be Island, it would have been any more had this or amorphous, just a specific word, just something that this person did. That's all they did.

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And that's fine. It's okay to specialize and to be very focused on one thing, but when the word Island was used, it was something much bigger than that. It was something someone who obviously knew all of the sciences in the knowledge and the disciplines of Islamic knowledge, but also someone who has something else to add to that as well had been well educated in the in the sciences and the knowledge of the world. And I hope that's important because nothing I'm saying here is trying to get people to go in the other direction is just adding a level of reflection to our to our, to our ordinary, just adding to your toolkit, something else to do something a bit more deep and something

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that is there that but if we're going to go by a pure materialistic approach, you wouldn't say that purely materialistic, materialistic, we wouldn't get into your car and say subhanallah this

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you would thank me if it's a Toyota you think the the the person who Yeah, it wouldn't be that but as a Muslim you understand that Allah subhana wa Tada there's a there's a level here that he allowed this to happen for us he made it of ease for us to access so you praise him so I know it's either new to somebody Allah Subhana Allah the salah had it's a beautiful dog and even even in the car you almost say it Danny automatically but we think about it please don't have it utilize it to the point where it just comes up without actually taking a moment to appreciate that this is this was made for you to enjoy the steel, the steel means is there for your service, he could have made things very

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different and this wouldn't have been possible at all.

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So that's that's the end of the of that second paragraph within the surah you continue subhanaw taala in a very birthdays are very heavy I find them extremely important and extremely I need the worthy of contemplation I was saying a few of them and then I'll talk about them inshallah the Halacha during the week will be shorter because people have worked and I purposely make it a little bit longer during weekends because I mean what are you gonna go to do you can't go eat or anything

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what God who love whom in a birdie he was in in Santa Monica food been an eater hoarder, I mean, yeah, hello Kubernetes Wellsford buildin any one either I will share what how to whom the barbarian Walkman II method will lower you who who almost sweat them who work every hour me when I ship within India. Were who are feeling here for me ye movie in

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which I love whom in a baddie, he just and they made for Allah subhanaw taala they made up in Jilin is a very very old

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Open Ended word in Arabic. ninjalah is a word that can be used in over 25 manners in the Arabic language, it's extremely, extremely open. And so go to Word as an Arabic speaker, if you don't know exactly how to describe what someone is doing. So Java is just an easy, it's an easy way out with Java without whom anybody just, they claimed or they made for him subhanaw taala amongst his creation, something that's a part of him or something that they are a part of. And it is it is a part something that is

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physically or conceptually a part of something else. And what this is referring to is that when Allah subhanaw taala, when people claim that he has a wife for you, they claim that he has offspring or a child or a son, or they claim that there are more that he somehow Subhanallah is made up from more than one entity and then or that he divides into different entities so that there are other entities that are related to him subhanaw taala, in some way, this is all basically trying to equalize, trying to achieve some equilibrium between the deity the gods of Allah Himself and His creation, because everything that we're able to think of everything that we have ever observed or

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understood, is it just a creation of Allah subhana or something he made, we actually are not able to imagine anything that Allah subhanaw taala didn't create, you don't have the ability that you can even make up if you make something up, whatever it is that you made up is something that Allah Subhana Allah could create or creativity himself Subhana wa Taala you don't have the ability, you and I don't have the ability to imagine Allah. Why very simply because everything that we imagine is going to be restricted by two elements is going to be restricted by time and space. It has to be in time there has to be a timeline for it. It has to be moving within time somehow in your brain. And

00:21:40--> 00:22:14

it has to be in space. I dare you to imagine anything that is not restricted by those two limitations. You can't I win the bet it's impossible. We don't have the ability we can recognize that we that this these are two limitations. However, we can't actually go beyond them. Like there's no way that we can do it because this is this is these are the lines that are drawn for us whether we like it or not now Allah subhanaw taala draws lines, here's here's here are your limits. Some of those lines, you can actually go and step over and do what you want here. Don't drink Come on, and then you can just go ahead and do it. I mean, there's no, but other lines are actually mandatory.

00:22:14--> 00:22:48

You don't have the ability. You're a dare to think of something outside. That's why he went over it with us. Well, why him? Well, Abelton subhanho wa Taala he's first and last because time doesn't apply. Well, why don't What about the needs, the apparent and the hidden? Space doesn't apply to everything you imagine, is going to be restricted by time and space. Meaning that everything you imagine is just a creation of God. And Allah subhanho wa Taala This is beyond that. This is this is the so when we say he has a son or he has Cherie, basically, we're just and this is what the human being has always wanted to do. The human being does not like that. This is something in the in the

00:22:48--> 00:22:53

ego and the knifes we don't like that there's a deity of such power. We don't like it.

