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The transcript discusses the importance of protecting privacy and being a leader in Islam. The group discusses the struggles of the eighteenth century during a crisis, the importance of showing love and protecting one's privacy, and the need for everyone to testify for love. They also talk about the success of Islam and the first Islamist to join the movement. The importance of guidance and being guided in Islam is emphasized.

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Mostly we're selling him robotic ala Nabina. Or Habib, you know Muhammad Ali he was he a drummer and you know bad.

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Y'all will emammal Boo, hurry up so hey uncertainly beside the Allahu Anhu call

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Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Today that's a high bar. So this hadith is in the collection. Imam Bukhari it's a very famous story. The hadith is also quite well known. I'm going to narrate for you the wording and the collection of Imam Bukhari, instead of live inside of the Allahu Anhu was telling us this story. And obviously, this is the theme of outreach. And this is a Hadith that is very, the final piece of it is extremely famous, you know it, but I'm giving you the whole story with the context behind it. I think it's a beautiful one. So he says that the Prophet alayhi salam said something on the night of labor. So hyper wasn't one night, it was many nights, up to 20,

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some narrations

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even more than others. And he's talking about the night before it ended. That's what he's trying to use using that term. Today, the night before it was over before we actually were able to get through the first the walls of the first Castle because clay about

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is, is an area that North is north of Medina. And it's an area that is very different from what you would expect to see in the Robell. Kinda in the Empty Quarter of the desert of that area, it's actually extremely green, the area is very green. And they had been living there. The people had lived there for a very long time. And they built castles with very, very high walls. And it was one Castle one and then then it was in it, there's walls for the other Castle, then within those other walls. So it was really, really smart, because he got through one, it would you have to now get through walls of another account. So under seven in total, and they're still there, if you go to

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that area, you'll still see remnants of those castles on tops of mountains very well. No one historically had actually been able able to penetrate them, or overcome or subdue the people who were there. And the profit out of yourselves had gone there to neutralize a threat. They had this there, they had continuously worked against the Muslim ummah, they had caused a lot, they have actually killed a lot of people, and they continue to pay mercenaries to

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ambush the Muslims on different routes. So the rough idea was I'm trying to sign treaties with them a couple of times and it failed. They didn't want to do it or they didn't want some they broke it. So finally brought out as I said, we have to neutralize this, we have to end this this threat. So he marched the high bar. And of course he marched there with the number a number of the army was very small compared to the number of people on the inside meaning and not just that, but the amount of provision that existed inside the hustle and the castles of Hiber was way more than whatever the Muslims are brought with them. If they just thought they could just wait it out so easily. They

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could have just waited out the most of my other side no problem.

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And the walls were just too high and the doors were too big. And they were able to actually penetrate and go through the first one was the first castle fell. It was panic and chaos and all the rest of the castle it took like 20 days to get through the first wall and then the rest within one day everything just be they the they surrendered. But the morale had dropped throughout those nights where they were outside of that first, the walls of that first castle. And what I tried and what I'm trying with man tried and other people tried, and they couldn't seem to get through. They couldn't figure out a strategy to do it. The prophit Assad was set up in a night like tonight, seminarians

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actually pointed out to the lives of Jamal Thunderation point that out. Obviously they didn't pray drum on because there if you suffer and suffer you don't have to break your mind can just pray any believer. So he said Ali, it's awesome to know why it's a virgin. Raju Raju donde esta hula hula de your Hebrew Hola, hola Sula. Who are you a boo boo la Hua rasuluh I'm going to give tomorrow the flag, the flag or the or the banner. This is the whoever carries that is the leader of the group. So I'm going to give the banner tomorrow to a person who Allah subhanaw taala, whom Allah subhanaw taala will grant victory upon his hands and he this person will make it and he is someone whom Allah

