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So he says sadaqa jariya. I spoke about that. And then he says, what other than a well adieu Salah.

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If you left behind a child who is good, solid means a pious child, a child who knows his duty unto Allah, where did he get that from from you.

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When your children, you know, when you get married, you have to do your children who are not born a favor by selecting the correct spouse, don't just marry for looks, women and men both will lose their looks at a certain stage.

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I'm not saying marry someone you don't like to look at? No, they need to be reasonably attracted attractive, you know, you need to be attracted to them and vice versa.

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And Allah has created a such that each one of us likes different shapes and sizes and colors and so on. That's us.

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They say one man's meat.

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No, I didn't say poison.

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But you know what I meant? Allah grant,

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Allah grant us goodness.

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So you know that Allah has created us, when you are choosing your spouse, do your unborn children a favor by selecting the one who is going to bring up your kids, you ask me, I'm busy doing whatever I'm doing. My kids are taught by my wives. If for example,

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one of them is reading Quran beautifully. People say, ah, these children are so fortunate. They actually have their father to teach them. And I think to myself, actually, it's the mother of Love.

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That's my own story.

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It's actually the mother the mother is teaching the mother has taught them the mother has given them and so on. Yes, we play a role. But we ignore the importance of the spouses.

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When we select you don't just select by saying, Wow, I need to marry this person. What did you see? What do you know? What character do they have? The professor seldom says women are married for many reasons. Some for their looks some for their wealth, some because they come from a high lineage, some for their character and their Deen. He says be successful by selecting the dean over the other things