00:22:54--> 00:23:37

And Muslim hamdulillah Lydia Hola. ilaha illallah finds this easy to comprehend, because it was a part of his upbringing. But outside of that the ego on his own if you were to ask it his opinion, outside of the fear of breaking the law, it doesn't like it. It just doesn't doesn't like the fact that there's something strong, it wants to do one of two things, either it wants to take that very perfect entity the ominous, unfathomable unfathomable entity and make it something more human humanize it, meaning make it flesh and blood, give it anger, give it some give us something that makes it more like me, give us some weakness something that I can I can relate to, or make us

00:23:37--> 00:24:08

stronger. So we came up with the Superman and I need the flash and all these other it's nice to it. We don't want to be just humans it's boring being just a human being even if we're going to be just a human being and a superhero he has to be a billionaire right Batman has to be a billionaire who has the ability to scientifically make things up we don't like being just human we want to be something more so we come up with X Men we come up with all these superheroes because deep inside we would like to be more than this we would like to be able to fly into go through the you know the cosmos and we don't like just being who we are. So either you break now the first one which is

00:24:08--> 00:24:21

making us more than we are historically made no sense because we didn't it What are you talking about? You're You're human, you're very we're very fragile the way you are. So the other way is just to make Break, break talk that down a bit. Just make them weaker. Give them a wife

00:24:23--> 00:24:23

give them a child.

00:24:25--> 00:24:30

Why because if you do that, then he's more humane. And there's there's a need there. There's something

00:24:31--> 00:24:32

harsh hash.

00:24:33--> 00:24:59

Tag this Allahu Allah Subhan Allah Subhan Allah, but this is this is the problem. The human being doesn't like it. So they keep on finding a way to change it, which I mean, he he does. And they gave him a part of his own creation. And he says later, chemically, he should you shouldn't be doing that in Santa Monica for a movie and indeed that human being is extremely ungrateful. Very clearly, we're being very, like a full on will be very

00:25:00--> 00:25:31

Clearly ungrateful. So go for it has multiple meanings. And I need the Arabic language that probably the strongest one is the fact that is gratitude. And if you're wondering, well how does that work because before we use that, to describe someone who's a disbeliever, it's just the highest degree of, of lack of gratitude is disbelief. It's when you're not grateful for the fact your life, you're not willing to attribute the fact that you're alive to the one who gave you life. Meaning if I if you're given a gift, and you can vote to how you didn't know, you had to have both meanings apply here, you can say that you're ungrateful to it. But if you're given life here, you're alive. You

00:25:31--> 00:25:51

weren't, you weren't able to actually bring this life upon yourself, you're on your own, but you're granted by Allah subhanaw taala, you refuse to acknowledge that he granted you that light that's go for, because that's the highest degree of copper, because this is the most important blessing that you'll ever be given, which is the fact that you took a breath one day and you're an entity or someone you're something that is able to be consciously understand the world around it.

00:25:53--> 00:26:03

And it continues, here's the example he starts getting some data examples of a broken materialistic logic. I mean, by that, I mean, look, Kubernetes was fired from Bill Binney.

00:26:04--> 00:26:13

What are the people who are being addressed by these verses specifically out of date? So they claim that Allah subhanaw taala had daughters and not sons?

00:26:15--> 00:26:24

Aside from the fact that God would love him in a bad way, he just always he just addressed the penalty. You're giving him offspring you're making you're equalizing him to his creation.

00:26:25--> 00:26:30

Their logic was he only has daughters? I mean, I don't even know who Bennett

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the surah saying, is that what you're claiming? That Allah subhanaw taala has while sparkling Bill money, and you just and you are the ones who are going to have sons? Why is that important? This is a chaste, Allah has chastising, a way of thought, is the materialistically lot of the value of having male children and they did not value having female children. Why very simply because male children brought a financial value to the family and female children didn't. So if you had a tribe in a Kavita, and you wanted to be stronger, you wanted more males, because my speaking purely materialistically just purely from a materialism background, then having more males gave you more to

00:27:13--> 00:27:47

brag about gave you more financial strength, someone who can work and bring in money, someone who at the time females weren't able to do that. So they started using this this wording they wanted males way that most definitely it right after it way that was Shiva hadoo home be male dollar value of Rukmani method. And if the one one of these people who was who was claiming that God has daughters, and he has, he's the one who's gonna have sons, and once the bush Sherman is getting the good news, this is what I was gonna say. And when this person is getting the good news, which is good news, that you have a daughter the Madonna Madonna Walkman in methadone, that you were given the same

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thing that you claimed Allah subhanaw taala you get but you don't want well lowered who who was Swindon their faces would turn dark. You were so upset, meaning you were able to see on their face faces physically, that they were upset by this well, who were Kilim and they're holding down their anger they're holding back how disappointed they are. And of course it's um it's known to all what you don't know who to sue either to be at them being potty let that some some of them will actually go to the extent of, of murdering these children.