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and His Prophet love dearly and whom he loves Allah and His Prophet dearly back. So this is a testimony from the mouth of say you do have Muhammad salallahu salam to someone else who's testifying this person no one's really in the beautiful part of this hadith. Okay, let me let me finish that I'm not going to get ahead of myself caught up for back then. You do a corner later home? Are you home your PA two people spent the night talking and arguing and who was going to be given this this honor. Now the honor wasn't that he was going to penetrate the castle. That wasn't it they didn't that wasn't matter. It doesn't matter you have to hola that they did. They were

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looking for that. It was the other piece. It was the fact your head Bula was a student who will say boo Allahu Allah SUTA this person got the testimony from the Prophet It is awesome as someone who loves Allah and his prophet and Allah and His Prophet, love them back. And that's what they were all talking about. They almost forgot about the first piece that no no whoever gets the bill

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her tomorrow is going to penetrate a castle wall that had never historically ever been penetrated and we're gonna end this misery. People were starving, we're hungry, it was cold.

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You're not going it's not camping trip. When you go to us at any moment you can be killed by the enemy's archers, it's very difficult to escape you have to stay a certain distance and you need when you go forward in your life is on the line. But they weren't thinking about that Subhanallah right. So Allah Azza wa sallam, he said something he completely distracted people from the first sentence by the second one, because everyone's wondering who is going to be carrying this, this honor for the rest of his life. As someone who has given in front of people that testimony of loving Allah is the profit and loss, private loving, that is the shahada that removes the fact by the way,

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you felt how to get how to hypocrisy was something the Sahaba were always scared of. And by the way, we should be scared of as well which is why he talked about we should all be scared of having the accusation of NIFA sticking to us based on our behaviors and our problems. So those who are scared of nofap and the testimonial remove it, if you loved Allah and His Prophet, and if they love you back that was that would end it. That's how they would they would actually push that test to that accusation away. Don't you know that Allah, Allah and His Prophet and people would if they testify for him, then that would be a testimony that they're not winning?

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Anyways, so they still don't stand on that you do. Cool. There were Dakka

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Dakka Cornwell you meaning they're talking out loud, and they're arguing and they're all hoping but lamb smoko model Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam Kulu, whom your Raju and your TA in the morning they go for pleasure into the Prophet alayhi salatu salam all of them are hoping in their hearts that they will be given it, all of them each and every one of them not just the leaders of them, not just the big and another generation cada Amato from Rajo to L EMA Raja

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that was the only day I wished I was a leader even though he had led just the day before because he just wanted that testimony that that's amazing. And maybe my own said something similar and there's another other Sahaba said something soon other other collections they had said this non Buhari

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call in everyone's quite another narrations by the way in clutching on Muhammad us about they have a long walk yet

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I'm sure not a moment also when they start to walk in front of him you know stead with their armor kind of showing off their you know, flexing their muscles and hoping maybe he'll put foot to them and they're all kinds of he changed the morality he saw to a certain people we're all feeling down it's been 20 Something days and they can't seem to get through and suddenly everyone's in their best armor there are they will look good they're all ready because they want to be chosen some Allah Hi Simon said I'm just a small little word changes PiFan II and i Li it'd be upon him whereas Ali,

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I'll be Allah Who on Allahu Allah Karim Allahu Allah Allah has set up they called him whereas I leave for God we are rasool Allah. Yes, tricky. It is Is there something wrong with him? Forget about him. Move on.

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If he is a foreigner is Hubble loc Lu la he Tony be go find him and bring him to me. So they go they kind of call for Bakasana Allah Allah you earlier Salah mafia agony, he's a very takamaka and Lisa V Raja and the Prophet alayhi salam would blow into his hands and wipe Satan Ali Rhodiola and whose eyes and he got up really low I know there's nothing wrong with him. You're quoting from the Quran if you e mocha and I've wanted I can't remember today which one of them was hurting me? I can't remember if they're both they're fine. Pull to ya rasool Allah for corallian Ya Rasulullah

