No Racism in Islam #04

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The speakers discuss the use of Islam in various areas, including racism, drug use, classifications of people, and language use. They also touch on the issue of racism and how it affects people's experiences and abilities. The segment emphasizes the importance of acknowledging one's own superiority and building one's mentality, and ends with a discussion of the importance of learning to stop people from their experiences.

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While early he was like a big man or bad, Yahweh, imam or Muslim and fucile Hey IV Malik and Shari E are the Allahu Anhu Pol Pot and the use of Allah Allah He early he was salam. That is the main collection in my Muslim and is married to us by American Shireen, one of the relatives Oh Musa Shadi from the same tribe, not the same person, though.

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And this is within the five, I mean, I said, I'm gonna write five, a hadith that address the problem of racism,

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bigotry and

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and issues that are related to that. And the Prophet Adi has sought to some address these things in a very specific manner. He's very firm, when he addressed these issues, and ready to a hadith so far, and I this is the third and I have two more to go. And this is not something that is new to you. If you've

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attended any form of Islamic teachings in your life, then you've definitely heard the people who are talking about these things point out that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was not did not take lightly the concept of arrogance and condescending speech, especially when it's happening towards large groups of people. Specifically, when when someone goes ahead and says something, and generalizes over a complete group, whether it's a group that is racial or a group that is religious or a group that is

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wherever it is, wherever they are, honestly, you can categorize people however you want. The moment you start looking down on a group of people, you've you've almost like you've done something so anti Islamic that that the Prophet Allah is awesome how he met you, he would not have taken it lightly on you like you wouldn't come to you or your thoughts as I as he would many times when someone would sin will come out of his house and very gently very kindly with all that if and ease in the world and advise you and teach you but if you did this, he didn't honor you. So he came and he was extremely was very, very specific. He was very firm with it out of here so that's you know, that's

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putting it easy, you know, that's actually watering it down where he just dealt with it very firmly. And there's a hadith in here on Muslims where he said Alia sauce Okada out about UNFI OMA t

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mean Elijah Helia T. Leia takuna Hoon. There are four things unfortunately, within my Ummah that are from the Jaya Helia that they have not left yet. They haven't they haven't given up on yet.

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And he says four things The first two are the point of the hadith is one of the two that I want to read quickly. Number one, Allah, I will follow Milla Serb.

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What barnel Will unsub will is to sparkle when Naomi when Nia, the first one that felt a little bit Assab to walk around showing pride

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or proclaiming or claiming, claiming superiority based on lineage, or based on background, or based on anything that puts you in a specific category. And using that categorization as a reason for you to be higher than others. That velcro beta sub still exists today. Use comes in different forms. So it still exists hasn't gone away. As much as I would love to say that it did, it has, but it hasn't still there. It's just happening in different forms. It's not happening as it used to do as it used to happen during the private audio side of someone's life where they would just say I am from Jani, the Newtonian or I am from blue bucket, or I am from Malaysia, I am from this and they will just you

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know, talk about the heroes of their tribes and try to condescend to other tribes. Now, what's happening you'll differently now is nationalism is coming in into it, or maybe your profession or maybe the amount of wealth, what class of financial class you belong to, or what part of the world you hail from, or what color of skin you have, whatever, it's the same thing it felt a little bit acts up. But by no freelancer, you think of the same thing, but they're not. So typical Black Sabbath is claiming superiority through your something that you have some some lineage or background, thought overall and sub is basically belittling people, based on their backgrounds.

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Built upon fitness, is when you say all that background is inferior, or that background is not that great, or this group of people, all of them, they're like this, or they speak like that, or they behave like this, or this is their mentality, or this is how they are or this is the Bond villain serped. And look at a group of people and then belittle them as a group just as a whole group. So easy by the way, it's an exercise that human beings do to feel better about themselves, because they feel some part of them is just is traumatized and scarred and weak. A way to feel better about yourself is just to look at a full group of people and say they're

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they're not this. I'm not they are. So suddenly you feel better than a whole group of people, helps you get through your day.

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Find Phil and stop going after others going after. When it happens on an individual level is called arrogance. And you do not enter agenda if there's a speck of arrogance inside the heart when you do it against a group of people. Racism is just collective arrogance. That's all it is. Arrogance. This means seek thinking I'm better than one person. Racism is me thinking I'm better than a whole group of people. Well, you got to build understand the problem. Get better. That's it. You have caver you stand outside

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But I don't care what you do but I did doesn't matter. Is there a keyboard on your heart yet? Stand outside sorry, before that's gone, you're not entering Jen does not it's a keyboard free place you can only enter if you have true humbleness. If there's a little bit of racism Oh, oh, oh, it's gonna take a long time to get rid of keyboard when you haven't towards one person. What are you going to do when you have it against groups of people with the other biller? And then he says to Scott Obon, new doom

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for the lack of better word astrology

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and he believers in astrology hamdulillah showing no and this is called window Doom or somehow you think that stars are the reason you're going to have a good day or a bad one.

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And we'll talk about that in a different show a set of a hadith because it does have relevance and there are there are certain behavior patterns that need to change. And when Nia Nia husband when you go through difficulties, someone dies and if someone starts to behave in ways that are inappropriate and they start ripping their clothing and saying things they shouldn't say out of trying to show that they love the person who died and they say stuff they shouldn't say. And if you if you go around the world you know that these things are still but the first two are my biggest concern. first little bit of server time villain sub, for us to feel superior based on something that we do

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based on anything really even if something we did, even if you categorize yourself into a group of people who maybe memorize the Quran for example. It's the same thing it's the same thing if you think you're better than others it's the same problem doesn't make a difference, but fine but and so I've been looking for reasons to for people to be inferior to you. And these are things in the OMA that the Prophet Allah Islam is saying unfortunately they're from Jaya Helia and they're not gone yet. And they haven't left them yet people have not let these things go yet so inshallah we can we can do that and we can learn to let these things go and be similar to him so Allah he's like we're

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saving this character you got to email Muslim and fucile Hey, he gonna be American English it will be Allah who I know Paul colander do some Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam are bound few mighty men Emeril Jaya Helia Tila takuna Hoonah alpha, rubella Serb or Tara novella and sub Willis this part will be no duel meet when near Hasakah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salatu salam Subhanallah Huntington Allah Allah Hey learn to stop people to great was that Allah who was