Fajr Dars Az-Zukhruf (Verses 20-30)

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100 to help you know the mean, well, almost nobody was selling them a vertical nav, you know, have you been Mr. Medina on early he also he, as you may know, but

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we'll continue in short on the weekends with the CEO. So it is all of which we began last weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. And we recited up to number 19. On the surah.

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As a quick reminder, before we continue, so there's a lot of exists within a cluster of solos called the house, I mean, starts with laughter and

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all these sorts of start with bonita, honey.

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And there's an all these students have a similar theme. And most students that begin with, with these broken letters or separated letters all have similar themes, the ones that have the same

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separated letters at the beginning, it's almost like it's coding for the students.

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And the more you look into it, the more you'll see it and show like disorders.

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And they used to always give advice, of things to do and things not to do on the way of dour, the way of serving Allah subhanaw taala is Dean, so to zakura is amongst the three swords at the end that give three warnings. So this sort of gives a warning regarding the exact word itself, or, or the concept of the word itself in Zoho is everything that has that seems shiny and beautiful on the outside but but has no has no substance and has no real value. And how that can affect people's judgement is it talks about the uni dimensional materialistic approach to the world, and how having that type of perspective and worldview and that judgment can can be extremely problematic and is the

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reason for a lot of the the evil or, or the bad decision making that occurs in the world, from every party, and we talked a little bit about that in the first seat or the first 90 verses, Allah subhanaw taala gave a few examples. And one of them which is we talked about on Sunday was, was the that uni dimensional approach to women that existed back in Jamelia, where they were only valued where people were only valuable based on based on what financial benefit they brought the tribe and if they weren't going to bring financial benefits of numbers, if they weren't going to increase the number of warriors or they weren't able to, then then they had no value and women were devalued

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based on that. And that's what an Allah subhanaw taala pointed it out as one of either Bucha or Khartoum being a little bit of a nanny masala Wallah, who was with the worker, when are you gonna show good Hell yeah. And it talks about how this is a this is a deficit in a problem and in their way of thought. And this is one of the issues that the Quran definitely changed in terms of the mentality of those who followed it during that period. Meaning if you were to meet a Muslim back in like in the era of the Prophet alayhi, Salatu was set up, then one of the distinguishing features of this individual would be their understanding that and their and their concept of how females should

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be treated within a society. Because that was, it was different. It was different from all the other surrounding ways of thought that that people

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adopted with within their lives. It's very sad to see how little we have or how much we have regressed as an ummah, regarding this, this topic, that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the Muslims were so progressive about back during their time, because because people you know, if you really want to know more about that topic, just actually study the history of women's rights throughout the world, maybe just go go across the globe, and look at how long it took for for certain concepts or for certain understandings to exist in Europe and in parts of Africa and Asia, and even in the Middle East and see how and at the same time that certain struggles existed in the world with a

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private audience, it was that I was telling people in terms of their rights of equal rights in terms of their right to believe and right to learn and right to

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to give an opinion and to vote and to participate, their equal rights, their rights to inherit and the rights to own and the rights the business and the fact that they had equal responsibility in terms of the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala their tech leaf is the same Dermacolor just like you are and they're gonna be held accountable the same degree only for you and I right now, today, this is you know, this is given we don't really get you to think much about it wasn't given back then. And this is we talked about that last time is a very good example of how they view things was not they were not seen as equal to man at the time and the reason because because we're not because of this

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materialistic approach to the world. And of course, Yanni, there are many other mistakes that were made that was similar to

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And today when shall will continue and will point out a few a loss of 100 points out a few more problems that existed during that time and approaches that were the result of this very, very narrow minded uni dimensional approach to the world and how we have the same problem here today. And that's why I chose to go through quite honestly, near those a little bit of a longer than I would usually choose for weekend mornings, in Ramadan. The reason I chose it is because because really, we have very similar plug problems. We're living at a time where we are being basically ruled and run by, by, by by consumerism, culture that is so powerful, that is literally changing the way you

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framing mindsets for for people. And I see it a lot in the youth in the way that they the way that they talk and what they hope for and what they want and what they fear, and then how they define success and how they define. And it's just very disturbing, because I feel like I'm spending a lot a lot of time talking about things that I don't think are my opinion, I didn't think I never thought I was going to need to talk about I never thought I was going to have to explain that. Yeah, and even their fathers Jani, the fact that your dad doesn't have like a million followers on YouTube doesn't mean that he didn't make it. Yeah, and he's still solid dude. He's still worked really hard at it.