00:28:20--> 00:28:26

A day or two old female would be would be buried into the ground buried in the ground alive.

00:28:28--> 00:28:29

With ambush shall be my

00:28:30--> 00:28:36

method as well, who who must sweat they will walk away. This is these verses are chastising.

00:28:37--> 00:29:14

And going after going after this logic, so this is your logic, your logic is the only value for something is material. Materialistic is based on finance. That's it. And that being the case and that's why they turned in. That's why the before Islam became extreme, they devalued having Ghanian male male children and didn't value having female children because because the the dimension of their thought was extremely limited, because they were just looking at it from purely a financial backer financial perspective and that's how they arrived at this and that's what Allah subhanaw taala say no, no, this is what what do you what do you even saying that? That's why the Prophet

00:29:14--> 00:29:25

alayhi salatu salam will come and he would tell us to have in many a hadith and I'm not going to recite all of them but I'll tell you all of the animal and the non Hadith while making mankind Allahu Salah to Muna Banerjee,

00:29:27--> 00:30:00

you have a double Hoonah Santa Elena, and hello Hola. Hola, Jenna. If you have three daughters, and you treat them well, you take care of them and you're kind to them and you show them excellence. Then you will enter Jennifer, what are the sahaba? Call your Salah within it. What about two Nephi that was 13 But what about one wider and wider and one as well? And you recite through that hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, what you'll find is that he actually changed the mentality of the autumn he started speaking to them and talking to them about the importance and the beauty of having a daughter him Allah used to surround himself was

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

not to love anyone on Earth more than he loves his daughter Fawlty middleby Allah who I'm to the point when he ever entered the room. Whenever he whenever she entered a room he would be sitting down at a salon to a salon. This is something that Isha would not he would point out to us that whenever he was sitting and I thought they all walked in he would get up Pauline salatu salam ala via t la vie Jakob beluga whale Dizzy Maha to mega judicial her McKenna who Salah you get up he will hugger He will kiss her head and hunger and then sit her in the spot that he was sitting on a sauce and this for the Arabs is a is a is a gesture of love and respect. Basically audience salatu salam

00:30:37--> 00:30:46

making Jonnie providing or performing or, or creating a sunnah for every Muslim person to perform with, with their daughters moving forward. And

00:30:48--> 00:31:08

and the other by the way, this is what they didn't like, this is what you don't We don't realize this a lot in Islam and in the history of Islam. So hate wasn't the biggest problem for them. In the law was acceptable. And most people were like, Yeah, you're right, you know, these Muslim are just the, again, their financial value, materialistic, they just financial value because it was more of a

00:31:10--> 00:31:43

materialistic contract between Corporation and other tribes, instead of having something written that we take care of you, you know, you'll scratch my back, I scratch yours here. Here's our Sonam is the representation of you know, this is the God of our tribe put it on your Kaaba. And when every time we come and see the Kaaba, we can point to people see, look where our God is taking care of them. And it's, you know, inspissated into the ground with lead. And it's right there. It was just an issue of, of prestige and of, of social status. And it was a contract that we will we're allies. So they knew that was the case, so didn't have much of a problem. But these are the changes that

00:31:43--> 00:32:16

they didn't like, when these verses were being recited, we don't understand them. And sometimes people recite them and they don't want to talk about them because they feel that they're no no, these AIs are actually extremely beautiful for us to understand as Muslims, this is Allah subhanaw taala pointing out this broken logic that they had, that they're tougher than him they have no Kubernetes Bill Binney you're claiming that God has His children and all of them are female and you only have males and when you're given a female you don't like it and you're and you're depressed and you're upset. Why were you gonna shuffle Phil Hillier tea? Well, whoever he saw me while you were

00:32:16--> 00:32:23

mobian and you go ahead and you say and this is what you're saying and this is what the people of Malaysia that would say prior to Islam

00:32:24--> 00:33:03

you're gonna shuffle Hillier, Elia is is adornments or jewelry. I'm going to show you someone who was being brought up or raised with jewelry, well who have been Chris law Amelia Romo been. And when it comes to Jani arguments and fighting and yelling, they don't have a loud voice. He's showing this broken logic, this broken logic that they handled well, the reason that we don't want to daughters and wives sons is because daughter's there, we have to spend money to get them jewelry. And when it comes to a moment of confrontation, they're not stronger in confrontation. Again, valuing people just based on a very, it's a one dimensional metric. It's an extremely simple metric that they're

