Being Genuinely Happy At The Sight Of Others Happiness

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The speaker describes a character named Alana who is supposed to be one of the sons that they've lifted out. They also talk about a woman named Hope who is supposed to become a Muslim and is supposed to see a smile on her faces. The speaker describes a scene where a man named Hope is supposed to become a Muslim and is supposed to see a smile on her faces.

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With a character going to cinema that was one of the sons that we've left out. And I think it darkens, the heart that we've lifted out is to actually genuinely feel happy when you see your brother and sister happy. I mean, when they're happy, you see them smiling. And it actually brings you happiness to a heart. That's a true me. And that's someone who everybody loves. That. Also, the lights allow us to always do that he was genuinely happy whenever someone else was happy. One instance was about us the little boy he sent him on an errand. And when he went to look for him, he saw that he was standing hypnotized, watching children play in and sort of the lander was about 10

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years old. And he says, and so the man who says, I heard the messengers of Allah said, I'm smiling and laughing, I looked back and he was smiling and laughing. He was genuinely happy that I was having a good time, even though he told me to go and find an errand to do an errand. Think about our parents now, we don't do something we find the shoe flying in our head sometimes they'll give us the olden days, but also the most alias and then was genuinely happy about that even when a bucket of the lawn was father became a Muslim. And he came to become Muslim. It was about eight years old. And I'm looking at that and I could see the promise Allah send them smile from so big that his gums

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would show and that's when his gums would show him is that the muscle was I was and I was extremely happy. But we weren't going to Alana started crying from salatu salam asked him Are you crying? mobicone This is a great day if I was become a Muslim. He said there are a sunnah Allah my father became a Muslim but your father didn't you're happy for my father because one law he for me to stand this day and see that your father became Muslim instead of might not be even happier. Brothers and Sisters in Islam no matter what happens, whether you get upset with each other with a divorce happens whether

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you know husband and wife fight parents and their children fight. Always feel genuine to see a smile on these people's faces. You'll see how you feel