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And he you know, he he's holding on to a family you understand he hold on, hold on to a family didn't kill you growing up that that's a big, that is, you know, kudos for your dad for doing that. That's a big deal. He's just it's hard for them. It's hard because the way that everything is defined today is so so materialistic, it's based on it's based it's really based on on on wealth, and it's based on fame. And those are not good. They're just gotten to they're just not good markers to define success. They just aren't. And you can disagree with me if you'd like but, you know, whatever it never was. And for it to become the only way to define it is forget about it actually

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being a way to define it for it to be the only way to define success and define you know, advancements in the world and actually carrying weight and value ism Seba is a complete ban so it doesn't really points that out well, in a lot of depth and and that's the beauty of the Quran if you if you just read long enough you'll find you'll find the Quran is addressing problems it will address the problem that you're struggling with literally, you know, head on very clearly will leave nothing left nothing for you to really

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wonder about or contemplate outside of what it explained. So we'll start inshallah with a number 20 I'll just read them for the bulk of their citation and you can follow along if you have those phone or Quran in your hand and I'll explain all the meanings.

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We will be learning in a show you're born your body is similar your Mohammed and your team. We're calling Lucia Walkman Huma Abedin. Whom mela home be the leak? I mean it will mean in home in your whole food.

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Tina home keytab and meal Caudalie whom de mas stem siku bello Powell who in Georgia then

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we're in

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Bury him dead who work at early can

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sell Nemean polygraphy Baba yet in the year in Paul.

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Paul amature off who in Virginia

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we're in

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Bury him who Paula to be mean to Murray.

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Paul who in the

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oral seal tune the fee hole and Giacomo mean whom well okay think and people will look at the

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record Lucia or Rama Luma about dinner when they said if the ramen wanted the speaking of Allah and that's how they would this is a good way for them to describe Allah subhanaw taala in contrast to all of the other gods that they know that they they worship that bring them financial benefit, say that they got if they got into heavens didn't want us to worship

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all these other gods then we wouldn't have

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what are they saying? It is the it is the ever ever, like 90 day long lasting arguments of juggler. jabariya, meaning philosopher found that I wanted something to happen, it would have happened. If you wanted us to be good, wouldn't have been good. You wanted us to do something would have done it. The fact that we're not doing it that means a lot didn't want us to do it. The most ridiculous argument that exists. Why because it's extremely unidimensional it's based on a false understanding a very, I guess, a very materialistic understanding of how the world works.

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The fact that you can't understand

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that someone in the back of someone can't understand that Allah subhanaw taala is capable of creating a creature that has free will to do whatever it wants whatever it pleases within the limitations of its abilities within Allah's creation, and even though it can do that Allah subhanaw taala is it knows about what it's doing. Has No, it does not make it doesn't it's not it is not a threat to Allah subhanaw taala in any way, Allah subhanaw taala is not oblivious to anything that he's doing. That is that is a problem. They can't seem to understand that they just not understandable why? Because it because if you have a materialistic Outlook, you can only judge

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things based on your simple experience of it. Meaning when they talk about juggler, meaning the velocity, you knows, well, if he knows that means I don't have choice, if he knows what I'm going to do next, and how could I have problems possibly have choice? This is the argument they're saying here, this is the old argument of a puddle, no shot, all right now no matter what controls us all. So if he wants to start to do it, you wouldn't have done it. Man, let him be daddy come in, they have no they have no site, they have no knowledge of what they're speaking of, in whom they're just making assumptions, they just course will have hydro model lynda.com course was isn't is an activity

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that farmers would do is when they when they estimate how much timber is on a tree before it's actually ready. It's called cost because it's just enough, just throwing it taking a look and saying I think there's this much. And then they would do that for all the trees. And then based on that they would pay the you know, the owner of the land upfront, and then they would wait for the actual tomato to become ripe. And then the reason we don't mind is to go back at home is what they used to do. It's very simple. But it's hard, meaning it does not based on now, you didn't really count them one by one, you don't know what you're talking about. It's just just an estimation. And that's and

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that's what the ISA also when they just use making this as they go along with the problem comes down to just so yeah, so it's clear this issue that Allah is pointing out that yes, it does, it doesn't they won't make sense to you, if you're going to judge this materialistically meaning based on your experience, you see, I can't know the future, unless whatever is is behaving is behaving according to an algorithm that was predetermined by Miss myself or someone else, something that I was able to figure out. It's the simple example of that little car that you kind of wind and then you put on a flat surface and you direct towards the pillar, you say this car in the future is going to slam