00:33:03--> 00:33:36

using to value someone. And it's and it's based purely on materialism. And this is what Allah subhanaw taala is pointing out is this is this is this is wrong. This is wrong. And this is not the only time facing the Quran where Allah Subhanallah points that out. That this is what you're saying. You go ahead and talking about this. And your eyes if you're you're you're devaluing females, and the the basis for it is materialistic, and it always was, always was, it was just pure greed. It was pure greed that they just wanted. And that's where the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would have been at that he has to like

00:33:37--> 00:34:00

if you think about he didn't have three, three sons all died within their first couple of years of life. And his legacy SallAllahu Sallam went through his daughters so Eliza, man, his offspring that will continue to the Milky Way every NASA will, it will end except the NASA Mohamed Salah ALLAH he only saw heusler goes to his daughter Fatima, or the Allah Allah, Allah Allah and within that is a Yanni.

00:34:01--> 00:34:11

Within just with just within that itself, is very symbolic for people to understand that this is what Allah subhanaw chose for him. And this is what he was happy with some of the Hadees

00:34:12--> 00:34:50

and the fact that 1400 years later, we still struggle and suffer from the same problems. Meaning we still have Muslims who are upset because they don't have a meal son, and they have a couple of daughters. And they keep on trying until they get a meal even if they that means they have to have 12 daughters before that is just a sign that we really didn't understand what he what what this what the Quran was talking about, that we're still valuing things on some materialistic level that lacks depth. It's still a uni dimensional metric that we're using to judge things. Because Because that's not supposed to because I rarely see a family with you know, a couple of Shabaab that are going to

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

keep on having children until they have a daughter. I rarely see that maybe there are people who are like that, but it's not as common because we're still struggling with this. It's a problem

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

It's something that the Quran pointed out early on, and that we should definitely take time to contemplate and reflect upon because

00:35:06--> 00:35:37

because it's just, it's wrong on so many different levels. It's wrong. And that's what these verses are talking about. He's pointing out what they said, you're claiming God has daughters and you have sons. And the moment that you're told you have a daughter, you become depressed. And you go ahead and you say, well, they we have to spend money on them with for their jewelry of children. And when they grow up for the fall on the available being when it comes to to confrontations and disagreements, they're not the group that is able to defend us that and that's the only way you're going to judge this. So we continue to subpoena with Donna. I'll just remember what John Mueller

00:35:38--> 00:35:46

eager to Lavina hoomin Eva, don't walk man enough shahidul poems that Dr. Bucha that To whom are you?

00:35:48--> 00:36:20

And they go on and they make or Allah subhanaw taala out of them ICA and they say the maniacal are female? Why are they doing this? They're doing this because again, if you understood what I said at the beginning, they want to devalue. This is why they want to devalue the strength of God. So those still give them something that makes him a bit not as powerful, not as unfathomable, not as all knowing God, as all wise, does all capable. So they'll give him something and Allah Subhanallah is pointing this when he can What are you doing? This is this is senseless on so many different levels. Ushahidi Hong Kong, you were you were around, you witnessed what Allah says under created and what

00:36:20--> 00:36:37

genders he gave to the creations that he made to Dr. Bucha, that if you're claiming this, then this witness this testimony will be written, it'll be documented, and we'll ask you about it you'll not be and we'll see, are you just making this up? Or is it just in Trinsic need to weaken the strong

00:36:38--> 00:37:17

and the uni dimensional approach to what is valuable in life, which is, you'll see that this sort of continues, and I'll continue to point this out. And the suit is very, it is very, very powerful. Because every every chapter, every paragraph will point out another example of how the human being does not value things properly, is judging issues of value in a very mistaken way in a very ill manner. And it starts here with it with the difficult ones starts with the one that we still struggle with today. How to value how to value females within a society. This is not over the struggle for Sisters is still there just by the example of the Yanni if you if you break down the

00:37:17--> 00:37:55

attendance within a masjid, and it's still at 20 which wasn't the wasn't the breakdown during his life. So Allah audio Sydenham, we actually regressed, we actually went backwards in terms of numbers. I used to have to send this message it was broke down 6040 60% Men 50 40% women, this is how the message was. And today when we look at misogyny that's not the case. We have driven them out slowly. We have made them feel less welcome. You've made them feel less valued within MSL, you've made them feel that they're not that this is not theirs. But so they stopped coming. And then we wonder why our sisters aren't as the idea enthusiastic about doing that is supporting the dean and

00:37:55--> 00:38:06

in performing Darwin, well, why do you think if we continue to, to use the same, the same mentality that existed before Islam, even after Islam came to correct it.

