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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The Sunni Chinese discuss the importance of Islam in the context of modern day culture, including the importance of eating and drinking. They also mention the upcoming return of Jesus to the sky and the upcoming return of the Galatians to the sky. The segment ends with a discussion of the upcoming return of Jesus to the sky and a mention of the Galatians returning to the sky.
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The Sunni Hebrew said against the Haitian and within the Ottoman of the Allahu Anhu vile call and abuse of Allah Allah you need to make selection at moment necessity in his student with an authentic generation rate to a semi automatic enamel so how do you know the Allahu Anhu? Where the property of slaughter was that I'm says in Yo Ma Rafa where your minifetti What are ya I'm actually a little Islam we're here a year I'm actually in worship by value salatu salam, I'm saying this narration the day of our offer in the day of na which is tomorrow, and the days after should equal three days after or the aid of us. It's our aid to Islam, the people who follow Islam, the people who are who

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belong to the Nation of Islam. This is our eat. These are days and there are days of occlusion. There are days for us to eat and drink and celebrate. Yanni Allah subhanaw taala is a blessing upon us as he says the ASHA Duma mafia Allah whom we are the Quran Allah He a yami myeloma Latin Allah Mal was aka hoomin behemoth Al Anon. Throughout the days we wrote these days, we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we magnify Allah subhanho wa Taala we exalt Allah subhanho wa Taala we show gratitude for all the blessings that He has bestowed upon us and we eat and we drink, and we celebrate our families and we be close to them. And this is what the prophet Isaiah saw to some did

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during these days. And this is what we are taught and commanded to do. So tomorrow morning, you will get up, you get your good clothes on, you take your family, you go for aid, and you'll enjoy them for the day and you go and you have food, and you feed and if you are able to perform over here and do Corbyn then do that as well, especially for people who can't afford meat, any other parts of the country or other parts of the world. We have enough meat I think as it is, man you can do it for people who need it. These are days of eating and drinking and celebrating and praising Allah subhana wa does the beauty of it. The Buddha would it was also an authentic generation I believe in the

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quality of the Allahu Anhu one of those Sahaba you said the value of Salatu was Salam say Allah in Avila yami yo nahi well yo and we'll cover the rest of the days of the year is the day of no huddle, which is tomorrow the day of Allah and you'll move out of the day after the second day they call it call from Mr. Cloud from from staying put in minute that's what they call it. And he said and the reason I'm telling you this narration because there's a little piece of it that I like so I would love to pull it said well OT and nebi Salah hottie he's gonna become C but they're not in

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for a husband. Yes Dennis now he be a yeti hidden

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by golly sauce was brought five or six sheep for slaughter. So they started fighting, pushing each other which one of them was going to be slaughtered by his hand out of your sauce on first? Yes, definitely. He they're pushing each other wanting to be the first in line for the Prophet Allah you sought to slaughter them and offer them a sacrifice for for the Federal when the prophet Elijah but you knew when it was when they when he had slaughtered them out of your salatu salam for the sake of Allah. He Coiler kill him and Kavita la misma had the personal reading that he said he says something I didn't hear what he said. But if I'm alkali waste your call to him in sha Allah. Whoever

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wants a piece of it is welcome to take for the Sahaba they competed on taking a piece of the of the five or six sheep that he slaughtered for the sake of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Yahweh and I'm gonna say up suddenly he was sending him an ultimatum the Imam of the Allahu Anhu call call and abuse of Allah Allah you sell them in. Yo Ma Rafa, Wyoming natty or Yama to shut up Duna Halal Islami, we're here. We're here at Linwood solar colossal Allah He said Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah Quran we want to read the Kabbalah article. We will have sunnah for two we pray so now and then we will have maybe for for like out of BM and three of which are gonna show afterwards. For those who would like to stay in Charlotte tomorrow. The salata eat the outdoors thought leader million dollar date happening if you don't want to be outdoors for any reason, but

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the general one outdoors at the Western University will be at 10 o'clock to compete at 930 I'll be giving you the hope of there and shall also see you there

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