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right into the end, you let it go and it just goes right into it because it has no choice. That's the only way you can actually predict know the future. As you know, even when we use greater tools to predict human behavior on a larger scale individual or communities. It's still just estimations. We're never sure and then human beings always succeed in breaking all the all the rules and changing the graph and doing something that no one thought was going to happen. And then you're stuck with this new reality that was so unclear. And COVID was a great example of that we you got we all got used to it that no one knows what they're talking about, like somewhere midway COVID We stopped

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listening here, they have no idea what they're saying. They're just making this up. All these graphs are completely meaningless. We all actually defected. COVID actually affected all of us in terms of our trust, not only in the medical system, but in the government's ability to you know, to manage a crisis and and to actually use data to predict the future. We thought they were much better than that, didn't we? We thought we were way, way more advanced than we actually turned out to be because two years this this charade went on for full two full years. And I don't even know if we're gonna see another lockdown. Yeah, this is just ridiculous. This is not your life. We shouldn't shouldn't

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be living like this, having to rely on it, we will continue to follow the rules and keep people safe. But there's a lot of questions that people have and there's they're legitimate.

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But the only way we can actually know the future is if whatever is behaving is following an algorithm and it has no choice. And that's the materialistic way to actually judge knowing the future. The question is when Allah subhanaw taala says he knows the future and he does jelajah Allah? Well, the question is, how does he know it? Does he know it the same way? If your answer is yes, then what they said is correct. No SHA Rama, Rama but then it's really up to him, you see controls everything. We don't have really any choice in any of this. So why are you holding me accountable to something Allah is apparently I knew that I was going to do if he wanted he would

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have changed it. But that's not how Allah Subhana Allah knows things. That's not the nature of Allah subhanaw taala his knowledge, he knows what you're going to do, even though you have full freedom of choice. That's why he's God. That's why we're not. This is this is the point of difference. If you if you're looking for the difference, well that's where it is right there that Allah subhanaw taala knows what you're going to do next. Even though even though you have full control I like I can give it to you in a different way just in case you are using think about this topic and it just sticks with you have no idea. It but some people just cannot seem to get over this one. But again, the

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reason that I think that this issue is not is something that people struggle with is because there's the we fail to see the world outside of this one dimension of materialistic

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The methodology of critical thinking, and there's more to it than that. There's way more to it than that. And this is what Susan is going to try to point out. But let me give you an example of a way Allah subhanaw taala would know, Allah subhanaw taala. Let's put it this way. Allah subhanaw taala knows, let's say that you ever heard the theory of the multiverse? I don't know if you've heard this are parallel universes where every every possibility exists, there's an infinite number of universes with an infinite number of many versions of you doing infinite number of things. Well, let's just say that's the case. And it's probably it's not but this, you know, for the for the purpose of this

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argument, then Allah subhanaw. Taala knows about all them. So basically, he's a legit Adela. He knows exactly all the different options that are available. At this moment, he knows exactly all the different infinite options of what I could do at this moment, I can do anything at this moment, I could completely surprise you and do something insane. Correct, you have no way to control it, you have no way to predict it really, based on algorithms, most likely, I'm gonna sit here, I'm gonna hold the fire on my left hand. And we'll continue to talk until you get bored. And then I'm going to notice that you're bored. And I'll say it's a little I sent them how am I gonna we'll leave. Most

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likely, that's how this is gonna happen. But Allahu Allah, and you have no way to actually predict that. But all of the different infinite options and what can happen is ALLAH SubhanA, Allah subhanaw. Taala knows about, and you're just choosing which option you want every time. The options are all there he sees them all supine, or which Isla, so you cannot surprise him by doing something that's outside of these infinite number of options. You just choosing which one you want there, same thing, what's the difference between that and Allah is knowing what you're going to do next. There's no difference, there is no difference really. But if we, if we

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are adamant on understanding the world, in a very unit dimensional manner, with only just one measurement of how things are going to work, then yes, the answer will call your dosha or Rama, Rama but they don't would work. But it doesn't matter whom Videla come in. And he's very clear. So pining without it. They have no knowledge of this. They have no idea what they're talking about. This is not true in Hula, hula. So they're just saying whatever comes to their mind jelajah, Lulu, and Tina from Quito. But are they saying this based on a book that we gave them? You will probably hear they did they have some book that I sent saying that this is how it is that I forced everyone or or that

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the fact that I know means that they have no choice, but whom behaved was Dempsey going? And they're holding on to that knowledge very clearly. Or Where's this coming from? Based on what are you saying this. And the reason that you feel this heavy tone is because one of the biggest myths I need the node that a human being can possibly

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perform is

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Nicola and Allah, he like to help to speak something on behalf of God, that is not the truth, or we do not have knowledge of which makes what I do extremely, extremely dangerous.