00:38:09--> 00:38:47

Maybe something needs to change, maybe, maybe there's a way of thought that needs to change, maybe we ought to start things seeing things a little bit differently. And reflecting on these verses, these verses are, you know, we're way ahead of their time. These Ayat for what for the time that they were being revealed, in a way I had talking, just pointing out this very broken logic that people are using and chastising it and calling it out for what it is I'll end inshallah with a number 19 And we'll continue in Sharla next Saturday within it, I would advise that you take time to go through this and see if you can point in pick out all of the examples that subhanaw taala is

00:38:47--> 00:38:49

going to point out for us that are

00:38:50--> 00:39:06

that are picking on a logic of materialism that needs to change in our minds in some way. And quite honestly, this is one of the suitors where where the every lesson in it applies 100% to us some lessons, I have to draw a lot of parallels in order for me to explain how they apply to us. So,

00:39:08--> 00:39:44

the lessons apply to us immediately directly, because we are struggling with this we have turned into a society that is very much interested in valuing people on on material and with materialistic metrics. The performance is easy if performances in performance performances metrics is are very easy to to actually develop, and how much how many papers you published, how many 90 people you train, how many hours you spent, how many lines of coding, but whatever it is that you're doing, it's easy, but we don't value anymore the metrics of

00:39:45--> 00:39:59

being a being trustworthy of being loving, being supportive and being empathetic, these there's no there's no waiting. There's no There's almost no metrics at all to actually measure people and in terms of their ability to even though these things are much more valuable.

00:40:00--> 00:40:13

much more important. When you're going to work, you're not thinking about how productive the person beside you is. You're thinking how sociable they are. Are they someone that you can talk to? Are they someone that if you're having a bad day, you will understand.

00:40:14--> 00:40:32

If you're going through a difficult time, you can rely upon them you can you can explain you can let you can tell them about how you're doing that they'll respect your needs and your and your specificities. As a human being you're culturally and religiously, that's what you care about, you're, you're not really thinking about them at their performances.

00:40:33--> 00:41:08

And bosses and people who have businesses shouldn't either, which they should have some balance again, and it's not to say, you know, we hire people who can't produce anything, but it's making sure that our you do have the balance, or we also when it comes to running our own businesses, you're in a dimensional, it just someone who can get the job done. But that person is the it has all these other problems, doesn't know how to treat people around them, or maybe maybe abuses Jonnie their authority or mistreats, those who are vulnerable around them. This, this has to be this, this has to be re assessed and revisited as a society as people. And I'm not just talking about Muslims,

00:41:08--> 00:41:13

this is this is the case, across the board, everywhere around the world. It's becoming an you know,

00:41:14--> 00:41:15

cutting edges in

00:41:17--> 00:41:24

your throat. Everyone is competing in a way that is that is vicious even, because because it's just the only way to devalues.

00:41:26--> 00:41:29

To assess success is just money. How much money do you make?

00:41:30--> 00:41:36

Here's my question for you, at the end of this Holika Can you can you value? Can you assess massage it that way to

00:41:38--> 00:41:44

businesses is money, I understand, I'm not going to be able to convince you otherwise, money how much money you made is how you

00:41:46--> 00:41:53

decide and established whether their business is actually moving forward. Are masajid judged the same way

00:41:54--> 00:42:13

as American success is going to be judged on how much money they put together a year. Is that how it's going to be? Is that proper? In your mind? Is it based on donations? It's how many how much money people actually put in? Or is it based on how many people we served? And how many lives we improved and how many people were able to move forward? What is it what is it you tell me

00:42:16--> 00:42:26

it's it's scary to think that massage is turned into something different than massage or morphing into it to be run like businesses but not the ASCII business. This is not a business.

00:42:28--> 00:43:01

It's just money is the is the least important part of this. What's important are the people in it, and the services offered and the and the Brotherhood and the closeness this is what we have to remind ourselves of and this is the dimension that I feel slowly we are kind of falling short of in general. And that's what I think so physical is of extreme importance for us to take time and reflect upon. I will point out that in sha Allah Yaniv, I'll end now. But salata Baja, the earliest is 720. So if you're in domestic and you're staying around, you recite some Quran at 720 I would advise gente praise Allah to Allah.

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subhanaw taala We have Nick Shinola ilaha illa Anta Stubblefield to the console Allahu wa salam O Allah. Allah Allah Bina Muhammad and voila early you're Socrates means doc Mala halen robotica la vie come Saramonic more like