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Post Isha Khaterah


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the Hadith and the significance of massager in the city of cities like cities like cities like Afghanistan, Afghanistan, and Afghanistan. They explain that the message of the Hadith is the center of the city and that communication is key to achieving success in society. The speaker also mentions the use of social centers to find solutions for problems and reminds the audience of the importance of learning from experiences.
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He Academy Malik of the Allahu Anhu called the Hadith and it is a collection of both Bukhari and Muslim is right to us by Khalid bin Malik. And

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it's just an observation that Gabriela Han who made

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is in the feet within the theme of the significance of massager and I'm going to try and tackle this this topic from a number of different angles on things like the value of Cyprus M seven did and some things that the Sahaba observed him do and what they had to say about it.

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So, what he what God is going to say here is something I find in my in my opinion is just is just is a

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is indicative sign the value of salatu salam viewed the message to be the center of the city or the center and where he lived basically and this when he said it was the law and call it kinda like a kind of Allah He said Mr. Ha, you said Allah means suffering he safari in learner how often

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you always never came back from any journey. He only came back during the day, but on borrowed time, was just between around between nine o'clock or 10 until a new board somewhere just before before. And the reason he could do that is because whenever you went back back in the day, you didn't have a car so it wasn't, you weren't really you're traveling for multiple days at a time. So you could basically control what time you'd enter the city you had the ability to control that because it's gonna take a few days anyway, so you might as well just kind of figure that up. So we'd like to come in to Medina. You'd like to sleep, wake up pretty fragile where he is and then move and make and

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make it just before the whole intermedia. But vagina either Kadima the hell Masuda for some fee of a car chain, food villages. Wherever he came to Medina during that time he the first thing he would do is they had entered the Masjid. We pray to Walker, that he would sit

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before he went home. And before he actually went home and saw his family and talk to people, the first thing he did, whenever he came back from any journey was he came to the message Alia saw to a sinner. And obviously I'm not saying that this is what you should do whatever you come back from the journey, but what I'm trying to say is that that's how he viewed the masjid Allah, your Salatu Salam is the center of the city. This is where you always went and checked in. Like before you left you checked out from there. And when you came back, we checked in. And it was always the place where you would go and figure things out and find out what's happening and let people know. That's where

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everyone that was the hub, a few people came, this was the way that was the way for everyone to figure out what was happening. It was communication, if you think you know the thing about it going back maybe a couple of 100 years. It wasn't as easy as it is today. It I know stuff. But even now, even now, who has time to check out by everyone what they're doing. They have a you have to have a community center, a place where you where you always go to where all of the information that you need, you can find all of the the updates, the decisions, the directions, the everything's in one place is very convenient. And that's why people like social centers, they enjoy them because they

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can go there they can see others and they can find solutions for their problems. They can figure out what's happening in their society, and they can feel that they belong somewhere. The body is solid 70 made sure that that was the case in the way that he treated the masjid. And this is not just this hadith is not just referring to the message of the Prophet Allah you saw to somebody in the masjid meaning sometimes you don't even do this on Cuba. Sometimes you do it in some of the smaller peripheral massages that existed in Medina by the way, there was a lot of mysteries in Medina during his life earlier slotless I missed maybe even worthy at some point I count the number of massages

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that actually were there during his life it was just to understand that he had built in different neighborhoods in different places. Massage Ian and he would do this and any of them and I just think there's something for us to remind ourselves of that the masjid used to serve that purpose may not be able to serve a purpose at the same capacity as it used to but it should be something similar somewhere within that vicinity or else will it's losing one of his major purposes you have to be a che con McDuffie Academy man if I recall, kinda Rasulullah his son in law honey, you early you sent them. On Saturday he learned how to run football have a class and Mr. Hawley you and you send me a

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copy of several different Mr. Tomasson, Rafi Alacati ultrasonography rocketing through militants. So of course you will learn some Aloha news I'm so smuggle conviction Leila and

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Olivia Muhammad Yunus which many show the fob right after soon