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Extremely dangerous. Every time you sit and you open the Quran, and you start speaking, you're speaking I'm interpreting this on behalf of God, I'm trying to tell you what he's seen. So the mistake that I make can not and make a note about ending my career. It's about ending my RPOA it's a huge risk. It's very color, all my life growing up, this was something that was pounded into my brain, you have to be very careful in terms of what you're saying, and why you're saying it and how you're saying it and think 100 times before you say something and make sure because when you say it when it's out there, you can't take it back again. Then if it was incorrect, and someone learns it

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and goes in practices, it is on you and you cannot control that ever again. And you're speaking on behalf of God and if you speak on behalf of Allah subhanho wa Taala and you don't say what Allah subhanaw taala wanted you to say and you're not explaining it the way he intended it to be explained, or somehow somehow you allow your ego and agenda to enter that explanation you're doing Are you saying something and trying to benefit for yourself?

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Then then it's game over? And that's the worst? That's the worst form of corruption that could ever exist. That's why there's a little bit of a heavy tone I'm gonna tell him keytab publicly He for whom he lists them secret but they have a book and it says exactly what they're saying right here. They better than better be the case. They seem to be very you know certain about asking this no shot and saying that lotia are right No, no, no, no, that's what you're saying. You're saying if God didn't want me to you're making a statement on behalf of God saying that if he wanted didn't want something you didn't want you to behave in a certain way you wouldn't have behaved that's how you're

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gonna go by it. Where did you get this from? Where's the book that says that show me you don't have a book then Hara copies based on what are you making this claim?

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How do you what do you say to Allah subhanaw taala Yamuna Padma when you when he says where do you get this claim from? Are you speaking on my behalf that I allowed to speak on my behalf? Who gave you the permission to speak on

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their own Hadith when when somebody you would just Hadith in Bukhari Muslim and you're

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telling me the and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was hearing somebody or the Hadith goes goes as follows as someone was being talked about someone who had performed a lot of the job and another person who heard about this but it is it Allah who this is a person who will never be forgiven for a poodle Rob solos right calls upon him in disguise, manhandled Eddie, it oh, well, who are they who speaking on my behalf? I love you. I love you

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I won't forgive. If I should do a nickel refer to the RBD. Was there just to be argued as of now, then maybe my witness that I forgiven him and the other one will be punishment based on what are you doing? What do you mean full on won't be forgiven? There's a big difference between reciting an earlier in the Quran that gives a statement for us to warn ourselves and others with and then using the prime as a catalog. I've talked about this a number of times in the past, I think it's worth always repeating because it's a big problem. When we generalize when we say in the law had I eligible unusual behavior, meaning that every mistake will not be forgiven. So I go and look at a

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number of machine again, and I say they won't go to know there's a big difference. This these laws, the law of logic, these logical laws don't don't apply here.

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For you to say, Well, every Mushrik will enter now.

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That's not what I'm saying. Poulin is Mushrik what is the logical right and there isn't this how logic works? Or am I am I ever lost my mind? So then you will say then for a flat, especially in average, every emotion that goes to jahannam then put on his lap? No, that's not how this works. No, this is not how this works at all. That you do not have the right to do that ever, not on any under any circumstances. The moment that you state that someone is going somewhere you have put yourself on an a degree of risk that is that is extremely scary, because you waste on what did you say that Allah subhanaw taala is sending this as a warning as explanation. Zero Bashir so people know and

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then when the human being passes away, where do they go? That is completely Allah subhanaw taala his business is not ours. We can only say where people are going, if Allah Subhana Allah Himself said, your own is going this way. I need communists are going that way. What is he saying it then we can say it. But besides the Prophet Elias was like him, it was a South Sudan phenomenon. And it has to be Yanni. So yeah, and we've made it even higher than also so Hey, like

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nobody even hello from people like that. Otherwise, we have no rights at all, to say something like this. And it's just it's important to kind of keep that in mind. You continues to pioneer and he says Bell, Bell is a sentence in English bell means there was that wasn't really the problem, though. Meaning their problem wasn't wasn't the fact that no show or ramen Huma Abedin at home, they know that's wrong, they know that it's just something that they made up the real problem, the real reason that they will not change their habits, they won't stop worshipping idols, you know any with Allah subhanaw taala even they have no evidence that that they should do that is that they say this

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but follow in

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Allah oma in Allah 30 him moto dune

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that has repeated it almost word for word and doing that verse after

