Attention Seeker! Yes You!

Mufti Menk


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Whose do you belong to? Whose oma?

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Is it not the oma of Muhammad Rasul Allah. So be responsible, you will meet him, you will meet Allah. And Allah will give you your deeds. He will show you your videos, I promise you, He will not only videos I'm talking about that because it's becoming a problem. People who are from good families are doing these things. Because it's just like a wave that's taking everyone. I'm not saying don't use technology I just said, some people are earning Janna through the same technology. Use it just be responsible, say a good message. Don't be an attention seeker, my beloved brothers, how many are you going to marry my beloved sisters? How many husbands Can you have? You want to

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attract all the males of Abuja and you know, you can only have one husband, what happened to the others you have given them sleepless nights, La ilaha illa Allah and then you will come and argue with me and say, but they should have lowered their gaze shaitan does not lower his case.

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shaper never knows his case. His gaze is glued on those places that you are exposing and he will make sure he comes for the kill.

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May Allah forgive us protect us