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sallallahu Sallam he asked him a question for cada bucatini whom had Talia Kuno Miss Lana. I fight them so that they become like us. Carla Salalah says he answered him poorly yeah I lean on for the ilottery slick hat TSR Hatcher home you go you go slowly don't go and he in a state of urgency don't go ready with guns blazing no no go slowly go with wisdom until you come to them come close to where they are. Today. rowhome Islam work better home be my Ijebu Ira him and Tila he fee and then call them into Islam and tell them what they owe Allah subhanaw taala with when they do that so Allah He I need and yeah the Allah Who because with Anwar Hayden lay it on like I mean, only now

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you told them all I swear to you I need for Allah subhanaw taala to guide one person with through you. It's better that for you than owning homegrown nom nom is the plural of anom if we are it's a synonym to it, and nom is basically livestock. And they took pride in their in their camels, and in their horses and their, their livestock. And Elmo is that mean they're reddish, they have a red red light color. And that was seen as the most beautiful of kind of camels and the most beautiful livestock out of that was being filthy rich. That was being someone who had way more than they this is someone who would never would you start so much money that he actually went and bought those type

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of cameras so this person is not worrying about well for himself or for his families.

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Um, so he's telling him somebody say to them, if you if you Allah, if Allah subhana grandes guidance through you to one person, it's better than owning all of the belt, all of the wealth within this world is better than all the wealth in this world. So Allah, during war, this hadith was given, you know, the Hadith, Daniela, everyone knows that that last piece, you know that it was told during war. After Twente after a siege that went on for over 20 days, when people were tired. They weren't frustrated with them. He wasn't, he wasn't frustrated with with his enemy. He didn't, after 20 days didn't make him didn't make him hate them. And we'd be willing to give up his effort just to get rid

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of them. No, he tells I leave no room for the others to go slowly. Come to them clearly asked him to come to Islam, explain to them what it is that they're what they're getting into. Because if Allah if Allah guides one of them through you, it's better than everything else we're doing. Because the goal is just to guide them, not to kill them, not to fight them, not to have them submit to us. That's not the goal. We don't care for that. We want them to be guided. But they don't seem to want guidance, and they're causing a lot of harm, so we have to neutralize them, so they stop arming us, but if they just couldn't find guidance, if we could just guide them wouldn't that me were

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beautiful. And that's his understanding of Allah is and we set him up this world, and that is at least understanding. That's why he chose Ali. Why? Because it is all about love. You hit Bula or Sula who are your head with hola hola su it's all about love and he loves and his loved go yeah Lee you'll know how to do this. Because if you go and there's no love in your heart then you're not going to know even more if you're if there's no love in your heart you're not going to know how to do this. You don't know what's more valuable. You will sound Think for a moment that maybe the bounty of war or fighting or or domination know what's the most valuable thing is guidance is being

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able to take guidance from and put it in someone else's hearts. Yes. That is the that is the jackpot that is that's what you win. And I love this idea because there's so many jewels of it built and with that jelly how do we email we will hurry up so hey here and certainly beside Radi Allahu Anhu can call into the use of Allahu Allah you know, he was selling them la isla de haber la Oracle Jana Reuter garden. Raju Lani hafta Hola, hola Isla de una Bula Hora Sudha Whom are you Hey, boohoo love who are pseudo Tibetan Natsu Dooku cool at home are you home your PA for a special mobile era rasool Allah He said Allah Allah you early he was Selim Kulu, whom Yahoo and Europa for karate your Salatu

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was Salam ala Ali even though it'd be upon him Papa we are rasool Allah Hiya, sticky and Eva pada I will see you lie to Navy. For ot behave Abbas autosol Allahu Allah you earlier send him a few agony he was a mess for a very

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year couldn't be he wa for call Allah union rasool Allah wa a funeral home had Daya Kuno Mesilla Anna for Carlos some Allah Allah you early he was an unfolds I know this lake DSR Hatha home for their own Islam. What their home be my Ijebu la him and Aquila Heafy from Allah He de la de Allah Who Bukhara EULA Anwar hidden Hadron laka and in Hungary Nam Sadaqa Rasulullah Hizballah Alia is like Western sparkling condition Allah Allah Allah,

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Allah who sent them over like on me