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the, again, the very

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famous and notorious problem that the human beings have always had, is that it's just easier to keep status quo. It's just easier, especially if it's if it roots back into your history, it was a part of your legacies, if it's a part of your upbringing, just easier to keep it as is, especially if it's beneficial. If it's financially beneficial, it's almost impossible to change. If there are habits and traditions that exist, and they benefit financially, I dare you, I challenge you to change them if you can change them. That's what he was up against Alia salatu, salam, there are some tribes, we have a lot of traditions in our cultures that are actually not beneficial. Financially,

00:23:17--> 00:23:28

they're harmful. And even those are extremely difficult to change. Trying to change a tradition is something that the fathers and forefathers have done. It's very hard to explain to people that what they did and what they're saying here, and now we just

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found our fathers and forefathers behaving in a certain way living in a certain way. I mean, on a certain way of life, not specifically a religion, we didn't have a specific religion, just a accumulation or a collective amount of collective number of a collective number of traditions and habits that they had, oh, it's a way that they're living. They're part of a certain nation, when I thought that we're never going to be guided by by whatever they did before we're going to continue doing that. The SR lb I work at Ehrlich and it's always been like this, because I only come out of standard I mean kundalika Victoria team in the we have never seen before you a warner to a town or

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to a group of people, it will call me Mitra foo mantra for a line and under that word, except the wealthy amongst them will say in no agenda. And I know when Allah 30 mokdad When we found our parents, fathers and forefathers behaving in a certain way, living a certain way, and we're going to continue to follow that way. But they don't we're going to just follow what they did. Why? Because the wealthy will say that because it's benefiting them. Why would they want to change this? Why would they want to even entertain a change of something that he's bringing the money?

00:24:32--> 00:24:33

Maybe because it's wrong?

00:24:34--> 00:24:35

Maybe because it's not?

00:24:36--> 00:24:41

Because we know deep inside that this is not the right way to live? Maybe because others being oppressed in the

00:24:42--> 00:24:47

in the meantime are on the way. But if it's not us, then who cares?

00:24:48--> 00:24:59

And that's again, a very materialistic approach to life. And it existed back then. It still exists today. hasn't gone. The problem is we can't celebrate that. No, these were problems to the end.

00:25:00--> 00:25:12

Allahu Akbar, when they're gone, we really cannot do that, at this point, we don't have the ability to celebrate the fact that these are gone, they're still there, we just use in different forms. It's just, it just looks a little bit different. It's a little bit of a different day on

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coding. And it just, it just has a different scent and a different picture. But it's the same thing. We are still very much adhering to the, the traditions and the cultures of our forefathers, regardless of whether they are correct or not, regardless of this is what Allah subhanaw taala asked us to do or not

00:25:33--> 00:25:40

a really good example is our marriages, and how marriages occur, and how difficult it is for someone to get married today.

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And how often I'm watching, I'm watching younger people go through their 20s and 30s and mid 30s. And they still haven't gotten married both male and female because of how difficult we've made this because of culturally that's how it is culturally This is how it has to happen. This is what they need to do. This is the amount of money this is the ID the celebrations. This is how this is what all these shows that are not in the deen the Prophet alayhi salatu salam so whichever Quran and he literally had people marry others just with what how much Quran Do you know, I know, sorry, I'm wrong this you know, it's okay, then that's your mom, you just teach her Adi, I'm running the hill

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and you go go get married, and have a life and have children. Because Because really, this whole idea of holding it back is is not senseless. If you understand how societies function, you know, having people what do you think people are doing until their 30s? If they hit puberty, maybe 15 years ago, but you think there's a button, you can just turn it off? You're you're not a human being like the rest of us? What do you what are they doing for 15 years? Or is that a question we're not going to ask? If they don't tell us we're not going to ask we're going to act like nothing's ever gonna draw a blind eye and just keep on moving forward. Because I don't care what people do, as long

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as my son and my daughter get exactly what I want for them, as long as Yanni the amounts of money exactly the way I want so that I can continue to parade myself in terms of prestige in front of people. How is that different than in Nigeria? How is it different? You explain to me how that is different. It isn't different. It's actually worse, because they didn't and they really didn't have it didn't really have an alternative that was clear to them. Until the problem it was on canon. But you had the alternative all your life. We've had it all the time. We know that it's wrong. We know we know that it's wrong. I need the it's really interesting. Well, I so funny, I get to see these

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these conversations occur. And it's just sometimes so ridiculous to me, but I don't know what to say. Like, I'll have the same person come and complain to me about more because he's trying to get his son married. And then somehow, somehow he forgets that he ever talked to me and five, six years later he comes and he's doing the exact same thing for his daughter. Literally the exact same thing and I almost come to the point where saying yeah, Andy are you what are you You didn't wasn't it was six years ago, you remember you said it that there wasn't even me? You said it. You're the one who was saying that this is not Islamic and they shouldn't you know, these people didn't like you're

00:27:54--> 00:28:08

doing the same thing. Why is it why because it's materialistic. Because it's based on that same uni dimensional extremely narrow minded approach to the world that is based on materialism based on money. And it's just not a good way to live. And this is what these people did in which

00:28:10--> 00:28:48

we found them living in a certain weight. It works for us. We're not going to change it. But even if it's far less I this is what I'm saying. This is Carla, the person who was sent to me this is every new deal that ever came Fada Oh, to come with me magic tamale here, but how about Ramos? mataram and the way they're offering it? How about I show you something I'll show you a way that is better that has more guidance in it that makes more sense than what you find your forefathers doing. So the answer is ba Lu in Vemma or siltstone be HCA Quran whatever it is that you're sent with, we don't believe it. Don't even tell us about it. We're not interested. What is this what you're sent with?

00:28:48--> 00:28:56

We don't want it just point to it and I will tell you that I don't believe in it. Just which one is it? That's exactly what I'm sorry. let it settle sala

00:28:57--> 00:29:02

de la Munna and Assadi Han mausoleum we have robbed you know, the Salah as a prophet Carlo in NaVi motors, you know,

00:29:03--> 00:29:08

they said God wouldn't be my Odyssey let me know when they the people who bought IFRS and we believe

00:29:09--> 00:29:32

in the men to be HCA. Thielen, wherever it is you believe in we don't believe in just based on the fact that it's not going to be beneficial for us, just based on devices, gonna change the status quo and maybe take away some of our prestige, take away from some of our status, take away some of our ability to make money. We don't want it regardless of whether it's correct or not. It's never see Islam was never refused based on a theological

00:29:33--> 00:29:49

argument. Basically, I have no evidence of that anywhere. I can't find it. I can't find a place where the person who was saying I don't want this was just based purely on a theological debate thing. I just, yeah, he thought he just doesn't make sense to me. I never found that none of the Quran that in this era of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

was always attached to something else. And when I learned that, every time I had one of these discussions with somebody, I just kind of figured out what the what the what the hook is.

00:30:00--> 00:30:32

For the person who's struggling with it, Where's where's the problem? Where's the problem but it's never the theology there's something else. There's some personal experience something that they heard some practice that they are under the impression that is right or wrong, Miss misled and then once I find it you can fix the problem. Once you find what it is, how do you fix it because the theology itself is very simple. The concept of Oneness of Allah somehow the oneness of the creator, the Supreme Being that supreme being being beyond time and space creating things and in a way that is that is beyond our ability to comprehend or that will spend the rest of our lives studying,

00:30:33--> 00:31:00

looking at the cells and staring at the at the skies figuring out how he did it and only becoming in more of what he did supine, which is very simple. It's very beautiful, very meaningful, but but really, there's always some other niche there's some other reason in the background. Once you figure it out. It's clear Barlow in Nebula or siltstone vehicle, indeed immediately they discarded what what what this prophet is talking about before even hearing the argument itself and condemning him so we

00:31:01--> 00:31:07

sorry punched him, phonebook a for carnality but because they've been so tip, go walk the earth. Take a look at the

00:31:08--> 00:31:41

the end result of those who choose to go against their best judgments refuse to do the right thing just because it was not beneficial for them and Zeb isn't important. I've talked about this maybe four times in the last three days, because it came up in all the suitors that I've been talking about tickets Eve is a very specific word in the Quran. You see a catheter is just someone who doesn't believe we don't know why. That's what the catheter means. Someone who just general doesn't believe you don't don't know why exactly there's nobody because they have no okay they be someone who does not believe but during their lives, saw that the way of Allah was most like was was the

00:31:41--> 00:32:15

right way was proper but refused it for some self interest reason for some egocentric reason for some self benefit reason they said no, I don't want it even though it was clear to them this is the right way to live that smokers them and that is a huge problem the Quran and those are the ones who actually get the highest level of punishment because that someone who doesn't know any better many of them will find forgiveness and mercy you'll not be someone who Islam was just presented to them mistake in a wrong way the person who came brought the dean to them just did a really bad job of explaining it miss him represented everything Yeah, and just made it seemed something that it wasn't

00:32:15--> 00:32:41

and then they said well if that's what it is, I don't want it those people most likely will find forgiveness the OPM because it didn't really become a confident based on and this is the difference between Garfield and duniya and then what that means your MO piano because the COVID in front of you in June you're just faking it on face value they don't believe you don't know why though. Do you don't know why. So if you don't know why you can judge how they're going to be your milk and you have no idea you have no idea where they're going your milk pm because you don't know what led to this moment you don't know the backstory you have to know the backstory in detail now if you have

00:32:41--> 00:32:59

some way to know the backstory then go ahead make a judgment but I think that's Allah subhanaw taala has business and only Allah subhanaw taala his business because he no one else can know this stuff. So yes, face value. Gaffer not a part of the OMA you know, there are certain laws that we have to follow in terms how we deal with them, but what they are yomo piano will be something that Allah Subhana Allah decrees on his own.

00:33:01--> 00:33:23

I'm going to read just the parts of Ibrahim Ali salam to 30 and then I'll let y'all leave. What is Allah Ebrahim Ali Eddie, he welcomed me he in any battle in Darboux Illa Allah the Quran Eva in the world you can imagine

00:33:24--> 00:33:29

VRP you know, I love him Yoji who battle my dad

00:33:33--> 00:33:34

whom had

00:33:36--> 00:33:41

a whole help whoever was to loan movie in while I'm

00:33:42--> 00:34:22

at home will help work on the session in The Hague, for you. And then the example of Ibrahim Ali Salaam. Now just to give you a bit of a backstory, and I think you probably know this, but I'll just kind of do it anyways, Ibrahim Ali Hassan was born in a city called order, which is today a is in the southern parts of Iraq, and it's very close to a city called Nasri yums. Today, but the actual city doesn't exist anymore. At least there's no people living there. But it's a very it was a huge at the time, it was basically the New York of that time. If there was a city that people would go to as tourists if beads as existed back then then getting in there would be very difficult to be very

00:34:22--> 00:34:57

expensive. It was a very highly populated area. There was a lot of knowledge there. There's a lot of power there. And it was a place that the old the old Mesopotamia basically was was centralized in that area. And that's where he was born, it has to be Brahim. And if you want to go look something up today, just for the fun of it, you can look up for this. The ziggurats is a hora in Arabic and you can look them up there are these huge buildings that and most of them many of them still exist, especially the one in audit self actually still exists. And these are buildings that are on mountains and these huge monuments that were built at a time when, when the human or at least for as

00:34:57--> 00:35:00

far as we can tell during Ibrahim's time we didn't really have a lot

00:35:00--> 00:35:33

technology so I don't know exactly how they built these, these huge buildings and they were built for the gods because they believe that the gods lived up there and then there was all these different types of Gods the God of the moon and the sun and rain and all these all these names and some gods were easy to talk to some gods were difficult to talk to some Gods required a lot of sadaqa to be given to the clergymen how convenience now only the only thing we're gonna go into these cigarettes on top of these mountains were the clergy no one else was allowed in so it was a very well played corrupt Yani religious approach amazingly well played mean and it works for

00:35:33--> 00:36:08

everyone worked for the kings were the clergy and kept everyone controlled people had to give a certain amount of money it all went to the need to those who controlled these the these great palaces and and to the people in authority and politics. And Ibrahim Ali strim you saw that and so this is this is not this is not faith. This is just a rig this is rigged. This is a game you're a bunch of liars it's obvious that you're lying it's obvious that you're using this for your own benefit this is all completely This is nonsense. He didn't like it's with Ali Ibrahim will be he will call me in any bra Omen match I will do and I am I am completely I have nothing to do with

00:36:08--> 00:36:13

this. I inaugurate myself from having anything to do with what your any what you worship.

00:36:14--> 00:36:26

And this is of course where he was born out of instead um so this is where it all began his life and left even never went back. It will Allah the Papa Ronnie except the one who created me or gave me that or began my creation, but in no say a dean and Didi will continue to guide me.

00:36:28--> 00:36:30

They didn't like that. So they kicked him out.

00:36:31--> 00:36:38

But this is what the verses say, I love I love this verse. It's such a beautiful one call which I can imagine by theater fee RTB.

00:36:39--> 00:37:15

I love him yamatji home, but he left those words behind him in the ears and minds of the people. So that maybe maybe they'll find their way back from wherever they are. They're lost in this mess of a way of thought that is so corrupt. That is so materialistic. Again, it's all about the horror carabin to bring any Okay, bring the best of what you got for the gods. Because though the gods will give you any Matheran will give you rain and give you about a guy and give you children. And of course everyone's just taken out like this, this sadaqa is going to the poor and the needy is going to run into the corrupt clergy and into the kings and whoever's in politics, they haven't they

00:37:15--> 00:37:19

haven't nicely webbed around their personal interests.

00:37:20--> 00:37:55

And Ibrahim on Instagram saw that. And he talked about it. And he went through that whole ordeal that you know about where he broke a couple of them and left the axon the big one and they said what is this? And they refused when he finally pointed out to them. And he said, Why are you worshiping something that that doesn't speak to you? So much. Okay, so we'll see. But they refused they need Okay, so you see me they refuse the logic and they went they regressed back to what they knew was wrong, just because they didn't want to admit that they were wrong. And because there's too much on too many too much on stake at stake too much at stake to actually admit that this was the wrong way

00:37:55--> 00:38:32

and they threw him in a fire and they had to leave Alia salatu salam but Allah subhanaw taala Giada Kenny mutton bakfiets MPRP he left those words in their ears as a seed. Hopefully one day they'll find their way back with them. And I think this is really what we have to do. This is what I believe is our major or main obligation as Muslims performing Dawa. Just leave, just leave, just leave something good behind. You're trying to perform Dhawan they're not listening to you just just leave Kenny mutton belt pa just leave something Theosophic behind you when you leave when you're when you can't just you never know. You never know like I've seen it so many times in my life. That's why I

00:38:32--> 00:39:04

love this verse that I think it's something you should take take seriously. Well, I sometimes especially when you work with dealing with teenagers and whatnot, can be very draining and you can get so frustrated because they're just lack of just lack of anything and they don't they're not committed. They don't listen, they don't respect anything. You're saying. You're committed, you're committing your time you're putting your effort you're trying to talk about stuff and they just play around and and mock sometimes a lot of what you do, and you sometimes I end people that I feel there's no hope and this is this is Allah subhanaw taala. Deep from Allah is our last one. It

00:39:04--> 00:39:19

teaches me lessons and it humbles me it reminds me that I don't know, I know nothing of what I speak and people that I look and say this person will not Janya. Yeah. Hamdulillah he doesn't come anymore to the masjid. Yeah, something in my heart was like, I can't I can't handle talking to this person, yet another day. But

00:39:20--> 00:39:52

But then a few years later, this person comes back with a completely different mentality and a different approach. And they recall certain things that you said at a certain point and it humbles you. Because you remind a guy, I had all these bad assumptions of this person in my life. It was a child, it was a teenager, they don't know what they're doing, but it's just a mistake on my behalf. But if you say the right word, you say the kind stuff and you say what needs to be setting you offer advice that is genuine, you're trying to help somebody, even if they don't, if it doesn't seem to you that they're taking any of it in, they're not absorbing any of it. Just say it. Kelly mutton

00:39:52--> 00:40:00

burpee attend VRP big something just that you can leave behind Lala homology your own they may find their way back one day because of a good word that you said. And that's really all

00:40:00--> 00:40:32

We're supposed to do just offer people just leave something good leave a seed of claim. And if you're kicked out, if you're thrown out, that's fine, just leave a seed of it because they may find their way back because of that seed that you left. And that is exactly what Ibrahim Ali did. And that's why he is the Imam. And that's why he's brought here in the Surah. Very only a couple of verses just talking about him pointing out to the extremely materialistic approach of the people that he spoke to, but how he dealt with it, which is this where you just have to, even if they're not listening, just Bill McDonough to her. You see the problem wasn't that the problem was mactac to

00:40:32--> 00:41:08

her. They were given too much wealth, they had too much money they became too comfortable. What about oh man they're very I mean they they were embedded embedded in wealth. They had inherited so much wealth had the job and will help what I saw the movie what a merger alone will help recall you heard as a vehicle if you don't, there were so comfortable that when they were given a Rasool when the truth came to them and the prophet who was very clear was a clear mentality has a clear perspective, clear worldview, clear message, they just said hi, that's when it came to them when the help came to them. They were so wealthy and they were so comfortable, it had this they had this This

00:41:08--> 00:41:41

is just This is heresy or this is magic, or this is wizardry or whatever they want to call it when the Capital One and we refuse it. Another example of a unidimensional materialistic approach is something that you're listening to based on financial best interest. I will start with that and then tomorrow in sha Allah will read it verse. I just asked you to do it on your own today read number 31 Think about it. And tomorrow Shiloh will talk about Gianni another example. Probably one of the most powerful examples in this sutra regarding this this problematic way of thought so Michael Hamrick, Shinola into into Sophia to break sort of Allahu wa Salam o baraka and they've you know, Muhammad in

00:41:41--> 00:41:44

earlier started with me, forgive me for taking too much time. BarakAllahu CommSec Aloha